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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cfdttr -lip pieta (SttjfHf —Gazette Photo bv Duane Crock That’s Close Enough Newell Williams, 124 Fifth street SW. and his dog, “Chips”, keep their distance as they walk past a tree in the parking near the Board of Education building, Fifth street and Second avenue SW The tree happens to contain a swarm of bees who are making their home there. AP Wirephoto 30 Years Later General of the Army Omar Bradley and his wife carry flowers at a wreath - laying ceremony at Ranville British cemetery in Bayeux, France, marking the start of ceremonies commemorating the 30th anniversary of the landing of Allied forces in Normandy. From left are Gen. Sir Richard Gale, former commander of the British 6th airborne division, and Gen. Paul Compagnon, commander of French forces near Bayeux. T ropily Winner Mark Nolan, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Nolan. 2272 Forest drive SE, poses with the trophy he won in the annual Hi warns citywide essay contest. The trophy was presented to Nolan, a Regis high school junior, at the Kiwanis luncheon meeting Wednesday noon. Rebuilding Seawalls Preliminary work for the rebuilding of seawalls at May's Island is under way with the laying of new water main and sewer pipe farther away from the outside of the island Lametti & Sons, St. Paul, has the sub-contract. Cramer Brothers Construction Co., the prime contractor, will begin work on the actual walls following completion of this project. Getting a Friend a Tape Deck for Graduation Seems a Little Too Much By Erma Bam heck Kids nowadays take all the fun out of gift-giving. It used to be that whatever you coughed up came as a surprise. Not anymore. Last Christmas I was presented with not only a list of suggestions, but the serial numbers, the list price and the stores that handled them. All of it was as spontaneous as an eastern sunrise. Not only that, but they seem to have no conception of what constitutes a gift and what constitutes a “memorial." Take Fred. He’s a nice kid who lives down the street who happens to Im* graduating from high school this year. “I have to buy a gift for Fred,” said my son. I smiled at his thoughtfulness. “What did you have in mind?" "He wants a tape deck for his car." (Serial No 9178329. Retail $59.95.) BOMBECK Hobart Medford ‘And I want a motel where you dial 4 and Robert Redford appears at your door with ice." ‘‘A guy only graduates once," he said “If he plays his cards right, that s enough," I said. "He doesn't need anything else," he insisted. "Ridiculous," I said , “if you get him a tape deck for his car, what would his parents give him?" "Who do you think is giving him the car?" "That s their business." I said “But I personally believe a car is like entering a marriage . . you go into it when you can promise to love and support it from this day forward in overtime pay and in gas shortages, in good mileage and broken down transmissions ... in oil leaks and insurance premiums until you and the loan company (or death, whichever comes first) ... do part." Aal Soh'od "You said that before, “ he grumbled “It still doesn t solve what I am going to give Fred for graduation " “How much money do you have?" “Thirty-five cents and a student I D. card " “That can get you identified as a pauper.*' “Maybe I could get him a new tennis racket? A sports shirt"* A hot comb? A can of tennis balls?" “How about a card?" I asked “That's not much for a guy who has everything." “I know something he doesn't have." “What?" "A m*ed " << oittnyM 19/4. Piold Entorprl*»%. Inc I Ga!•»»* Photo bv L W Ward Naval Honor Guard President Nixon, followed by Mrs. Nixon and other dignitaries, walked through an honor guard of midshipmen as he arrived at the U. S. Naval Academy Wednesday to deliver the graduation address. —AP Wirephoto — AP Wirephoto Conference Fatigue Vermont Gov. Thomas Salmon shows the strain of a four-hour state dinner as he sits back in his chair and takes a large yawn during Wednesday morning's session of the National Governors’ Conference in Seattle. The conference concluded Wednesday. Go«tt* Photo bv L W Word ;

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