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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 10 T*,c ^P(f ar Rapids Gazette: Sat., March 2, 1974 Financial and Market News Dow Closes 8.61 Lower CHICAGO CHAIN QUOTATIONS Furnished by Lamson Brothers NEW YORK (AP) — Stock market prices sagged Friday in light trading as selling pressure focused primarily on issues with links to North Sea oil. The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials closed off 8.61 at 851.92. C. R. Markets Prices paid on the Cedar Rapids hog markets Saturday were steady. Prices paid Friday for the bulk of country and plant delivered butchers weighing 200 to 230 lbs., depending on grade and condition were $37.50-$38.00 Packing sows 300 lbs. down were $33.00-$33.50. Butchers 230-240 lbs. are 25c off; 240-250 lbs. are 50c off; and 75c off for each IO lbs. weight over 250. Packers are 25c off for each weight grade from 300-360 lbs., 50c off each weight grade to 500 lbs. and 75c off each weight grade above 500 lbs. CATTLE MARKET Choice and prime steers $39.00-$4l.00 Choice and prime heifers . Good steers ... Good heifers Standard and utility steers Standard and utility heifers Utility cows Commercial cows Cutter cows Bulls (Yield grade 4 overfat steers and heifers are discounted $5 per cwt. and yield grade 5 are discounted $10 per cwt.) (Wasty and gobbv S3 to $5 less per IOO lbs. thsn tegular commercial cows). FEEDER CATTLE Friday’s quotations from 'Lamson Bros. Clos Prey. March    ................. 42.85    43.75 April    ............... 44.35    45.20 SHEEP Choice to prime shorn lambs are S37.0C-$39.00. Choice to prime wool lambs are $34 00-537.00. Prices are tor 90-105 lbs. sheep, delivered. GRAIN No.    2    yellow    corn,    $2.85. No.    I    yellow    soybeans,    $5    85. 33 lb. oats. $163. Friday prices delivered POULTRY Iowa live hens, light type: market unsettled. Prices on commercial flocks unchanged to UC higher. Demand fair; offerings and trading Increased slightly. Supply barely adequate to adequate. Cents per pound at farms: Commercial flocks 7-8 4C, mosTty 7':-8c; small farm flocks 3-6c. IOWA FARM EGGS DES MOINES—The Federal-State Market News Service reported egg prices Ic lower on larqe eggs and Ic higher on medium. Graded sales slow except where scattering retail features generated fair movement. Most dealer sentiment continued unsettled. Cents per dozen at farms, cases exchanged; quality and volume incentive; Grade A, large or better 52-5<c, mostly 53-53’ j; Grade A, medium 43-47c, mostly 44-46C. Other farm eggs; Grade A, large or better 41-47c, mostly 42-44c; Grade A, medium 28-40c, mostly 33-35c; Grade B, large 23-34c, mostly 25-32c; C quality dirties and checks 19-30c, mostly 22-25c; small and peewees 19-30C, mostly 22-25c. Waterloo Hogs WATERLOO—Butchers and WHEAT— CLOSE HIGH LOW CLOSE PREV CL. March ...... 5.88 6 00 5.71 5.94 5 81': May .... 5.76 -5.78 5 89’* 5 61 5 80 5.72 July . 5.40 -5.43 5.48’ 1 5 22 5.42 5 JO September .. 5 34 5.45' a 5.23 5.44 5 26 CORN — March . 3.18'2-3.19'j 3 25 1.12 3.25 3 16'. May .... 3.26 -3.28 3,32 3.17 3.31 3.22*4 July - .... 3 29 -3.30'2 3 35’2 3.21 3.33 3.25* j September ____ 3.28 -3.29 3.29 3 15 3.29 3.19 OATS- March 1.59* a-l.59’ 2 1.60'a 1.53’ a 1.56 1.59’e May I 6534-1.66 1.66' a 1.59*4 I 60’ 4 1.65*4 July I 68 -I 69 I 69' a 1.64*4 I 68'* 1.7CG SOYBEAN— March 6.23 -6.28 6.37J« 6.21 6.37*4 6.18 May 6.37 -6.41 6.47'4 6.30 6.47'4 6 28 July 6 45 6.55' a 6.35 6 55’ 2 6.35 August ....... 6.43 6.54 6.35 6.54 6.34 September . 6.42 -6.43 6 48’ 2 6 29 6.48'2 6 29 Of iowa int eve st LATE QUOTATIONS (From Lamson Brothers) (From Lamson Brothers) $38.C0-$40.00 $37.C0-$39.00 $36.00-$38.00 $35.OO-$37.00 S35.00-$37.00 $25.00-$30.00 $25.00-530.OO $28 00-$31.00 $33.00-536.OO Am. Ins. Fund Am.-Rein. ......... Banks of Iowa Beatrice Foods Cherry-Bur. Conroe Consolidated Foods Executive Data Systems FMC PMIC ........... Guardsman Harnischfgr Hawkeye BanCorp Interstate P Iowa Electric ____ Iowa-Ill. Gas ...... John Deere ........... Kidde comm....... Keuffel & Esser Life Investors, Inc. . LTU Corp Mapco comm. Maytag    ..... ..... McCord Corp Mid-America Mid-Continent, Ind. Miracle .............. Ozark Quaker Oats Rafh .. .    ....... Rockwell ... United Fire & Casualty Victor Corp. VWR-Unlted Winnebago .......... 