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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Financial and Market News Rate Boosts Drop Stocks CHICAGO OKAIN QUOTATIONS Furnished by Lamson Brothers WI anon IJXiAL NOTICES NKW YOUK (AP) - Prime-Iat(> increases by several major hanks inflicted another broad loss on I In* stock market Friday. After slipping at the opening, pi ices .steadied for a while in midsession but fell hack a bit more toward the close. Trading was light, except for a brief flurry of activity at the opening bell. The Dow Jones average of JO industrials closed off 5 40 at 815.39. C. R. Markets Prices paid on the Cedar Rapids hog market Saturday were steady to 50c higher. Prices p a i d Friday for the bulk of country and plant delivered butchers weighing 200 to 230 lbs., depending on grade and condition were $29.50-$30.00. Packing sows 300 lbs. down were $22.50-$23.00. Butchers over 230 lbs. are 50c off for each IO lbs. to 250; over 250, 75c for each IO lbs, to 270; over 270 lbs., $1.00 off for each additional IO lbs of weight. Packers are 25c off for each weight grade from 300-360 lbs., 50c off each weight grade to 500 lbs. and 75c off each weight grade above 500 lbs. GRAIN No. I yellow corn *2.72. No. I yellow soybeans, *5.40. 38 lb. oats, SI.35. Friday prices delivered. CATTLE MARKET Choice and prime steers    $36.OO $38.OO Choice and prime heifers    *35.00-*3/ OO Good steers ......... *34.50-*36.50 Good heifers    *33.00-*33.50 Standard and utility heifers $32.00-$34 OO Utility cows    *25.00-*28.00 Commercial cows    *25.00-*28 OO Cutter cows    $27 00-S28.00 Bolls    ,    *31    00-*35.00 (Yield (trade 4 overfat steers and heifers are discounted *5 per cwt. and yield grade 5 are discounted *10 per cwt ) (Wasty and gobby overfat steers are *3 and *5 less per IOO lbs. than regular commercial cows.) FEEOER CATTLE Close Prev. August    33.00    32 25 Friday's quotations from Lamson Bros. September ..... 33.00    no    trade SHEEP Genuine spring lambs, 90 IOO lbs , *43 OO-*45 OO Lower graded lambs severely discounted. POULTRY Iowa live hens, light type, prices on commercial flocks unchanged Offering light but Increasing slightly Demand good. Supplies short to adequate Undertone about steacfy. Cents per pound at farms: Commercial flocks, 51. j-6'/«c, mostly 5’ a-6c. Small flocks too few to report prices. IOWA FARM EGGS DES MOINES—The Federal-State Market News Service reported prices unchanged. Graded demand fair. Supplies becoming tnbalance. Undertone steady. Cents per dozen, at farms, cases exchanged, quality and volume Incentive Grade A 30-32c; mostly 32c. Grade A medium, I9-22C, mostly 19c. Other farm eggs: Grade A oc better, 20-29c, mostly 24-26c; Grade A medium, 14-22C, mostly 36-18c; Grade B large, 12-22c, mostly 16-18c; C quality dirties and checks, 10-20c, mostly 15-17c,• small and peewees, 10-20c, mostly 15-17c. Iowa Hors DES MOINES (AP) (USDA) —Estimated receipts Friday at Iowa and southern Minnesota packing: plants, important concentration yards and buy stations 50,000; week ago 49,000; year ago 38.000. Butchers steady to 75 higher, mostly 50-75 higher than Thursday mid-session or steady to 50 higher than Thursday close. Movement rather slow, demand good. Sows steady. Country points — U.S. 1-3, 200-230 lh mostly 29.50; 230-250 lb 28.75-29.25; 250-270 lb 27.50 - 28.75; sows 