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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Frl., June 21. IMI By Abigail Van Buren DHAR ABBY I am writing lo you because of a recent and very serious mistake I made iii my work I am a tidier in a commercial bank. As you know, we handle a lot oCmoney and carry a tremendous responsibility to ourselves, our employer* an(j the public. I have never been able to understand why John Q Public does not count his money before leaving the window And, why, if he knows a mistake has been made in his favor, doesn t he speak up? I balanced out short yesterday. Very short. ($1,006.) As you can assume, the money went out the window to a customer. Can you answer my questions? No one else seems able to. SHORT IN LUBBOCK OF AR SHORT: John Q. Public is not one man — hr Is many men. Some Johns always count their money; some never do. Some will speak up on discovering an error has been made in their favor; some will not. Since Ifs the teller’s responsibility to balance out accurately, he should count all money twice before handing It over and then insist that the recipient count it again in his presence. It takes a little more time, but it beats being $1,000 short, no? * * * DEAR ABBY: My father, who is nearly HO, told my brother that his will leaves me a silver dollar and everything else is divided between my brother and my father’s sisters. I want to know if there is any way I can break that will because of the following facts, which are absolutely true: I am physically handicapped and have been since birth, but I have always been able to get around enough to do all the, cooking and housekeeping. When my mother died, I was only 14. He didn’t want me to have any boyfriends, but when I was 50 years old I got a boyfriend who had to sneak me out of the house to marry me. My father was very angry and tried to get me back, but I wouldn’t come back. I think after keeping house for my father and submitting to him for 36 years I am entitled to something, don’t you? Can his will bi* broken? And if so how’? WONDERING IN N Y DEAR WONDERING: Take these facts to a lawyer and let him advise you. You have nothing to lose. • * * DEAR ABBY: My youngest sister is being married next month, which will make me the only one in our family who . isn’t married Eve been going with the same fellow for three years now, but we don’t have any plans for getting married. I just dread the remarks I know I am going to hear after my sister gets married: “Well, ifs your turn now,” and “When will you be taking the big step?” . Relatives and freinds have already asked me what I’m waiting for. It embarrasses and hurts me, and I never know what to say. Can you help? NO PLANS DEAR NO: Yes. Say, “I have no plans. But lf and when I have, I II let you know.” • * • CONFIDENTIAL TO “M A soft answer still turneth away wrath ... and grievous words stir up anger. (This is nothing new. Ifs Old Testament.) m THIS DATE in 1973, the S. supreme court handed wn a new set of guidelines on scenity, giving local thorities more control over oks, magazines, plays and Ilion pictures. Elbows, Equality Go Hand-in-Hand For Women in Athletic Competition By Jay Searcy Ne* York lime-, News Service NEW YORK — Women have made so many advances in athletics during Hie last year • hat just about (“very men’s sport has been invaded somewhere by someone at varying degrees of proficiency. And despite men’s warnings and prophecies of a doomed society, problems are working themselves out — painfully and slowly. The men are managing to adjust, although nothing seems simple any more. Al the Meramec Community college in St Iziuis, for in stance, five of the 16 varsity .swimmers are women The problem is dressing rooms “They’re giving me an ulcer,” said Coach Bill Shadburne. “The girls have had to change in closets, offices, men s rooms, everywhere.” Shirts a Must At Trinity college in Hartford, Conn., trainer Robert Slaughter trained two coeds, both age 19, to be his assistants because he could not find any interested males. He put this sign on the locker room door: “Training room now coed Shorts must be worn at all times.” “Ifs a hassle sometimes to get into shorts when you just want to come in from a shower in a towel” said John Lynharn, a tennis player awaiting treatment for a blistered hand And when Slaughter told one of his aides to massage the shoulder of an athlete who had a shoulder separation, the athlete jumped up and ran out yelling, “No! No!” The biggest complaint though, said Slaughter, are the Martha, Gloria Talk of Liberation NEW YORK (UPI) -Martha Mitchell and Gloria Steinem met for the first time Thursday on a television talk show and Miss Steinem did most of the talking. The wife of former Attorney General John N. Mitchell, aside from noting that the Nixon administration was “completely anti-woman,’’ deferred almost entirely to the feminist leader and Clare Crawford, assistant Washington editor of “People” magazine during a discussion of the women’s liberation movement. New Role The role was a new one for Mrs Mitchell, who as co host of CBS-TV’s “Pat Collins Show” this week, usually made more news than