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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa properly. ALL STYLES OF FIREPLACES & ACCESSORIES THE HOUSE of FIREPLACES 2055 North Towne Lane NE a .1*2-5551 IVade In Allowance a BOMI B For Your Old Black and White TV Set Km Sokd State ' What Young People Think Has the Streak Peaked? Be Creative With Cloth Plain garments and items of cloth can be enlivened greatly by creative touches you give them. Pillowcases, dish towels, handkerchieves and dresser scarves are just a few items to which you can add artistic essence in a variety of ways. Here are a few ideas for you to try on your own items or as gifts for others. And they could also make good projects for the clubs to which you belong. Iron-on designs can do much to make plain cloth items become lively and bright. Gaily decorated gardening gloves are always useful and can be easily made using iron-on fabric tape to make your designs. This is inexpensive, colorful and fun to cut and attach with a hot iron. Crayon can also be used on cloth and is ideal for livening up scarves, place mats, napkins and linen towels. Trace or draw your designs onto the cloth with pencil. Fill in with crayons and press the cloth with a hot iron on the back side. This will make the colors permanent, as well as deepen and brighten them. Collage on cloth items is fun. By simply sewing or gluing on bits of felt, buttons, yarn and pieces of sewing tapes, an ordinary garment can become indeed lively. It is probably best to check with an adult before you make any changes to your own clothes, but often a sweater or dress can be interestingly changed by adding a variety of new materials. Teens on Wheels By Michael Lamm Felt marking pens are great for creating designs on cloth. Pillowcases, tennis shoes, jeans and swimming bags can be individualized with designs and pictures added with felt markers. Copy pictures or draw your own directly on the fabric lightly with a pencil. Then complete the pictures with various colors of markers. Markers used for this project should have permanent colors that will not wash out. Cloth can provide many exciting and worthwhile craft projects. And new creative touches can be easily discovered by young, eager minds. Guide Dog Receives Bachelor's Degree ASHLAND, Ore. (AP) -Grandy, a blind student’s guide dog has received a bachelor of science degree from Southern Oregon college. James Sours, college president, conferred the degree on Grandy at the same time as the dog’s master, Gary Man love, received a bachelor’s degree during the school’s commencement ceremonies Dear Mike: When I first start my 1970 Challenger in the morning, the tachometer hovers around 1500 rpm. Then after warming up the engine, shutting it down, and restarting it, the tach works fine the rest of the day. It’s just that first startup that gives trouble. Can you tell me what’s wrong with this tach and how I can repair it? Morning Madness Dear Madness, I’ll bet there's not a thing wrong with your tach. Your engine probably idles at 1500 rpm when ifs cold. After it warms up, idle speed probably drops to about 700 and everything seems normal. Dear Mike: Our 1988 Cad emits heated air only from the floor outlets, not from those on the dash. The owner’s manual says that Automatic Climate Control, which this car has, puts out air through the five registers in the instrument panel. Our dealer disagrees. Who’s right? Hot Feet Dear Hot: Your manual is. Possibly some of your heating air-conditioning system’s cables or vacuum controls aren’t working By Nancy Gilbert Gilbert Youth Service Although less than half of those polled in a recent survey of young people said that they have personally "seen a streaking event this year, almost all had some ideas about the outcome of this particular fad. Forty-one percent of those polled said that they have witnessed a streaking event this year. Most were college students (56 percent). And the males outnumbered the females as witnesses. Only 27 percent said that they could be persuaded to “streak’’ (most of those were boys). Streak Motives The majority felt the motivation of a streaker was that of an exhibitionist; next, that it was just a lark, while the others felt that streaking was another example of youth’s disgust with today’s society. Kighty-two percent of those polled said streakers should not be fined or jailed for their performances. And most felt streaking would not grow in popularity. Those who have witnessed a streaking event described the incident and their reactions: “After a basketball game all the fellas streaked and the girls ran after them. It was fantastic,” says Dino Laman- “In the middle of a Met ballgame a streaker ran out of the stands and onto the field. The crowd and I roared,” says Jim Brass, 14, of Fast Rockaway, N. Y. ( ••I Move “Four males ran across the highway in front of my car. My reaction was one of amazement, it was 35 degrees,” says John Tran-verse, 18, of State College, Pa. “At a night lecture on Tantric Buddhism it was very fitting and added new dimensions to the lecture. Everyone en joyed it,” says Sandra Winthrop, 18, of Seneca Falls, N. Y. “They ran too fast and I couldn’t see anything. My reaction was one of grave disappointment,” said Andrea Platt, 15, of Dallas, Texas. Three percent of those polled felt streaking is a government plot, while the rest felt less serious about the origins of this movement. ON THIS DATE in 1755, the American patriot, Nathan Hale, was born in Coventry, Conn. $oho*ol’s Has Y oUt House*a?e Heed* FREE PARKING 1507 Ut Ave. S.E. Russians Looking For Snow Geese SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -The Russians are looking for 24 snow geese with green neck collars. The interior department said that the collars were placed on them to make them easier for jSoviet researchers to spot when they reach Siberia. Both the U. S. and Russia are trying to study the birds’ migratory habits The geese winter in California’s Sacramento valley and spend summers in Siberia. Soviet scientists have expressed concern because there appear to be fewer geese than before. When you know it's for keeps Choose a diamond as perfect as your love. A Keepsake perfect diamond, precisely cut, and set in a wide variety of beautiful styles. Keepsake. .. there is no finer diamond ring. Open Tonight (thurs.) ’til 9 Diamonds from 11 OO Smulekoffs . . . 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