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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 6 TV Cdif Rapids Gazette: Jut 1174 Kissinger Diplomacy—Like Talleyrand or Sally Rand? By Dick West WASHINGTON (UPI) - A reader writes, “As a result of Henry Kissinger’s diplomatic triumph in the Middle East some columnists are comparing him to Talleyrand. “From your own understanding of history would you say this is a valid analogy?” Dear Reader: It depends on which Talleyrand the columnists are referring to. Sam? There used to be a Sam Talleyrand who ran a haberdashery in Perth Amboy, but Kissinger has nothing in common with him. Nothing at all. Sam Talleyrand didn’t have a diplomatic bone in his body. Then there was a Charles Maurice De Talleyrand-Perigord, a French statesman during the reign of Napoleon. Although he was a fine diplomat, I wouldn’t compare him with Kissinger either. For one thing, he had a different accent. In all likelihood, the columnists who are making this comparison have Talleyrand confused with Sally Rand. There are numerous similarities between a secretary of state and a fan dancer. But why bring that up now that Kissinger is married0 Greatest Challenge Instead, let us look ahead to Kissinger’s next peace negotiations, which will be the greatest challenge of his Dick West career. And. if successful, his crowning achievement. The assignment: To stop the tug-of-war over the Watergate tapes. It will be a rigorous mission requiring, perhaps, several weeks of shuttling back and forth between the White House and the Capitol And the parties involved in the dispute aire far more suspicious of each other, more bellicose, intractable and partisan than the Syrians and Israelis. Nevertheless, the consensus is that Kissinger just might bring it off. Everyone agrees the necessary first step will be to persuade the house judiciary committee to stop firing subpoenas at President Nixon. No Truce As long as the subpoena bombardment, including occasional volleys from Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski. continues, no truce can possibly be arranged. Once there is a cease-fire, the problem will be to persuade Nixon to pull back from the stone wall he has been occupying since the impeachment movement began The final settlement possibly will take the form of plea bargaining. Nixon could plead guilty to using obscene language and congress would amend the articles of impeachment to include three years on probation Sally Rand herself couldn't strike a better compromise They'll Do It Every Time THIS 6 MRS CHI PP HEXT DOOR-NOUR P0G6 BARKING 6 DISTURB ING MY SLEEP/ STOP HIM Oft I'LL CALL THE COPS// j *    EISLEY    ANN WAX80M, 514 U*6f6U0W AVf., NORTHINGTON, ” OHIO Tribunal Rules For Temporary Mental Patients DETROIT (AP) - Patients temporarily confined in state mental hospitals against their will can petition for their release, a panel of three federal judges has ruled. The judges said the Michigan temporary confinement law, under which 4,000 persons were confined in fiscal 1973, is unconstitutional because “the standard of commitment for mental illness is fatally vague and over broad.” They also ruled that commitment procedures violate due process of law regarding patients’ rights to appear at hearings on trials and to obtain legal counsel. The panel ruled that only persons who are dangerous to themselves or others can be committed against their will. The opinion also prohibits state hospitals from administering electroshock therapy or drugs to patients who do not want such treatment. These medications violate constitutional rights to due process and privacy, the judges said. The panel noted that the legislature and the state supreme court are working on new laws regarding involuntary confinement Existing law allows the state to hospitalize patients without their permission for up to 120 days by court order, based on certification from two physicians that such detention is “necessary and essential.” No one can be detained without “prompt preliminary hearing,” the judges ruled, adding that five days is an appropriate definition of promptness. I.oras Graduate SPRINGVILLE - Rita C. Breen, Springville, was awarded a BA degree during recent commencement exercises at Loras college in Dubuque. it’s the fun time of the year . . . BUT Your Money is Nothing To Clown About Balancing your finances can become a three-ring circus if you’re not sure what you’re doing . . . ... we take your money matters as serious business. 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