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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., June 6, 1974 In Primary Aftermath Victors Map Plans for Ray Expected To Request Counties Disaster Status By diaries Roberts Associated Press Writer Many Iowa Democrats and Republicans turned away Wednesday from the exultation or chagrin of victories or defeats in Tuesday’s primary election and laid plans for a winning general election effort. William Cannon, Mingo, and Clark Rasmussen, West Des Moines, closed ranks tightly behind Sen. James Schaben, Dunlap, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee. Rep. David Stanley (R-Mus-catine) tried on hiking shoes in preparation for a summer swing on foot through Iowa to garner votes for the U. S. senate race. Sen. Michael Blouin, D-Dubuque, said he will take it easy for a day or two, then map plans for overcoming Sen. Tom Riley (R-Cedar Rapids) in the Second district congressional race. Grassley-Rapp Rep. Charles Grassley (R-New Hartford) was making plans to overcome Rep. Stephen Rapp (D-Waterloo) in the effort to succeed Rep. II. R. Gross (R-Iowa). The loser in the Democratic Third district race *— by 43 votes — was former Federal Communications Commis-s i o n e r Nicholas Johnson. Johnson and his sister-cam- paign coordinator, Katy Johnson. were at the candidate’s rented Kesley home Wednesday. “I'm waiting for the official count,” was all that Johnson would say. “He doesn’t have much to say,” his sister explained. “He got up early this morning, did his jogging, worked in the garden.” Confirm Count Although Rapp’s slim win is subject to official canvass confirmation, he said canvasses of votes in the north central Iowa district have Action Tabled On Bids to County Home MANCHESTER - Bids were opened by the Delaware county board of supervisors Wednesday morning for construction of new county home and a sewage lagoon and sewer main on the same site. ’ Because estimates were higher than the $750,000 for the entire project approved by the voters on a bond referendum, the supervisors approved a motion to table the awarding of contracts until further study can be made of the bids. The lowest combination of bids submitted for the home totaled $841,480 with separate bids submitted on the lagoon and sewer main. The new county home would be built east of the present 100-year-old structure located near Delhi. It would have a capacity of 60 beds, compared with 46 beds in the present building. Bids received on the county home project were: General contractor — Blackhawk Construction, Waterloo, $598,480; Universal Builders, Cedar Rapids, $628,245. Mechanical contractor — Ar-gabright Plumbing and Heating, Hudson, $171,200; Modern Piping, Cedar Rapids, $180,000; Young Plumbing and Heating, Waterloo, $189,500. Electrical contractor — Allen and Appleby Electric, Man chester, $77,940; E and S Electrical, Cedar Rapids, $88,036; M a y h c w Electric, Vinton, $71,800. On the sewage lagoon and sewer main, bids were received from; Schmidt Construction, Preston, $78,998; Dzaboff, Delhi, $70,301.25; Nichols Construction, Dyersville, $70,284.50; Vorwald Construction, Holy Cross, $72,998. tended to    confirm unofficial election night data. The canvas is expected to be next Monday. Schaben,    Rasmussen and Gannon    met for coffee Wednesday    in Des Moines, and issued a joint statement that spoke of “an instant show of party unity.” The three plan “a statewide tour of several major cities,” holding joint news conferences “demonstrating a unified front in the effort to defeat the Republican incumbent.” Fourth Term The Republican incumbent, Gov. Robert Ray, wants to do something that no one has Unofficial Totals for Contested Posts Listed /I!?17fAr° ° DES MOINES - Here are final unofficial totals for contested nominations for state and congressional offices at Tuesday’s primary election. The table also includes totals for Governor Robert Ray and Congressman John Culver, who had no opposition for the Republican and Democratic nominations, respectively, for governor and U.S. senator. Totals for others running Man Electrocuted, Co-Worker Serious EDDYVILLE (UPI)-A Hedrick man was electrocuted Wednesday and an Ottumwa man remained in serious condition following an industrial accident near here. Officials said Max Reed, 26, was killed while reportedly helping to erect power lines for Iowa Southern Utilities Co. in Eddyville. A fellow Iowa Southern worker, Leo McElroy of Ottumwa, was seriously injured and remained in the intensive care unit of an Ottumwa hospital. Error Found, Primary Win For DeKoster ORANGE CITY (UPI) -Sioux county officials said Wednesday there was an error in tabulating