270 - 330 lb 22.00-23.00; 330-400 lb 21.25- 22.50. Packing plants — U.S. 1-3, 200-230 lb 29.75-30.25; 230-250 lb 29.00-30.00; 250-270 lb 28.00 - 29.25; sows 270 - 330 lb 22.50-23.25; 330-400 lh 21.75- 22.50. WEBSTER CITY LIVESTOCK WEBSTER CITY (UPI) — Hogs 900 Butchers, sows steady Bulk of butchers 31 OO-?) SO, top 31.50. Bulk of sows 22 00-23,00. lop 23.75. Caille 25. Estimate for Saturday 300 cattle, 1,100 Waterloo Hors WATERLOO—Butchers were $1.00 higher and sows were 50c higher Friday. Packing plant delivery No. 2 butchers weighing 200-230 lbs. $29.00-$29.50. No. 2 sows weighing 300 lbs., $22.50-$23.00. FROZEN PORK BELLIES Friday's quotations from Lamson Bros. WHEAT OF»EN HIGH LOW CLOSE PRI V CL July 4 46 4 47 4 59 4.41' a A 69 4 44 September 4 47 4 St 4 56 4.43 A 66 4 46 December 4.31 4.53 4 83 4 50 A 61 A 57 March 4 5/ 4 65 4 53 A 65 4 53 CORN July*........ 2 88 '/a 2 90 2 95 2 8/ 7 95 2 86' 4 September 7 74 2 75 2 SIU 2.73' a 2 81 J* 2 77’a December 2 60 7 61 2 66' a 2 59 2 66''a 7 66 March 7 65 7.66' a nr i 2.64' a 2.72' a 2 63 OATS July ....... 1 39 Va 1.41 I 44 1.38'4 I 41*4 I 31 September .....1.41 I 47 1.45'4 1.03' a 1.46 I 39'/a December .....1.43 1.4.1' a I 46'a 1.42 I 46' 'a 1.41 SOYBEANS— July .......... 5 55 5 67 5 68 5.57', a 5 68 5.4/ Auguit _____I 5.51 5 56 5.68*4 1.51 6 68 'A 5 49 September ... 3 51 3.69V» SSI 5.69>/a 5.50 November 5 46 5 .60 5.67 5 46 5 67 5.43 January 5.51 5.51' a 5 67 5.50 5 67 5 47 Kruskop To Speak At Adult Seminar now on dew,it with the City and no fie ley In pfiyment', is anticipated Final Payment will be made within 45 dave of final acceptance Before final payment will be made, the rontrartor shall file, In duplicate, with the City Clerk, an itemized Male rnent 1 flowing the amount of Iowa ^alcs Ta/ or us*; ta/, lf any, and to whom be PUBLIC NOTICE The Linn County Manpower Consortium has applied    for a    grant    under    Public Law W 203 CE TA The grant    Is for    a total    of *966,OOO.Of), tl/,800.00 of    whim    Is (tie    Initial    portion tor a summer program for disadavan-I aged youth the stated goal tor the grant is un, ,    ...    ,, i    .    I    subsidized employment tor partlripants! paid, on all materials which have Dr. Le Roy Kruskop, SUPfTin-i«* the t'h    of Hie    training and    service coma part of this contract J .    ,    „    , ,    *    ,    ,    ; period An exception to this will be' U/    - tendon! of the Linn-Mar schools, I work exprrien<.- for youth 1 Target groups for the grant include: 1. Youth-14-21, 2. Unemployed a. Regular unemployed b, Ex-offenders c. Welfare recipients d, Minorities e Handicapped t Veterans Ot Iowa    Interest , LATE QUOTATION* (From Lamson Brothers) Am. Ins Fund    3    86 4 49 Am Rein.    I6'4-I7',a Bandog    32 Banks of Iowa    Wa Wa Beatrice Foods    wa Cherry-Bur..... no    Irades Conroe ... Consolidated Food*    17V* Executive Data Systems    I Va- 2'/ FMC ...................17Tb PMIC .....4................ 6 -    Alb Guardsman ........... 1 7/I6-2V* Harnischfeger    26H Hawkeye RanCorp    7*b- 8 . Interstate P    ll'* Iowa Electric    10'» Iowa-Ill, Gas    I?1, John Deere    40'• Kidde comm....... .133/4 Keuffel A Esser    13    -133a Life Investors, Inc.    8V4- 9 ITV Corp.    to Mapco comm    19 Maytag    24' a McCord Corp.    I IV* Mid-America    4    11-4 49 Mid-Continent,    Ind.    . VA- 3V* Miracle    37/«-    4>* Ozark    ...    3 V* Quaker Oats    22TS Rath ................ 41/j Rockwell    26'* Syntax    43 United Fire A Casualty    UV-i-mi Univac    14 Victor Corp    7V» Winnebago    6'4 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN CHICAGO (AP) — Wheat No. 2 soft red 4 36'an Friday; No 2 hard 4 36Van. Corn No. 2 yellow 2.97V/n. Oats No. 2 extra heavy white I 52'sn. Soybeans No. I yellow 5.52n. DRESSED MEATS DES MOINES (AP) (USDA) Midwest carlot meat trade for Iowa and river market area: Beef trade slow, demand fairly good; choice steers 50-1.00 lower; choice heifers steady; choice 700 800 lb. steers yield qrade 3 60.00-60.50, 800-9Q0 lb yield qrade 3 59.00-59.50; choice 500-700 lb.' heifers 60 00. Fresh pork cut trade rather slow; limited trade loins steady; skinned hams 17 20 lb. 1.00-1.50 lower, 2026 lb. steady, over 26 1b. .50-1.00 higher. Loins under 14 lb 71.50, 14-17 lb. 69.00; picnics 6-8 lb 32 50; skinned hams 14 17 lb 53 50, 17 20 lb. 53 50 54 00, 2026 lb. 52.50, 26-30 lb. 45 50, over 26 lb 43.50 45 OO; seedless bellies 18-20 lb. 30 75, 20-25 lb. 25.75. OMAHA LIVESTOCK OMAHA (AP) (USDA) — Hogs: 3,500; barrows and gilts 200240 lh 501.00 higher; over 240 lb strong to 50 higher; over 240 lh strong to 50 higher; some 75-1 OO higher; 150 head U.S. 1-2 around 215-230 lb 33 00; U.S. 1-3 200 240 lh 32.5032.75; sows strong to 50 higher; 330-600 lb 22.75-24 25. Cattle: 200; supply mainly cows; steady; utility and commercial 25.5027.00; canner and cutter 22.50-25.50 Marion Churches Produce Whole- ample. Fancy NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) (USDA) sale egg offerings adequate to demand spotty Friday. Whites: large 41-44. Fancy medium 3033. Fancy smalls unquoted Butter offerings ample on fop grades. Demand slow, prices unchanged. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (UPI) — Butter: Prices paid delivery to Chicago steady; 93 score 59' a; 92 score 59; 90 score 58 4. Eggs: Prices paid delivery to Chicago steady. Prices to retailers: Extra large 45-48; large 43-46, mediums 32'i-35. Er+I Elected to Office in IMA OKOBOJI (API - VV. F Ver-non, jr., was elected chairman of the board of the Iowa Manufacturers Assn. Friday. Vernon is president of the Vernon Co., Newton. Charles VV. Wilson, president of Wilson Concrete Co., Red Oak, was elected vice-chairman and R. H. Meier will be treasurer. Fred Ertl, jr., Dyersville was named secretary, and J. S. Craiger, Des Moines, was reappointed president. Bethel Baptist — 1000 Eighth avenue. The Rev. Calvin! Thorpe. Sunday school 9:30,' Worship 10:30. First Baptist    2899 Four teenth avenue. The Rev. Lyle W Lee. Worship 9:30. Sunday school 10:30. Grace Baptist    440 South Fifteenth street. The Rev. Don R. Martin. Sunday school 9:45. Worship 10:50 and fi:30. Squaw Creek Baptist — Wilkins school. The Rev. Kermit W. Jelmeland. Worship 9. Sunday school IO. Robins Faith Bible — Corner of Main and Montzcr. The Rev. Ed Bateman. Worship 9:30 and 7. Sunday school 10:45. St. Joseph’s Catholic — 995 Fifth avenue. The Rev. Justin A. Kane, the Rev. Martin W. Pfab and the Rev. John Casey will celebrate mass Saturday at 7 p.m. at the school, 1430 Fourteenth street, and Sunday at 7, 9:30 and I i a.m. and 5 p.m. at tho church and 8:30, IO and 11:30 at the school. Marion Christian — 1050 McGowan boulevard. The Rev. Peter M. Morgan. Sunday