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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa JI Tile Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat.. July 13, I HT I Financial and Market News Best Market Sain of '74 CHICAGO GRAIN QUOTATIONS Furnished by Lamson Brothers NEW YORK (AP) - The stock market broke out of its recent slump with a flourish Friday, racking up its best gain of the year. “After the declines we have had in the last few weeks, the market was ready for an explosive rally,” said Robert Stovall at Reynolds Securities. “Just one bit of good news might have been enough, but instead we had five or six." The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials closed up 27.61 787.23. C. R. Markets Prices paid on the Cedar Rap ids hog market Saturday wen 50c higher. Prices paid Friday for the bulk of country and plant de and condition were $34.00-$35.00 Packing sows 300 lbs. down were $26.00-$26.50. Butchers over 230 lbs. are 50c off for each IO lbs. to 250; over 250, 75c for each IO lbs. to 270; over 270 lbs., $1 OO off for each additional IO lbs. of weight. Packers are 25c off weight grade from 3( 50c off each weight grade to 500 lbs. and 75c off each weight grade above 500 lbs. CATTLE MARKET YESTERDAY S QUOTATIONS Choice and prime steers . Choice and prime heifers Good steers .......... .... Good heifers ........... Standard and utility heifers Utility cows Commercial cows...... Cutter cows ............... Bulls WHEAT OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE PREV CL. July 4.53’ a 4.53’2 4.39 4.39 4 34 Sepl ember 4 58 4,58 4.43 4 43 4.37 December 4 65 4 65 4.52 4 52 4 44 March . 4.65 4.65 4.55 4 56 4 45 CORN July ... 3 18’ J 3 18’ i 3.13’2 3.18’ :b 3 09 September . 3.12 3.12 3 06 3.11 3.02’ December .2.96 2.96 2.93 2.94’ 2 2 86' 1 March 2.99 ’i 2.99^4 2.07’ 2 2 98’ 2 2 89 OATS - July I.59’4 I 59’ 4 1.58’ 4 I.59’4 1.53’ 2 September 1.59 I 59 1.56’ J I 58’ '2 1.53 December 1.62 1.62 1.60’ 2 I.61’4 1.561 4 SOYBEANS— July 6.41’2 6.41’2 6.41’ 2 6.41'2b 6.21 August 6.40’ J 6 40’ 2 6.40’ 1 6.40' jb 6.20 September 6.41’ I 6.41’ 2 6.41'. 2 6.41' 2b 6.22 Novmeber 6.39 6 39 6.39 6 39b 6.18 January 6.42 6.42 6.42 6.42b 6.22 Mf Iona interest LATE QUOTATIONS (From Lamson Brothers) Am. Ins. Fund ......... .. 3.54-3.87 Am. Rein...... 16 -1634 Bandog 29’a Banks of Iowa . 2234-2334 Beatrice Foods 17’2 . i Cherry-Bur........... no trades Conrac 1334 Consolidated Foods 163* Executive Data Systems I >4- 2 : FMC ................ 153» M FMIC ................... 53*- 6’ a I Guardsman ............ I 5/16- 2 Harnischfgr ............ 23’4 , Hawkeye BanCorp ... 63»• 7'4 Interstate P......... 12*4 Iowa Electric ........... 11'% Iowa-Ill. Gas 127a John Deere 357% Kidde comm........ ll7# Keuffe! & Esser .12' 2-13' 4 Life Investors, Inc. . 7' 4- 8 LTV Corp....... 93a Marco comm ..... 16 i Maytag ....... 217% McCord Corp........... IO Mid-America 3.78 4.18 A6id-Continent, Ind ... 234- 3’4 Miracle ...... ......... ... 33-4- 4' 4 Ozark .............. 33'4 Quaker Oafs....... 22' a Rath ................. 4’2 I i Rockwell ........... 25'4 Svntex 433s United Fire & Casualty . . 18’ 4-19' 4 Univar .......... 1334 Victor Corp............ 67% : Winnebago 47/» Feel Effects Of Military Doctor Lack WASHINGTON (AP) - A shortage of military doctors has already caused some cutbacks in medical care and will become increasingly severe in the next two years. The Pentagon has notified representatives and senators of the problem in a memorandum linking the shortage to last year’s end of authority to draft doctors. The brunt of the medical care reductions is being borne by families of servicemen and by retired military men and women. the memo indicated. Under chicago'^ap? vvhfa?ANo. 2 hard law, they rank behind those on military