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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (iht (ftdnr ’Attpitta Carnival Delight A youngster from tho North Dakota Elks-sponsored Camp Grassick takes special delight in a carnival ride at Jamestown in the camp's annual fairground trip. The camp is for physically or mentally disabled youngsters rn the state. — AP Wirephoto Elderly Defenders Hiram Porter, 79, and his wife Kila, 55, say it didn’t take courage to disarm and kill a teenage robber. Police say Porter and his wife killed Michael Ferpall, 18, Saturday after he broke into their cottage at a Miami senior citizens housing project. “I was so mad I just wanted to pop him real good in the face,” Porter says. Cabbies Show Her Sew York Parisian secretary Marline Blanchi got a grand tour of Manhattan Sunday from cab driver Edward Duthu. The tour was a goodwill mission by I HU taxi owner-dri vers to change Miss Blanches image of New York cab drivers. The drivers provided her the excursion, which included United Nations headquarters (background), and dinner in Rockefeller ( enter when they learned she was charged $52 for a $1(1 cab ride from Kennedy International airport to Manhattan — Gazette Photo bv Tom Merrvman The Hot Cement Test Youngsters competing in the Midwest AAU Invitational swimming reach the starting blocks. The event drew 35 teams from Iowa, meet at Noelridge park Sunday had to pay the price even before they Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, Arizona and Minnesota. Cedar Rapids won got into the water. They walked gingerly across the hot cement to both the girls and boys titles. Details on sports pages. In Paris, The Price Of    White Asparagus Equals College Costs By Art Buchwald PARIS — The last time I was in Paris, six years ago, I wrote a column titled “Paris on $5(10 a Day”. The thrust of the piece was that it was still possible to get by in the French capital on $500 if you passed up lunch. My French friends, as well as Americans living in France, thought the article was very funny. But they aren’t laughing any more. When it comes to inflation, the United States is “Mary Poppins” and France is “Deep Throat”. But if you don’t worry about prices, you can still have a marvelous time* in Paris. VV hat you have to do is forget everything and just decide to live for the moment. I did this the first night I arrived in town. My wife and I went to a small bistro that boasted two stars in the Guide Michelin. When the waiter gave us the menu, I thought he made a mistake. “I beg your pardon, monsieur,” I said. “But I believe you have made an error. You gave me the Bank of France’s financial report for the month of May.” “No, monsieur, that is the carte pour din- ,,tr    BUCHWALD My wife, who always gets nervous when she sees melon selling for more than $15 a portion, whispered to me. “Let’s get out of here.” "Don’t be silly. We don’t get to Paris very often. Let’s enjoy it.” I studied the menu carefully. “Now we have our choice. We can have the white asparagus or send Joel to college in the fall.” She said: “You mean to say that white asparagus costs as much as Joel’s tuition?” HollantiaiHv Sauce “Yes.” I replied, “But they’re the large white ones with Hollandaise sauce. You can only get them in the spring ” “But,” my wife, always the practical one, said, “Joel had his heart set on going to college.” “Look, Joel can go to school any time. But how often do we come to France and have a chance to order white asparagus? I know if we explain it to him he ll understand ” There were so many dishes to choose from after the first course that I couldn’t make up my mind. Finally I said to my wife, “Remember that house we were going to buy in Martha’s Vineyard?” “The one overlooking the ocean'*” That s the one.” I said “Let’s have the lobster instead.” I don’t know,” my wife said. “I had my heart set on that house.” StiuHarht* Hrmi “Well, I have my heart set on lobster and, since they’re both the same price, I think our stomachs should come first " The waiter handed me the wine curd. “There’s a very nice Pouilly Fuisse,” I said “( an we afford it?” my wife asked “We can if we sell the car when we get back home ” “I n«*ed a car.” she protested. “All right," I said “We’ll order an inexpensive Sam erre and cancel the orthodontist’s work on Connie’s teeth.” My wife was becoming agitated “If ifs costing this much for dinner, how are we going to pay our hotel bill?" “Will you stop worrying? What do you think the World Bank is for?” Cooyrtghf 1974, Lot Angelet Timet — Gazette Photo bv Duane Crock Car Crashes Building A car driven by Francis J. Krivanek, 22, of 1045 Fifth avenue SE, struck the side of the Linn county health department building, 751 Center Point road NE, about 4:30 a m. Sunday. Krivanek was in serious condition Monday morning in St. Luke’s hospital’s intensive care ward. He was charged with reckless driving. Cedar Rapids fire officials were called to extinguish a fire which broke out in the car after the accident. Sheila E. Moyer, 20, of 815 Oakland road NE, driver of a second car involved, was in good condition at St. Luke’s. The innocent eyes of this three - year - old beam from around a pole in a Buffalo, N. Y., playground. Amy Schwartz of Williamsville was out for some play with her parents when she shyed away from the camera. ;

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