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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., June 4, 1974    5 #      —1       ■■———■       ..Degrees Are Conferred on East Iowans at ISU AMES — University degrees were awarded 2,153 students at Iowa State university recently. Unless otherwise designated, students whose names appear below were awarded bachelor of science degrees. East Iowans whose names were on the list include: Alburnett — Janet L. Booth, family environment; Eileen K. Flitsch, history. Anamosa    Cynthia A Wahl, BA in applied art, general applied art. Blairstown Mary E. Airy, elementary education; Carol J. Boddicker, psychology; Charles G. Macku, mechanical engi nee ring. Brooklyn — Laurel A. Bran nian, PhD in home economics education; Teryl R. Matters, BA in English. Calmar — Wanda A, Bouska, bacteriology; Barbara F. Frana, BA in applied arts. Cedar Rapids — David A. Anderson, fisheries and wildlife biology; Doreen L. Anderson, bacteriology; Doris J. Andes, home economics education; Becky S. Ariana, psychology; Gregory P. Awbrey, BA in speech; Randall E. Boeso, ceramic engineering; Duane A. Boggs, French and psychology (with distinction -honors program); Eugene P. Bordelon, computer science (with distinction — honors program); Benedict J. Brasser, chemical engineering; William A. Byrd, psychology (with distinction - honors program); Richard A. Carlson, industrial administration (with distinction). David F. Caruthers, BA in philosophy; Marvin J. Coppess, industrial administration; John R. Dunn, economics; Sherry L. Ewen, child development (with distinction); Keith R. Farley, electrical engineering; David F. Franklin, biology; Diane E. Garberson, BA in political science, (with distinction); Jeffrey R. Gard, elementary education; Mark C. Hailman, economics; Dennis L. Hemphill, landscape architecture; Kevin C. Ho 11 h a u s, engineering science; Scott A. Huebsch, zoology; Kim R. Johnson, landscape architecture; Thomas J. Jones, IIT, bacteriology; Kenneth A. Kasparek, zoology; Deborah A. Kirby, psychology; Robert J. Klinsky, biology; John S. Kovarik, civil engineering; Gerald E. Kvarda, industrial engineering; James H. Lahr, electrical engineering; Susan M. Listenbarger, BA in English; Richard D. Livingston, industrial education; Carol E. Martin, BA in French; Sheila L. Martinson, home economics education; Terry A. Martinson, institution management; Joan Marsh Maxwell. BA in English and Spanish; Allen G. Merta, urban planning; Robert W. Novotny, mechanical engineering (with distinction); Kimberly D. Orr, mathematics; Dennis E. Paul, indus- State Aqency Clears Path To Update Mansion DES MOINES (UPI) - The Iowa executive council Monday gave the green light to the architect in charge of remodeling the Terrace Hill mansion here to begin accepting bids for sprucing up the Victorian era structure. The council voted unanimously to allow Wagner Marquart Architects of Des Moines to determine specifications and to begin accepting bids for work on the mansion, which will be the future governor’s home. State Treasurer Maurice Baringer said a $200,000 appropriation from the 1974 legislature plus about $135,000 from the sale of Terrace Hill medallions will be coupled with money received from the sale of the present governor’s mansion to remodel the structure. He said a total of about $440,000 will be available for the repair and remodeling work. Baringer said work on the mansion probably will begin later this year and said the masnion may be ready for occupancy by the governor by mid 1975. He said the work would include rewiring, new plumbing, a i r conditioning and other “basics,” plus remodeling of the mansion’s third floor into a home for the governor’s family. 20 YEARS AGO — Foreign Aid Dire ctor Harold E. Stassen Mid he would fire any employe who gave unauthorized information to Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy. trial administration; Robert R. Pence, industrial administration; Barbara A. Rector, women’s physical education; Lawrence M Reilly, DVM in veterinary medicine; Kenneth B. Rlgoni, electrical engineering; Ronald D. Rocca, computer science; George M. Romanowsky, engineering science; Vaughn E. Sasse, electrical engineering; Sally J. Schwitters, industrial administration; Mary E. Scott, home economics education (with distinction); Glen W. Sellers, jr., electrical engineering; Janice S. Shipton, BA in applied arts, interior design; Sandra K. Smiley, child development (with distinction - honors program); Harlan J. Stoa, BA in architecture, (with distinction); Barbara Miller Tigan, applied art, advertising design; David J. Tomlinson, electrical engineering; Dorothy L. Tschopp, sociology (with distinction); Allyn R. Vannoy, economics; Raymond D. Vick, chemistry; Mark A. Votroubek, i n d u s t r i a1 administration; Roger L. Wainwright, PhD in