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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa JA. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., June 4. 1974 By Jay Sharbutt U. S.-China Trade Seen I1ft I television 7    dday    Soviet    T    of    a    I The Tree House NEW YORK (AP) - One of t h e nation’s costliest tree houses, rushed to completion last month in Washington, D. C., hasn’t been used since May 20. But don’t ask if you can play in it if you come to Washington. It’s reserved exclusively for the two TV cameramen and a unnerved me. But his men came back Saturday evening and put it up during the night in 14 hours.” ♦ * * Two of the room’s three windows were removed to let the I two TV cameras focus on the WASHINGTON (AP) - The government estimates that I’ruled States trade with the People’s Republic of China this year will surpass $1.2 billion and virtually match U.S. trade with the Soviet Union. Christopher Phillips, president of the National Council for U.S.-China Trade, said Monday the commerce department ex- _    ,    peds that during 1974 trade faces of witnesses. Two other I c^na will Post Says Agnew Will Pay $1,100 Of Improvements WASHINGTON (AP) - The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Spiro Agnew has reach $1.25 bil- lighting director who’ll be in it i cameras, located inside the |jon    just    below $1.27    billion from the day the house judici-1room* provide pictures of projected    for    trade with the ary committee finally opens its committee faces.    Soviets. impeachment investigation to When the window cameras tn    addition    according    to a the public.    aren’t    in use. wood panels are state department official, it is The tree house, so named by secured at the window, blocking estimated that by 1980. U.S.-ABC officials, cost an estimated the view.    China trade will amount to $19,000 to put up. Ifs located on Has anyone tried to tiptoe to I about $4 billion annually, the south side of the massive the treehouse for bugging pur-    ' Rayburn building, which cost an poses or to eavesdrop on the    ,rm    Commitment estimated $150 million to put up. committee’s closed sessions? Secretary of State Kissinger, The function of the less expen- “None of our people.” laughed who also spoke at a meeting sive structure is to enable the Siegenthaler, who said the com- of the council, said the Nixon TV cameras to peep in the com- mittee orders periodic checks of administration “has a firm com mittee’s hearing room in the the installation and puts a secu- mitment for constant improve Rayburn building. Space in that rity man on duty during closed room is at a premium, hence!sessions to guard against un-TV’s window perch.    I    authorized ears. * * *    He said the structure was The cost of erecting the two- locked shut May 20 after tests of story tree house was shared by:the camera and lighting gear the three commercial networks and nobody was allowed to go in and public television, according again. to spokesmen for ABC. which    *    *    * supervised the construction.    It    was opened briefly over the Unlike the Rayburn building, weekend to remove the cameras agreed to pay the government which took nearly three years to — the two cameras inside the,SI.IOO in settlement for $175,000 finish, the air-conditioned wood hearing also were taken out — >n improvements made to his tree house was completed in one and put them to other use until Kenwood, Md., home while he frantic night three weekends the public hearings do begin, he was vice-president, ago, ABC’s Bob Siegenthaler added.    The newspaper said Agnew says.    Siegenthaler, who thinks open    and General Services Adminis- Siegenthaler,    a senior    produc-    sessions may start in two    trator Arthur Sampson signed er in ABC News’ special events weeks, said last month’s hurry-an agreement April 12 under department, said the rush job up-and-wait miffed TV’s tree which the former vice-president was made necessary because at house gang.    pledged to pay $700 for air-con- that time it appeared the public ‘‘They were at a psychological ditioning and $400 for carpeting hearings would start May 21. pitch, ready to go,” he said, in the home. There weren’t any problems "They were kind of disappoint- a CSA analysis earlier showed getting the job done, save one. ed when word came we weren’t the government had cnent $175 -"The contractor who built the go,ng to go. They were sort of    ^suburban tree house observed the Sabbath like jilted brides.    