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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ‘Claudine’ Is Above Usual Fare Claudine with Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones A Third World Cinema production released by Twentieth Century fox At the Stage 4 theater Hollywood rating HG — Parental guidance suggested By Steve Belle Only a better than average movie ran evoke humor and heart break simultaneously. •'Claudine,” starring Diahann Carroll and .lames Earl .Jones, is such a movie. “Claudine” could be a commentary on an immoral welfare system with no concern for the individual. “If I get a job on the side. I’m cheating; if I sit at home, I’m lazy,’’ laments Carroll who is supporting six fatherless children. Movie Themes “Claudine” could be a solemn look at black identity being stifled in the Harlem ghetto “Claudine” could be a lighthearted indictment of self-determination. The two stars seem due to be damned as their attempts to arrange their own lives fail again and again The movie has all these themes as well as a capable ( ast to enact them. With two marriages behind her, Carroll wants her children to avoid the mistakes she experienced. The kids supply many of the humorous one-liners that keep the film from being bogged down in social statements I all in Cove I he comedy conies when Carroll falls in love again—this time with .lories, a gar-bageman with a casual, selfconfident and extrovert^ exterior Jones, a veteran of two marriages himself, has only fostered relationships without attached strings since his bouts with matrimony. But love begets love, causing a conflict within .lories. The character In1 plays is especially appealing. Whenever this outgoing fellow has gotten involved, he has gotten burned But he reaches out once more to Carroll and her pack of kids — until he is subjected to a nagging reminder of the unhappy outcome of his previous marriages. Avenge Heartbreak Jones prepares to skip town and Carroll’s usually aloof 18-year-old son sets out to avenge his mother’s heartbreak. Jones presents his position so well, it s tough to totally identify with the jilted Carroll who would normally receive the entire sum of sympathy. Perhaps the movie threatens to compare with a TV situation comedy at times, but the outstanding performances (even by the children) and excellent plot rate this film a cut above the usual fare. Town's Chief of Police Moonlights in Pulpit Cedar Rapids Gazette: July IT 1971 ROXANA, ll! (AP)-When this community’s police chief admonishes “Thou shall riot lie says it with authority. lie s a priest Chief James Loyd, 39, is a self taught, ordained minister in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The sect, with headquarters at Independence, Mo., has priests, as opposed to the elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I Mormon) of Salt Lake City, Utah. After joining the force in 1957, Loyd began studying at home for the ministry, with the encouragement of his wife. He was ordained here in I9fif» and last year he was named police chief On Sundays he takes the pulpit of the local church, often drawing his sermons from police experiences of the previous week On Wednesday nights he takes a break from patroling this town of 1,900 to officiate at church prayer meetings. He also serves as treasurer for the congregation “People in my congregation have told me they find my sermons much more meaningful because many of the examples I give them are current and real, says Loyd, the father of two young (hildrcn, a boy and a girl. A sample sermon topic: "I arrested a boy one time He pulled out a gun and pulled the trigger and the gun didn’t go off It was a stolen gun and I talked to the owner and he said it had never misfired before I lust felt that this had to do with it not being my time to go because Cod had something (dse for me to do. ” Loyd says that so far his dual roles haven’t caused awkward ((inflicts, although patrolmen still curse in the station house arid his church members still double park “They really go hand in hand,” he says. “I think anytime you’re doing what you think is right, like trying to keep the peace, it runs along with the Commandments that (iud gave.” Sleuths Cosby, Poitier Find Fun in Uptown’ Uptown Saturday Night", with Bill Cos by, Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte. A Warner Br os. release at the Paramount theater. Hollywood rating: PG — Parental guidance suggested By Tom Fruehling There is no sure-fire way to adequately review a funny movie. As has been the case with Woody Allen or Mel Brooks films, reviews seem to mostly center around comparisons with their previous efforts. Or, if a seemingly serious tone is interjected into otherwise zaniness, this split is jumped on. Funny Film Which brings us to “Uptown Saturday Night”, a movie that in my opinion — and apparently in the opinion of the many in the audience who wiped out lines with their laughter — is a very funny film. What tickles one, tires another; so there is no sense attempting to explain why is it is funny. Different strokes for different folks. It involves two buddies, steel worker