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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa heathcliff The Investor’s Guide Bs Sam Shiilskv Q — I think {lit* si 11 «j 11 investor is discouraged by a company's low dividend even though earnings are largo •riough to pay out more money. Isn't this a means of obtaining orporate funds at low cost'.' Isl) I it unfair to deny the sliareholder a fair return on hts investment? Short of that I feel the company should be required to buy back its stock it the holder desires A — I have always tried to point out thiit when you buy shares iii a corporation you are turning over the control of your money to that company's management and (fiat, realistically, you have very, very tittle say iii how that money should tie used or how much you should tie rewarded Iii other words, you’ve become a “silent partner'' in the company, ( orporate directors who feel that a larger proportion of earnings should be retained (and less paid out iii dividends) are entirely within their rights. They are directing the affairs of the company, and have the right to decide how earnings should be allocated Retained earnings, of course, are a way of obtaining funds at no interest cost. Is it unfair? That depends upon what the company is set up to do It it is a growth company developing new products, or new applications of old products, and new markets, then you must expect that a larger proportion of its net earnings will be retained fafresca re h and development of such new programs. Some companies, for this reason, pay out only a small percentage (say, lit percent) of earnings in dividends. Utility companies. on the other hand, may pay out as much as HO, 70 or even 80 percent An investor looking for income should consider these The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tri.. July 26. IHT I Sam Shulsky choices before he invests — and not buy just any stock and then hope dividends will be increased There is no legal provision which requires a company to buy back stock at the holder's option — nor do I see how this would be feasible. Common stock represents permanent capital “For twenty years she wouldn’t do a thing we asked her to do, and now she promises to obey some guy she’s only known two months ” WOW'. . IT MOST bt a WHOPPER, GRAMPS/" WIN AT BRIDGE By Oswald & James Jacoby “Haste makes waste” is a fine old maxim that bridge players should keep in mind at ail times. South couMn't wait to put dummy’s ace of hearts on VVest ’n king. This gave him tin* NORTH 26 A J 10 7 9 A 9 2 ♦ 752 ♦ K 854 WEST EAST A 6 4 532 9 K Q J 8 7 5 9 10 6 4 ♦ A Q4 ♦ J 10 9 8 ♦ 963 ♦ qj IO SOUTH (D) ♦ A K Q984 93 ♦ K 63 ♦ A 72 Both vulnerable West \orlh East South la 29 2 A Pass 4 a Pass Pass Pass Opening lead- -K9 first triek, but lost him the contract because he had to lose three diamonds and a club later. A little thought before playing to the first trick would have told South that he bad a sure club loser and that if possible fie wanted to keep Hast from ever gaining the lead. After that thought he could have let West hold the first trick West would continue hearts. Smith would win the second heart and discard a club. Then lie would play two rounds of trumps and stop so as to leave a trump entry to dummy. Three rounds of clubs would come next. He would ruff the The bidding has been 26 West North East South la Pass 2a Pass 39 Pass 4+ Pass *> You. South, hold t A Q 6 5 4 VA Q654 +AK42 What do you do now? .A —Bid six spades. Your partner is showing the ace of clubs. You don't try for seven because his first hid was only a single raise. TODAY S QUESTION Instead of bidding two spades your partner has jumped to three spades over your one spade W'hal do you do now? third; go to dummy with dummy’s last trump; discard a diamond on the 13th club and finally lead a diamond toward his king. This would give him an overtrick if East held the ace, but with that card resting comfortably in the West hand, South would just make his contract. That is certainly a lot better than going down. For Better Health Rabbits Carry Diseases By Dr. S. L. Andeiman Many animal lovers, especially children, enjoy keeping rabbits as pets. You’re likely to see rabbit cages in many garages and back yards, and it’s not unusual to find a rabbit hopping around a big-city apartment. In more rural areas, children may even care for sick rabbits they've caught. Unfortunately, these kind gestures may result in a highly infectious disease. Both cottontail rabbits and domestic varieties kept for marketing purposes should be handled with rubber gloves. A mild antiseptic used on the hands before and after handling each animal will also help protect from the infection known as tularemia. The organism causing the disease is a bacillus, Pas-tureilu tularensis. The initial lesion is generally an ulcer from which the infection spreads into lymph nodes and channels, causing deep, extensive, painful lesions that discharge pus. Before the discovery of antibiotics, the infection often went on to a general septicemia — with fever and complications in lungs, liver, spleen, brain and bone marrow — and death. The best way to prevent tularemia is to avoid touching rabbits without gloves, to burn cloth or paper in which a killed animal has been wrapped and to avoid sic k rabbits. Children and dogs are highly susceptible to tularemia and should be kept away from rabbits. Certainly not a pet but an animal some people still have to cope with is the rut. The bite of a rat may transmit to man a bacterium causing fever, chills, infection of the lymph glands, headache, swelling of the spleen and other symptoms, usually accompanied by a rash. Laboratory examination of the blood or material from the site of the bite is used to identify the organism and the disease POTTED ROSE BUSHES BEDDING PLANTS OUTDOOR POTTERY & LAWN ORNAMENTS INDOOR POTS 10% off CANDLES Vt to Vt off STRAW flowers 5‘ ea. Other dried A artificial foliage at Sale PricesI 25% off J boxes $“1 OO 25% off J** ii fez V vj£JlP V rn fX SMU LE KOF FSI 2'/j acres of everything for the horn# First Street at Third Avenue SE in Downtown Cedar Rapids Open Saturday 9 a.m. ’til 5 p.m. ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE < ‘ H mm A Sensational Sale . . . and a sensational chance for you to really save on great Home Furnishings at Smulekoff s! 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