4.53-4 95 2534-26' a 23' a-24'a 21 is no trades 18 223* 2;4- 3 203* 11>«-m» 2 3/16-2 is 34'4 9' 2-10 16 16 17 45 16'J 14' 7-15' 4 IO -I (Pi ll'* 2134 27',« 121* 4.75-5.22 3' 4- 4 33s- 37* 334 247» 5V» 253s 16' 7-17’ j 8's 14' 4 6'4 Services Monday for Mildred McConaughy Mildred F. McConaughy, 69, of 915 Fifteenth street, Marion, died Friday following a long illness. Formerly cf Anamosa, she had lived in Marion 52 years. Born Nov. 25, 1904, at Anamosa, she was married to Eugene R. McConaughy July 25, 1923; at Anamosa. Mrs. McConaughy was a member of the Christian church land the New Art club, both in Marion. Surviving are her husband; 'three sons, Lyle J. McConaughy and Bill McConaughy, both of Clarion; and Ronald McConaughy of Des Moines; two .brothers, Cecil Newhard of Yu- In Hnr+irul+NTA cipa’ Calil-: an(1 Marvin New mi 1 urn Lu mu re hard of Marion; a sis(er Mrs Plans for a new, basic train- Hollie Kohl of Marion; and nine ing program in horticulture pro- grandchildren, duction and marketing have' Memorial services: I pm been announced by Kirkwood Monday at the Marion Christian Kirkwood Plans New Program Community college First classes in the new program will begin meeting this month, according to Allen Peterson, coordinator 0 f agribusiness and natural resources programs in agriculture at the college. Peterson said the program church with the Rev. Peter Morgan officiating. Burial: Ce-1 dar Memorial cemetery. Friends may call at the Cedar Memorial funeral home after noon Sunday and at the church after IO a.m. Monday, Tile casket will be closed at 12:45 p in. Monday. * * * CHICAGO (AP)—Wheat No overfa^ steers^ are $,j7n; No. 2 hard red 5.85n. Corn No. 2 yellow 31534n. Oafs No. 2 extra heavy white 1.62' zn Soybeans No. I yellow 6.18'20. was planned partly to satisfy a Fr,.e Servjce p    , demand from students and area estate taxes at Farmers State employers for more training in Bank Mari Alburnett or m. the horticulture field    Wha.    Bring    your    tax    state-: The program will also fill a ments with you._Adv CHICAGO CASH GRAIN 2 soft red need for students who wish to obtain basic horticulture training before entering Kirkwood’s] two-year ornamental horticul-; FROZEN PORK BELLIES March May July August Lamson Bros. Close Prev. 53.00 53.37 54.40 54.60 55.60 55.70 55.20 55 IO Students will meet from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily, with Marion Churches Bethel Baptist avenue. The Produce NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW egg Demand light to fair Friday. Whites: Inf itc Fancy large 62-65 Fancy medium 56-59. ! Fancy smalls 44-47. Buffer offerings about adequate. Demand generally light. Creamery 93 score ! game 67'2-68 cents; 92 score 67’2-68.    r c . , -more job offers than graduates chicago produce    in the field. CHICAGO (UPI)— Wholesale selling prices as reported by USDA:    Buffer:    I prices paid delivery to chicago steady 93 production-marketing program, i-rn.es Faid delivery to Chicago    L- ” 1    J' steady: Prices to retailers; Grade A fn cartons delivered:    Extra large 65-68 large 64-66; medium 56-58 Struggle’ - 1000 Eighth Rev. Calvin] school 9:30. j ;rmon: “The Evening worship and laboratory work. Peterson said Kirkwood's two- 7:30. Sermon: “The Son of God year ornamental horticulture on Earth”. Reception of new -W YORK    (AP) (USDA)—Wholesale    nrnttrsm vvhieh ic the nnlv    nnp members, offerings irregular but fully adequate. 1 Pr°8ram’ "nicn IS me Only    one ^ ‘ kind in Iowa, has had . Fl.r®t    ~ F?ur- waiting lists of students. At the w^Lee.3 Worship 0:30 .Munday i time, there have been school 10:30. Grace Baptist — 440 South Fifteenth street. The Rev. Dons Once they havecompleted the j Worship "bloandfi:^00' ^'l score 653j, 92 score 65’a: 90 score 61'Y. j r.'oduction-marketing program, j    Squaw    Creek    Baptist    —    Wil- Eggs: Prices    M'i.^veryjo^Chicago    students will be awarded a    di-! kins school.    The    Rev.    Kermit ploma. They will have the    op-;W. Jelmeland.    Worship    9.    Sun-1 tion of taking employment or * da>’ school IO. enrolling next winter in Kirk-    Rubins    Faith    Bible    — Corner wood’s twn-vpar    ornamental!^ Main and Mentzer. The Rev. WOOG s two-year    ornamental Ed Baternan worship 9:30 and I horticulture program. Those!6. Sunday school 10:45. who continue will receive academic credit for taking basic courses. Kirkwood will accept about 20 Judge Denies Venue Change In Hall Case IOWA CITY — District Judge KW" taSSl*"*1 Chapman Friday denied students for the new program. St. Joseph’s Catholic — 995, Fifth avenue. The Rev. Justin A. Kane, the Rev. Martin W. Pfab and the Rev. John Casey will celebrate mass Saturday at! 7 p.m. at the school, 1430 Fourteenth street, and Sunday sows we\nghinghYoIo-230U’lbs.,JS37U00-; both state and defense requests Tuition is $135 per quarter. Per $37.50. No. 2 sows weighing 300 in the James Hall murder case. ;sons interested in obtaining *l '•yfu ii a.m. and 5 lbs. $32.75-$33.25.    