Steve <Poitier) and cab driver Wardell (Cosby), who decide to spice up their otherwise domestic life by having a night out at Madame Zenobia’s, the “hippest place in the world— once you go in. you don’t never wanta leave.” Wardell gets a hot streak going in a dice game, unfortunately just at the time that the place is held up by a group of thugs. Biggest Loss It turns out that the biggest loss is not Warden’s winnings, but Steve’s wallet containing a $50,000 lottery ticket. So the pair. amateur sleuths at best, set out to regain possession of the ticket. They don’t give a hoot about the $300,000 in diamonds aqd other such stolen at the dub-only what they feel is rightfully theirs. In the process, they come in contact with a group of shady characters: A wigged-out private eye (Richard Pryor), a fast-talking preacher man (Flip Wilson); a snakey politician (Roscoe Lee Browne); and, finally, some out-and-out gangsters. (tang War They even get mixed up in a gang war between the God-father-like Geechie Dan (Belafonte) and smooth Silky Slim (Calvin Lockhart), which provides most of the plot. This is a black movie, but unlike the so-called “black movies" about private detectives. It’s as if “Amos and Andy” was made by and starred real-life blacks. And if you don't think there is a difference, there is no point going into it. This is a movie for anyone, kids and older folks, who like craziness. Hear Nationally Famous HOWARD ROBERTS SUNDAY JULY 14 longbranch Restaurant CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA - HOWARD ROBERTS CLINIC 2 4 ^ rn. Including Question A Answer Session • Styling • Repertoire • Playing Tips • Guitar Design • Per formance Technique • Cutting Record Albums • Studio Worts and Entertainment $5.00— Ut* this ticket for free odmi**ion to evening concert. CONCERT, 7:30 PM—$3 with Trio, Club Style Show BAR WILL BE OPEN TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE FOLLOWING CEDAR RAPIDS STORES Corma Loo » House of Music, Budget Tapes cmd Records, Record Shop Lindale Plaza, Seifert s Downtown, Water Bed Store plus Seifert i Iowa City BROUGHT TO YOU BY CARMA LOU’S HOUSE OF MUSIC Theater Time Schedule for Saturday PARAMOUNT Saturday Night” B, 7.55, 9:50 “Uptown 2:1(1, 4 05, FRYSTOWN I - “Billy Jack” - I 3(1. 3:30, 5:30, 7.30, 9:30 IOWA — “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” - 1:30, 3:35, 5:45, 7:55, 9:50. WORLD — “Sugarland Express” — 1:30, 3 40. 5:30, 7:40, 9:55; shorts — 3:20, 7:20, 9:35. TIM FIS — “The Sound of Music” - 2. 5. 8:10. PLAZA — “Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World” — 2, 4, 5:50. 7 40. 9:30. STAGE I - “The Sting” -2:35, 5, 7:35, IO. STAGE 2 — “Chinatown” — 2 30, 4:55, 9.45; sneak prev iew - 8. STAGE 3 — “Our Time" — 2:40, 4:25, 5:50. 7:45, 9:30. STAGE 4 — “Claudine” — 2:30, 4:20, 0:10, 8, 9:50. FI A STOWS’ Rides Again” -7:10, 9. 2 — “Herbie - I 40. 3:30, 5:20, MARION — Features at ll, I 3,5. 7,1, ll. COLLINS - “The Three Musketeers" — 9 15; “The Last American Hero” — 11:20; “The Pink Panther” — I TWIXT TOWN - “Magnum Force” - 9:20; “Cahill U.S. Marshall” — 11:35; “Prime Cut" - 1:10. TWIN WEST - “The Swinging Cheerleaders” — 9 20; “The Bee Girls” — ll Kl; “Bonnie’s Kids” — 12:40. TWIN EAST - “The Girls of 42nd Street’’ — 9:20; “What a Way To Die” - 10:55; “Across 110th Street” — 12:30. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR PICTURES OF OUR TIME... TOM LAUGHLIN -IS- BILLS JACKI A    MATINEES % m    DAILY ALL % THIS WEEK! SHOWS 1:40 3:30 3:20 The LOVEABLE BUG (shack in high gear! Sneak Preview TONIGHT at 8:00 ONLY! Be among the first to see this Hilarious New Adult Action Hit! Shown in addition to “CHINATOWN” at the STAGE 2 THEATRE HfclEN STEFANIP-wX KEENAN HAYES BERRY POWERS WYNN •Tv Inspector Harry Calahan... #1 on the list of the nation's endangered species! SUNDAY! NOON TO IO P.M. IROOSEVSL1 MOTOR BOTEL Convenient parking ' in our ramp DOWNTOWN, THIS TIME THE BULLETS ARE HITTING PRETTY CLOSE TO HOME! OPEN — 9:00 SHOW — 9:20 Clint Eastwood is Dirty Hatpin Hag Mium Force BONUS HITS! i'n Iut WIA (2) I am hi: JOHN Ut FIUME IN “CAHILL” UNITfO STITES MARSHALL ,35 j COLLINS ROAD ?5LVAVL? • % MILE EAST OF CENTER POINT ROAD I SHOW 9:00 3 COLOR GIANTS! ★ “IT CAN BE SAID, SIMPLY AND / WITH THANKS, _/ THAT IT IS AN ABSOLUTELY / TERRIFIC MOVIE’.’ Jay Cocks Time Magazine ★ FIRST DRIVE-IN ★ THE THREE MUSKETEERS ANO. 2—PO BACINO Ar ♦ No. 3—ULTI COMMY* “LAST AMERICAN HERO” “PINK PANTHER” SHOW 9:00 > -..I V .tv' A 2nd SIZZLER! I "SENSATIONAL!' 0F4MTREE? BLUNT! HONEST! EXPLICIT! ★ No. 2—ACTION! * c*x- — NY POST “liberally laced with bloodshed and highly explicit sex' AN EPIC'” ACTION LOADED OPEN 8:15 TWIN WEST THEATRE 6300 6TH STREET S.W. They gave their all for the team! {NOW ★ Not alt the playing 3 (R)SHOCKS ★ They live their fantasies OR A Off the tyvingiiio- db show ic; "PRIME CUT IJ * No. 2 * SENSUAL TERROR * BEE GIRLS” INSATIABLY LUST IN COLOSI \    *    *N0    3*    THANK    GOO    SNI    ONLY    HAO TWO (A)color “BONNIE’S KIDS” To Order Your Gazette Want Ad DIAL 398-8234 8 AM to 5 PM Monday th u Friday. T.l Noon Sot 4 ;

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