computer science; Julia L. Westcot, family environment; Gary W. Weston, psychology; David W. Windus, zoology; Carol L. Winger, horticulture; Lyle D. Wright, civil engineering. Central City — Blaine V. Houmes, bacteriology; Marilyn Shover Sulewski, food and nutrition, food science. Chelsea — John C. Fetter, farm operation. Clarence — Mike E. Hein, mechanical engineering, Clutier — Kathy Krezek Larson, history. Coggon — Stephanie Hunter Franson, industrial administration. Columbus Junction — Vivan M. Jennings, PhD in agronomy. Decorah — Mark L. Aschim, fisheries and wildlife biology; Helen A. Bruening, history; Robert D. Ellingson, agricultural business; Suzanne K. Falck, child development; Dur-win E. Hegg, chemical engineering; Wendall C. Kalsow, architecture (with distinction - honors program); John J. Miller, MS in agricultural economics; John E. Overland, physics; Michael A Schmelzer, MS in chemistry; William L. Varner, industrial administration. Deep River — David W. Merck, agricultural education (with distinction). Delhi — Ann L. Bacon, food technology; Ralph D. Cooey, industrial engineering; Craig S. Johnson, animal science (with distinction - honors program) Susan Shearer Wittenberger, child development. Dyersville — Mary L. Hen-kels, food and nutrition, dietetics. Dysart — Gerald L. Dostal, chemical engineering; Peggy A. Lewman, English; Linda J. Wrage, outdoor recreation resources. Edgewood — David E. Gould, fisheries and wildlife biology. Elgin — Susan R. Gibbs, sociology. Elkader — Craig G. Watson, animal science (with distinction). Fairfax — Danny W. Earsa, DV Min veterinary medicine; Janine C. Freeman, food and nutrition, dietetics. Fort Atkinson — Leo L. Kapler, horticulture. Garnavillo — Gerald A. Bi s c h o f f , political science; Harold L. Bischoff, political science; Leon J. Rodas, BA in physical education for men. Garrison — Jerry L. Henry, electrical engineering. Guttenburg — Richard R. Al-lenstein, landscape architecture; Kim Pedretti Snook, psychology; Ann C. Vorwald, biology. Hazleton—Miles H. Gardner, Cavanaqh Bid For Governor DETROIT (AP) - Former Detroit Mayor Jerome Cavan-agh, who underwent surgery for cancer two months ago, announced Tuesday that he would seek the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. 20 YEARS AGO — Monticello voters authorized issuance of $250,000 in bonds to finance construction of a new elementary school. * vTu (frditr l\npuU I stabilised in ISM bv The Gazette Co. ana published doily and Sunday at SOO Third ave. SE. Cedot Rapids. Iowa 52406. Second class postcne paid at Cedar Rapids. Iowa. Subscription rates bv carrier VS cents a week. By mail: Night Edition and Sunday 6 issues $3 /5 a month. $30.00 a year: Af lei noon Editions and Sunday I Issues $3 *5 a month. $40.00 a year. Other states amt U S territories $60 OO a year. No Mall Subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette t arrier service. I tie Associated Press is entitled em igsively to the use tor republicatlon of all the local news printed In this newspaper as welt as all AP news dispatches. jr„ construction engineering. Hiawatha -Thomas A. Erickson, mechanical engineering, Hopkinton — Mary L. Gearhart, computer science; Elaine Welter Hammes, food and nutrition. Independence — Charles E. Belgarde, civil engineering; Daniel T. Crawford, civil engineering; Terrence E. Crawford, civil engineering; Robert G. Fuller, civil engineering; Carol Tielebcin Funk, textiles and clothing; Teresa I. Ives, physical education for women; David F. Martin, BA in architecture. Iowa City — Gary A. Betts, BA in architecture; William F. Chalmers, AA in farm operation; Kenneth F. Flannery, speech; John P. C McNutt, agricultural business; Gayle J. Meade, home economics. Keswick — John C. Bender, civil engineering. Keystone — Dean L. Seeck, agricultural business; Kerry L. Severin, BA in speech. Lamont — Kent S. Hall, MA in political science; Thomas D. Hayes, agricultural journalism. Lone Tree — Robert J. Jond- le, Phi) in agronomy. Luzerne - Kathleen M. Parr, child development. Manchester - Arbith K. J o n e s , family environment; Randy It. Kchrli, public service and administration in agriculture; Mark S. Patton, public service and administration in agriculture; Ronald I). Schram, civil engineering. Marion David B. Airy, animal science; Philip L. Hanna, DVM in veterinary medicine; Billy A. Herren, horticulture; Carol J. Mason, child development; Teresa llartung Wade, psychology; Anne M. W h a r f f , child development; Thomas A. Yuva, psychology; R. Curtis Zingula, animal science. Martelle — Roger L. Johnson, agricultural business. Masonville    Deanna S. Marquardt, food and nutrition; Paul H. McRoberts, computer science. McGregor — Sandra L. Peterson, English. Mechanicsville — William L. Robinson, agricultural education. Monona — Steven G. Peglow, aerospace engineering (with distinction). Monticello — Claret W. Lawrence, MS in agricultural education; Dennis J. Rahe, agricultural business; Norman P. Russell, agricultural engineering. Mt. Vernon - Darwin C. Clausen, forestry; Suzanne C hadek McKinley, BA in speech, (honor program); Jo-Ann Stoner, home economics education. North English Lon R. Allan, outdoor recreation resources. Norway Thomas W. Sippy, farm operations, Oelwein - Keith L. Hyman, history; Richard W. Hyman, mechanical engineering; James E. Miller, AA in farm operation; Paulette Smith Stewart, MS in education. Olin — Deann L. Freeman, elementary education (with distinction). Ossian — Joseph G. Uhlen-hake, farm operations. Oxford — Francis L. Schropp, industrial education. Postville— Roland J. Brandt, zoology. Ridgeway    Kenneth    C. Moellers, animal science. Rowley — Lois F. Belknap, home economics education; Lyle R. Hosch, physical education for men. Saint Olaf — Paul L. Henrik* sen, fisheries and wildlife biology; Jerry R. Klinkenberg, electrical engineering; Connie R. Rude, BA in sociology. Sigourney — Kathleen M. Shaver, MS in textiles and clothing. Solon — Nancy K. Barta, textiles and clothing. Springville — Roger ll. Hotz, psychology; Gerald M. Stambaugh, mathematics (honors program); Strawberry Point — Gregg D. Behrens, agricultural business. Tama — Bonnie Hill Lyon, BA in English. Tipton - Charles O. Geadel-mann, biology; Dennis D. Sol-heim, industrial administration; Timothy N. Thien, industrial administration; Vicky L. Thoeming, zoology. Toledo — Richard C. Cooper, animal science ;David F. Dostal, zoology (with distinction); Mark E. Lyon, dairy science; Kimberley B. Pagel, history; Pamela P. Plum, women’s physical education; Deborah S. Scv-cik, biology; Monica Dolezal Sinclair, women’s physical edu cation; Carol Carlson Thien, elementary education (with distinction); Daniel P. Wulff, sociology, (honors program). Traer — Joleen K. Dostal, horticulture; David ll. Munger, chemical engineering; Donna J. Starek, home economics education. Van Horne — Steven K. Petersen, agricultural business; Dennis L. Wallace, BA in architecture. Victor — George M. Balinger, electrical engineering. Vinton — Jolene L. Rinderk-necht, BA in elementary education and French (with distinction); Judith A. Schmitz, math-ematics (with distinction); Douglas L. Stufflebeam, English. Watkins — Judy A. Heme-sath, home economics education. Waucoma — Richard A. Adams, mathematics; James A. Brincks, AA in farm operations. Waukon — Paul F. Brandt, fisheries and wildlife biology; Diana M. Hoffmann, food and nutrition, dietetics; Brant W. Hollensbe, industrial education; Bruce W. Hollensbe, BA in speech; Debra K. Nash, fam ily environment; James V. Wittenberger, food technology. Wellman — Beverly J. Greiner, elementary education; Frederick T. Miller, MS in chemical engineering; Denny F. Yoder, farm operation (with distinction). West Branch — Michael S. Anderson, industrial administration; Debra L. Parker, BA in history. West Liberty — Lloyd A. Nussbaum, urban planning. West Union — Sheri A. Saboe, textiles and clothing. Williamsburg — Debra K. Bowman, food and nutrition, dietetics; Janet R. Doschadis, women’s physical education; Evelyn J. Jones, MS in family environment; Philip E. McCune, DVM in veterinary medicine; Leslie A. Mumm, industrial engineering. Wilton Junction — Joann Voss, . zoology. Winthrop — Donald A. Cook, DVM in veterinary medicine; Roger W. Frimml, agricultural engineering; Daryl J. Funk, DVM in veterinary medicine. Wyoming — James L. Jetter, institution management, college and food housing administration. Enroll in Blue Cross & Blue Shield Depositor Group Plan thru- Rrst Trust and Savings Bank Regardless of past or present Health Condition 11 month waiting period on existing health conditions, 9 month waiting period on tonsil and adenoid operations, 270 day waiting period on maternity. Regardless of Age 6 month waiting period on existing conditions for persons age 65 and older. And with automatic payment of Dues from your Checking Account LIMITED ENROLLMENT PERIOD The limited enrollment period will be from June 4. 1974, to June 28, 1974; representatives of Blue Cross-Blue Shield will be in our main bank, 1201 Third St. S.E., Cedar Rapids, and our Ely office in Ely, Iowa, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday during the enrollment from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Information may also be obtained at our office at 1820 First Ave. N.E., Cedar Rapids. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa Working together for your well being. Take advantage of FREE CHECKING and many other new banking benefits as a member of the New Outlooks Club first Trust and Savings Bank 1201 THIRD ST. S.E. 1820 FIRST AVE. N.E 1600 DOWS ST. ELY, I A. 364-0101 MEMBER EDIC ;

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