The    state    requested a change more information or enrolling and ll:30 at the school. * ln “un„    of    venue.    Judge Chapman said for the spring term should con- Marion Christian — 1050 Mo des MOINES (UPI) Mod- !“the glare of publicity has not tact Essex, at 398-5441, Reg-' Gowan boulevard. The Rev erately active, demand fairly forced on this trial, on this good. Butchers mostly 25 cents defendant, or the state to such higher instances 50 lower. Sows an extent that a reasonable like-25 higher, instances 50 higher. , .    .    •    .    .    narties Estimated receipts Friday *'nooa €Xlsts mat tne parties 55.000. Receipts Thursday 35.-; can not receive a fair trial in OOO; week ago Friday 45,000; Johnson county.” year ago Friday 50.000    The    defens:    requested    the U. S. 1-3 200-238 lb butchers istrations will be accepted dur- Peter M. Morgan. Sunday ing March. Price Boosts by Bethlehem Steel BETHLEHEM. Pa. (AP) - school 9:30. Worship 10:45. Sermon: “A Mere Excellent. Way”. Robins Church of the Brethren — 355 Second street. The Rev. Harold Justice, Sunday school IO Worship ll and 7, Church of Christ — 1087 37.25-38.50; 230-250 lbs. 36.75‘- murder charge against Hall be Bethlehem Steel Corp. has an- Eighteenth street William Cain, 38.25; 250-278 lbs 35.25-37.50; dismissed claiming there was nouneed prlce increases of 5 t0 aIidlee.3i;ho0' 10' Woish'P " the 11    «    ,„;a„    „r    . Ascension Lutheran — 2210 j Grand avenue. The Rev. Denny J. Brake. Worship 8 and lo. 270-300 lbs. 33.25-36.25 U S 1-3 270-330 lb. sows 32.50-33.50; 330-400 lbs. 32.00-33.00; 400-450 lbs. 31.50-32.50;    450-550    lbs. 30.50-32.25. not sufficient evidence in inc jj percent on a wide variety of bill of particulars or the indict- steej products I The increases effective im    -    — Judge Chapman se. aside this mediate, were    ”    j    Sermon; -On An Empty Stem oress7d~meats    **“?«    motl°" ana °Ld*,red ' heavy-ccnstruction steel, the sec- des Moines (ah) (usda) - Mid    trial to proceed as scheduled in    o d    steelmaker said in west carlot meat trade report for Iowa    ona-ranKeo    SieeimaKtT Said in and river markel areas:    I    May.    its announcement Friday Beet trade moderately active; demand Hjlii ;Q    of    the    March    diuiuunLLllitlU    rriUd>. rather poor; steers 1.00-2.00 lower; heifers    Man IS    dLLUSLU OI    HJL IvldlLii Bethlehem said the nrire    Zwanziger 2.00-3.00 lower; limited sales cow beef,    , 10 1Q7Q    .slaving of    Sarah Ann    . ,    aam hic price    1n.9n    c..„. ______700 800    ™    ♦    bdran    Ann    hikeg were ori inall scheduled w, choke heifer Ottens, a University of Iowa coed. Steer beef 600-700 lb lb. 65.00. 800-900 lb. 64 beef 500-700 lb. 67.00-69 00. Pork cut trade fairly active; loins steady to I OO higher; picnics steady to 75 lower, skinned hams steady to strong; bellies not well established Loins 14 lb down 71.50-72.00, 14-17 lb. 69.50 70.00; picnics 6-8 lb 48 15, 8 lb. and up 46.50-47.25; skinned hams 14 lb end down 71 SO. 14-17 lb 67.50-68 50, 17-20 lh. aa 00. 20 26 lb 61.50-62.00, 26 lb. and up '6 OO 56.50; bellies 12-14 lb. 49.00-51 OC, 16-18 lb. 49 00, 18-20 lb. 44.25. ach’ Lutheran Church of the Resurrection — 2770 Eighteenth avenue. The Rev. Otto A. Worship 8 and i 10:30. Sunday school 9:15. St. Paul’s Lutheran (Missouri LIVESTOCK FUTURES CHICAGO (AP) - Futures trading Thursday: I ive beef caffle: Close Prev. April ......... 44 60 45 60 June 48.37 49 37 August .......... ...... 50.27 SI 27 October ..... ... 51.60 52.60 December ..... 51.62 52 62 Live hogs: April .............. ..... 38 30 38 02 June 41.85 42 90 July ....... ....... 44.12 45.62 August ........... 45.17 48 67 October .......... 45 80 47 30 December 47 50 48 60 F ebruarv 48 45 April 48 45 COLESBURG- Charles (Cub) Barnhart. 91, who had been making his home with his daughter, Jessie Butters, 1567 for Jan I and Fob. 16 but were    Syn„d) _ 9I5 Twenly.sevemh delayed by the Cost of Living    street. The Rev. John D. Huber, Council.    jr. Worship 8 and 10:30. Sun- Services Monday for    On Thursday, the council a1-'    any school aas Charles Barnhart, 91    lowed 'he steel industry to in-    i277rEighth avenue The Rev. crease prices immediately to'Glen W. Lamb and the Rev. j.i cover cost increases through the M. Steffenson. Worship 8:30; end of January and to boost.    n«VkGooc1 News| prices once a month to reflect    Prairie    Chapel I’nitcd Mesh- higher costs.    