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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., June 22, 1974 tHbrtV^ ^ Emperor Should Have Quit After War, Japanese Politician Says TOKYO (AP) — Japanese democracy might be working better today if Emperor Hirohito had abdicated or been executed after World war ll, according to one of Japan’s best-known political and literary figures. Writing in the magazine Jiyu, Shintaro Ishihara deplores what he calls the rootlessness of Japanese society and asserts that one reason for it is the failure to establish the emperor's responsibility for the war The United States refused to try Hirohito along with other Japanese wartime leaders, reasoning that the emperor was a stabilizing and unifying factor in the country. Stabilized, but. . . Ishihara concedes that the move “certainly stabilized postwar Japanese society.” But he argues that the emperor “lost the place he occupied in Theater Times for Saturday COMMUNITY THEATER -“The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds" - 8. PARAMOUNT - “Blue Summer’’ — 2:15, 3:50, 5:25, 7. 8:35. IO. IOWA — “Huckleberry Finn” - 9. 11 05, I 15. 3:20, 5:30. 7:40. 9:45. WORLD — “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad’’ — 1:30, 3:20, 5:20, 7:25, 9:25: shorts — 3 15. 5:10. 7:10. 9:10 TIMES — "Panorama Blue" - 2. 3:25, 8, 9 25. PLAZA — “Snowball Express’’ — 2. 5.30. 9:05; “The World’s Greatest Athlete” _ 3:50. 7:20 STAGE I — “American Graffiti” - 2:35, 4:40, 7 45. 9:50 STAGE 2 - “Zardoz” -2:30 . 4:30, 7:30, 9 30 STAGE 3 - “Billy Jack" - I 2:30. 4 40. 7 40 . 9 50 STAGE 4 — “Where Lilies Bloom’’ - 2:45 . 4:40 . 7.45, 9:40. EASTOWN I - “The Exorcist’’ - 2:15. 4:30. 7:15. 9:30 EASTOWN 2 - “Paul and Michelle” - 1:30, 3:20. 5:IO. 7, 8:50 MARION — Features at ll, I. 3. 5. 7. 9. ll. COLLINS - "Walking Tall" - 9:20; “Chariy” - ll 45, "Where Does It Hurt?" — 1:30 TWIXT TOWN - “Cold Sweat” - 9:10; “The Valachi Papers” — 10:50; “Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street” — I TW IN WEST - “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" — 9:25; “The Culpepper Cattle Co.” — 11:15; “Four Flies on Grey Velvet” — 12 55. TWIN EAST - “The Naughty Stewardesses" — 9:25; “Women for Sale” — 11:25; “Angels. Wild Women” - 12:55. Every Sat. 5:30-9 p.m. BEEFEATERS BUFFET $2.96 per person Children under IO, $2.04 Roast Round of Beet, Beet Stroganoff. Salads. Relishes, Desserts Grant Wood Kitchon ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL cdur nims. JDW . V Trophy Lounge Presents Tonight Sat. ★ ★ Just Arrived ★★ Best In The Land”— Arkansas TOMATOES OV Lh GREEN TURF 23-7-7 Fertilizer 20 Lb. Beg Reg. Premarked at $3.99 or GREEN TURF 10-6-4 Weed N Feed 18 Ut. Rag Reg. Premarked at $3.99 YOUR CHOICE PRICE fines |et et rte peal rn fest priers NO LIMIT-While Last load of The Calif. Navel Oranges* if S Lh. 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DEAD PIGEON the .Japanese people’s hearts" by leaving imperial responsibility unquestioned “By having the emperor take his responsibility for the war, I do not mean having him executed by unilateral trial,” Ishihara wrote. “But if they had had the emperor testify in court and had executed him, as they executed many Japanese war criminals by hanging, the Japanese would not have swallowed democracy, which was given them all of a sudden, but would have digested it, taking much time and resisting, and might have completed a better or perfect digestion ” Ishihara said that as an alternative to execution, the emperor should have abdicated in favor of Frown Prince Akihito when the 1947 constitution was proclaimed or the 1951 San Francisco peace treaty was signed. Ishihara said this would have given Japan a stronger sense of solidarity and strengthened the imperial system Fame as Nave list At 