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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Three the Hard Way': Lots of Action, Little Plot "Three the Hard Way” with Jim Brown, Fred Williamson, Jim Kelly and Sheila Frazier A Three C's Service Co produc tion released by Allied Artists At the Paramount theater Hollywood rating R — Under I 7 not admitted unless accompanied by parent or guardian. By Steve Belle “Three the Hard Way" larks any outstanding performances, will never win any Oscars and boasts a plot usually found on a comic-book rack But so what. The movie was never meant to be taken seriously. I he movie moves. The three black male stars stand still only long enough to establish their characters as cool dudes Most of the time they and an army of white racists are hustling around attempting to exterminate each other. (ars Wrecked Automobiles are wrecked by the car lot and the bad guys are picked off faster than you can count them. “Three the Hard Way” involves a plan by an all-white fascistic group to kill off America’s blacks by tainting the water supplies with a cherry-colored liquid “It works like sickle cell anemia," says the mad doctor. “Only quicker.” “Good,” responds his equally spaced-out fanatic employer. "It took God seven days to create the world We’ll cleanse it in three.” The blazing finale is pre-ordained when the bad guys kidnap Jim Brown’s girlfriend at the beginning. The three stalwarts band together to gain the girl s release and sa vc their ra<e Hundreds of mac hine gun toting racists prove to be minor obstacles Identify Heavies The heavies are identified by their white trench coats or army uniforms while Brown, Williamson arid Kelly display so many sharp looking outfits the trio doesn’t have time to get them all dirty. The story even incorporates martial arts into the plot. The slow-moving bad guys conveniently forget they hold guns as Kelly fells them one, two, three and four (yes, four) at a time. “Three the Hard Way” is lust another in what seems to be a never-ending series of black exploitation movies. But it is entertainment, if only of a lightweight variety. I hose who don ’t expect a whole lot will Im* satisfied Dentist Bitter Over Machines WHITFIELD, N. ll. (UPI) -A dentist says youngsters should not be encouraged to eat candy and drink soda pop by having schools station vending machines on the premises. Dr. Prank Bowyer of Knoxville, Tenn., a member of the American Dental Assn house of delegates, told New Hampshire dentists the vending machines should be regulated to help fight diabetes and tooth decay. "It s time that we establish a realistic regulation of the sale of sugar-rich foods and beverages that compete with the lunch programs in New Hampshire schools,” Bowyer told the 97th annual meeting of the New Hampshire Dental Society. ★ THIS WEEK * THE BANK presents “END Sugar Prices Embitter Businessmen NKW YOUK (AP) - Sugar is leaving a bitter taste in some People’s mouths this year Pot others, it’s sweeter than usual Since September, sugar prices have tripled, making consumers pay up to $2 for five pounds of the natural sweetener, as well as boosting prices for prepared foods which contain sugar And while the individual consumer’s over all lull for sugar may still not exceed $30 annually, the increase is creating serious problems for soft-drink and candy manufacturers who need it in vast quantities. Highest Since WHI A year ago the ( list of refined sugar was around 111 cents a pound In March many businessmen considered it high al 20 cents, and now it s jumped to 32 cents a pound, the highest lev (-I since World war I "If prices would just come Theater Times for Saturday PARAMOUNT - “Three the Hard Way” — 2:15, 4:05, 5:55, 7:50, 9 40 IOWA — “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” — I 30, 3:35, 5:45, 7:55. 