her guests. On Monday, she said she believed that H. R. Haldeman, Nixon’s former chief of staff, briefed top administration aides in California on the Watergate breakin the same day it occurred. On Tuesday, she revealed that she had offended an “intimate” party at Camp David Wedding To Tie Scholars’ Race SOUTH BEND, Iud (AP) -Two Notre Dame university scholars will Ik* married July 6 and end an eight-year academic race. Patricia S. Kramer and Ronald W Wendeln tied for the highest academic average among 750 graduates of Notre Dame’s college of arts and letters. They were graduated in 1970 from Bishop Luers high school in Fort Wayne, Ind., where Ron was valedictorian and Pat was salutatorian They will live in Boston where Ron will do graduate study in English literature at Boston college and Pat will do graduate work in theology at Harvard MISS JULIE GIBBENS HONORED AT SHOWER Miss Julie Gibbons, June 28 bride-elect of Dennis Edgerly, was honored at a bridal shower Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Eldon Colton, 366 Brentwood drive NE. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Richard Ferris and Miss Ruth Ferris. Twenty guests attended. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. David Gibbens, 344 Hampton drive NE, and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Edgerly of Central City. cove is... ... having a mother who always tries to understand. IM lev GI f** OM AUnyM- 1174 br im Andibt I ♦«**•« WEEKEND SPECIAL NOW    TH KU SUNDAY SAVE OVER $11 ON IO SPEED ARIF BIKES Sal* Price Now $79 Other Model* and Brandt to $299 Open SiNriaf Noon I® 5 A T U H I N G (UVE PLAYTHINGS one weekend when “she curled up on the President’s bed and fell asleep . . . »* sounds bad, but it wasn’t.” And Wednesday, she elicited from Bob Woodward, one of the Washington Post reporters who helped break the Watergate case, the admission that he had voted for Nixon in 1968 Definition But Thursday, Mrs. Mitchell confined her efforts to trying to obtain a concise definition of the women’s movement from Miss Steinem. “I don’t know what the movement is all about . . . who and what do you consider a liberated woman?” Mrs. Mitchell asked. When Miss Steinem hedged her answer a bit, explaining that the concept of liberation was too complicated to pin down in a few words, Mrs. Mitchell put the question another way: “Do you think you’re totally liberated?” she asked. “Absolutely not,” Miss Steinem answered “I don’t because Pm the product of this society . . . confidence is the real problem, I really lacked confidence.” athletes’ girlfriends who want to know what’s going on in the training room. Not all men are fighting the women’s invasion Lee Corso, football coach at the University of Indiana, envisioned a woman as his assistant coach and recruiter. “There’s an adage that a coach not only recruits the prospect,” he said, “but the mother as well Why couldn't my coach recruit the father?” Elbowed The treatment women receive when they’re competing directly with men hasn’t always been easy. Christina O’Harrah, the first female runner to take advantage of a Pennsylvania supreme court ruling banning sex discrimination, took it in the ribs during her first varsity 440-yard dash against men. “On the last curve, one boy gave me an elbow,” she said. “Before I recovered, another boy went by arid elbowed me. I think they were told to.” But Linda Owens, a water polo player in Ventura, Calif., said: “You go after the ball and everybody gets kicked and pulled. The girls are probably just as bad as the boys.” A typical problem belongs to Judy Levine, a member of Radcliffe^ varsity crew. “My , hands are so calloused I can’t put my stockings on without j getting a run,” she said. And then there was the plight of Pam Toliver of the Dallas Bluebonnets, a professional football team. She was driving home from practice one night with a teammate when her car broke down. They still had their uniforms on, shoulder pads and all, and coasted to a service station. “Neither one of us wanted to get out,” Miss Toliver said “What would you think late at night if you looked up and saw two girls in full football uniforms walking toward you?” Those men who have fears that all women will eventually become masculine jocks, should listen to Dr. Christine Pickard, a London psychiatrist: “Girl athletes tend to make better lovers and are much sexier than less active women,” she reported. “Athletes are physical creatures. Their bodies are important to them — the physical sensations, touch, the ripple of muscles play a central role in their lives Women athletes are much more interested in sex and physically more responsive than their less active sisters.” ♦a Cr ' a# J 'JA r'T r——> I1* —rh - - %k i f-' Sh? ~1 <z- L. -J ^ BRING SUMMER INDOORS £ KREBS FLOWER SHOP 2424 18th St. SW 363-2081 Today’s Beauty Products and Cosmetics are designed to make the most of the beauty that is individually yours. Choose your correct skin and hair products here PEG’S Braille Salon Your Full Service Salon 112 29th Street, NE* 384-4161 Tomorrow Will Be Hoi, So Carry Home Some Cool Today! 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