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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 19, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa TOA The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed.. June 19. 1974 'SSLTSMP. M &&:,y S-T-A-M-P-S ' v 't The works of throe noted lowish artists appear on a new trio of stamps issued by Israel Each stamp hears an illustration of the item. The tab. usually attached to Israeli adhesives, indicates the name of the painting or sculpture as well as its present location The lowest value stamp reproduces the “Woman in Blue” by Moise Kisling, Polish-born but a long time resident of Paris The next value shows the sculpture ‘‘Mother and Child" bv ( liana Orloff. born in the Ukraine lint, who later worked in Jaffa and Paris. She died in Tel Aviv on her 80th birthday The highest value depicts "Girl in Blue" by Chaim Soutine, most famous of the three. who was born in Minsk but became a star of the School of Paris along with such friends as Modigliani and Chagall Available All three works now appear in different museums in Israel, according to the Israel Philatelic agency in America The new stamps are available at your local stamp dealer. The Israel postal department also reported that the most popular of its recent issues has been the three stamps show ing children’s drawings. This set was issued in January 197:1 * * * Would you like to enter a first-day-cover guessing contest0 Well, the American First Day Cover Society is conducting such a contest in connection with the block of four Continental Congress stamps to be issued July 4 in Philadelphia Through the cooperation of the United States postal service. the person coming closest to naming the official figure for the number of first-day covers serviced will receive a special presentation album. Entries Collectors can enter the contest by writing their name, address and the estimate on a post card Enter as often as you like, with one guess per card Send entries to: FOC Guessing Contest, 12 School street. Plymouth, N. II. 03264 The cards must be postmarked no later than July 4 lf this is any help, the 1972 Bicentennial issue, which also featured a block of four, had 1.914.976 first-day cancels * * * First-day cachet collectors can obtain four separate covers with a full-color illustration of a different dramatic incident leading up to the American revolution and a memorable quote from one of our founding fathers plus the new stamp. They are being released by the International Stamp Collectors Society. One cover depicts the British Revenue stamp that sparked the revolution and a quote from Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams. A*v‘!h*'” pictures the ■ >'** d* . fVK: -S: v V ■ x *■■■ *    .    vi 'say. , V ■" ft * * ^ U. N. Acronyms Remain UNique ■ w Marshmallow Catch UPI Tfl«pho*o Olaf, a polar bear at the Sacramento zoo, doesn't seem to mind that marshmallows are forbidden in his diet as he prepared to snag another of the treats. Bystanders reported that Olaf s eye was excellent as he fielded at least 30 marshmallows. By William Y Oath UNITED NATIONS (AP) -Staring into his alphabet soup in the U N cafeteria the other day. one diner said to another, "This must be where the U N. gets the letters for all those acronyms it makes iVp for new operations " l'he latest acronym to come out of the pot is "UNDOF," for the new ll. N Disengagement Observer Force being deployed iii the Syria-Israeli buffer zone in the Golan Heights Single Word The initials in such a combination are not pronounced one after another but spoken as a single word Accordingly, care must be taken not to produce the wrong combination. There was some panic at an advance report. which turned out to be false, that the new operation would be the U. N. Disengagement Observer Group, or UNDOG If there is anywhere that "dog" is .i bad word, it is the Middle East There have been similarly strange though not quite so embarrassing U. N. acronyms. What was known as the U. N. Relief Office in Dacca, or UN'ROD, until the United Nations recognized Bangladesh, thereafter had to become the Boston Tea Party with a quote by John Hancock Boston Massacre A third shows a portion of a print by Paul Revere portraying the Boston Massacre with a quote from Revere The fourth reproduces the sinking of a British war ship by American colonials in 1772 with a quote from Thomas Paine The set of four is available for $3.95 from: July 4 (overs. International Stamp Collectors Society. P. 0. Box 488116. Los Angeles. Calif 901148 * * * Collectors of British stamps will welcome a new catalog, "Great Britain King Edward VII to King George VI. Volume 2”. bv Gibbons This is a specialized catalog of all postage paper issued during the four reigns of that period It includes booklets, controls, cylinder numbers, perforation types and marginal markings. There are 243 pages It can be purchased at your local stamp dealer or directly from their U S office. Stanley Gibbons Ltd., P. O. Box 596. Hempstead. N V 11551. for Sib postpaid * * * lf you are interested in collecting United Nations stamps, you may deal directly with the United Nations postal administration in New York ON THIS DATE in 1953, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining. N Y after being convicted as spies Antique Stained Windows Stolen PHILADELPHIA (AP) -The minister at the city’s oldest Presbyterian church found a gaping hole in his church where six stained glass windows should have been The Rev William Pindar, pastor of the Old Pine Street Presbyterian church, said the windows were invaluable and date back to the 1850s He said thieves entered the church through the basement, "tip-toed past the grave of Mr Duffield" and then smashed a door to get into an adjoining room. The Rev. George Duffield, the first pastor of the church which was built in 1768. was chaplain of the continental congress and is buried in the basement of the church. Leaves Usher Out of Breath LONDON (AP) — An usher in a divorce court took a deep breath the other day and called out:    "Jonathan Nicholas Vivian Francis Hilary Boise Randolph Montague Jarvis Hyacinth St John Aubin-Gale d’la Courtie." He wasn’t there But his marriage, nevertheless. was ended on grounds that he had been separated from his wife. Pauline, for two years Blackball Term Dates To Greek Pebbles Ancient Greeks voted in elections by dropping black or white pebbles into urns. From the black pebble for a "no" vote, comes our term "blackball" — to oust a person from a club Ballot, the actual vote that is cast in an election, comes from the French, meaning "little ball," another reference to the pebbles. j    h    i<f "I NEVER grovel before the boss and beg for a raise — unless there’s no other way to get one." S SHOE U. N Relief Operation in Bangladesh, or UN ROB For many years, there was a U. N. Economic and Social Office in Beirut, or UNESOB, though it was really nothing to cry about Recently it was replaced bv the U. N. Economic Uommission for Western Asia, or EJ WA Instant Coffee? The only thing wrong with EU WA is that it is likely to be mistaken, especially when pronounced by slovenly speakers, for EULA, the Economic Uommission for La tin America But neither of them is likely to be mistaken for ESCAPE As a former U. S diplomat remarked on a recent public occasion, that sounds like some kind of instant coffee. Actually it is instant communication, making three syllables do for 14 An even more economical acronym is UNESCO, a three-syllable word conveying the 23 syllable name of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNDOF is the latest of a long series of alphabetical military and observer operations Of these, ONIK’, “Operation des Nations Unies an Congo,’ or th(> U N. Operation in the Congo, sounded too much like "eunuch." It was far from impotent. however It creamed Moise Tshombe’s gendarmes and mercenaries and ended the secession of his    Katanga province. UNFICYP, the U. N. Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus, rhymes with UNMOGIP, the U. N. Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan UNKE, for the ll. N. Emergency Force, could be ambiguous, because there have been two such forces in Egypt, one disbanded in 1967 and the one started in 1973 The eventual solution may be to speak of UN EF I and UN EF II. One acronym outlived the name it was created to convey. UNICEF came into use as a symbol for Fund When the name was changed to just I N Children’s Fund, the old initials were kept because they had become so well known around the world OWNSTAIR Vacation Values SHOP THIS WEEK-END FOR THESE TIMELY SAVINGS Smart Swimsuits 88 reg. to 14.00, now 8 Great Tank Tops 291 reg. to 5.00, now Get in the swim with savings on these smart one and two piece swim suits. Choose from plain colors and prints in sizes 32-38. 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