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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 17, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed But according to travelers recently in Albania and the country’s controlled press itself, Hodja’s announcement was premature, ' Reactivi/ation” Anion# the tough Geg mountaineers in the north and Tosk farmers rn the south, Moslem and Christian religious feelings are reportedly still widespread been observed in some districts ” There are reports of villages failing to work on Easter and of mass visits to ruined churches and other holy places. Moslems still observe the fast of Ramadan in large numbers, recent visitors said An official publication admitted red Easter egg shells had been strewn in front of Before the (Communist takeover in 1944, religious affiliation was estimated at 70 percent Moslem and 30 percent Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian. Several months ago the Albanian stale radio announced from the capital, Tirana that “reactivization of religion, of backward customs and outdated conservative mentality have placing the struggle against religion on a scientific basis and using the entire party apparatus “down to the district committee and grassroots level.” ON THIS DATE in 1973, Afghanistan was proclaimed a republic after a palace coup that ended the 40-year rule of King Mohammed Zahir Shah. and religious rites are being passed on to the younger generation, particularly by elderly people.” The Albanian Workers (Communist) party blames ineffective propaganda for the failure to make all 2.3 million Albanians atheists. The party has decided to broaden the scope of atheist propaganda by some state offices in a deliberate act of defiance. New Effort Icons are still kept in houses, crosses worn as necklaces by women and religious literature preserved, according to accounts in the official press One article made a significant disclosure: “Many unwritten canon law normsRomania Not Yet Fully Rid Of Religion Chairs & Swivel Rockers Reg. $129 to$159 Use Smulekoffs Budget Account Your transaction is o pnvote, confidential one at Smulekoff s Your account stays with the store It is never sold to a finance compony AU ITEMS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALEDec. 31 may be the end of your year, but ours ends July 31 ... Smulekoff s fiscal year ends on July 31. That s the day inventory must be taken on all home furnishings in stock. It s only logical that the less we have to count the happier we are, so that s why you can be sure the SAVINGS WILL BE HIGH AND THE PRICES LOW during our Pre-Inventory Sale. We've got odds and ends, scratched, dented and soiled items that MUST GO - at MUST GO PRICES! 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