41, Ishihara continues to pelt the establishment with the same vehemence that brought “HARVEY SCALES AND THE I SOUND’’ will be at LAZY LEOPARD LOUNGE THURS., FRI., SAT. 321.9th Ave. S.E. him overnight fame in 1958 as a novelist. Then a student at Hi* totsubashi university, he wrote “Taiyo-no-Kisetsu” — season in the sun — a story of youthful rebellion against the older generation It outraged many hut won him an immense following More novels and plays depicting the young Japanese “sun tribe,” with free morals and selfish individuality, made him a controversial figure Ishihara turned to politics in 1988, winning a seat in the lipper house of the Diet, the Japanese parliament, with a staggering 3,012.552 votes From this less influential body he moved in 1971 to the ruling house of representatives. Last year Ishihara joined 30 other young Liberal-Democratic members of the Diet in forming the Seirankai, or Blue Storm Society. Signing their names in blood — an aet SUNDAY FAMILY BUFFET 11:45 to 2 and 5 to 8 p.m. $2.76 par parson Chdortn under IO, $1 84 Fried Country Chicken, Swift Steak, Baked Ham Chow Mein, Vegetable* choice of Salad* and Dotter* Grant Wood Kitchen roosevelt MOTOR HOTEL Adiacent Guest Parking / IOWA 364-3412 WORLD 363-5321 PLAZA 393-8439 IvIvMv PARAMOUNT 362-3389 NOW! The Greatest Of All American Adventure Stones “HUCKLEBERRY FINN Color NOW1 End* Thursday “THE COLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD’_ Color NOW1 Must End Tao*. WALT DISNEY S “SNOWBALL EXPktSS CHOKSI CHUTE' TODAY! OMN AT 1*5 PM “BLUE SUMMER” - Under 18 — X- ,„0 One Under NOW! End* T»e*oar TIMES 364-8613 70 MM & Stereo Sound “PAHORAMA.BLUE;’ OPEN today at — X— sit ^UAAHT CENTI!* NOW! FINAL WEEK! PLENTY OF FREE PARKING tm POI NOW End* Thur*. Last Chance To See It BILLY JACK —GP— NOW! End* Tye*. Science Fiction s Best ZARDOZ with SEAN CONNERY _ —R-—. NOW! All The Warmth And Feeling Of Greatness! “WHERE THE LILIES BLOOM’’ —G— E::;i ,\v.vv.v.v.v. FIRST RUN _SHOWING! Their love story was so unique it inspired two motion pictures. “Friends? in 1971. And now “Paul and Michelle.” A Michelle K-MART IASI CINTER LAST 6 DAYS! award rn FVI fkivi 'll LAST 6 DAYS! # wilm "B    HURR    Y THE EXORCIST! reminiscent of pre-war militarism — the group quic kly gained a right-wing reputation by taking a strong stand against a new aviation agreement with Peking thai involved the curtailing of air service with Taiwan "Net Ultra Rightist” The treaty was signed and the Selrankai’s image suffered. But this has not prevented speculation that the Liberal-Demoerats will ask Ishihara to oppose Ryokichi Minobe, the veteran Socialist governor of Tokyo, in the local election next year. Ishihara denies that he is an ultra-rightist He is searching. he says, for an ethical code on which Japan can build a new morality. He argues that there is a vacuum at the center of the Japanese spirit hidden by the ‘‘emperor cult’’ and the "illusion" of democracy. He says Prime Minister Tanaka is “the very symbol of the indisputable devastation and confusion’’ that marks Japan at home and abroad Tanaka dreams of continuing the century of industrialization begun in the mid 19th Century and does not recognize the chaos in Japanese society, Ishihara asserts. “Atlanta” don't miss ★ TONIGHT! coming no uweekt “Headstone” Dance Mar Prefer Jail LONDON (CPI) - Last year    Officials    announced    an    inves- 788 convicts In British jails    ligation    to    *    * refused to be considered for    prisoners    preferred    to slav parole, the home office said    jail. :es are standing up WALKING t TALL “BEST AMERICAN MOVIE OF THE year:’ ■tolling Stun* COLOM “A DEEPLY MOVING TRUE STORY!” * Ne. 3 - COMEDY! PITH HUUS YOX* “WHERE DOES (R) M IT HURT?” color * 6300 SIXTH ST. 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