school 9:30. Worship 10:45. Sermon: “Characteristics of Commitment”, Terry Halstead, speaker. Robins Church of the Brethren — 355 Second street. The Rev. Harold Justice. Sunday school IO. Worship ll and 7. Church of Christ — 1087 Eighteenth street. William Cain, Bible school IO. Worship ll and 6:30. Ascension Lutheran — 2210 Grand avenue. The Rev. Denny J. Brake. Worship 9. Sermon: “Does the World Hate?” Lutheran Church of the Resurrection — 2770 Eighteenth avenue. The Rev. Otto A. Zwanziger. Worship 9. St. Paul’s Lutheran (Missouri Synod) — 915 Twenty-seventh street. The Rev. John D. Huber, jr. Worship 8 and 10:30. Sunday school 9:15. First tinned Methodist — 1277 Eighth avenue. The Rev. Glen W. Lamb and the Rev. J. M. Steffenson. Worship 8:30 and IO. Sermon: “The Soils of Life”. Prairie Chapel Ignited Methodist — Route 3. The Rev. Clive Cook. Sunday school 8:45. Worship 9:45. First Presbyterian —    802 Twelfth street. The Rev. Jay A. Miller. Sunday school 8:30. Worship 9:30. Sermon:    “An Element of Mystery”. Reformed Presbyterian — 965 South Fifteenth street. The Rev. John M. McMillan. Sunday school IO. Worship ll. Evening study group. Church of Gou (Seventh Day) — 600 Ninth avenue. W. J. Kuryluk, pastor. Song service 9:45, Sabbath school IO, worship ll, Saturday. Friday, Bible study 8. United Seventh Day Brethren — 2400 Second avenue. W. Allen Bond, pastor. Worship IO, church school ll Saturday. 3 Uriderernploveg and/or underutilized The plan indicate', the following parti , elpafton levels during LY 19/', I. Youth if,/ 2 Unemployed 1% '). Underemployed ll Allowable service* and prodded cost* I include 1. Classroom training *203,000 OO 2. Crvthe-iob training *253,000 OO 3.    Public service employment    *287, 000.00. 4    Wort- experience *141,00000 5    Service to clients *40,000 00 6    Projected expenditure for    Supple menta' Vocational Education qrants to governor*, *42,000 OO Distribution by cost rateqorles it as follows Administration *108,000 00 Allowances *160,000 00 Wages *318,000.00 1 rmqe benefits *25,000.00 Training *255,000 00 Services to clients *100,000 00 Anyone wishing to examine lh® grant application may have .access lo a copy by coming to the Manpower Coordinal tor's Office, 4th Floor, City Hall, during I regular business hours. Dated this lith day of June, 1974 ROBERT A BROWN n . „ , J    Manpower    Coordinator    I Published in The Cedar Papids Gazette' on June 20, 21 and 22, 1974. NOTICE TO BIDDERS AND NOTICE OF HEARING Sealed proposals for the remodeling Close Prev. July 33.67 37 17 August 32.96 31.45 February 39.97 38 47 March 39.17 37 67 LIVESTOCK FUTURES CHICAGO (AP) Futures trading on the Mercantile Exchange Friday; Close Prev. Live Beef Cattle August ... a 37.70 37.00 October 37 60 37 05 December 37 80 37 02 February 37.80 37 20 April .....37.30 b37 OO June ... ....... 37.65 Live Hogs- July . 30 60 28 57 79 27 August 27.15 October 78 17 76 67 December 30 72 78 72 February 32 IO 30 60 April . 