votes in the First senatorial district race and incumbent state Sen. Lucas Detester of Hull is the apparent winner in the Republican primary. The initial tally had DeKoster osing to Harold Vermeer of Orange City by 12 votes. However, County Auditor Mitch Van Wyk said he met with County Attorney John Te-Paske and the two candidates and found an error of 180 votes. As a result, DeKoster now cads by 168 votes and is the apparent winner, pending the outcome of the canvass next week. DeKoster had said earlier he would not concede until the vote totals were re-examined. without opposition for state and congressional office nominations are not yet available. tab for state election For U.S. Senator Stanley (R) .............87,534 Milligan (R) ............43,531 Culver (D) ............110,716 For Governor Ray (R) ...............124,738 Schaben (D) ............59,422 Gannon (D) ............51,504 Rasmussen (D) .........21,504 For Lieutenant Governor Miller (D) ..............62,376 Palmer (D) ............52,325 For State Treasurer Fitzgerald (D) ..........66,257 Erickson (D) ...........43,399 For Attorney General Miller (D) ..............52,525 Reynolds (D) ...........37,757 Hermann (D).............24,932 For Congressman (Second District) Riley (R) ...............12,132 Feld (R) ................5,446 Blouin (D) ..............12,703 Jensen (D) .............10,624 Sullivan (D)  ..........3,476 Adams (D) ..............1,193 (Third District) Grassley (R) ...........13,506 Case (R) ................9,076 Conklin (R) .............6,177 Schwieger (R) .......... 2,126 Williams (R) ............1.421 Kapp (D) ................8,249 Johnson (D) .............8,206 Masters (D) .............3,713 Skaine (D) ..............2,859 A First for Iowa Demos DES MOINES (AP) - Tuesday’s unofficial primary vote of about 263,000 marked the first time in Iowa that Democrats outpolled Republicans, accord ing to state records. The Democratic vote was about 132,500, compared with 131.000 for the Republicans. The biggest drawing Democratic race was the gubernatorial where James Schaben, William Gannon and Clark Ras mussen totaled 132,527 votes. The U. S. senate race between David Stanley and George Milligan attracted the biggest Republican vote — 131,065. Primary election records compiled on voting go back only as far as 1908, according to Secretary of State Melvin Synhorst. The 1974 primary vote of about 263,000 was more than 30.000 under what Synhorst had predicted, and only about 13.5 percent of the state’s estimated 1.9 million eligible voters. The primary vote also was the lowest since 1970 when only about 248,400 persons voted. Degree Awarded NEWHALL - Marilyn Ris-dal, Newhall, was awarded a BA in elementary education during recent graduation exercises at the University of Northern Iowa. Woman Injured in Decorah Accident DECORAH - Mrs. Irving Forster, 42, Decorah, was in the Winneshiek county hospital Thursday in fair condition after a one-car accident Wednesday morning in Decorah. Mrs. Forster suffered a fractured arm after a car driven by her daughter, Molly, 15, crashed into a tree on East Water street. Miss Forster who injured her nose, was treated and released. According to the Decorah police department, Miss Forster turned east from John street onto East Water street, lost control of the car, smashing the front end of the vehicle when she ran into a tree. Miss Forster was charged with failure to have the vehicle under control. FOR All! IDENTIFICATION CANO How mony times have you wished for a Photo-Identification card that simply tells people that you are you? Guaranty Bank has the card you want, and ifs free to all Guaranty depositors. Not a check guarantee, nor does it require a minimum balance. Because it bears your picture, it is positive identification. And because of its construction, it can’t be altert i without destroying it. Guaranty Bank's free photo-identification card . . .it tells people that you are you I tb a1 co. GUARANTY BANK & TRUST CO. MEMBER EDIC 3rd St.A 3rd Av*. Downtown • 1819 42nd St. NI 191 Jacolyn Dr. NW PHONE 362-2115 done before in Iowa — win a fourth term as state chief executive. But if he wins in November, he will serve four years instead of the previous two years, because of a constitutional amendment. Ray, a Des Moines attorney, promises the struggle for a general election win over Schaben, a livestock auction dealer who raises race horses, “will be an interesting campaign — vigorous from our viewpoint.” Stanley will get to walk across Iowa in his search for support in November because he overcame Sen. George Milligan (R-Des Moines) in the Republican U. S. senate race. Lost to Hughes Stanley lost to Sen. Harold