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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa MOOSE ONE GLASS FOR  __________ MI6TER CRABTREE*.] LEMONADE COMING DP J U IM A \\n By BOB WEBER Noted Names Answer to Previous Putti* OFFICE HOURS ACROSS I Texas’ Houston 4 Irish dramatist 8 British arette navigator 12 Screen director Lupmo 13 Sheltered inlet 14 Preposition 15 Moccasin 18 Ancient Egyptian lung 18 Not as large 20 Particles 21 American clergyman 22 Transgressions 24 Social insects 26 Tear asunder 27 Age 30 Hold fast 32 European herb .34 Habituates (VHI I 39 40 35 Hluepenciled 36 Indian weight 37 Change direction Anatomical tissue Mother ol Apollo (myth * Sea <Kr ) Academy Award Wooed Term in lawn tennis State * ab. > 52 Occasion 53 Noun sultix 54 Sick 55 Proof PBH dei s notation 56 Act 57 Born DOWN 1 Slight tastes 2 Eve s Spouse (Bib) 3 "Return’ funeral 4 Climb by A <3 E t I T K I A P O In P R o P o D S A V Ie fc fc N t fc I D k A A A, A L £ & A w £ t fc & i A I N N I I I K, u D I Kl I b 6 VY F I T c A c ► I I N I S D i t £ r> ii: I £ I A H A v M Y T I i A r F • L O rn o r <3 A I > A K A L t * t I' , L & •» ladder 5 Scottish jurist 6 Reluctant 7 Small tumor 8 Tumults 9 Existing (comb form) 10 Plant part 11 Steeps in gravy 17 Passed bx ba IHI 19 Also-ran 23 Surmise (collJ 24 High cards 25 N<it any 26 Put gem in new setting 27 Amuse 28 Stagger 29 American soprano 31 Venerate 33 Salt liefer 38 (feeingtea! ejxx'h 40 B< tot lace 41 leadened the sound ut 42 Chinles 43 Narrow aperture 44 Cast lead rod 46 One time 47 French pronoun 48 River valley 50 Demented Bu ait*    r-»-    lv74    —-f “Which of the thirty employees you’re supposed to manage managed to out-manage you THIS time?” GRIN AND BEAR IT By Lichty I 2 3 12 15 18 4    5    6    7 13 16 I 25 3b 34 36 L- i 31 37 23 8 9 IO ll 14 n7 2° up- It/Trie I lab 33 28 29 42 43 sr BT 63 RT 47 48 61 k 67 Vt "I wish you'd folk to my mom, coach! . . . She won t let me stay up late enough to observe your curfew1 BLONDIE X dagwood wake up YOU WERE TALKING J IN NOUR SLEEP j— *• WW AT WD I SAV? \r Tm? ) YI SAY”? j ^TF fS 3 i!( COK JOGGLE / eck Giggle v FECH 1 ll Bv CHICK YOUNG I VE GOT TO BE more T - CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT I SAV A* rL AMANDA PANDA I (JKS TO MAKE THINGSThe (>dar Rapids (.a/ette Sat., June 22. 1974 t f iv MARCIA COURtl STEVE CANYON Bv MILTON CANIFF MARY WORTH 1/ By SAUNOCRS ANO ERNST Read Dennis the Mena ce Daily in The Gazette Classified Section BUZ SAWYER r Bv ROY CRANE YES,SHE'S A FRIEND OF ^YOU MW LEAVE HER IN MY lf CUSTODY, OFFICER. I'LL > YOU'RE UNDER WMT,\ MY SON. SHE BROUGHT ARREST.y X PART OF THE COINS HERE DIDN'T FOR SAFE VOUCH FOR HER, thank rn, excellency, THANK you; WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP Bv WALT 'DISNEY , thank GOSH, it WAS A • -v / TRAVELING FLEA CIRCUS/) DICK TRACY Bv CHESTER GOULO THEN YOUR NAME IS NOT MISS DOBBS? NO, I’M LIZZ POLICEWOMAN I’M MERE ON ASSIGNMENT. { TWE^N Tis this the work 4, and )    3^    OF    *BIG    BRASS”? ►N AN I* BV AL CAPE HOWARD OOZE IS THE \ NAME, AND FAIR PLAY . IS MY GAME. IN EXCHANGE Y/ ? FOR YOUR LIFE SAVINGS—VKI -I LL GIVE YOU THE WONDER DOG/.' RAREST ANIMAL IN THE WORLD ~ ONLY RARE N THING'BOUT HIM IS HE GOT I MORE FLEAS \ THAN TH’ S ORD'NARY J MUTT* ARE YOU in FOR; A LITERARY ^ Surprise ff „.N0, PHLY 5AM SAI? HEP HAVE LUNCH WITH HIS WIFE BARNEY. HE WANTED HER TO SPE THE RU5HE5.. VKC Sen REAvy TO fit-SHOOT EVERYTHING WE AL Rf ADY PONE.1 Mf AN WHILE... THAT'S BITSY WALKER, CHARMAINE! GOT A GREAT POTENTIAL, I THINK/ SPOTTED HER Right away/ I THINK SHES WRONG FOR OUR SHOW, HARLOWE, Bv LtOMABO %1 AWK UH... you KNOW I J WAIT A MINUTE* HAP THE SAME A WHATS NIGGLING Pf FLINGS    , WAONO, I’VE GOT TO LEARN TO J WITH TROST *1 tf45Tlt4CTS./ J BfTSY?/ CAN WI KEEP IT DADDY > / SURF, WE CAN'T V LET IT STARVE ( OP PE KILLED BV A * BEAR OR , 3VSOME THING ' I DON'T KNOW, BARRY. VOO REMEMBER TNf REGULATIONS SAYING NO ANIMALS OR WILD ROWERS ARF- TD BF TAKEN V ^    FROM    THE    PARK r BLAST THE V REGULATIONS...DO \ THE BUREAUCRATIC J IDIOTS WANT 4 THIS little DEEP TO STARVE > TU RNP A WAV TO GET IT OUT OF HERE/ I MAD ZERO MAKE A larder SlSN FOR TMlS DANGEROUS v INTERSECTION BOOD/ THE CARS SEEM TO BE STOPPING NOW PEANUTS HE ujHO Lives Bf' THE POACH PIE6 BY THE POACH I BV BD DODD BIETLE BAILEY MARK TRAIL ;

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