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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa fLtdnt &npuUTom Sawyer Revisited Warm, schooners (Jays bring out the Tom Sawyer in most any youngster. But some, like Larry Williams of Oxford, Ala., fit the type naturally. Nine-year-old Larry walks with the easy confidence characteristic of boys who spend most of their time outdoors. Like Mark Twain's free-spirited character, Larry is not too concerned about the adult world. He’s content to spend his days romping with his two ponies, or fishing in a quiet pond with his dog, Boots. Larry says he likes to usi* “wiggly” worms for bait, but for Larry, crickets are for other things. “I bkt1 to put them in a bottle and save them,” he says. One year, Larry managed to land the biggest catfish on a family fishing trip “But Daddy ate it," he recalls With his fishing pole in one hand, and his cap in another. Larry Williams enjoys a run This was the view from ground level of the topping-out. with streamers flying 25 stories up. from the top of the building and from the boom of the craneNeither the White House Nor A merican Em bassy ll auld Help Sinatra By Art Buchwald lo Frank Sinatra Wherever You Are — Dear Blue Eyes. I just wanted to tell you how shocked all of us here in America were when we heard the Australians had cut off your room service and refused to refuel your private airplane just because you called women reporters “$1.50 hookers” and said male reporters were “parasites who never do an honest day s work in their life." I mean didn’t they know who they were messing with? As soon as the bulletin came out on the wire services, I called the White House and said. “What you going to do about Frank?” and you know what the joker on the phone said? “Frank who?” That just shows you what shape the White House is in since all your pals left. I’ll tell you one thing If Spiro was still there, they wouldn’t have asked “Frank who?” So I told them. “Frank Sinatra, the Chairman of the Board, OI’ Blue Eyes himself. The Aussies are holding him hostage because he insulted the press and his people started beating up on reporters. "What are you going to do about it?” internal Matter    * uc M"ALD Well, you know what the bumpkin said0 “That’s an internal matter between Sinatra and the Australians." That really got me sore and I said. “Do you know Frank gave more than $100,000 to Nixon’s campaign? Doesn’t he get a little service for that?” So this flunky said, "What do you want us to do?" I didn’t get any satisfaction from the White House so I 1 ailed the Australian embassy and got the ambassador on the line. I said unless the prime minister of his country personally apologized to you. Maxine Cheshire would throw a picket line around his embassy and cut off his water and gas. He got a little nervous about that, but he said Australia was a free country and he couldn t do anything about what unions over there decided to do to you How do you like that, h rank? A free country and they won’t even let you rough up a few newspapermen \meriran T.ntertainerM I know you re wondering why I’m doing all this for you. Die truth is I’m not only doing it for you but for every American entertainer in the world. Unless we stand up for your rights, the United States is going to tx* treated like a pitiful helpless giant. Look what they did to Sammy Davis in Monaco. If we had nuked em after Sammy wasn’t invited to a cocktail party at the palace, you wouldn’t have all that trouble in Australia We’ve got to draw the line somewhere, and you’re as good a case as any Sure, you worked things out in Australia for the moment But I wanted you to know how we feel about you here in Washington Whatever you do abroad is okay with us because von did it your way! Have a nice day, A B AP WirephotoAfrican Top A helicopter lowers a fiberglass minaret to top off the Peacock court’s clock tower Thursday in Johannesburg. South Africa The minaret. which weighs 1,280 jtounds. was one of the finishing touches put on the new $19.5 million Oriental Plaza shopping center which houses HI Indian commercial ventures Robert C. Armstrong, left, and Peter F. Bezanson. developers of the Cedar River Towers in downtown Cedar Rapids, Thursday held a topping-out ceremony for the tallest residential structure in Iowa. 25 stories. They are pictured examining a white concrete tablet which each guest at the ceremony was invited to personally sign The tablet will be placed in the elevator tower on the roof of the building AP Wirephotos Larry Williams, a modern-day Tom Sawyer, strolls through a pasture. He loves his ponies Gazette photos Dv John Towers Ceremony ;

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