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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa CVI    .    i    •**    *    *    -    j    .    '*    i chi Ct<'dur -Rn pitta fluorite Once again, the orangutan “Speedy" was a big hit with the kids Thursday evening when El Kahir Shriners paraded downtown preliminary to the circus Friday and Saturday in Veterans Memorial baseball park this weekend. The two girls are .Julie Grimm, IO, and .lane Trimble, both of Marion. Boy in foreground was not identified. First circus performance is scheduled Friday at 7:30 p.m. There will be three shows Saturday, at 9:30 a m. and 2 and 7:30 p.m. Final performances will be Sunday at 1:30 and fi p.m. AP Wirephoto “Speedy” and Friends -Gazette Photo bv L VV Ward Not So Dumb On Capitol Hill Atlanta Braves’ Hank Aaron addressed the house of representatives Thursday in Washington. Behind him is Speaker Carl Albert. Earlier this year, Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s home run record when he hit number 715 in Atlanta. Gazette Photo* bv tom berryman Return from South of the Border A group of Spanish language students representing almost all of the Cedar Rapids senior and junior high schools returned home by bus Thursday afternoon, disembarking in the Kennedy high school parking Jot. Among their souvenirs, of course, were many sombreros and serapes. At left, Christine Sutsser, 4, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Sutsser, 3800 Redbud road NE, tries on the hat of her sister, Linda, 17. At right, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Beasler get what might be the first privacy they’ve had since they were married just a week before going on the trip to Mexico. Mrs. Beasler is a teacher and in charge of the trip. Mr. Beasler is employed by Square I) They are hiding behind a large sombrero held by Sue Roderick, 14, a Harding junior high student. Fifty-eight students and eight chaperons made the trip. Negotiating for a Loaf of Bread Leads To Problems for Henry By Art Ruchwald WASHINGTON — The one question I keep getting asked when I’m on the road is “What kind of husband will Henry Kissinger make?’’ Ifs a hard one to answer, but on the basis of Henry’s recent behavior, Mrs. Kissinger is going to discover that it isn t easy to be married to the super-negotiator of the world. This is the kind of situation that could come up. “Henry, I forgot to buy bread for the smoked salmon for our dinner party tonight. Would you go down to the supermarket and get a couple of loaves?’’ Henry replied, “Of course, my dear.” He returns in a half-hour. “What kind of f bread did you want, rye or white?” “It really doesn’t matter, Henry. Either one will do.” “Ifs not going to be that easy. The . supermarket has more white than it does rye and therefore they have put the white bread up in the front and the rye bread in the back. They’re demanding guarantees that I buy two loaves of white for every loaf of rye.    sucmwald I ve taken the position we should have the right to buy the rye bread without having to purchase the white bread.” “For heaven’s sake, Henry, the guests are coming in 45 minutes. Will you go back and get the bread?” Henry comes back after 15 minutes. "The supermarket has agreed to sell me the rye without having to buy the white, but they raised the problem of the size of the loaf, lf we get the large loaf, we get three cents off, but that means we d only need a loaf and a half. But if we get the small loaf, we’d need two and the price would bi* prohibitive. What do you suggest we (Jo?" “Henry, I need bread for the dinner Would you please go back arid bring some home?” 0 Off*pram ine I think I ve worked out a compromise, Nancy. If we get rolls instead of bread we won’t have the problem of choosing sizes. I he supermarket has indicated it would consider selling us rolls at a special price providing we buy a jar of peanut butter that they’re pushing as part of a 4th of duly sale. I told them I would bring the offer back to you and lay it on the table.” Henry, I don t care if ifs peanut butter or jelly or cream cheese as long as you get the bread." I hey didn t raise the question of jelly or cream cheese, but I ll tell them you d rather have that than peanut butter." 0m I urn But when Henry returns from the supermarket he is glum and tells several reporters who have gathered around his house: “I would Is* less than candid if I told you that I brought back bread. I he supermarket has raised some last-minute conditions on slicing that I iii not sure can Im* met. But after reporting to my wife I am going buck and make one more effort to find a compromise which both sides can live with." By this time the guests are arriving and Nancy is crying Everyone asks where Henry is and Nuncy doesn’t have the nerve to tell them he’s still out trying to buy bread for dinner .lust as they sit down to dinner Henry rushes in with three (nixes under his arm His face is flushed and he waves them at Nancy. “Bread?” Nancy asks “Ky-Krisp,” Henry replies. “But at least ifs a sturt.” Cuuvighl IV /4, l o* A agete* T Him* David Burget, shown last week at West Point graduation, says he finished last in his class on purpose for the notoriety and the $827 he got from his classmates at the rate of $1 each. He ll use the money for a vacation in the South Pacific, but will make the army his career One last-place cadet who became a general:    George Custer. -AP Wirephoto Good Life The Rev. John J. Venadia, a retired priest in Monroe, Mich., fishes from one of his favorite sites in Belles Harbor. There is a dock beneath his chair, but you have to take a second look. AP Wirephoto ;

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