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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 19, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa '• i>-v    V t ' -' • ;#$* 'V    * -v- .|| ■    :'    ^    f ’    '    '    '    •    ? i '"    '*    •    i''. '. v > >; S&v #8 mLSm ■^MF --Gezeft* Photo bv Dolt Hook I no The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed.. June 19, 1974 Zoning Unit Recommends Condominium Plan Okay A revised proposal for eon-more area covered by concrete dominiums at 1431 Edgewood; than did the first plan, he said, road SW was recommended for InK*^111^ tJl,‘ drainage runoff ........    problem more severe. approval Tuesday by the zoning ^ commj(tee vo^e(j approv. committee of the city plan- aj 0f the plan, which will go to ning commission.    the planning commission in two The proposal, advanced by weeks. L. T. Enterprises, is smaller-- than tine rejected by the city TLr*^ f^rmmrrl council earlier thus year.    I H Tee CaOflCOrOla Town House unit* Faculty Members The company wants the prop- JQ Judae Tietien erty rezoned from R-l to R-3GI ,    ,.    *    *s    „    r    oi ST. LOUIS (AP)—Three Con- to permit construction of 24 ^ ,e„„nary faculty mem. town house units. In february, hers have been appointed to a committee to consider charges against the Rev. Dr. John Tiet- was as Prefers Air-Conditioning With the mercury inching into the upper 80’s, who could blame Molly for preferring an air-conditioned dog house? The three-year-old English sheepdog will settle for any good home, with or without air-conditioning. The gray and white female is housebroken and can be adopted for $10 from the Humane Shelter, Mt. Vernon road SE. The shelter s hours are IO a.m. to 15 p.m. Monday through Saturday. proposal for 34 units approved by the zoning commit tee. It later passed the full plan- ^en’. w^° was suspended . .    . president Jan. 20 in a Lutheran mug comm.ss.on by a 5-4 vote! churcti-Missouri Synod doctrm-but was rejected by the city a| dispute, council, 5-0.    The    Rev.    Dr.    Robert Hoer- In addition to the reduction in ^r< l*le ^L>v- ^r- Arthur Clrau-number of units, the revised riin an(* the Rev. Louis Briglr-plan submitted Tuesday in- ton< w*1c) make UP 'he commit-cludes other change* designed lee> were not numbers of the to eliminate criticisms that led, faculty at the time Tietjen was to the rejection of the first pro-1 suspended. p0saj    1 Hearings on the suspension ... .    .    are expected to begin in about a Lanes are provided for accel-.    a    spokesman said. The oration and deceleration along doctrjna| dlspule involving lhc Edgewood road by vehicles suspension involve classroom using the condominium en- interpretations of Biblical pas-trance, some underground park- sayes ing is provided and the develop- *    _ er has agreed to construct side ,, r A..    - . j ▼ walk in front of the property, U. S. Allows Funds To along Edgewood road.    Create    95,000 Jobs Same Objections    WASHINGTON    (AP) u- The .    ., .    . . labor department has allocated Several residents, represented m mi,]lon (o sta(e and |oca, at the meeting by'a lawyer, governments to create public voiced the same objections as    j0^s for 95000 -workers before: That the drainage and jn unemployment areas traffic problems the con- Veterans, welfare recipients dominiums would create make and former trainees of govem-them unsuitable.    'ment manpower programs will “It’s still a problem of spot ^ given preference for jobs in zoning,” said the lawyer, point- such public agencies as schools, ing out that most of the struck police and fire departments, litres in ♦he area are single- braries, hospitals and recrea-family residences.    hon departments, the govern- The new plan shows even ment said Seventh Step Foundation "Ex-Cons Aid Ex-Cons it Juveniles By Steve Belle They’ve been there, they’re back and now they’re telling others how much they disliked what they saw. “They” are ex-cons and they are bringing their unique program of rehabilitation to Cedar Rapids and Iowa for the first time. The Seventh Step Foundation differs from other convict rehabilitation programs in two ways, said George May, new-1 y - n a m e d Iowa executive director. Unique “We are unique because convicts we help have an average 15 percent return rate to prison, whereas the normal return rate is 70 percent,” said May. “Also we ourselves are ex-cons, ex-social offenders,” he continued. “We are more effective going into prisons, seeking out the hardened criminal, redirecting and motivating him.” “What we say they respect more,” added Cliff Benedict, national executive director of the program. “We can communicate well with convicts because we’ve been there. I can say the same thing a parole officer would say, but he’ll respect it all the more coming from me.” Former Forger Benedict is a former bank robber and May a forged check passer, or as he described himself in prison lingo, a “paperhanger.” “Being an ex-con is part of our credentials,” noted Benedict. “We’re not proud of it but we’ve accepted it and know we don’t have to do it today.” An office at 105 Tenth street Voices Cautious Note on Detente OTTAWA (AP) - NATO Sec-retary - General Joseph Luns opened the 25th-anniversary session of North Atlantic Alliance foreign ministers Teusday with a warning against over-optimism about the benefits of detente with the Soviet Union. The Soviets consider detente a “one-way process serving the exclusive interests of the Soviet j Union,” he said “The reality is that detente is not yet an established fact,” Luns added. “It is simply the goal of our policies and hopes.” | Cliff Benedict NE is scheduled to open July 15 to kick off the program in Iowa. Cedar Rapids will be the state headquarters for the Seventh Step Foundation. Other Offices May said offices in Fort Madison and Anamosa will I follow soon. “As soon