duty in eligibility for free treatment in service hospitals and clinics. President Nixon recently sign- Ikwwti Newt Two Firemen Injured in Vinton Blaze Say Underworld Goins In Bankruptcy Plans Religion Professor Speaks at Seminar Dr. David Weddle, assistant Marion Churches Bethel Baptist — I OHO Eighth1 professor of religion at Cornell avenue. The Rev. Calvin ™iior,« ...iii    o,,»J . Thorpe. Sunday school 0:30. college, will speak Sunday at yy 0 r s h j p 10:30, Sermon: VINTON Fire destroyed Hilda’s Flower Shop iii downtown Vinton Friday night. The fire department was called h> the two-story brick building located on the corner of Fourth street and A avenue about 8:30. Several hours later the fire lice, a research center of the justice department’s Law Enforcement Assistance Adminis- the adult seminar session being ‘-The Hole Spirit and the Poo-held at 8:30 a.m. at the First pie of God”. Evening service United Methodist church.    St'nm.,.n'    PA    c    Lookj at the Lords Prayer . His topic is: “What Is Hap- First Baptist — 2895 Four-    r..,,;nLT    ou* S"gl,mFMer0g5; *2?iBh WCTheoawSi.Jh9:3UKeSunL<fay and 'the Garrison fire depart tuts. Its Relation to Ethics andiiCh00i 10:30    ment was called to assist. Morality”. The weekly seminars Grace Baptist Fifteenth street. The are open to the public. * * * Rogers Rites — Services for Sharon A. Rogers, who died Thursday, will be held Monday at St. Pauls Catholic church, New Lisbon, Wis., bv the Rev. R. Martin. Sunday school 9:45. s*on Possibly caused In an oil WASHINGTON (UPI) - A justice department study says organized crime is using a sophisticated system of pro-tration.    a iminiatratnr crammed bankruptcies - called Deputy LE A A Administrate) “scams” — to steal millions Charles Work said the scam from creditors and the public, was particularly bad for the nu There are several variations tion’s economic well-being tx but a typical scam works like cause the underworld works in-. fh> ...... this: Crime figures either start side established and lespected a Inini a legitimate business or move financial mechanisms. °    v    in on an existing one; they then "Because income on as 1- build up an extra large inven- legal revenue is not taxed, we pay higher taxes; because notes we all pay high- 440 South Early in the evening an explo-rory    they    sell    through    all    pay    h Rev. Donl,.„    LTI-,,‘•fences," and finally file for of unpaid i tvmkruntev    er prices for merchandise," Worship 10:50 and 6:30.    furnace blew an orange ball of Jmi >    Work said. Squaw Creek Baptist — Wit- flame out the window. Several    Outright    Looting tuns school. The Rev. Kermit firemen were knocked to the Estimates place organized    $1.3    Million day school IO.' ors up • un-    ground by the force of the ex-1 crime profits at between $9 and    The report included a ease Robins Faith Bible — Corner    plosion and one was    taken by    $10 million a year from infiltra-    s(ucjy 0f tjie infiltration by loan of Main and Mentzer Tho Rev.    ambulance to Virginia    Gay bos-    Hon of legitimate businesses or    charks of the Murray Packing Mirv s    Tomah    =    Whs    '    I'iKV a'’d P"al in Vin,on-    "T8"    .I00,'*8    , Co. of Now York City which Man    s    umuerv    |oman,    v\is.    st    Joscph,s    Catholic    _    995    oavjd    flite suffered a frac- The    report,    entitled “Anatomy    cost its creditors $1.3 million. m lends    may can at    tile    Mur-    Fifth avenue. The Rev. John tlirof| right ankle and    is listed    of a Scam”, was based on 8,000    Scam operators bought large doch    chapel where the    Rosary    Gallagher, the Rev. Martin W. . serious condition.    pages of court transcripts and    Quantities of meat poultry and will be recited Saturday at 7 30 Pfab and the Rev. John Casey    ‘    ...    ,    v    ...    quduiiues ut mem, puumy hv    th**    Rpv    M'irtin    w    Pfnh    will celebrate mass    Saturday at    Another fireman. Albert Gar-1 °^er    Pu^bc    records compiled    eggS jrom Murray’s normal sup- _• ,    ,    7 p.m. at the school, 1430 wood, was admitted to Virginia    National    Institute    of    Law    pliers, tenced the merchandise Gay for    smoke inhalation and!Enforcement    and Criminal Jus-    for more than $750,000 which was withdrawn from the busi- hriends may, if they wish, con- Fourteenth street, and Sunday tribute to the St. Joseph’s school at 7, 9:30 and ll a.m. and 5 memorial fund. * * * he will be released Saturday. Hilda’s Flower Shop is owned winter 4.46’.’n, No. 2 soft A 43'20. Corn No. 2 yellow 3 24n. Oats No. 2 extra heavy white 172'<n Soybeans No. I yellow 6.37' an. $41.00-543 OO $39.00-$42.00 $39.50-$11.50    ... $38.OO-$33.SC    JOLIET    LIVESTOCK $37.00-$34 r.o    Joliet. in .uph - Cattle $27.50-530 50 steers 50-1 OO lower; heifers steady; av- ed a bill authorizing bonuses Up $27.50-530.50 erage choice to prime steers 43.00-44 SO; )    b    r $30.50-$31.50 high choice and prime heifers 43.50-44.25; (to $13,500 a VCar to attract dOC-S34 50-538 50 choice 42.50-44.25; good and choice 40.50-:    ... * (Yield grade 4 overtat steers and heif- 42.50; no canner or cutter cows.    tors    to    military    careers, ers are discounted $5 per cwt. and yield    HOOS 1,800; 1.50-2 00 lowc^ No 1-2 200^ R . ,    pnn*___n *n|fi nf,norncc grade 5 are discounted $i0 per cwt.) 230 lb 36 00-36.50; No 1-3 200-240 tb 35.50- DUt me r CntagOn lulu COUgrCSS (Wasty and gobby overfaf steers are $3 36.00; No 2-3 230-250 lb 34.50-35.50, 250-2601,,-, -ii ■ Cnmo limp'’ hnfnrp id $5 less per IOO lbs. than regular lh 34.00-34.50; No 2 4 260-280 lb 32.00-34 OO; It VV III De Some time DeiOre and commercial cows.) GRAIN No. I yellow corn, $2.90. No. I yellow soybeans, $6 IO. 38 lh. oats. $1.35. Friday prices delivered. SHEEP YESTERDAY'S QUOTATIONS Genuine spring lambs, 90-1 IO lbs $4a00-542.OO Lower graded lambs severely discounted. No 3-4 280-300 lb 38.00-32 OO.    th**    full    nf    this:    ,pnH    nthpr Monday estimated receipts:    4,000 cat- me    tUU    died    OI    iniS    and    Ointr | tie, i,?oo nogs.    programs    to    reduce the shortage LIVESTOCK FUTURES    C3n Chicago (ap) - Futures trading Service wives and children Friday: Close Live Beef Cattle i August ................. 44.87 October ..................43.77 December ................43.70 I February ..................44.85 April .........................43.90 44 25 AA 50 Prev and retired who are persons «.8o shut out of military care can 44 00 get help under a separate pro- 43 »o; gram. But they have to 44 251 part of the cost. pay 37.55 36.60 35 00 36.90 38.30 36.60 37 251 Officials said the armed servos 1 vices are short about 1,800 doc-35 $01 tors. Of the 11,000 in service, 3422 about two-thirds signed up for two years under threat of being still living off Hay Clan/, and Darlene Pettit will be happy to welcome customers to the Wilson Beauty Salon. 377-0550. - Adv. June Payments To Jobless Workers Decline p.m. at the church and 8:30, IO and 11:30 at tho school. Marion Christian 1050 Mc- nd operand by Hilda Mealhow. Gowan boulevard. The Rev.    *    .    .    ,    tl_ Peter M. Morgan. Sunday I Thc lower f,oor contained the school 9. Worship 10:15. Ser- flower and gift shop and the up-mon: “Never Changing Truths”, stairs was used for storage. R o b ! n s CChurch of the No cause of the fire has yet Brethren — 355 Second Judge Refuses Arraignment of ness, and then filed for bankruptcy. In a case that took nine years n    r    to settle, the scam operators Rape Suspect were indicted and found guilty . IOWA CITY — James Reig- conspiracy to violate bank-I street, been deter mint'd sud no es- ^j^jj \vfls trsnsported bv county Ftiptcy luws, the report s3id. ship ll timate has been placed on the amhllInnpp from lln.vprcitv Hor-I Some scams have nothing to Sunday school IO. Worship    i»,    uc-cu    pmccu    o„    ...c    ambulance (rom University hos ,    .    ..    .    ... Church of Christ — 1087 ’rT!a^e    building    was    .1    pj,a|s    j0    magistrate's    court    Fri-    do    with    organized    crime,    the Eighteenth street. William Cain, total loss.    day    ^ ^ charged with assault 'report said. Owners of legiti- Bible school IO. Worship ll Firemen remained at the vvi'th attempt to commit rape. mate businesses sometimes de-and 6:30-    5r>pnn    ,,ntil    K    a    m    He    was    carried    bv    stretcher    Tide    to    milk    assets    of    their    own 111 Firemen remained at the .scene until 6 a.m. Ascension Lutheran — 2210 rnrr. ihrtrio /1 Tm \ m. Grand avenue. The Rev. Denny MOINES (IPI I he j Brake. Worship 9. Sermon: ii •    \a/ Iowa Employment Security com- ‘-Due to Circumstances”.    Marion VV Oman mission announced today that in Lutheran Church of the Rcs-June for the fourth consecutive month unemployment insurance (Ult payments to jobless St. Paul’s Lutheran (Missouri Synod) — 915 Twenty-seventh| DES MOINES (API - Five of thc Res- A    •iii Eighteenth A P P O I n t e d TO mtn Air urrection — 2770 avenue. The Rev. Otto A. zwanzigcr. worship9. State Committee workers declined. to the top floor of the Johnson companies to make a quick kill-county court house, but Magis- »ng- trate Joseph Thornton refused-- to arraign him. citing his physical condition. Reigdell has been charged by police with allegedly attempting Commission officials said UL jr. Worship8 and 10;3o.'Sunday | persons were appointed payments in June, which totaled school 9:15. ...... three-year terms on the    0 $1.6 million, were down 29 per- ?;„!rsV Untied Methodist — advisory committee for adult \un a' mornin8 m a semi-cons-cent from May s level. Howey-    Fighth    avenue. The Rev. pHumtinn appnrHintr in saptn    sac    a    ong    I    gt    roo to to sexually assault a 16-year old t t girl. He had been found last Decorah Woman Killed in Crash Near Burr Oak I Glen W. Lamb, the Rev. Gene education, according to State DECORAH - Sheryl Hay Ryan, 17, route 3, Decorah, was ....   here    Pnliee    still    are uncertain'ki,Ied in a °ne*car crash near er, they noted, the June total Crossett, jr., and the Rev. J. M. :SuPL Robert Benton Friday.    .    ,    f    R . . ... . Burr Oak early Saturday, represented an 8 percent gain Steffenson Sunday school 8:30. They include: Mary Grefe oft- .    .    .    J    .    ®.    ..    Miss    Ryan,    the    daughter    of over the June. 1973. payments.    Mo™*    Uh._____ ^ Mojnps Ed Bwnder of Junesland he has been hospital- Ml, and Ronald Ryan. was Prairie Chapel United Meth- The largest downswing from odJst “JJ Ro*ute* 3.’** The ""Rev" IM a s o n City, Jennie Ou of May was recorded among trans- clive Cook. Sunday school 8:45. Marion, Dale Rickert of Musca-portation industries where a 41 'Worship 9:45.    tine and Henrietta Miles of Wa- percent decrease in UI pay-    Pres(by*^riaa    —    8l'2    terloo. ments occurred. Manufacturing; M^cr sunday school 8:30. Named to two-year terms industries reported the second: Worship 9:30. ‘ Sermon: ‘;Let were Dr. Dale Grabinski of Al-largest reduction of 37 percent1 Your Conscience Be Your gona, Robert Dygert of Council and contract construction was ,lRP}ormed Presbyterian — Bluffs> Janet Freerksen of Des third with a 34 percent decline. 