odist Route 3. The Rev. ____________Clive Cook. Sunday school 8:45. Worship 9:45. First Presbyterian —    802 Twelfth street. The Rev. Jay A. Miller. Sunday school 9:15. j Worship 10:30. Sermon: “Sac-i rifiee and the Cross”, Reformed Presbyterian —; former Bertha Kottke near ican College Testing Program,I Colesburg Oct. 26, 1903.    has resigned and accepted an church of God *< Seventh Surviving in addition to Mrs. appointment with the University Day) — 600 Ninth avenue. W steers'$40bo $42 5eT    choke”steers    $40'og    j Butters are two other daugh-of Arizona at Tucson.    J. Kuryluk, pastor. Song ser- sheers’    wroo-moo ^hi^e^h^ters*4^91?    ters Mrs. Bernard Stoeffler,    He will become professor of    vice 9:45 Sabbath school lo, ....    «,.».o,.»^«m,iMa’r.oni    and    Mrs    HaroWjhigher    education    and.    )n    addi.    wo«hip„U.^S.turday. Fr.day, Grimes, Colesburg; five grand- Hon, will be involved in develop- United Seventh Day children, 16 great-grandchildren,1 in8 special programs that would Brethren — 2400 Second ave-Russell Barnhart, 'include    creation    of    a    center    for    |nues W. Allen Bond, pastor. the study    of    higher    education.1^ p * c^*urch school ll The appointment will be ef-10.30 f^Hve with the beginning of the 1974-75 fall semester at that Harderoad Resigns As Ad s President ad been making his home IOWA CITY — Fred Harcle-Mrs. Butters the last 23 road, who is in his seventh Born in Colesburg Sept. 8. 1882. he was a retired farmer, with years. He was married to the vear as president of The Antler- POSTVILLE BEEF POSTVILLE —The Postville beef kef Friday quoted prices for mar- prime cows $27 00-J33 OC, canners and commer IM 8 T i 0 n c a, cows $27 OO $ <3.50; bulls $40.0C-$42.00 low Cost Gazette w A N J A D S B R I N G R E S U L T S I Gazette Classified Mrs Harry Gull, Colesburg. Services:    Monday    at Edgewood. Burial: Brown cerne tory, Colesburg. Friends may OMAHA LIVESTOCK OMAHA (AP) (USDA)- Hogs; 5,000; ,    ,    .. 200-230 lb barrows and gilts steady to1 a brother, 25 higher; heavier weights steady to 25    „nf| a    cict/.r lower; i-3 200 240 ib 38 so 39.00, several    Colesburg, ana a    sister, lot-. 12 and some 1-3 39 25; 2-3 240 260 lh 37.00-38 75, some 38 75-39 OO; sows steady to 25 lower; some 50 lower; 375-650 lb 32.25-33 50 Cattle 700 cattle and calves; not im    Anniston    funeral    homt* enough slaughter steer-, and heifers for    d    m    dl    7\ppieiuil    lUULirfl    UUUIC, adequate price test, bulk of fresh re ceipts cows, these mostly steady; feeder-, consigned to Friday auction; utility and commercial cows 31.50-34 00; lev utility 34.25-34 50 joliet livestock    a.m. Sunday. JOLIET III. (UPI)—Caille 1.500. steers I    - steady to 7.5 lower, heifers 50 lower in limited volume, choice steer* 45.50-47 00, good and choice 44 00 45.50, high choice and prime heifers I load 45.00, choice 44 00-45.00; no canner or cutter cows, ibHwso^'5o^Mno ,e*3y2ooN2°4o\bsV0?82»I waquiNe1 Tow /APi    T, founding president of what is 3< '0 38 :'5; No    WASHINGTON    (AP)    - The now California staU> university rereip,s 4 000 Cflt- IUSt,ce dClparlfTlen ’ Wh,Ch ,S‘at Hayward, from 1959 to 1967. ne, i.ouu .nogs _ trying to break up newspaper- Saturday, Against Minneapolis Broadcast Licenses dt*n* ^ *n ' was ^(‘ state university, which has an enrollment cf more than 27,000 ACT’s chief administrator until next fall. Before taking over as presi- SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK Iowa Citian Charged In Hit-Run Accident rid, ut Arnlptun’c aVfpr in on I students. He will remain at the    CITY — Two Iowa City call dt Appleton s after »-»lACT nationa, o(fjcc here women Beatrice Schlasser. 75,1 and Madge Vickroy, 62, were injured in an alledged hit and run accident here Friday afternoon. Police said a car driven by Herman Evans crossed the! center line, striking a car driv-i en by Miss Vickroy. Evans then allegedly left the eocene of the accident. He was apprehended shortly afterwards and was] charged with leaving the scene department, which ik up broadcasting combinations At the time he accepted the , in ACT appointment, he was presi-JKS; ffirilffl ffla’iSrttSt: I**    and st-    dent-elect l:^r,H5I,5ni;i;mu1f cxtenried ,he effort to the Min-1-3 350-600 tbs 33,25-34 00    I neapolis-St. Paul area. _It    asked    the Federal Commu- of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. “It hasbeen my personal hope of a personal accident and driv-hriday that J might conclude my pro- ing left of the center line. Mrs. Schlasser was treated webster livestock    nications Commission enoughsu>ts«fCmarket^^•nd^'cowi' and not to renew the broadcasting fessional career as a teacher tunis ,ir*dv; cows 29.oo-3i.5C; bul.* 37.00 licenges of the three WCCO ra. and counselor in the field of ift^3«.