31 50 30 40 Events for Week at Playgrounds Listed will be discussion leader Sunday for the third session of the adult seminar being held at 8:30 a rn. at First United Methodist! church. The program will be centered on the problems and program of teaching and developing human values in the home, school and community. Dr. Kruskop will continue the) series June 30 on the same subject. All persons from high! school age and older in the community are invited to attend. * * * Phyllis E. Roberts Dies, Rites Monday Phyllis E. Roberts, 42, route 2, a lifelong resident of the Marion area, died Friday at a Cedar Rapids hospital. Born March 25,    1932, at Marion, phe was married Oct. 22, 1950, at Marion to John W.ltZTalyTMarion, Roberts. Mrs. Roberts was a,^iibc^!^%5t,fii.*!j(S*Eiaii; member of the Squaw Creek Baptist church and the Christian Women’s club. Surviving in addition to her husband are her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Glass, Marion; two daughters, Julie and Jana, and two sons, John R. (Randy) and Mark A. all at home; a sister, Mrs. William Nash, Toledo, and a brother, M. E. Glass, Muscatine. Services: 10:30 a m. Monday a t Noelridge Park Baptist church by the Rev. Kermit Jelmeland. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at the Murdoch chapel after I p.m. Sunday. The casket will not be opened at any time. Friends may if they wish contribute to ^™e!l,iL „flre0re,'jr^d ",0 Arf?i,e<^ 4l    i,    .    , ! 07,11:6 within seven (7) days after the the Cancer    fund    as a    memorial.    „ k    . ^ I    Bid    security    shall be required. Each *    £    *    I    bid shall be accompanied bv a separate i envelope containing a cashier's check, Ruv Hilltop _ Mr    anH Mrs certified check or bid bond in the amount nuv House. — ivir. ana Mrs.t(Jf fivc pprccnt (5c.r) ci thf bid arnoun1 Timothy Dnffv nf 2707 Fifth AVP-! _ Bid security may be retained by the minny LALLI I y UI z/ut ruin dve c,ty 0J Marion, Iowa, as liquidated dam- nue havp nurrhasrd thp housp aqes 'n ,,lf> ®v'>r>t that the successful biding, nave puiLiiaacu int iiuum der ;Wd faj| or neq|ect to (urnlsh „ at 2905 Second street from the: sa,!s'ac'°;y C™'rac' performance Bond „ ,    ...    .    » , . • Iancl 1 abor anrt Material Payment Bond Federal Housing Administra-I •or IOO percent of the Contract amount, .    ,1    refuse    to enter    into Contract    on the basis tion.    Possession    was    given    June    his    bid, cr    fail to meet    the reauire , _ _ ,    i    ,    i    ments of this notice and the specific*- i 17. Sale    was made by    Gohmann lions    regulating the award No    bidder j .    .    . ti ii.    may    withdraw his proposal for a    period and Associates, Realtors.    Of thirty (30) days atter the date and *    *    *    hour    of the opening of the bids w *    *    Progress    payments    will    be    made    per d|.    I . on ~ ™ specifications. All payments will be I anon lilies    I.OU p.m. made from federal revenue sharing funds Monday at the Murdoch chapel by the Rev. John C. Philipp of] St. John Lutheran church, Waverly. Burial: Cedar Memorial.! Friends may call at the chapel! after 2 p.m. today. The casket, will be closed at I p.m. Monday; and not opened after the service. * * * Visits Parents — CS3 Jack C. I Campbell is spending a nine-day u leave in the home of hisi parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Campbell, 865 West Eighth ave-J nue. Accompanying him here is; AMEAN Richard D Mathews of, Denison, Tex. Both are stationed at Patuxent River, Md., naval air test center. ♦ * * Sertoma — Ced-Mar Sertoma club meeting will be held Thursday of next week at 7:30 p.m. at I the Sirloin ’N’ Brew. Program; will be a board meeting, indoctrination for new members and: orientation for new officers. Hip Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., .lune 22, 197 4    9 Business Forms Firm Files for Bankruptcy The owner of a Cedar Rapids! Among the debts, $163,625.52 business forms company, I w e r c secured claims and Horner Pierce Alexander, jr., of $122,644 39 unsecured. Of the 359 Brentwood drive NE, has assets, $100,000 were in unliqui-filed for bankruptcy in federal dated claims. court.    