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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Radio Station Once on Air In Sigourney By Kathy Grant SIGOURNEY — How many people remember Sigourney's radio station? Or, how many people even know that many years ago Sigourney had a radio station that broadcasted music and events for several hours a day? VV'91)AT were the call letters for the little five-watt station that broadcast from the Friday building, now known as the White building in Sigourney. The late Harley Stroud was owner, builder, operator and announcer of the station. He built the radio station on his mechanic's work bench in the building where he worked repairing radios and other items The antenna was four wires attached on top of the Friday building and the old water tower nearby. Stroud’s radio station was built around 1922 and was one of the rust stations in the state of Iowa After he built his radio, he tuned in on the frequencies of other stations until he found a frequency that was open iii this area, and that was the one he would broadcast OII Stroud played records, presented news, had live performers and the Sigourney Symphony Orchestra played live during the hours the station was on the air The station operated for several years, until the Federal Communications ( 'ouimission was formed and required all stations and station operators to be licensed Stroud did not wish to obtain a license, so he discontinued his station Stroud started iii the electrical repair business around IMHi In addition to repairing radios, he repaired airplanes and then flew iii them to make sure his repairs were correct In IttTl. he began carrying mail oil Sigourney route two. and carried mail until his death iii 195.1 ON THIS DATE in 1973, Italy’s Premier Giulio Andreotti and his cabinet , resigned during a political crisis what is a KILMAN HON US? 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Score high with Dad nowl Cedar Rapids: Aisle Bar, Downtown Street Floor and Lindale Plata Iowa City: Mail Shopping Conter on Six at Sycamore Of Course . . He will like DAY’S Slacks For Father’s Day Sunday,June I 6 SELECT FROM 100% POLYESTERS IN PLAINS, CHECKS OR SMART PLAIDS Was there ever any doubt that Dad wouldn't like Day s slacks? Such comfort and fit are hard to pass up. Not to mention that they're non-wrinkle polyester. Sizes 31 to 42 priced from 18 OO. Cedar Rapid*: Downtown Stroot Floor and Lindale Plata Iowa City: Mall Shopping Cantor on Six at Sycamore Panmunjom ban Uh lighter moments of one-upmanship The North Koreans once showed up with a slightly taller desk flag. At the next meeting, the U. N. staff was a little taller Finally they settled on a standard height — except tin North Korean stand now has three tiers to only two for the I'. N One ll. S military policeman said a favorite pastime is for each side to got one more representative in than is allowed — but few seem to care And after tin1 Ii. N. had put up its building, the North Koreans erected theirs — a larger one, of course, on the hill Again no one seemed to care. Confrontation Vestiges The vestiges of Fast-West confrontation are still there The signs Inside the conference room reading “ti. S. imperialistic aggressors are systematic wreckers and violators of the Korean armistice agreement’’ and, on the other side, “Unprovoked at- 27 to 38 waist NO MORE REPEATED WASHINGS TO GET THEM LIKE YOU LIKE THEM! PRE-SHRUNK PRE-WORN ALL BOTTOM WIDTHS FROM STRAIGHT LEGS TO BIG BELL BOTTOMS Make the scene in the grooviest new look around town! Recycled denims! Now, you can avoid the hassle of trying to make new jeans look old. It s already done for you! New, old jeans! Recycled and sanitized! A real discovery! Coder Rapids: Downtown Street Floor and Lindalo Plata Iowa City: Moll Shopping Center on Six at Sycamore You’ll score high if you give him these . . Panmunjom’s The Cedar Rapids Gazette; Wed., .lane 12, 1974 Detente By Alvin ll Webb I ANM1 N.IOM Korea (UFI) I he name means “wooden gab’ village,” but the village itself has long slmc vanished I anmunjom today is largely a memory, kept alive in a small collection of buildings and spiced by periodic exercises in one-upmanship I’anmunjom’s one function is detente — to keep the once-warring sides of the Korean conflict from each other’s throats. It does the lob by long periods oi idleness punctuated In a sort of mixed gripe session and social outing. May saw the :ir>(ith such punctuation Oxer tin* 21 years since tin* signing of the Korean armistice, tin1 cast ol characters lias changed. I lie leads are now played by U. S. Army Maj. Gen. William McLeod, the I bited Nations Command (UN( ) spokesman, and North Korean Maj Gen. Hun Pung-sop. Sessions Alike Except for individual characteristics — Kim’s tendency to speak at about 120 decibels. McLeod’s toying with his pipe — their sessions have been like* most of the meetings held at this out-of-the-way post straddling the demilitarized zone (DM/): A recitation of statements in English. Chinese and Korean, then home. The 350th session was called by the North Koreans to complain that American helicopters hau intruded into their air space The talks — or recitations — inside the one-story blue conference building (the table separating McLeod and Him sits exactly astride the DM/, boundary) are form things. Outside it was more of a social scene South Korean newsmen were more interested in the goosestepping of the green-clad North Koreans as they changed gtiaid every hour North Korean cameramen seemed more fascinated by the lone American newsman. Sole Function tuck on UNG helicopters Hill al the tables, while Kim was yelling hts statement, a Filipino quietly cleaned his pipe A balding Australian puffed on a thin cigar, a chinese delegate propped his chin in his hand and never moved for 20 minutes It lasted three hours under drizzling skies Everyone had their say, nothing was solved — at least not in the conference room — and all went away, waiting for the next border “incident’’ and the next meeting Still, they do go on meeting, and that in it self spells success of a sort for I’anmunjom’s task Of detente. And between meetings, the little force that mans both sides at Panmunjom can rest and relax around the little tables iii a carefully cultivated garden and tell stories about the day the American general angered the North Koreans into an ashtray-throwing outburst — one of the rare breaks of decorum The tables are the ones with the “Pepsi-Cola” umbrellas ;

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