fore Agnew resigned last Oc- from    sundown    Friday    to sun-    ‘‘They had a lot of pride in the    tober and pled no contest to down    Saturday    without    telling    installation and they wanted to    income tax evasion anybody,” he said. "It kind of operate it.”    Agnew bough, the suburban home early last year for $190.* KW. He recently sold it for a reported $300,000. The Post said that under the agreement, the government was to remove some items from the home with an estimated "re- Television Listings 7—KWWL-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapid* 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8-WKBT, ta Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester I 2—KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque ment in relations with the People’s Republic of China.” "No policy has had greater bipartisan support,” said Kissinger, who was joined at the session by Ambasador Huan (’hen and six other members of the Chinese liaison office in Washington. Phillips, addressing executives from more than 150 leading corporations, said that in the first four months of this year, trade with China edged ahead of U.S.-Soviet trade. During that period, trade with China totaled $441.2 million, compared to $336.4 million with the Soviet Union, he said. Favors U.S. The forecast of $4 billion in U.S.-China trade by 1980 was voiced bv Charles Freeman, the state department’s China affairs officer. Freeman said the present trade imbalance, now running more than 11.5 to I in favor of apolitical process and still honor the U.S., is expected to be re- his religious commitments.” duced by the end of the decade, i - when an estimated $3 billion in exports to China will be partly! offset by about $1 billion in im-| ports. By comparison with the U.S.-China figures, U.S. trade in 1972 totaled $27.5 billion with! Canada, $13 billion with Japan, $7 billion with West Germany and $5.6 billion with Great Britain. Anti-Nixon Bias MIAMI (AP) The house ju diciary committee’s impeachment inquiry has produced little but noise and "a few selected leaks,” says the Rev. John McLaughlin, an adviser to President Nixon. Father McLaughlin, a Jesuit priest who holds the title of special deputy assistant to the President, said some members of the committee and its staff have a "definite anti-Nixon bias. "Because of their biases, I have asked several members of the committee to disqualify themselves,” Father McLaughlin said at a news conference here Monday. He said they refused. Father McLaughlin, 47, has returned to his duties as presidential adviser after meeting with his superior. He said the fact he was allowed to return to his White House duties "shows that a U. S. citizen can be active in the Bomb in Package Kills J Judge, No Motive Seen PASCO, Wash. (AP)- A court official says he knows of no controversial cases handled by a judge who was killed when a mailed package hi' was opening exploded in his office. Court administrator Jim Boldt expressed his view after the blast killed Judge James Lawless, 50, late Monday. on e NKW YORK (AP) — John Cardinal Krol, head of the na- in Prosser. It was apparently I lion’s Roman Catholic bishops, aimed at the judge and not the;ways it is difficult to see how a community.”    priest could carry on his min- The package had been ad    j8try while working    as    a White dressed to the judge at his Pros-    Hm|sp adviser ser office Lawless, who lived    ,    ,    .    .. here held court in Pasco and    Referring to    tho    role    of    the Prosser    Rev. John McLaughlin, the Boh Gregory, a postal official, i (*ai'dinal, said Monda>. said the package was delivered "For the average person, ifs to tile courthouse in Prosser I difficult to visualize the priestly Officials here said thev did iMonday morning and then was ministry of the gospel of Christ ^fwhy LTudge wa^he tfen back ,» Pasco by Mrs. | with tho kind of work he's y _    .    >>    I    TV/f    cw    miY    Uan/*A target. He had served on the bench for 17 years. Police Car Maxine Hancock, a court re* doing." porter.    --- Prosser Postmaster F r a n k ^ Carl arni Suhadolnik said the package A reutffut Police would not Say whether was wrapped in an old paper they suspected any . connection bag and measured about three u _ i._____ii.. Uln.i „A *U„ hniYih inr*hn« vs i< I a * lhrcc inches thick Named for LBJ Santarel li's Resignation Is Accepted Says President Suspected Jews Of News Leaks LOS ANGELES (UPI) - In one "characterization deleted” from White House tapes, President Nixon suspected Jewish officials, including Henry Kissinger, of leaking information to Jewish newsmen, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday. The Times said it had learned that one of the President’s remarks that has been deleted from the transcripts of a conversation between Nixon and White House counsel John Dean on Feb. 28, 1973, was: "Some of our Jewish friends in the media have an ‘in’ around here. Kissinger leaks. between the blast and the bomb-1 inches wide, three inches thick WASHINGTON (AP) — Pre-ing of a police car land la de and    six    inches long.    sident Nixon has signed legisla- liberatelv set fire in mid-April    Strange Feeling    Hon naming two federal facili- in the Prosser area 35 miles    ties for the late President Lyn- from here    M's; Ha™°fk’ ‘h.e C0U* „■Iou Johnson. Under the mea- But Acting Mayor    Donald    Lin-    K'i'j akLAhe nackaJe after    5Urt'' ,ho Arrowow* Civilian ton said, "It was probably just h L ,(b (| ‘ . , ^.Conservation Corps Center near a fluke that    ii    didnt    happen    ^'^^TexplJeT    **** '    She had just returned to lier"3 thf. L7"don 'ohnso" office when she heard the blast.    Conservation Corps Center• and "I was sure it must have had    Cross Timbers National something to do with the pack-    Grasslands in Wise and Mon- _    ,    .    age," she said. "I don't know '»«»» counties. Texas, is being UAW Confab why I fell that, but I took off renamed (he Lyndon B. Johnson Impeachment of Nixon Demanded By LOS ANGELES (AP) T h o | sajd ^at    s^e ar_ nation’s largest industrial union, rjved ,.there was dust and the l?nited Auto Workers, has pieces of construction material1 sent a resounding message to in the hallway, the door had congress:    Impeach President bee*n opened. Oh, my goodness, Nixon.    it s so awful. That ’s about all Delegates to the international I can think. It was in the car convention of the 1.4 million- with me with files and a box member union cast their nearly of paper.” unanimous impeachment vote A spokesman tor the treas-! Monday after strong words by Airy department’s Alcohol. To-the head of the American Bar bacco and Firearms Bureau Assn. and UAW President Leon- said his office would have no ard Woodcock    immediate comment. The agen-1 ‘ Only a few hands among WjSST "* ^ delegates were raised in opposi- ^ sa|d (hey wm, p|acjng for his office. National Grasslands. It Pays To Advertise Tuesday Night 6:00 1—News, Weather, Sots. 9—Rookies 2—Action News 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—News, Weather, Sots. 6—6 O Clock Edition 1—News, Sots , Weather IO—News, Weather, Sots. 12—June Wayne 13—Eyewitness News 40—American Angler 6:30 /—Community Quiz 2—To Tell Truth 3—Bobby Goldsboro 4—Hee How 6—Emergency 1—Bobby Goldsboro IO—Police Surgeon 12—Audubon Wildlife 13—Let s Make a Deal 40—Celebrity Bowl 7:00 7—Adam 12 9—Haoov Days 2—Maude 3—Hooey Days 1—Maude 10—Adam 12 12—Film Festival 13—Adorn 12 40—Hodov Days 7:30 7—Mystery Movie 9—ABC Tuesday Movie— • Whot Are Best Friends For’1’ 2—Howoil Five Q 3—ABC Tuesday Movie— ‘What Are Best Friends For? 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The LEAA passes out nearly wi i »* e u * wn/s million a year in crime-operable value of about $20, fighting monpy |o s,a(e gnd |o_ cal governments. The biggest government ex-1 The sequence began last week penditure was $40,650 for a when Santarelli told WASHINGTON (AP) - Donald Santarelli has resigned as head of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration and the resignation has been accept-1 Simon leaks, and Stein leaks, ed by the White House, a jus- Secretary of State Kissinger tRe department source report- and administration official Her-I uesday.    ^erf §^ejn are jewjsh. The source said the resigna-; The President apparently did lion was voluntary and was not not realize that Treasury Secre-requested by the White House tary Simon is a Roman Catho de district’s two other judges under protection. Lawless, who had served as lie. Seven Cleared of Plotting To Kill Alabama Sheriff COLUMBIANA. Ala. (UPI) ■ brick and redwood fence, which will not be removed. ---------- a reporter,-    , that the Watergate scandal has Seven persons accused of Plot* ^ .....    