965 South Fifteenth street.! Moines. Tom Miller of Cherokee The average weekly UI pay- The Rev. John M. McMillan, and Dixie Johnson of Fort the ment in June was $59.27 com- Sunday school IO. Worship ll. Dodge 1 ^ 1    _    _    .    .    T    Evening stnHv rrronn    ivuugc. FEEDER CATTLE Friday's quotations from Lamson Bros. i june Close Prev. August August ................... 35.40    35.50    Live    Hogs September    35.50    35.95; July -I    August .... IOWA FARM EGGS    ‘    Derembnr DES MOINES—The Federal-State Mar-1 February ket News Service reported medium incen April live prices I-2c higher Balance mostly unchanged Consumer demand generally good. Supplies in balance but irregularly j    POSTVILLE    BEEF distributed. Undertone fully steady.    POSTVILLE    —    The    Postville    beet    mar-    drafted. Cents per dozen, at tarms, cases ex-, ket Friday quoted prices of prime sheers ,,,lT . changed, quality md volume incentive $43.00 $44 OO; choice steers S39.0O-S42 CO, Were ann living un mc j    i™"*'    '•'"**    Fvenina ctnHv rrrn-m     es-- medium^ 2^3<H^,C’mostly 2879c. A    t^sVfco?    draft,”    said    one    official.    “There    pared to a weekly average in church of God (Seventh Irene Beavers of Ames was fate . 23°32cermosrt7y    Slo-stfoT csnn^35md “Sn.rd.1 is still another year to go be I May of $60.14 and a weekly! Day) - 600 Ninth avenue. W. named to a one-year term.    from    ias? Grad* B.».r^,U; I CRWS $M.oo-$28.oo; bulls $35.oo-$36.oo.    fore we run out.”    I    average    of $54.98 in June, 1973. J- Kuryluk, pastor. Song ser- The objective of the commit-    r ^creary    Ken Pulk' vice 9:45, Sabbath school IO, .    .    .    „JllU    General    admission    to 22c, mostly 18-20c; C quality dirties and checks and small and peewees, 10-20c, mostly 14-16C. POULTRY Iowa live hens. light type, prices mostly unchanged. Higher end of price range paid sparingly Offering and trading light. Demand light. Undertone steady Cents per pound at farms; Commercia! flocks, 5'<-534c, mostly 5';c. Small flock' too few to report Violen«Reduces Over $1 Million Granted Some Aggression tee is to advise the adult education staff of the Iowa Depart-Dayiment of Public Instruction on dead on arrival at the Winneshiek County Memorial hospital in Decorah. According to the Winneshiek county sheriff’s    office. Miss Ryan was alone in the car she was driving on a stretch of Iowa highway 52 closed for new pay- nt?e umuro /.nv    •    iiient    construction. DES    MOINES (API - Acinus-    The accjdcn, occurred abou( a sion prices    for this year s Iowa    ha|f milc south    of Burr 0ak air    will not be raised    near tde grayton    Whitney farm years prices, said    resjdence at 12    05 when the Ryan car went sideways on the pavement and collided with a State Fair Prices Will Not Rise “The Discoverers” fair, Aug. 16-25, remains at $1.50 for 13 and row of concrete culverts stacked at the roadside for the road im- WEBSTER CITY LIVESTOCK WEBSTER CITY (AP) enough available to establish trend; cows and bulls steady 24.00, bulls 26.00-30 00. 500 hogs; butchers steady to 50 lower bulk butchers 35 00-35.50, top 36.00; not heavyweights 25.00-25 25 Monday's estimates: 200 bogs. 9:45, Sabbath worship ll, Saturday. Friday,) Bible study 8- United Seventh ___  w    ^ —    —    .    ^    _    nZthT™    "Aii2400pSnH°nd atvc." needs and to advise the adult old^’50 cents for aix ^rough12 pavement project. To    Eiaht'tate AaenCIGS    VioisMplV'lchu.chLct.ooiTl-education personnel throughout a"0nr.w Vand’333ren 16'■ MisS Ryan‘s car was dcmol‘ * ^    rvyw/lVelwO    Saturday.    Iowa in the evaluation of pro- . jg‘ I“ ®nd *.3, children 16 ,shed. This was the second traf- - grams.    an<|    un^er    W*U *•* *4n>itted free, fic fatality of the year in Win- D.ii... Kl    __fd wdl be perm,tted 10 atlend neshiek county. rouer. INO voice    .    