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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Capite: Fri., July 28, 1971 Real Life Prison Rescue Is The Inspiration for a Movie "* ‘i    V    ^    I*    '    ’ AP Wirephoto Charles Bronson stars in "Breakout", drama of the escape of an American business man from a Mexican prison where he was serving a 28-year term for murder. Theater Time Schedule for Friday PARAMOUNT - "Uptown Saturday Night" — fi. 7:55, 9:50 Saturday matinee — "Uptown Saturday Night” — 2 IO, 4:05. 6 IOWA — '‘Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” - I 30, 3:35, 5 45, 7:55, 9:50 WORLD - "Joe Kidd" -1:30, 4:50, 8:20, "High Plains Drifter” - 3 05 . 6 30. IO TIMES — "The Sound of Music” — 2, 8 Saturday matinee — "The Sound of Music” - 2, 5. PLAZA — "Where the Red Fern Grows” — 2, 3:55, 5:45, 7:40, 9:30 STAGE I - "The Gravy Train” - 7:45. 9:35. Saturday matinee — "The Gravy Train” — 2:35, 4:25. STAGE 2 — "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry” — 8. 9:50 Saturday matinee — "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" — 2 30. 4:20. STAGE 3 - "For Pete’s Sake” — 8, 9:50 Saturday matinee — "For Pete’s Sake” - 2 40. 4:25 STAGE 4 - "The Parallax View” - 7:40 . 9:40    , Saturday matinee — "The Parallax View” - 2 30. 4 30 EASTOWN I - "Buster and Billie” - 2, 3:50, 5:40. 7:30, 9:20 EASTOWN 2 - "Herbie Rides Again” — I 40 , 3:30, 5 20. 7:10, 9 MARION — Features at ll, I. 3, 5, 7. 9. ll. COLLINS — "The Working Girls” — 9:15, "The Single Girls” — 10:55. “Sweet Sugar” - 12:15. TWIXT TOWN - "Buster and Billie” — 9:15; “The New Centurions’’ — 11:05; “Catch 22” - 12:55 TWIN WEST - "McQ" -9:20; “Cahill U.S. Marshall" — 11:30; "The Great Northfield, Minnesota Raid” — 1:20. TWIN EAST - "Carnal Knowledge" — 9:20; "The Graduate” — 11:15; “C.C. and Company” — I 05 rn Stage 4 Warren Beatty teams with Paula Prentiss in the mystery, "The Parallax View", scheduled to begin its engagement at the Stage 4 theater Friday. By Boh Thomas LOS ANGELES (AP)—Some melodramatic news events evoke tin' immediate response. "That sounds just like a movie " An American businessman’s helicopter escape from a Mexican prison is one. Now it is being filmed as "Breakout”, with Tom dries ("The Glass House”, ”QB VU") directing Charles Bronson as tin1 daredevil pilot who masterminds plucking tin' American out of stir The actual figure was Victor Stadter of Glendora, Calif The real event happened shortly before midnight August IS, 1971, while most of the inmates of the Santa Maria Acatitia federal prison were watching a nun ie. A helicopter swooped into the prison courtyard, collecting Joel David Kaplan. 42. Nerving a 28-year term for murder. Kaplan was transferred to a light plane and flown to the United States, where he remains. In the wake of the bizarre escape came a flood of rumors and accusations, among them, that Kaplan worked for the CIA. that he had been railroaded to prison by a relative who wanted his inheritance Absurd Fact "The reason the script works is the absurdity of the whole thing,” says dries "The story would be unbelievable, except for the fact that it happened. “We’re sticking as close as possible to the story, changing only the names and certain relationships “The uncle, whom Kaplan accused of trying to keep him in prison, is played as a grandfather. The sister, who spent a reported million dollars to get Kaplan out of Mexico. becomes his wife.” The wife is played by Jill Ireland. Bronson’s own wife. The prison escapee is Robert Duvall, the Mafia lawyer of "The Godfather”. “Breakout”, which Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler are producing for Columbia, started filming recently in Los Angeles. C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 377-8081 lf you need help: Foundation ll... 362-21 74 (4 p in to midnight) The downtown Bank of America tower is doubling for the Texas headquarters of the scheming grandfather Then the company takes off for Spam and France to shoot the Mexico City aud prison sequences Mexican Censorship Why not shoot iii Mexico ’ "Not possible," said dries. "Working in Mexico is always difficult because of the censorship. and we ran into problems with this script. "They don’t care about the uav we would portray the prison system, but they wouldn't allow us to show bribery of the judges." The director worked iii Spain before and scouted prisons iii Soria and Badajoz The government declined permission for filming there, and dries located an abandoned prison on the French side of tin1 Spanish border at Le-Berthus Courtroom scenes and a guerilla clash will be filmed in Madrid. dries admitted that it is difficult for movie scripts to keep up with the drama of news events like Watergate and the Patty llearst case. Sa iii he: Incredible ( ase "lf I had been presented flit' ‘Breakout’ script, without knowing it was based on real happenings. I would have rejected it The things that happened iii this ease were incredible "For instance, the helicopter landed and took off from the prison without a shot being fired "I’m changing that sn the guards start to shoot, because it inst might be unbelievable.” Victor Stadter (right) is the helicopter pilot whose prison rescue is the inspiration for the film. OPEN j 8:15 r TWIN EAST SEK? 6300 6TH STREET S.W. SHOW 9:00 ★ NOW! ★ 3 SHOCK HITSI ★ (amal knowledge' is one no* 1 of the best movies ever!1 ^    Lit Smith, Cosmopolitan Magazine * rn wmstm ,umm    n Mike Nichols, lack Nicholson, (aiulke Bergen, ArthurGarfunkel, Ann Marcel and Jules fritter. ☆ NO. 2 ☆ CROWING PAINS! ★ X \ JOSEPH E LEVINE MIKE NICHOLS LAWRENCE TURMAN / ACADEMY AWARD WINNER DIRECTOR MIKE NICHOLS mr BEST    PQ \ GRADUATE I + No- 3 MOTORCYCLE TERROR! “C.C. AND ^COMPANY” I (PG) COLOR OPEN rn 8:15 J DRIVE-IN in VV hV I THEATRE 6300 6TH STREET S.W. SHOW 9:00 JOHN rn Allen Jenkins Dead; Was Actor 52 Years SANTA MONKA. Calif (AP) — Allen Jenkins. TG. who played comic gangsters he described as "mugs" fur most of his 52 years us un actor on stage, the movies and television, died Saturday, a week after undergoing surgery for removal of a lung lie appeared in mon* than 175 films. including ”42nd Street The St Louis Kid” and “I Am a Fugitive from a ( ham Gang”. 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