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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Thf Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., June fi. 1974    5 I he Investor’s (funIe By Sam Shulsky In tho previous column I reproduced two questions by readers who pointed out that I) they weren’t about to trade more just because some commissions had been reduced and 2) they wanted commissions restructured to cover only the brokerage services they desired. I think both points are significant and are pertinent to any program which would help Wall Street break out of what I consider to be a “Catch-22” situation: that is — Wall Street has been most profitable chiefly when borne along on a tide of almost unchecked public enthusiasm — when rushing along to inevitable and recurring stock market collapses. The brokerage business is not the only business which often attempts to come to grips with basic problems via surface, cosmetic treatment: in this case, lower commissions on small-sum deals. Commissions, of course, have always been the lifeblood of the brokerage business. And I am sure they will provide a good living for Wall Street again I don’t think one has to be u professor of mob psychology to predict that we shall again have bull markets — bullish in dollar price, in p-e ratios, in public trading volume. And that we shall again have market collapses, public disillusionment and attrition in the number of firms which can no longer suffer red ink I can offer no IOO percent-sure panaceas. But it does seem that a business which sits at the center of the financial world could be based on sterner stuff than the uninformed speculator buying IOO shares of a $20 stock one day because he hopes to be able to sell it out four days later at $27 125 Liquidity is certainly important, and I’m all for it. But not to the extent of inviting collapse of the entire structure for the sake of liquidity. Trading is also desirable. 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But, again, I don’t hanker after it to tho point where I’m willing to bring down the whole structure for the sake of higher volume I think increased stability — and prosperity — for the brokerage business must come from: 1 — Higher, not lower, commissions for most long-term investing — which is what should chiefly concern public investors. There is no reason an investor should pay $425 to acquire $4,575 worth of a mutual fund but only $71 50 for $5,000 worth of corporation stock 2 — An unbundling of brokerage charges. Why should the investor who orders stock at the market, pays for it and takes it home pay the same charges as the investor who sets all sorts of buying and selling price limit conditions on his purchase? 3 — Imposition of fees for custodial care and bookkeeping, for receiving dividends and interest and then mailing them out to the investor. 4 — ( barges for research. The customer who asks for periodic reviews of his portfolio, but who may not make two trades a year, gets this research at the expense of the customer who neither requests nor wants such service. 5 — Income from a far wider spectrum of investments than is now offered by Wall Street. In recent months we have seen signs of this broadening out, and I think it is to be encouraged as a step toward diminishing dependence on daily trading. I welcome the advent of brokers’ bond funds — corporate and tax exempt ; of short-term money vehicles to take advantage of generous or changing interest rates; of real estate investments, even of oil royalty and cattle ventures — assuming, of course, that caution is used in limiting the marketing of these higher risk items to those who can assume that risk. 6 — Income from portfolio management. I’ve never understood why this management function should not prove a means of income for the broker who certainly knows his customer far better than any service which buys his name from a mailing list. If this requires changes in legislation and SEC regulation, then — it seems to me — the Street ought to get cracking. I hold no diploma as a brokerage expert. But I do have incontrovertible evidence that hundreds of letters reach this desk every month which wind up: “And don't tell me to buy stocks. I’ve had it with the stock market.” And that’s evidence enough to my way of thinking that merely hoping that this (disillusionment) too shall pass is not a good enough policy for Wall Street’s survival as a basic industry — and it must survive. Mr. Shulsky welcomes written ques tions, but he will be able to provide answers only through the column For Information on mutual funds, please include a self addressed, stamped en velope Address your requests to Sam Shuls*y, care of The Gazette For Better Health Sadness, Fear, Pain, Love Affect How We Feel By Dr. S.L. Anticlinal! A lot of songs have been written about emotions, but few of us ever sit down and try to analyze how our emotions affect us. An agitated, strong feeling in response to a person or situation, with changes in both mind and body, is an emotion It’s impossible to describe scientifically the various feelings that accompany love, hate, sadness, fear, happiness, surprise, pain, shock, amazement and so on — simply because people express such a variety of emotions. We convey emotions to others by outward appearances. such as tone and quality of the voice, gestures, postures, facial expressions and changes in the body such as flushing of trembling. 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