the afternoon auto thrill show services will be held Monday In Lenislaturp    1    .    Aug. I9 at the grandstand at no at to at St. Agnes Catholic y    Cycle Accident charge. On Youth    day,    Aug.    25.    church near Burr Oak. Rosary DUBUQUE - Sen. Ralph Pot- 0SSIAN _    Cur( uhlenhake,iyouth    in an    auth»hzed    Aliform    wil| bc hl,|d 8 p m    Sunday at !SiT°aCme. not duces aggression in some peo- ministration has been granted the first draft of the recodifica- League o^MunicimiHties’Fridav ,13' ruule *’ 0ss'an- is in satis' wWheadmitted free* C*C St«r® Sd" De?orah- ... mains    at $1.    Randy, John, Mark,    and David; 1    grandparents, Mr.    and Mrs. COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP)— DES MOINES (AP) — Over $1 sistance to the department for Hogs a University of Maryland psy* million is federal funds author- administration of its portion of Iowa’s highway safety program: $36,000 to provide funds .for the bureau of criminal in- m American life, actually re- ancj ^ federal highway ad- vestigation; $20,000 to complete SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK SIOUX CITY (AP) (USDA) -5,COO; butchers moderately active, oen sWrS? *ooeu^^i,u,l.tv3r I ecologist says television vio-|jzed by the national highway ^x^s^ioo^ib «woo-26j»J00 lower‘ u s Hence, often blamed for violence traffic safety administration Cattle 300.    m    J In a study published for the Robcrt Ray-S office has rcport. code during the next session of heard in the general assembly7,7 ,' ,)rrnr '^ a^r,ii.ViS!S“,%"'*»MSo: "Journal of Personality and So->d.    ‘    i’m,    usa    sm    ,“i,s    representatives are received in The agencies and their grant cattie, moo cial Psychology”, Dr. OMAHA LIVESTOCK OMAHA (AP) (USDA) — Hogs: 2,500; Dalmas Taylor says he found that TV vi-iamounls are: i t    Iowa    supreme    court,    $32,000 olence. for many people, re-    « provide the administrative staff Department of health $154,500 not speaking the same language injuries motorcycle ac- barrows and gilts very uneven, 190-250 a,.rC< hnstilp fpplinCS that ore lb steady to 50 lower, over 250 lb 50-1 OO uucc:* nodule Ittiuifes uidi pit- lower; U S. 1-3, 190-240 lb 36.CO-36.50; 240- r'pdo aBPTeSSion 250 lb 35.50-36.00; few small lots earlyl'-cut-36 50-37.00. Sows 2.00-3.00 lower, instances 3.50 lower; 320-650 lb 23.00-26.00.    ,    ,    , Cattle and calves- £00; not enough to group of 40 males was Shown ,    .    ... ..... so. » r ...    .    demy, $27,525 to conduct law en- According to Taylor.I'^cement classes for all Iowa watched thc violent IP®3™ officcrs for b€tter man‘ to provide for the transfer of t previously obligated funds during fiscal 1974 to fiscal 1975; $74,600 to provide and plan a as the legislators.” cident near Ossian early Satur- Woman Drowns day morning. He said the league's executive The Winneshiek county board “has been given an made-sheriffs office reports James Keck, rural Cresco, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ryan, Canton. In Mississippi Mi PRAIRIE DU CHIEN. Wis. - u „    ,    ,    uS7aftic    Astern0"8'5    ^    ‘°    "‘"IcvI.VatutS'    Jf    ^7    Chien.    dZned    HH Re said that rn one test, a    aca-    *ry,ce system   ..1^1“    ^    MW    pp q Numbers The funds total $1.163,826. C. R. Alarm System Ruling Appeal Seen I OO lower; few canner, cutter and utility segments of Violence and noncows 20.00-23X0,    ® _violence. , DRESSED    MEATS    those Who _________ _________ cJS.5    i scenes came away with fewera8ement of traffic problems. mB;eV,^eddeSabout norma, tor a Friday hostile emotions than those Who Department of general ser- J/s.cm .xui.uy the legislative floor, compfeted'^b'yr noon? Sot, Tt°^r watched the nonviolent film vices, $62,000 to provide finan-    AnnP^I    Sppn    too late” rt^^.a^i^iq^^oicr5^    clip.    