j ---- Alexander —- doing business' 30 YEARS AGO — Unas A and A Business Forms derground reports said Hitler Go., Alexander and Associates established headquarters at or list- near Ive Mans the day after the and Allies landed in Normandy IOO By virtue of statutory authority, pre! ercncp will be given lo products and provisions grown and coal produced within the State of Iowa This notice Is given by order of thel...    ,    ,,,, City Council of the City of Marion, Iowa IOO first avenue building -the right Is reserved to reject any or    .    ...    ,    AoA/t all hid-, -md to waive irregularities In    od    debts    Of    $300,146    Bf) the city if1“Marion.benef't °';assets of $146,712.77, with $8,725!miles to the north, hut soon 7/lid red m Cslkknev*cdy cier? i claimed as exempt. withdrew. PLANNED USE REPORT GENERAL REVENUE SHARING General Revenue Sharing provides federal funds directly lo local and state governments. The law requires eech government to publish a report of its plans tor the use of these funds to inform its citizens and to encourage their participation in deciding how the money ought to be spent Within the purposes listed your government may changa this spending plan. PLANNLD {XPf NDlTURtc> Avenue, Marion, Iowa, until 2.00 P"M , Tuesday, July 9, 1974, and will then bel publicly opened and re ad The bid* will be considered by the City Council at Eight o'clock A.M. on Wednesday, July I IO, 1974, and at said place, after a pub Ile hearing at which any interested per son may appear and file objections to; the aforesaid improvements or the cost of th** same. Bids shall include furnishing all ma terials, labor, transportation and equip ment required for the remodeling of the; Library building elevator Phase ll, and I air conditioning, Phase III, according to plans and specifications prepared bv Brown, Healey & Bock, Architects Engi-neers-Ptanners, 3413 MI. Vernon Road,! S.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403 These i are separate projects and separate con tracts will be awarded for Phase ll and ! Phase III. Copies of Plans and Specifications andi other Contract Documents are on file and open to inspection to those interested, at the City Clerk'} Office, City Hall, ! Your special attention is directed to i the specifications with respect to equal I opportunity employment and obligation to Pay prevailing waqes as determined by s the Department of 'Labor pursuant to the Davis, Bacon Act, Plans and Specifications may be obtained from the office of Brown, Healey 1 & Bock, Architects - Engineers Planners, 3413 MI. Vernon Road, S.E., Cedar Rap ids. Iowa, upon deposit of the Sum of I Fifteen ($15.00) Dollars. This deposit I will be refunded providing the contract CATEGORIES (Al CAPITAL (Bi 75pe RATING/ MAINTENANCE IC) I rum IC SAE et r $ S I environmental PROTECTION s S 3 PodilC 1PANSPOPTATION $ s r i X <. $ $ 6 RECREATION