^topbU3f.o!r*M>ws525 highVr, Kit dio-television stations in Min-;higher education,” Harderoad iii?0*32 w- 250-350 5ib 2soo$29.oo!^lo-loo neapolis because of their news- said in announcing his resigna-SfSSTfiw came 200, hog, 1,000 PW? connections.    I    lion    here. for a fractured wrist and broken ribs at Mercy hospital. Miss Vickroy was treated for bruin s and contusions. Want Ads "The Marketplace for Eastern Iowa Families" for small »iz* fy|>* want ad* count four aver ag* words tor the first line and five words each additional line A blind box number in care of The Gazette .aunts os four words Box number charge is $ I OO if replies are called for or Si 50 if mailed MADI INES 4 45 PM Day Preceding Pub. MAM Sot for Sun ll 43 A M Sat for Mon Open 8 5 Daily—Noon Sat. CORRECTIONS-CANCELLATIONS 8 to 9 A M day of Pub ll 30 A M Sat for Sun Cash in Advance Classifications 32 36 38 70-120 140 THE GAZETTE will not be responsible for more than ewe incorrect insertion and only for that portion of the ad that may hove been rendered valueless by such error Please check your advertisement the first day. Out-of-Town Want Ads Are Payable in Advance The I-time rote applies to all out-of-stote advertising Dial 398-8234 Pay For 6 Days, Get The 7th DAY FREE! 3 EASY WAYS To Place Your Want Ad 1. By Phone 2. By Mail 3. Stop In 12 Lost & Found LOST; 2 month old Keeshound puppy wearing Hee collar, lonn hair brown and dray, vicinity 30th St Dr. SE. 365 1859. $150 FOR lite return of the tools stolen from my 1970 Imperial Tues. nlqht 377-5208 LOST: 2 gold rings, I with pearls and I with diamond, v lei nit v of Johnson school. 364-7088. LOST '65 FORD Convertible, white over black 57-33947. 393 2927. RE WARD LOST Billfold, on Bever bus, Thurs. Reward, papers especially wanted. Dial 362 6976 42 Help Wanted-—Ajcndes^ ROUTE SALES WE ARI a vounq, Aggressive dis trlbutlon organization (hat has an opeinnq for an ambitious indlvld ual who desires a challenging op inn tunitv to advance Good starl Inq salary, and company benefits Iowa State Employment Service, 601 8th Ave. S E An equal op pot i uni tv employer. SNELLING & SNELLING SUITE 1805    PHONE 366-0747 ie tower, 200 1st si. S-E. RAPID PLACEMENT Suite 203, Iowa Theatre Bldg. 363-9637 MURPHY EMPLOYMENT 417 Isl AVE., SE 364-6195 18 Personals ANNOUNCEMENTS Sultan's Palace HOURS 12 p.m. • 12 a m Mo'day through Saturday. Saunas, Show ers, Whirlpools, complete in massages. Take advantage of our new price chang J, 393 1974 ALSO GF NTL FME NS LEISURE HOUR out call 393 8456 3 p.m. to ll P.m. SUPER Summei Camp for Children 8 ’7 Two and fear wee-k periods. Camp Lincoln for boys. Camp Lake Hubert f 0 r airts. Brainerd, NAinn. Mrs Bob Fletch cr, 35_2j509.‘ _    _ OLD TREASURED PHOTOS RESTORED and reproduced Bring yours in for a free estimate Dun can Studio, Town and Country NEED better muscle tone and help to regulate weight? Try Evans' AAasso Theraoy Treatments, 362-6769. PROBLEM pregnancy. Counseling available 6y licensed, certified  agency, 362-3149, Hillcrest Services. WILL ACCEPT welfare and private patients ML. Vernon Rest Homes, Mf. Vernon, la 895-8675. YOUR circulation sluggish?' Your muscles ache? Try Masso Therapy at Evans, 362-6769 44 Help Wanted ?    ?    QUESTIONS    on or about the Bible answered 377-9333 Ra'hie GO JU KARATE. 362-9737. PREGNANT and Distressed'’ Birth ripht, Mon.-Fri., 7-10 p m 362-0469 - 44 Help Wanted WANTED Girl or lady lo live In, help with house work, some phone answering New home Private room and TV Good wages to right person. Present girl leaving for LPN training March I. Has been here 18 months Can start Fib 15 or later. Reference re quired, can talk lo present girl ivti s, Don Stickle. Anamosa, Iowa 462-2030. DIRECTOR'S position with East Central Iowa Association of Regional Planning Commissions. Salary up to $14,000 Degree in planning or related field, 2 years experience in planning or regional administration desirable. Apply to J. Patrick White. Chairperson, 22'/a S. Dubuque St., Iowa City. la. Phone 351-8556. Affirmative action employer. Person to wait tables and serve cocktails Pert time niqhts. Must be 18. THE INN _175    Jacolyn    Dr. NW__ RELIABLE person to bus dishes over noon hour. Apply in person after 5 p m. KOZY INN 1004 1st Ave NE.    362    3981 PART TIME GENERAL OFFICE and SHIPPING CLERK Permanent position. Phone 393-4310 for appointment. Wanted TIMESTUDY ENGINEER CNE of the nation’s laregst and fastest growing pegboard ac counting systems n}anufaclurer% Is In need of a Tlmestudv Engineer to assis? In maintaining, up dating, Improving and Ina ifs established Standard Cost ThP person we