I rial assistance to    the communa,    appeal JCCN    Fotter and j R    Castner< 73»07rooS 7w)-8(^B<i,b    5q?a7de    73 so"^900    Taylor said his study showed icati°ns division    of the depart-    A    notice was filed Friday af-    Ames city manager,    spoke    on fi7?&C7e2soi,er    bMf m    that' American    television ment of general services    so    it    ternoon that an    appeal will be    the    league's    role    during    the »raFdreesr0in^7-2ocib KSSv    ff*so    K    averages eight minutes of vio- may assist local communities    in    filed in Linn    district court    final    sessions    of a two-day    con- ^Loins ^.2o5ibe68yoo«2sf oicn*« 6-8 ib lence for each hour of air time, developing highway safety com- challenging a state revenue de- ference of representatives from u:“'4ib5Voo-54 oo"    53®i    l«®!H© included both entertainment munications systems.    pertinent ruling that the Cedar Iowa’s 18 largest cities. ,b es5i°2i4J6iDlb2oo> 45 50-47 00; seedlcss and sports in his study.    Office for planning and pro- Rapids burglar alarm system is The league does not have ef- Taylor    said    he    does    not    rec-)jamming, $89,000 to provide    subject to Iowa retail sales tax. jfective lobbyists,    Potter main- frozen PORK    bellies ommend    more    violence    on    tele-    fiscal support to the OPP for the    The notice said the petition'tamed. vision, but he said he favors)administration of Iowa’s fiscal will claim that the police de- _______ ^ y    I more research into its    effects on: year 1975 Highway Safety    Pro-!    payment alarm    system does    Services Held 48.20    viewing audiences.    igram.    not constitute an    equipment ren-    -    c --Department    of    public    instruc-    tai, but is part of an overall    '    or    5am    Marrier lion. $62,000 to    measure and crime    prevention function, a    IOWA CITY —    Sam    R. evaluate driver education per-    duty imposed by state law. Marner, 55, died    Wednesday    at formance in Iowa; $34,095 to    It will claim the system is a Mercy hospital in    Iowa City. governmental function    Services were held    Friday    at Potter said the place “to get Ossian on the Ossian-Decorah    10    ^ Mississippi at issues is in committee, be- blacktop about I a.m. Saturday VorwaW had been on an out-hind closed doors, when every- 'ae vehicle ran across thc road ;:    f    ,•    n,p    f    ,,    rt body lets their hair down " into an embankment.    IXk m.o sStl^wi^ rn When a proposed bill arrives on The Winneshiek county sheriff (h MissjssjDDj breakwaters at! it’s much said charges are pending.    in    oreakwaters at us mucn    Kb    approximately 2:4o am, Her Drive Safely body was recovered by officials I at 3:15 a m. To report a violation: Michael Dooley 363-0671 lf you need help: Foundation ll 362-2174 (4 p m. to midnight) bellies Friday's quotations from Lamson Bros Close Prev July ..............46.30 August      45,20 February  ........... 49.95 March .    .    .    49.55 The Iowa Hogs DES MOINES (UPI) interior Iowa-southern Minnesota hogs: Trade slow and demand fair. Butchers 50 cents to 1.00 lower. Sows I 00-2.00 low- Embezzlement Charge Against Woman IOWA CITY — Elizabeth Snod-provide two school bus inspec- purely grass, 49, Iowa City, has been tors who will conduct semi-an-and not a business operation nor the Beckman Buthcrus funeral U.S. j-3 200-230 lh butchers charged with embezzlement bymual inspections of all school    a profit-generating activity as    home and burial    was    at    Deer agent in connection with the buses; $24,600 to provide finan-    defined by law. according to the    Creek cemetery, bookkeeping of a chiropractic cial aide to insure that kinder- notice.    