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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa was blown off the roof of the Raniada and landed in tin u IU ti I mMM. MiMi 'timmmmmm mm#®** IV "r"7* ■ '' ' '' I rn • &. court near the swimming pool. Fortunately, no one was injured. Gazelle Photos bv Dale HankinsIn the Storm's Path When Thursday afternoon’s storm, accompanied by 65-miIe-per-    with debris. The inn    was    temporarily    evacuated    Thursday night,    but hour winds, hit Cedar Rapids, the Ramada Inn on Sixth street SW was    was open for    business    again Friday    with    40    rooms    available    for one of the victims. Part of the roof of the complex was ripped off.    occupancy, showering the central court area and blanketing the swimming pool All over Cedar Rapids, trees were blown down by Thursday afternoon’s windstorm. This was the scene at 439 Eighth avenue SE. Caller In Custody 9 Former Et William ( alley was returned to military custody Thursday at Fort Benning. (la He is shown, top, tieing escorted ay Mat (Jordon Willey, confinement officer, to the stockade shown below Having A Home From ('allege Is Great, For a While By Art Buehwald “I was driving along and thought I could make it. But then, all of a sudden, all I saw was green,” said a man from Maryland who had rented a car and was driving in from the Cedar Rapids airport when a tree blew across the vehicle at the intersection of highways 218 and 30. The driver was unhurt. Car is shown at left being towed aw ay. UPI T*ltph()l0Elated Tiger Anne Marie Sandquist, 9, was back in the lineup for her Tigers Thursday after the American Civil Lilierties Union obtained a temporary restraining order prohibiting Denver’s Catholic Youth Recreation Assn from removing her from the team because she is a female Anne Marie is pictured playing second base as the Tigers lost 20-RI, WASHINGTON — ‘ Hey, Marge, Patrick’s home from college.” “Patrick, Patrick, my, you've grown a beard. It looks very, very, very grown-up, doesn’t it. George?" “Yes, it does. It makes you look like a real man. Here, Patrick, let me help you with your bags.” “It’s good to have you home, son. The house has been a morgue without you. I had the pool table recovered, maybe we can have a few games this week?” “lie’s tired. George. Let him go upstairs and get cleaned up You seem so thin. Patrick We’re going to have to fatten you up.” “How are you fixed fen cash. son? Here s 20 bucks You probably want to go out and have a few beers with your pals " “Go upstairs. Patrick, and make yourself at home My, it’s good to see him. isn t it George?” “You can say that again. Marge ”    buchwald One Week irater “Hello, George. Was it sweltering at the office *” “Yup Where s Patrick?” “He’s up in his room sleeping.’’ “At ti o'clock in the evening *” “I think he got in around 4 this morning " He gets in at 4 every morning What are we running around here, a Playboy Club for teenagers?” Now , George, don’t get angry again He had a very rough semester and he’s just trying to relax." And what about a job? Did you ask him if he was looking for a job?” He said he’s been looking, George." Til bet You know there are very few employment offices o|H*n at K o'clock at night.” Well, he says lie s been trying very hard but no one wants to hire him.” “Why should they with that damn beard? IT he shaved it off and looked presentable, maybe he could find something ” “Hush, he might hear you!” I couldn’t care less if he heard me or not. Ile needs someone to kick his rear in I worked in the summer when I went to college ” Turn Heelm Infer “Have you seen Patrick today, Marge?" “No. but I saw him in the kitchen yesterday with his pals They ate everything in the icebox ’’ “It figures When does he go buck to school’1’’ “Not until September.” “Good grief You mean he’s going to be here two more months’*" It seems like a long time, George, but July and August will go very fast.” ‘Tm not too certain It seems when they're away time just whistles by But when they're home it doesn t move at all.” (t.00ynuS! IV04, l o* Armet** Tiro**) ;

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