are looking for should have 2 5 years experience In timesfudv, methods engineering and related fields. MTM. training would be very desirable. SOME OI the duties would Include taking llmestudles, process writ lug auditing standards, method Improvement, plant layout and equipment justifications. PLEASE submit your resume station experience and salary background in strict confidence lo: James Fackler Control-0-Fax Corp. Box 778 Waterloo, Iowa 50704 An Equal Opportunity Employer RETAIL STORE MANAGERS ASSISTANT STORE MANAGERS MANAGER TRAINEES FAST growing agricultural oriented retail chain operating in 29 slates has Immediate openings In the above positions. Current expansion plan have created these openings Applicants should be aggressive management oriented individuals who are seeking a growth position with unusual chance for advancement, and who are willing to relocate in order to capitalize on opportunities to move up in our organization, Some background in agriculture a must. Some retail experience desired but not required. START a career with our company which has a reputation of promoting from within. Excellent starting salary and benefits program, including health and life insurance, pension and profit-sharing. FOR an appointment write indicating work and salary history to TSC STORES 4040 University Ave. Hwy. 218 Waterloo, Iowa 50701 Attention: Mr James Wilson Dig! 3988234 Card of T anks SCOTT A TRUESDELL-WORDS can not express enouqh the many thanks in our hearts today for* the beautiful expressions of kindness and love bv Scott's relatives, friends, classmates and neighbors. In our hours of bereavement following his sudden death. Scottv loved life and you all were so much a cart of it. The families of Scott A. Truesdell. In Memonam 20^ M usic- Ddttcinq-T utoring CH'LDREN'S theatre acting, sl<-qjna, puppetry, dancing. Reasonable rates. Certified. 353-4329. 22 Bridal Services CC Female Clerk Wanted Shada's Market Call In Person 413 Th I rd Avenue S. W.__ NEED IMMEDIATELY 2 people for housekeeping department at HOWARD JOHNSON Motor Lodqe, 363-8101, ask for Mrs. While. PART-TIME HELP JUBILEE CAFE 377-7808 3 Mortuaries - Monument* NOVAK MONUMENT CO. 20: 14th Ave. SE    Dial    364-4439 12 Lost & Found LOST: Light brown and white St. Bernard, Center Point, Urbana area. Collect 443-5845. $50 reward. LOST. Pregrant Siamese Cat. Noel-ridge area. Reward. 393-8996. REWARD for reiurn o* purse from my SW side home 2 22-74. 363-1926. AN EXPERT WILL HELP YOU WRITE A BEAUTIFUL WANT AD TRUCK MECHANIC COLONY RESTAURANT WE ARE now laking applications for persons to wait tables. Apply in person^ 1337 Wiley Blvd. S W. PERSON TO WAIT TABLES IO 30 a.rn.-7 p rn. Apply In person BUTTERFLY CAFE COLONY RESTAURANT WE ARE now taking applications for i full time cook. Apply in person. 1337 Wiley Blvd. S.W. MANAGEMENT TRAINEE AUTOMOTIVE background and sales experience helpful. Send resume to Gazette Box A-l. CASHIER—NIGHT b APPLY IN PERSON DRAGON RESTAURANT MEN and WOMEN for Masseuse and Masseur Good pay, must have transoortation Call 393-19/4 for appointment from 1 to 6 P.M. BABYSITTER wanted Nights, 3:30 p.m. to I a m. Call between 9 and 2 days, own transportation preferred. 365-4349. DINING ROOM help and delivery drivers. Commission work. Apply in person. Atter 3 p.m. Mr. Bill's. ;    720    loth    St.,    Marion. I    BARTENDER for neighborhood tav ern, state age and experience. Monday 8 P M. Benefit C R. Jaycees I    Must have reference. Box E-30 KOZY INN    Gazette^    - 1C04 ut Ave. n.e.    36    2    3981    WOMAN    BARTENDER "    Bob's Hideaway 393-9936 comply e Floral Cocrdina ion TOMAN FLOR ISI & GIFT SHOP ^,?nter Point RcL NE _364-8139 JOB PRINTING, AlL^KINDS SERVICE PRESS AND LITHO CO., NC.. 1105 Third Street SE._ 365-7501 LONGBRANCH Wedding Receptions 377-6386 WEDDING CAKES Mrs Kenneth Smith. 363-9115 28 Where to Go FUN AND GAMES SERVICE GUIDE Call an Advertiser Now! MOUNT VERNON REST HOME NURSES' AIDE NEEDED Call 855-8675 —-c , .........J 3?. Business Services 34 Book!:eo^ii^ Tax Service Zobac Construction Company, Inc. I We Do Commercial or Residential Remodeling— Addition—Repair I “IT'S HOME IMPROVEMENT TIME'' Member National Home improvement Council “We Are Bonded'' 363-9681 GENERAL BUILDING REPAIR SERVICE and maintenance. Minor and major jobs. New work-remodeling, etc. lf you want good workmanship, call Holtz Construe tion 366-5860. INCOME TAX SERVICE Returns prepared within 48 hours ACCURATE AND REASONABLE 2835 Johnson Ave. N.W., 363-0869 (next to Dairy Queen) HOURS 9 TO 9, SEVEN DAYS j CASHIER — PERSON TO WAIT TABLES Part time ll a.m. to I 2 o.m Mon. thru Fri. 2712 Mt. Vernon Rd. S.E., 3A5-2310L j SNACK bar and theater helo- Apply j in person Mon. thru Fri. niQht 6-8. ‘ Cedar Rapids Twin Drive-In Theater. WANTED full time person for busi-| ness office, must have some book- . nm *-r^r»r keeping and drive car. Regis High ArrLICA[URS School, 365-6991, ext. 27. BUS DRIVERS—3:30 P.M. ROUTE ASSISTANT BUS MECHANIC APPLY Linn-M»r school, 377-7376 After 5 call 377-6038 EXPERIENCED tractor and straight WE have an opening on our night shift. Rate of pay $5.60 to $6.05 per flat rate hour depending on experience and qualifications. 