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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (the (fcelite l\ttpuU (Ihtje’He Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Hearst, parents of Patricia Hearst, arrived in Los Angeles by air Wednesday night from San Francisco after a woman told Los Angeles police by telephone she was Patty Hearst and wanted to surrender The call, police said later, was a hoax. With the Hearsts was another daughter. Anne. Sinatra Touch Of Class Adding a touch of class to his job as a kettle jack for a roofing company, Robert Flagons. 29, went to work dressed to the hilt Plagens, who was keeping the tar hot for roofers making repairs to a roof in downtown Milwaukee, wore the suit he graduated from high school in. He said he felt he should be dressed up for working downtown. jet Telephoto Los Angeles police department information officer, Ll. Dan Cook, tells newsmen Wednesday night that police were tricked by a hoaxer into believing they had trapped heiress Patty Hearst in a Los Angeles apartment. More than a hundred officers surrounded the building in suburban North Hollywood, but the suspect apartment was empty. AP Wirephoto Decision Time Special Watergate Prosecutor Leon Jaworsl waved as he chatted with newsmen outside the si preme court in Washington Wednesday after the com ruled the President must surrender White Hous tapes and papers sought by Jaworski. The com ruled, 8 to 0, with Chief Justice Warren K. Burge delivering the ruling UPI Tetephc President Nixon’s attorney, James St. ( lair, sta in silence at reporters’ questions as he finishes re mg a statement to newsmen in Laguna Beach, Ca to the effect the President will comply fully with supreme court decision that went against the Pr dent regarding Watergate tapes. Another AP Wirephotos I foci A* Entertainer Bob Hopes listens as den John C. Meyer, commander-in-chief of the Strategic Air Command, introduced Hope at an Air Force Assn. banquet in Omaha honoring him for “Outstanding service to his country.’’ In his talk Hope forecast peace “in our time, if we can only get Sinatra out of Australia before he starts World war 111.’’ UPI Telephoto Kelly Ravenscroft, 13, talks with a newsman in Los Angeles late Wednesday night about a police raid on lilt* apartment where she is visiting, in the belief they were about to capture Patty Hearst. More than a hundred officers surrounded the building after reports of Miss Hearst being seen there, followed by a phone call -which officers later said was a hoax -in which “Patty Hearst” offered to surrender. Miss Ravenscroft, whose home is in Sacramento, said she often is taken for Miss Hearst. Jackie    W    it    lid rrn Symptoms Include Headache and ihirst By Erma Hornbeck I missed my beauty shop appointment one day last month and strange things happened to me. (The least being I went to a tearoom for lunch and was offered a (iainesburger in the kitchen.) I developed an uncontrollable thirst. My palms sweater!. I got this terrific headache and my nerves were like jagged pieces of glass. When I mentioned this to my hairdresser she* smiled and said. “You are having withdrawal symptoms from not having read anything about Jacqueline Onassis for a week." Oh, come on. I said, I ve never heard of anything so ridiculous.” “It’s true,” she said. “Other women have told me the same thing. Look at the facts. For the last 20 years, has a week gone by that you haven’t seen or road something about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis?" “Not a single one,” I said slowly. “What was the last thing you read?” “John’s bicycle was stolen.” Worn#* ShufM' “That was a week ago Tuesday. You are in worse shape than you think." “I don’t believe you,” I said, picking up a magazine and leafing through it. Then I saw Jackie in a white suit and a dark blouse and read where her cook quit because Jackie likes cucumber sandwiches for tea. I put down the magazine. My hand had stopper! shaking. My palms were dry. My headache had disappeared and I was composed once again. I cannot remember when I became addicted to Jackie or why. Hut a lot of it was going around back in the late abs For awhile I even hallucinated I saw Jacqueline Kennedy everywhere Or thought I did. I thought I saw her driving a school bus, sitting across from me at the pediatrician’s lifting a tuna casserole recipe out of a magazine with her fingernail I saw her in church, at a magic food slicer demonstration at the dime store, and in an express line a! Re VCO. Stuck With Jackie I stuck with Jackie when the photographer found her in the line for “I Am Curious Yellow,” on her topless walk on her private beach and her marriage, of which I disapproved, to an older man. But now she had become habit forming aud it had to stop I can truthfully say it s lH*en three weeks since I’ve neither seen nor read a word about Jackie What'shcrnamc And I’m a better person for it. Yesterday as I rushed into the beauty shop my hands shook as I grabbed a magazine out of the hands of a woman under the dryer and flipped the pages Then* I read where ( her was wadi and happy. “Thanks,” I said breathing deeply, “I needed that.” (Copyright 19/4, field enterprise*, Inc ) ;

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