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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IQ:Ik (tfclur l\ttpuU ©ttjcHc Vt y> e.„ Wharf Fire Pled Guilty A two-square-block pier loaded with more than SH million worth of cotton and rice caught fire Monday night in Galveston, Texas, destroying the wharf and thousands of dollars worth of loading equipment and forcing the evacuation of ships out into Galveston bay. The two ships pictured were towed to safety after being scorched by the flames. No one was injured. Herbert VV. Kalmbach, who served as President Nixon’s personal attorney, was sentenced Monday for violations of the campaign practices law. He pled guilty to violation of the Federal Corrupt Practices Act and to an illegal offer of an ambassadorship in exchange for campaign contributions. UPI Telephoto -UPI Telephoto Robe Troubles Britain’s Queen Elizabeth made a face as a strong gust of wind billowed her robes as she left St. George’s chapt*! at Windsor castle in Windsor, England, Monday. The queen was leaving after participating in the Order of the Garter ceremony. UPI Telephoto Third in Two Months Amtracs southbound Chicago to Miami “Floridian” passenger train derailed Monday, the third derailment in Indiana in two months. Three of the train s 12 cars jumped the tracks, injuring three persons, none seriously ll ho ll    ouMNotice a Dirty Face on a Kid in Cut Off Pants? I By Erma Bom beck There was a time when my children had some pride I would say, “Go wash your face,” and they’d start for the bathroom and ask, “Where are we going?” Today, I say, “Go wash your face,” and they spit on their finger and ask. “Which part?" It s come to the point where ifs cheaper to build a new child than to fix up the old one. I tell myself it can’t get any worse, but I lie so that I can't believe me anymore. The other day as I was raking the house, I fell over my sewing basket in the middle of the living room floor. This could mean only one thing. I was on the track of a 12-year-old boy. I followed the clue to a single pants leg in the hallway . . . into the bathroom where I discovered another pants leg , . and outside of his bedroom door I stumbled over a pair of scissors. Hiilchered Shortu Easing the door open I saw him standing iii front of the mirror in a pair of $8 trousers that he had just butchered into a pair of shorts. He grinned. “Whatya think?" “What did you cut them with? A dull fork?” With scissors. They’ll really be cool for summer and everybody is wearing them.” I got a mental picture of an entire nation of children running around in hacked-off pants without a length    that    matched and unraveling    as they walked (I could    see    an    old mis sionary priest telling a tribe of half-clothed natives. “American children need our help Be generous.” And they would send bags of clothing tagged Birmingham, Michigan, Larch moot. N Y , and Beverly Hills, Calif.) # ut Off Is*UM You mean    you re going to run around    ait    summer in a pair of trousers    with the legs cut off?" “Not this same pair I cut off all the trousers. They’re too lait And look ut this shirt " A $4 50 tis* shirt would no tonger move its tail for anybody “Now,” he said proudly, “I just have to rip off the end iii a towel and tie it around my head and ...” * “Stand in a bucket of water and you’ll look like a fountain dedicated to homeless waifs. At least, wash your face,” I said He didn t move a muscle. “With this outfit . . who’ll no lice?" (Copyright tV/4, Field I riferprInc > Soft Shoe Pedestrians crossing Third avenue and Third street SE Monday hopped, skipped and jumped in an effort to avoid the freshly applied asphalt sealer on the street. Those applying the sealer had left a walkway for pedestrians to cross the intersection, but car and truck tires picked up some of the hot sealer and left small amounts where the people crossed i I ;

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