He    was born May ll, 1919. to clinic in Iowa City.    garten through 12th grade traf-    The notice said the appeal of    Lay and Sylvia Marner and was The woman was released    on|    fie safety education programs    the May 13 department ruling    employed by the Speidel Cloth- her own recognizance following    are initiated statewide; $7,158 to    will be on file within ten days    ingCo. for 30 years. a Friday court appearance.    provide fiscal aid for adminis-    after it is served on thc defend-! Mr. Marner was a member of She is accused of converting!tration of the department's por-    ant department of revenue and    the American Legion    and    the more than $13,500 to her own!Hon of Iowa’s highway safety    its director, Donald G. Briggs,    VFW. use.    program.     —«- He    is survived by three chil-! Iowa highwav commission. Hospital Escapee    dren’    Sam ManH*r, Jr • Albany, sows were lower Friday Pack- Trnnsformpr Bursts* $164,500 to provide the financial    «..»»•    •    Ore., Mrs. Steve <Vicky) Tho- rnqniirri»g ru>mearv tn Hod on Arrested in Wisconsin mac, Iowa City; and Jeffrey, at 34.00-36.00* 230-250 lbs 33.25 35.50; 250-270 lbs 31.25-34.50;) 270-300 lbs 29.50-32.75. U.S. 1-3 270-330 lbs 24.75-26.00; 330-400 lbs 24.25-25.50; 400-450 lbs 23.50-25.00; 450-550 lbs 22.00-24.75. Estimates Friday 35,000; j Thursday 49.000; week ago 48,-000; and year ago 30,000. Waterloo Hogs W ATER LOO—Butchers and ing plant delivery, 200-230 lbs., $34.00-$34.50. No. 2 sows weighing 300 lbs., $25.00-$25.50. Results in Fire and implement an accident and LACROSSE. Wis. (UPI) — An home.; two sisters, Mrs. laeff IOWA CITY — A transformer locator analysis system state- inmate from the Iowa women’s (Gwen) Fowler, Ft. Smith, Ark., Produce    burst int0 Bames at Lmversity    wide; $33,000 to staff and equip    reformatory    at    Rockwell City    and Mrs. C.    N. (dennis) Bodie, chicago produce    hospitals at 4:15 Saturday morn-    an evaluation team that will    who    escaped    from a hospital    Iowa City;    two brothers, Ray ch’cago (upi) — wholesale    selling    ing. Firemen fought the blaze    identify and recommend action    was    arrested    in    a phone booth!Marner, jr.,    Iowa City, arid Da- (Vrfcfs mw delivery to chicago)    steady,    for two hours and were success-    at high-hazard locations; $28,WK)    here    Friday. Ifcggs: (Prices, paid delivery to    chica    ful in containing the fire to the    to provide financial assistance yid of Cedar Rapids. go) Steady A, in carte 51; large 47 49; mediums 43-45 Police here reported they ap*! A in cartons*3 delivered ME* t r a* la r ge™^ transformer itself.    to    the    commission    for    adminis-    pretended    Shirley    Zimmerman NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) (USDA)    Whole sale egg offerings generally adequate Demand tost fair on large, fairly good on mediums Friday Whiles Fancy large 45 48 Fancy mediums Ai AA    Fancy smalls 31-35 Butter offerings ample. Demand steady Prices unchanged A circuit that feeds into the tration of its portion of Iowa’s1 who escajx>d Monday from al transformer in the construction highway safety program. [hospital in Iowa City, area on the north side of the Department of public safety,) She had been serving a sen-hospital shorted out, causing $250,000 to provide for an in- tence for forgery and was taken) sparks and clouds of smoke to tegrated traffic record system; fill the area.    $64,850 to provide financial as- to thc hospital ten days ago for a medical examination XTmge/t'i For the Finest’ in Paints ^ tb A I CO GUARANTY BANK & TRUST CO. 43rd St. & 3rd Ave. Downtown • 1819 42nd St NE ^    191    Jacolyn    Dr.    NW PHONE 362-21 15 ■    Member    F.D.I.C, < ;

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