4 p.m. to 12 30 A.M. Monday-Fri-day. APPLY IN PERSON TO BILL MACK TRUCK SERVICE MCR. BOB ZIMMERMAN FORD 1st Ave Fast at 40th St 364-0)81 CITY DESK TRAINA FAST qrowlnq heating, air conditioning, refrigeration wholesale distributor. Experience or vocational training in related field preferred Excelled advancement opportunities and fringe benefits. Apply: THERMAL CO. 210 3rd Ave. SW:__ MACHINIST APPRENTICE LEARN plastic mold maintenance and building. Must have machine shop training or equivalent experience. Manufacturing Specialities Inc. Swisher, la.    857-3671 CALL VIRGJJ- AMES_ OFFICE MANAGER INDUSTRIAL SALES organization requires person to manaqe office and warehouse operation. Responsible for all phases of office operation clos purchasing and Inside phone sales. Salary commensurate with experience. Call 365-5281 or 377-2004 after 5 p.m. _ for_ aDoointmenf. OPPORTUNITY for hardworking de-Dendable person to do janitorial and licht maintenance work. This is a full time position. Experience not necessary. Apply In person, Ponderosa Steak House 2275 16th Ave. S.W. An Equal Opportunity Lmoloyer IMMEDIATE part time ooenmqs fur niqht shift. Ideal supplement for your full time employment. Wages determined by qualifications. Professionally trained. MIDWEST JANITORIAL SERVICE, INC. HOI J Ave. N E. _ Apply    4:30-5:30 P.M. PERSONAL TAX SERVICE ACCOUNTING SERVICE „    Individual    Business    Corp. DRIVEWAYS, walks, steps, patios, COMPLETE with out of state mov- C0NCRETE CONST. EXPERIENCED SIDING ALSO I or 2 GOOD EXPERIENCED CARPENTERS Send resume to Gazette Box Q-41 ...__________      ,    ,    RN;S    NEEDED truck drivers, reliable, must have HOSPITAL to start Intensive Care good attendmce record. Perman    Unit. Salary commensurate    with cnt. 931 Rockford Rd. S-W.    j    «“li?r!£Pce- WAITRESS, IO a.rn -4 o.m.,    Mon.    | C    rf Nurlkg    Meyr'    Direc,or ,eru. F.r, „Apo1''    Ca,e-    Veterans    Memorial Hospital East of Marion. 377-9041. ^ Waukon, Iowa 52172 PART TIME help for Candy Sales I Dp, c „    —— in store. Apply in person, Fanny MA®mSU, ne?<ie<1 Farmer, 129 3rd Ave. S-E.    tables days. Good    salary    and    tips. ___°    3    -    -    Blue Cross and Blue Shield avail- PERSON for farm work, all grain, able. Apply in person after 5 pm above average wages, April 1st    KOZY    INN 1CC4 1st Ave. N E. Federal and State, $6 Sing e Person, $5 basements, garaqe floors, etc. Free estimates L. Gephart, 364-8341. DICK'S TREE SERVICE GUARANTEED .VORK —INSURED ESTIMATES- FIREWOOD 365 8,J/ PAINtiNG-PAPERING Winter Rat**— Fft* Estimates D J. HINKER, 377-6277 Moonshadow Const. Co. New Home? Remodeling? Rooting? Give us a cail. 362-6766 after 5- IOWA Installation and Repair Co. build—repair windows, screens, doors, lay tile, carpeting, counter toes. 364 2749, free estimate. PAINTING, REASONABLE JERRY VgSDINGH, 364-7017 cTncRETE WORK, block layinq, d'rt. Water, basement reoair, ex-1 Chimneys, Gutters cavatinq. john Fie>ds, 362-7538. ino plovce expense not reimbursed stock dividends and transactions. 113 EXECUTIVE PLAZA L. D. (LOU) DUDAK By Appt. 393-8545 Write Gazette Box T-44. BABYSITTER needed — Linnwood Acres. 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 377-■ 7595 after 4:30 P.m.B    rn    I Phone 362-3981 DRIVERS expense-sale of home—em- ciTTPp vmjr    or    min* n>H*r SL£.ePER }eam operation. Contact e    .rn    —-1 SIHyifsR2 Vc0hU,ldrhe0nm4e a°nd T day^m-    AMen 6653.___  TAMA    PACKING NEED experienced farm family, need full tim.    ,    6 house furnished, also other bene : .^,9, Enuu ilk. rn    J? fits. 364-7072. _____  ________ j Inquire in person? ,0    bard. SAMBO'S RESTAURANT 3707 1st Ave. SE 3Lnd Year. We Never Close FRANK GORUP 17’h Street N.E    364    5573 1004 TYPING 36 Work Wanted—Mon general BABY SITTER    wanted,    my home, I afternoon a    week    Own transportation. 365 2373.    __ POSITION now open for experienced i EXPERIENCED semi-truck driver beauty operator. Call 363-4621 I "'so experienced straight truck 040 ACO A B/VBYSITTER    wanted,    part-time    truckdriver.6*'*1’1®™*'1    Q    ,0ader JOO-OJ04 j days, SW. 364-7078.    