county ‘Family of Man’ Award To Liberian President made the government "a nas tier place to be these days.” He said then that he wanted to leave government service I soon, but meantime he ‘very assiduously in ting to kill Shelbv Sheriff C. P. "Red” Walker were cleared Monday — one day before W’alker faced one of ,,. the seven in a runoff election •j„W lier sheriff. avoid men- ti/\n,inrf    ...    i Kenneth Ingram of Ashland, a in mihlir name in public.; cjrcL,it court judge sitting by p '    .special assignment in Shelby When the report was pub- county court, dismissed the ashed, Santarelli complained of charges after a prosecutor said misunderstanding in the there was no evidence indicating a plot. "It would be a dastardly thing for the prosecutor to go forward when he believes the people are innocent and that no crime has been committed,” said Ray NEW YORK (AP)—Liberia’s President William Tolbert has I been selected    for the    1974 "Family of Man” award by New ; York City's churches and business leaders.    |a The selection of Tolbert, a ground rules of the interview ; descendant of former American * and claimed he had not meant , slaves. represents a change in his remarks for publication, the tradition of honoring    only!    Three days    later, he com- (°m ^mencan    plained of the "unfortunate no- I olbert was described as the toriety” the news account stim-  ____ J leader of Africa s most progres- alated and launched into tepid Acton, an assistant state attor-:s,ve    and a Prom°ter praise for the President’s sup- ney general. of tribal and    cultural    unity port of LEAA.    Coincidentally or    District    Attorney    Harold    Wal- through his program of inte- not, he skirted the parts of his don said the charges, filed by grating tribal groups into the written text referring to Nixon Walker, were "conceived, born national economy and political by name.    and executed in politics.” system.    Sunday, Santarelli’s public    Walker,    who    arrested    the The 1.700 churches of the criticism of Nixon heightened seven one week before the Dem-jCitys Council of Churches and when the Philadelphia In- ocratic primary runoff for about 3,000 business and pro-;quirier’s "Today” magazine sheriff, said he believed the I res ion a I leaders announced Mon- published an account of a recent charges were true and will try day that Tolbert had been interview in which he urged the to get a grand jury to consider chosen to receive the award. 1 President to resign.    1    the case. tion,    although no actual    tally was taken. ABA President Chesterfield Smith, in a key address imme- a j^gp jn thjs southeastern diately before introduction of Washington community of 13,-the resolution, declared at one js survived by his widow', point.    "The President is not    and five    children. God.”    ___ He    told delegates that    "the Asks More    Funds for dirty tricks, the illegal contribu-    ...    .    r tions,    the burglaries, the    influ-    Public    Works,    AEL ence peddling and the payoffs WASHINGTON (AP) — The! have been now well-documented house appropriations committee in governmental tribunals ... has recommended a stepped-up "If you are not now repulsed, appropriation cf $4,475 billion chagrined and disgusted with for water and power public what happened you are tolerant works and the Atomic Energy indeed —. tolerant to a point Commission, beyond my own comprehension. I he total is $63 million above and in my own judgment, toler- President Nixon s budget re-1 ant to a point destructive to doest and more than $5<H) mil both democracy and represent- ^on over Jear s Relative government.” Smith said in his: most critical speech to date on Nixon that "the President, like all other people, must answer to the law . . . He can’t decide what laws are for him and what laws are for other people . . . He can’t | decide that he doesn’t like to pay taxes and not pay taxes.” yes, you can say “charge it” when you have us fill your prescriptions Its hard to budget for illness, so we’re happy to provide you with a con-charge account, you is paramount venient Serving with us. Pfi/RUHOU ut pharmacies 7 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS President Signs Peace Corps Bill WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Nixon has signed legislation authorizing $82.2 million for the Peace Corps for fiscal 1975, the White House said Monday. This is the amount requested in his budget. 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