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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa St "    /    '    J*    ■ Labor Department Seeking To Modernize Price Index I. ll____ .    .    ______ By Chirlts Flluer WASHINGTON (UPI) - The way the government figures it, Sam Sixpark is an average American blue collar or ‘ lerlcal worker who spends 55.8 cents out of every $100 he earns for haircuts. Mrs Sixpack spends 22 3 cents of every HOO on seamless nylon hose Together, they spend 88 4 cents of every HOO for steak, ll cent* for bananas and $5 18 for food away from home, including 84 4 cents for snacks. Out of the same HOO, the baby-sitter collects 32 cents, college tuition takes 33 cents and bowling fees 33.5 cents. The government says this is the way we live and spend our money — and then adds “maybe.” Same Problems These expenditures and hundreds of others by “Sam Sixpack” are reflected in the government’s Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is closely watched as a key to the nation’s economic state. In 1967, HOO would buy HOO worth of goods at then prevailing prices. Today it takes $144 to buy the same goods. There are some problems, however, with this statistical portrait of America: Sam Six-pack represents only 45 percent of the nation's population, and American buying patterns have changed. To resolve the problem, the government’s Bureau of l^bor Statistics (BLS) has asked congress to provide funds to devise a second index covering 80 percent of the public, not just blue collar and clerical workers. Change in Habits The bureau already is working on the second problem It is trying to find out how Americans spend their money and where, with an eye to revising the present cost-of-living index. We now live in a world of long hair, trash mashers, panty hose, fast food restaurants and cars with fancy standard equipment once considered accessories. We also shop for our goods end services at discount houses, suburban shopping centers, convenience stores and mail order house's, “We’ve changed our shopping habits but those changes have not been reflected in our statistical portraits,” according to Julius Shiskin, commissioner of labor statistics. Imperia at ta Workers That’s why the government is spending $38.7 million to overhaul the Consumer Price Index, as required by law every IO years The new revision is scheduled to be completed in April, 1977. Is the revision really important? Workers think so: Famed Paris Cafe Closed For While Where will they go now. tile Americans in Paris hungry for a familiar face from back where they came from0 The Cafe de la Paix is closed “lf you sit at one of its tables,’’ goes the old saying, “sooner or later you’ll see someone from your home town.” More often than not it’s another tourist from back home — keeping an eye out for someone from back home. Homesick hunters like that will be missing from those glamorous sidewalks overlooking the Place de I'Opera until next October But by then the world’s most famous sidewalk cafe will bi* renovated and again setting the style universally imitated by other “urban oases of civilization” as one expatriate American prnelatrrn'd For the sidewalk cafe syndrome — watching the passing parade while slowly sipping an ipcritif or the like —is known in hundreds of neighborhoods t hroughout I ii rope and now increasingly in the I S , the National Geographic Society says Nowhere have sidewalk cafes become a way of life more than in Paris, which has upward of IO,(MIO of them. Wandering Albatross Has Largest Span The wandering albatross of the .southern oceans has the largest wing span of anv bud, adult males averaging IO feet 2 inches with wings tightly st etched The largest recorded specimen was a male measuring ll feet IO inches in Western Australia about 1957 About 800,000 United Auto Workers received wage increases in June because their pay is linked to the cost of living to protect them against unreasonable Inflation. The increase came to 13 cents an hour at Ford, Chrysler and General Motors Aluminum workers covered by a contract negotiated by the United Steelworkers got 44 Cents an hour more in March and another 13 cents an hour in t June because of an incTease in the price index. Shiskin believes that more than 5 1 million Americans are covered by wage contracts tied to the price index. The number is increasing .steadily and the concept now is being applied to some pension plans. “Some 48 million persons now find their incomes directly affected by the index,” Shiskin said "Included are almost 29 million social security beneficiaries, about 2 million retired military and federal civil service employes and survivors, BM thousand postal workers and about 13 million food stamp recipients ” Also affected by the index, he said, are the 24 million children who eat lunch or breakfast at school under the National School Lunch Act and the Child Nutrition Act of 1988 Because so many Americans have a stake in the index, every care must be taken to make sure it is a reasonably accurate reflection of normal spending habits. “At present,” Shiskin said, “a one percent change in the index can trigger an increase of more than $1 billion in income under various escalation programs An error of only 0.1 percent can thus lead to the misallocation of more than $100 million." The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Son , Joly 28. 1974 JA Ten Percent of U.S. Population Over 65 Nearly IO percent of the United States population, or 20,049,592 persons, were 85 years and older according to the 1970 U. S. census. Of this number, about six million live in the south, 5 7 million live in the north central states, 5.2 million reside in the northeastern states and 3.1 million live in the west, the World Almanac says. New York state has nearly two million residents 85 years and older and California has 18 million Uses Owl Chair Each Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court sits on the bench in his own chair, brought along when he ascends to the court Monday, July 29; Tuesday, July 30, Wednesday, July 31 LAST THREE DAYS!! ,    #■    'Vt    » Sip WK* . SMULEK0FFS 2V2 acres of everything for your home Open Monday 9 ’til 9 Save on all 6 big floors! 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