Hughes (D-Iowa) in 1968 by about 6,000 votes of more than one million cast. Milligan told voters it was time to elect a winner — and he had never lost a political race. Until Tuesday. In other contested races, Sen. Charles Miller, of Burlington, won over Sen. William Palmer of Des Moines in the Democratic race for lieutenant governor; Tom Miller overcame James Reynolds — both of Dubuque — and Richard Hermann of Ankeny in the Democratic attorney general race. During the Democratic primary election campaign for state treasurer, George Erickson of Hartford sharply criticized his opponent, Daniel Fitzgerald of Denison for being out of the country. Fitzgerald is in Denmark on an exchange program. But Fitzgerald won, nonetheless. DES MOINES (UPI) - An aide Thursday said that within two weeks Gov. Robert I). Ray will likely request President Nixon to declare 31 Iowa counties hardhit by recent flooding as national disaster areas. Wythe Willey, a press aide to Ray, said Iowa civil defense teams and agricultural stabilization committee crew's are in the final stages of as sessing damages from the violent storms which ravaged the counties and will soon submit estimates on the destruction. Damage Estimate Willey, who noted that damage to roads and bridges already has been estimated at $3 million, said the total estimate should be ready within two weeks. He said a complete appraisal of damages by the ASG and Iowa County Re-Opens 1-80 to Amana L-Road Special to The Gazette MARENGO - The Inroad from interestate 80 north to the Amana colonies was opened for traffic this week, and the covers on 1-80 signs blotting out references to Amana were removed Wednesday. At the same time, the Iowa county board of supervisors approved a 40 mph speed limit on this section of the Inroad, which was reverted to gravel during the time it was closed, and also approved the posting of large warning signs. Big curve signs on the south end and signs warning of loose gravel and “local road” will be posted where the L-road comes off the interstate, said county engineer Nord S. Sorensen. Affects Business The supervisors met Tuesday afternoon with Wayne and Bill Nordstrom, Cedar Rapids, part owners of the Amana Holiday Inn and who have significant service station interests in the Amana colonies. The Nordstroms said the closing of the L-road has significantly affected their business both at the Amana exit and also i in the colonies north of the closed section. “My dealer on that corner said he didn’t notice it so much before the tourist season, but now he can really see the effect,” said Bill Nordstrom. The Nordstroms urged the board to continue to seek approval by the state highway commission of relocated 149 north from that interchange. And, in the meantime, Bill Nordstrom said, “Give us a road, whether it is gravel or oil — so we can get our employes back and forth and get people up there.” Road Reworked The first mile of the L-road north of 1-80 was closed about a month ago when the bridge at the bottom of the hill zeroed on federal bridge inspection. Sorensen then took that opportunity, with the heavy tourist traffic off the road, to scarify and rework the road so that it can be reverted to gravel. This is substantially done, he said, although the road is rough now because of the big chunks that remain in some places. The county is continuing to apply gravel to it. civil defend must be submitted to the federal government before the 31 counties can be declared national disaster areas. Ray earlier recommended that the 31 counties, mostly prime corn and soybean crop lands, be declared disaster arca in order to qualify for federal assistance. Not Forwarded However, Willey said the official request for disaster assistance has not been forwarded to the President pending estimates on the total amount of damages. “We have a preliminary estimate that 31 counties will qualify and the governor has told national officials he will request a national disaster declaration when the totals are in,” Willey said. Boy, 12, Remains In Hospital After Freak Accident AURORA — A 12-year-old rural Aurora boy, Douglas Tempest, remains hospitalized in Waterloo following an unusual mishap near his farm home Sunday night. The boy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Tempest, was driving a riding lawnmower on a gravel road enroute to visit his grandparents. Buchanan county authorities said he sneezed, inhaled a large bug and began to cough. He lost control of tho mower, it went into a ditch and rolled on top of him, pinning him there. He was found by his mother early Monday and taken to an Independence hospital. 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