as we ‘ get off the ground and get j people into the program, we’ll start expanding,” he said. “We didn’t just pick Cedar Rapids out of the clear blue sky,” May continued. “In 1 Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, there are more probationers than in Des Moines. “A lot of research went into picking this location. The establishment of this initial j chapter will be crucial. We’ll have to start a working rela- ! tionship throughout the state. More Jobs “Cedar Rapids also has a low unemployment rate so it will be easier to get jobs for parolees.” Cedar Rapids will be the 35th Seventh Step chapter outside prisons. There are 46 1 more chapters inside prisons j across the nation. When the local office gets off the ground, a primary thrust of the program will be helping juveniles who are “beyond help.” Dispel Image “We want to dispel the j theories juveniles have about emulation of tough guys,” I said May. “We’ll go into the schools and talk to the guy in school who’s pushing everybody around. George May “We’ll take him into the prisons and show him what it’s like. We want to keep him from going down the same road we’ve gone.” May added that in some states juveniles labeled as “incorrigible” by the judges are released to the Seventh Step Foundation on probation. “We certainly want to help anybody who needs a helping hand,” said May. He said that offer was extended to women convicts, too. “Hard-Core” May said the foundation was particularly interested i n “hard-core criminals. Those are the people who are really respected in prisons “He’s the guy who really has problems and we’re out to help him help himself.” May emphasized that “we’re not penal reformists, we’re peope reformists. We try to encourage living up to the rules ani regulations of prisons. We’re not trying to reform the system. “We say live within the system and reform yourself.” He predicted that the local office would begin a “WATS line rap line” sometime rn the future. A number would be established that could be called troll-free by anybody from anywhere in Iowa anytime of day. Main Objective “If a guy is down to nothing, maybe thinking of committing a crime, or maybe committed a mirror infraction and is scared to hell he’s going to be sent back up, he can give u9 a call and rap with us,” said May. “It’s very definitely been proven to be helpful.” All the group’s efforts point toward one objective: maintaining the freedom of the individual. The seven steps can be likened to seven commandments—each step beginning with a letter from the word freedom. The seventh step reads: “Maintaining our own freedom, we pledge ourselves to help others as we have been helped.” 30 YEARS AGO _ U S. troops crushed a German attemot to burst out of the American rap bottling up perhaps 25u >J to j 40,000 Nazis below Cherbourg. ; For the Finest* in Paints ULEKOFFS °p% I|;^sday V/\ leu of tvtrything for th* home Drapery Dept., 2nd Floor While our Drapery Department is “ON THE MOVE” Save Vs! 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Save 56 on Corduroy Armrests and Contoured Bed Cushions Armrests, reg. $ 19.99 NOW $9.99 Contours, reg. $11.59 NOW $5.79 Spatola Named to National Arts Post I) a v i d Spatola, executive director of the Cedar Rapids-Marion fine arts council, has been named to the steering committee of the Committee on tho Arts of the Association of College Unions-lnternational. With the appointment, Spatola becomes the first member of the committee from outside the college or university community- Spatola said the goal of COTA is to “ improve the management of the arts in both educational and public areas to meet tiro needs and desires of people.” His naming was announced by Brenton Steele, director of student activities at St. Cloud State college, St. Cloud. Minn. Continues Food Stamp Benefits WASHINGTON IAP) The house has approved extending until July I, 1975, food stamp benefits for needy, aged, blind and disabled persons covered by the new Supplemental Security Income program. The bill, passed Tuesday by a voice vote and sent to the senate, continued a temporary measure due to expire June 30, ft included an amendment to close a loophole affecting SSI recipients in New York, California, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Nevada. Rep. Wilbur Mills (I)-Ark.) chairman of the house ways and means committee, said the legislation will maintain the status quo regarding SSI and food stamps and provide time to work out a permanent solution on program eligibility. Under the federally administered SSI program, effective this year, there arc more than 8 million beneficiaries who were formerly covered by the state-federal welfare system. SSI as sores monthly incomes of $140 for individuals and $210 for couples. This will increase July I to $146 and $219, respectively. Kissinger Trip To Paris Planned PARIS (AP) • The Elysee Palace announced Wednesday that Secretary of State Kissinger will stop in Paris early next month to see President Valery Giscard d’Estaing No specific date was announced. SMU LE KOF FS 256 aer** of everything for (ho homo Third Avenue OI Fir*! Slreel SF In Downtown Cedar Rapids Open Thursday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. HMtPEl SALE These Specials Last Long -^at sav- yxx' pel 0^ Vc* *; os No* Carpet or ings . . . savings again. Some carpetings u, $3.99 square yard. All items subje to prior sale. we’re clearing out Roll after Roll of Famous Brand Name Carpetings Reg. S6.95 Antique Gold, Nylon Twist with Foam Back. 148 Square Yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg. $6.95 Red, Nylon Twist with Foam Back. 69 Square Yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg. $6.95 Gold, Nylon Pattern with Foam Back. 49 Square Yards    Sq. Yd. Reg. $10.95 Brown Black, carved Pattern Acrylic Pile. 55 Square Yards    Sq. Yd. 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