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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Ill\t (Ttfdnr *l\tt pieta AP Wirephoto    —,    _    _    _      UPI    TelephotoMoment of Disagreement Displacing His Big Head An Atlanta lad and his dog had a moment of disagreement as to their proper direction during an afternoon walk in    Tom    Isler' Belleville, 111., proudly displays the giant head of cabbage that was grown at his home. The cabbage an Atlanta park.    weighs    21 pounds.Low Goin’ At left, Cory Wise, 12, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Wise, 1735 K avenue NW, probably wishes he were about six inches shorter as he attempts to squeeze under the bar in a “limbo” contest at Fillmore playground Monday afternoon. At right, playmate Tony Malloy, ll, son of Dolores Malloy, 816 C avenue NW. looks like he has wrenched his back in his attempt at the oar. Both made several attempts before losing to shorter, more flexible competitors. The lighthearted competition was part of the summer recreation program at the playground. Gazette photos by Dole Hankins Henley Found Guilty Elmer Wayne Henley. 18, entered Bexar county courthouse in San Antonio Monday. Minutes later a jury found the high school dropout guilty in six of 27 homosexual torture deaths in the Houston area. AP Wirephoto Anne Batchelder, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Nebraska, urges her frog, Anne’s Marvel, to jump during the annual Yutan Frog .lumping Rodeo in Yutan, Neb , this week The annual rodeo held by the Yutan Volunteer I ire Department also rents frogs to entrants not taking their own. Ralph Nader Should Investigate The Safety Of the Shopping ( 'art By Erma Hornbeck Dear Mr. Nuder As a frequent visitor to the supermarket (every three hours during the months of June, July, and August), I wish to call your attention to a vehicle that is unsafe when it is standing still: the grocery shopping cart. As you may know. no license is required in any state to drive the cart. Anyone, regardless of age, vision, physical condition, or mental health can get behind the wheel. Occasionally. there is no one behind the wheel. These little irresponsible devils slam into cars in the parking lot without a driver in sight. The grocery cart is turning supermarkets    into    a    demolition derby. As proof, I offer my own personal observations    on supermarket driving. Point I: Grocery carts are never parked. They are welded together as a group at the door and must be separated by kicking, jiggling, wiggling, and a good stiff kick in the old breadbasket. This possibly accounts for the body construction Ining weakened Stiffly I berk Point 2 A safety check would reveal there isn t a shopping cart that docs not have all four wheels working Unfortunately, all 4> four are locked in the same direction so that bombeck when you drive the cart the steering mechanism will take you (a) into the path of an oncoming cart; (b) into a pyramid of SOO cans of dog food; (c) out the front door w here you just entered. Point 3: I here are no seat belts for the children riding iii the shopping cart seats Thus, it is not unusual to have them lean into your cart and eat half a pound of raw Hamburger before you discover they are there Point 4 Shopping carts should be like airplanes and nuns-It takes fwo to handle tile situation. One to drive and one to gawk and read the caloric content of frozen lasagna \«rr«ir AImIom Point 5: Passing iii tin* supermarket is hazardous because supermarket aisles are built to accommodate the width of one and one-half carts Thus. we encourage the reckless driver who fears the whipped cream topping in his cart is niching and who will purposely force your cart into produce. And here’s the shocker, Ralph Shopping carts have no brakes None whatsoever. I suggest you publicly recall all of them and women everywhere can shop iii (’orvairs until the aisles are made safe Yours truly mr *»*<■ * mttmm rn;* V y ■M "/ * •v VPf UPI Telephoto Hopping for the Best ICopyt iyht 19/4. field t ntr«prit*t. Int I ;

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