S......... i 6 LIBRARIES |s................. S 7 SOCIAL SERVICES TOR A GEO OR POOR $ $ 8 flNANCIAI AOMIN IST RATION $ i 9 MULTIPURPOSE ANO GENERAL GOVT. $ ■SPU IO EDUCATION $ ti SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT $ 12 HOUSING 6 COM MUNITZ DEVELOPMENT $ 13 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT $ 14 OTHER ‘Spacial >?8!Mr?ow< IS > r 8 3 39 15 TOTALS $ 8339 s TMX govtRNMtNT OF SPP INOVILLE TOWN ANTICIPATING A GENfcRAL REVENUE SHARING PAYMENT of______ FOR THE FIFTH ENTITLEMENT PERIOD, JULY 1.1974 THROUGH JUNE 30. 1975. PLANS TO SPENO THESE FUNDS FOR/HE PURPOSES SHOWN /ACCOUNT NO. ie 2 05? 016 SPRINGVILLE TOWN riMYuF SPPINOVILLE IUWM    5223 (OI Th* haw* rn*,In h*vt b**n *4vit*4 that a copy of thi* raporr hat haan publish ad In a local nawtpapar of g*n*r*l circulation. I hiv* record* documenting th* contam* of tint rtpou and th«y ar* open tor public »erutiny *t    _____ _ COS 4th Avu. _ IE) ASSURANCES (R*f*r to induction I) I tttur* th* Secretary of th* Tr***ury that th* non dncrimin*-tion and other ttitutory requirement* hated in fin I of th* in*truction* accompanying thf* report will b* complied with by thn racipnnt government with respect to the entitlement • lui'Hn*bvied hereon., .    _ Sfgnatur* of Chief E«*cutiv* Officer Orville C.jx ilayor Ifaiiiv Ca itll*— FUMim Flint u -1 ii-1 A. Date PLANNED USE REPORT GENERAL REVENUE SHARING General Revenue Sharing provides federal funds directly to local and state government*. The law requires each government to publish a report of its plan* for the use of these funds to inform its citizens and to encourage their participation in deciding how the money ought to be spent. Within the purposes listed, your government may change this spending plea PLANNED EXPENDITURES Drive Safely THI GOVERNMENT Of _ WHLPuRu iUWN ANTICIPATING A GENERAL REVENUE SHARING PAY- MENT OF_$1;    649_ FOR THE FIFTH ENTITLEMENT PERIOD, JULY 1,1974 THROUGH JUNE 30.1975. PLANS TO SPENO THESE FUNDS FORT HE PURPOSES SHOWN. y AfCOUNT NO. 2 006 014 WALFORD TOWN NAVOR WALFORD IOWA 52251 (D) The newt media hew been erfvteed that a copy of thi* report ha* been pubWred In a local nawtpapar of gen*ret circulation I have record* documenting the content* of th* report end they et* open for public ecru tiny et    A f -7*^ *_ft J v *0 VV* tfa^ -7* -.n *- IE) ASSURANCES (Refer lo matructkm Et I tttur* th* Secretary of theTreeaury that the non-dtoerirmna-txm end other statutory requirements hated in fart E of the instructions eccompenyrojlxa report wig ba compiled by this recipient go^n^eniHkrith reaped to the .fund* reported hereqfT — v    CZ&UUa- !ur*ef (Le! E«*ci jMAyjLJZ. Nam* A nti*—hie*** Print SBMO OME POSTVILLE BEEF POSTVILLE -The Postville beet market Friday quoted prices of prime steers $36 OO *3/ OO; choice steers $36.00-*37 OO; good steers $32 OO-$33 OO; standard steers. $31 OO $32 OO; choice heifers $15 50-$ la SO. good heifers $31 00-$3J OO; utility cows $22 OO $77 OO; canners and (ommercial cows $22 OO $27.00. bulls $34 00 $36 00 JOLIET LIVESTOCK JOLIE-T, III. (UPI) Cattle 2.500; steers 50 1.50 lower, heifers 501.00 lower; choice steers 37 75 40 00; choice and high choice and prime 37 00-39 50; good and choice 36.00 38 00; choice and high choice and prime heifers 38 00-39 25; high choice and pf Ime 40 OO; good and choice 35 5038 OO; no canner or cutter cow* Hors *00; steady