j    Georqe    H. Caspers    462-3342 WANTED lead    guitar player, hard I    CASHIERS,    some    typing    Aoolv    in rock. rock. etc. 393-7470    person    Mon    thru    FrP    night    6-8 Cedar Rapids Twin Drive In Theater. hauling clean up- tree BF^T'CJAN'    or    DarMime removal — Trimming-Hedge 6°°° terms 365-3783. RUG SHAMPOOING By Vet 365-2996 or 365-5093 WATER AND SEPTIC TANK RE-PAIR Concrete breaking, basement drainage, Stark, 362 5827. PAINTING, interior, exterior. Free estimates MERVIN LARSON a. | Son. 354- 322 J R. K. MAHURIN CONST. Additions, Kitchens, Siding 377-6431 CRATING and packaging    _ kinds, domestic and overseas. Mer-1 rLPANI1Kir, nAin.in„ chants Deliver/, 356 /521    Reasonable 365 5W3.    ‘ WALLPAPERING-PAINTING I ROOFING and remodeling. carpenter RE FERENCES Bill Jarvis 364 6688    *ork. Bruce. 366-0892. BREEDEN TREE SERVICE I E nmes Estimates qiven, Insured 377-7128 EXPERIENCED siding application. Cullers, Roofs and Repair    “‘“f IctoM. L 0 "Dor" Cr,II. Vi m, |    MS    O/! YOUNG man needs work, expert-1 enced painter. 362-7526 or 363-9564 enced    dVm0*!®cie Services    165*38H    ' Fr^Sj.' *£ 1954    hc>05ework 00    APP^^dnagf'T Needed ROOF REPAIRS    MA7V° 8MiS, trainin° h0r,es 363’’    MAN^ViI te^VorTanUorlal 362 284.';    —    work,    6    evenings    a week Call 366- ic vt; aq rn n „    u    I    ENERGETIC    person    to    helD    with    2595    for    appointment, 15 YEAR OLD needs lob Has a booths at boat show. Call 393 8710. CVOCOlC11,r„ .. work permit, preferably on the SW    A    MO,D    ..    .    EXPERIENCED    floral designer. side 364 0484    MAKE A NOTE    of    the new Want    Apply in person Four Seasons SMALL    carpenter lobs, promipt    ser- **    _______—    .Ji!°ris,s 3028 ML Vernon Rd S E. vice, 377-3769 after 4:30 p m.    -----—*—  ----—    —    —    -■ - ■   —  ----- PAINTING, VINYL and PAPER HANGING - 362-70 74 HAULING SERVICES. ALL KINDS.’j REASONABLE. PHONE 366-i40<L LEO'S PAINTING AND HOME REPAIR.  __    366    1031 WE HAUL most anything, anytime, tree removal, cheap rates 362-1680 Terry Meisha Upholstering FINE FABRIC SAMPLES, 363 7246    ____ HOUSE PAINTING, 366 2697 ie Work Woated—Wgmqa Programmer Thatcher Plastic Packaging has an immediate opening lot a qualified computer programmer Applicant should have minimum I year experi ence preferrably with a System 111 Model IO using R P G. Salary commensurate with experience, excellent working conditions and fringe benefits. Apply in person or call for appointment. Thatcher Plastic Packaging Muscatine, Iowa P O 311    ?    19-263-3611 An Equal Opportunity Employer M/E ■ CERAMIC Tile and Carnet Installed; 37/ 6435 attar 4 p m ■ HAULING SERVICES ALL KINDS. REASONABLE. PHONE 366 1409 In PATCHING and SPECIALIZING Pl ASTC RING, Ed Simon, 362-77/4" CU TCO AND WEAREVEP Sales and Service    363    0157 PART RING. painting. exterior, in- 1 Hale, 353 4367 terlor.    M SNOW PLOWING 366-3304 BOOTH TRF) SI RVICfc 166 3800. 363 Ov39 Harry's Dry Wall, 365-0011 'LIGHT HAUl ING AND CLEANUP Any Kird, Any Time. 36' 24/7 ; CHIMNEY and foundation reoair, tuck pointing 3// 3469 CARPENTER WORK Way Musll, 3936533 34 Bookkeeping 8 Tax Service O & SON it RVICL i6i/ *87, j: VI CK ING St IAX 8. BOOK KE ( P Pickup <»nd D^li/erx 366 6108. 366 00/4 PARRY ACCOUNTING SI RVICf STATE EF DI RAI TAX 36 2 90/8 PAYROLLS, BOOK KF EPI NO TYPING, INCOMl IAX i/,4 7732 DOU. HOUSE NURSERY Long Established State Licensed I LO Af IONS Call 366-1.,0/ 3516 Center Point Road NI 2601 First Avenue SW STH ST DAY CARF CENTER A Y.arm reassuring Place To Be Early Childhood Development Staff 6 6 Mon Fri 713 8th St SF 362 2631 EXPERIENCED babysitting, 6 a rn 6 urn , must be toilet trained 136 33rd Ave S.W , 365-5549 BAftYSI T I ING my home days, 3 years and under ll th St NE Dial 367-6/41 BABYSITTING, 2rd shift, my N.W home, fenced yard, hot meals Dial 365 557V SEWING ALTERATIONS. 365 56/6 IOi5’ j ll Ave. NY/ Weekends OCCASIONAL BABYSITTING Y/AN1FD 34 3 2380 EXPERIENCED child care, my home, playmates, N E 365-3381 BABY Sitting Wanted, experienced, S W side, anytime. 365-6145 BABYSITTING In Northbrook, playmate 5, fenced yard 393 50/8 LADY WANTS DAY WORK 165 8886 WAN I to babysit in my home, small child, days 364 22*// BABY SITTING wanted, my home Days Cedar Hills area 365 3152 NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR MACHINE OPERATORS BORING MILL OPERATORS ELECTRICAL WIREMEN MACHINISTS, ETC. CONI ACI f ACTORY PERSONNEL Of flCE MONTGOMERY ELEVATOR CO. JO ?0 St, Moline 764 6771 AN I QUAI QPPOR lUNIty L MPI O YER ;

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