In 1.50 higher; No. 12 200 730 lh 32 75 34 00, No 1-3 200240 lb ll 50 32.75; No 2-3 240 260 lb 30 00-31 50; No 2 4 260280 lh 28 5 0 30 OO; NO 3-4 280 105 lh 27 SO 78 SO Monday estimated receipts 4,000 cat tie. 1.200 hogs HOUX city livestock SIOUX CITY (AP) (USDA) Hons 6,000; butchers trade very uneven, steady to 50 higher, instances 75 higher; closing •irk es on very small volume steady to SO lower; US ti IVO 240 th 31 50-32 50; sows steady; U S. I 3 350-650 lb 72.50-73 OO Cattle IOO Craft for the week on the Marion playgrounds will be "coasters”. Finals for the junior and senior tournaments of the week will be held Thursday at IO a m. at Starry. Citywide winners and runers-up in last week s tournaments were: Junior girls, Yvette Cree of Longfellow and Andrea McAreavy of Emerson, bowl; junior boys, James Jensen of Emerson and Paul Colton of Longfellow, bowl; senior girls, Debbie McCleary of Washington and Kitty Olsen of Ixmgfcllow, chess, and senior boys, Rick Calahan of Donnelly and John Huber of Longfellow, chess. Tournaments this week are: Midgets, nok hockey, and juniors ancl seniors, checkers. Coming events this week include : Starry - marshmallow stuff, pizza party, scavenger hunt and marshmallow string races. Emerson backwards day, egg loss, tug-of-war, decal halon, popcorn party and bob for apples. Taube — cookie decorating and hobo days. 1/ongfcllow — pogo stick contest, hobby show and hat day. Donnelly — relays, tug-of-war, sack lunch and bike parade. Washington bubble gum contest, paint your toes, hat contest, Kool-Aid relays and guessing contest. Metzer — nature scavenger hunt, nature hike to Tastee ! Free/, bird day and bubble I gum blow ing contest. Irving funny hat contest, I stuffed animal show and hobby show. Basketball one on one competition will be held Friday at {Emerson with girls at 9 a.m. {and boys at I p m. IO YEARS AGO The SU* i preme court ruled unconstitutional a section of the subversive activities control act that I denies passports to members of officially designated communist j organizations. Max Allen Freymuller, 5037 j Louisa street NE, recently was' graduated during commence-j ment exercises at the Universe ty of South Florida, Tampa. Want ads help you find. buy! or sell . . . quickly and economi-|| cany Dial 398-8234. J! I I o t:px> iivt SPECIAL- OF-THE-WEEK! 11,500 BTU AIR CONDITIONER a HO VOLT a QUICK MOUNT DOOR PRIZES Amana Radarange Sylvania Portable Color TV Boy s 5-Speed Bicycle Girl’s 5-Speed Bicycle fP savings & loan MONTICELLO BRANCH Sunday, June 23 Noon to 6 P.M. FREE GIFTS • Hawaiian Orchids • Cutting Boards for the Ladies • Rain Gauges for the Men • Coin Purses for Everyone • Owl Banks for the Kids Computer Time For Rent! IBM system 3 with 4 model 5444 disc drives, I 6K storage. Available 6 PM-7:30 AM, also weekends. Contact lin Kemp, 366-2741. Dearborn Brass Co. 930 Shaver Road N.E. RATES PAID ON SAVINGS Type of Account Regular Passbook Certificates Rate 5V4% 6Vi% 7/2% Minimum Deposit $5.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00 Term Requirement None One Year 4 Years • A SUBSTANTIAL PtNAlTY IS REQUIRED FOR EARLY WITHDRAWAL OF CERTIFICAJES 620    'Vr Phone 2nd Ave. SE 364-0213 \     r savings & loan association I 135 7th Ave., Marion, Iowa Monticello, Iowa. X&mqe/ii For the Finest’ in Paints ;

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