9:50. WORLD Express” 7:40, 9:55; 9:35. — “Sugarland - 1:30, 3:40, 5:30, shorts — 3:20 , 7:20, TIMES — “Papillon” — I 4, 6:35, 9:15. 30. PLAZA — "The Incredible Journey" — 2, 5:05, 8:05; "Old Yeller” - 3:30, 6:30, 9:30. STAGE I 2:35. 5, 7:35. "The Sting” — IO The New Urbana Feed & Implement Presents BLACK ASH This Saturday Dancing, [boosted Chicken, Pina 9:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. “Fourth Estate” Don't miss 'em! ★ T0NITE! ★ Coming Do s & Don ts DANCE GAME’11 MOR SWISHER 2nd LOVING WEEK! A LOVE STORY FOR ADULTS cfht* Honour of Your Presence is Requested at the Marriage, Wedding Night and Subsequent Events in the Life of Miss Rainbow Robbins, all of which will he fully and intimately revealed in [THEBEST ADULT MOVIE EVER MADE! AND OTHER iii 4 LETTER WORDS Introduc.ng RMIIBOUJ ROBBIIIS 'SORCERESS ■moi AMLI r$7. loth at. THEATRE SHON! 377-Ut: EASTOWN 2 - “Zandy’s Bride” - 1:30. 3:20. 5:IO, 7, 8:50 MARION - I. 3. 5, 7, 9, ll Features at ll. STAGE 2 — “Chinatown” — 2:30, 4:55, 7:30, 9:55 STAGE 3 — "Our Time” — 2:40 . 4:25, 5:50, 7:45 , 9:30 STAGE 4 — "Marne” — 2:30, 4:55 , 7:30, 9:55. EASTOWN I - “The Exorcist” — 2:15, 4:30, 7:15: 9 30. COLLINS — “The Bootleggers” — 9:15; “The legend of Boggy Creek” — ll; "FUZZ” — 12:40. TWIXT TOWN — ‘‘American Graffiti” - 9:15; “The War Between Men and Women” — 11:20; “Rio Lobo” - 1:15. TW IN WEST - “The Great Gatsby” — 9 20; “Lady Sings the Blues” —    12:05; "Rosemary’s Baby” — 2:40 TWIN EAST - “The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat” — 9: “Carry On Camping” — 10:50; “Carry On Doctors” — 12:20; “Little Cigars” — 2:05. down to 20 cents a pound I'd love it.” says one businessman who recalls 3-< ent-a-pound sugar "lf prices would only stabilize we could handle it says another industrial consumer. Life Savers Inc boosted the price of its candy rolls from IO to 15 cents this month, blaming a tripling in sugar prices Other candy makers warn that 20- and 25-cerit candy bars are coining if sugar prices remain up. Poor weather, increasing demand in developing countries and slow production expansion are considered the primary reasons for the tight sugar markets and resulting high prices. Analysts say commodity speculation and the playing of one market against another by producers have also pushed up prices. Production I„ag For the past three years world sugar production has lagged behind world consumption, forcing refiners and industrial consumers to dig into reserves to meet their needs E. 0. Licht, the leading sugar statistical firm, estimates that 1974 production of HI million tons will again lag consumption by some 806,000 tons. As a result, industry analysts see little likelihood that sugar prices will fall much soon, though they note a volatility caused by speculation “Given the outlook for the North American and European beet crop I’m thinking prices may stay high for another 15 months.” says John Casstevens, a sugar specialist for Reynolds Securities, a Wall! Street brokerage house. "I think we’re going to see a higher and longer price bulge this time,” says Bill (’leaver, director of raw sugar operations for Amstar, the country’s largest refiner. “There ap pears lo tx- no substantial increase in produ< lion ” "( ane ( utters" A spokesman for CPC International, another major refiner, says capital for new production will only be forthcoming if prices remain high Besides, he says, “It's very difficult to get people to cut cane these days ” Trophy Lounge presents this Saturday Music By ‘CHANGES’ 5 I 9 H Street S. W, SUNDAY FAMILY BUFFET 11:45 to 2 and 5 to 8 p.m. $2.76 per person (hitoren under IO SI 84 Fried Country Chicken, Swns Steak, Baked Ham, Chow Mem, Vegetable! choice of Salad! and Deiiert Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL •^Adjocont Guest Parking y LAMP BAR OPEN SUNDAY NOON TO IO P.M. .oosmwi MOTOS BOTEL Convenient parking in our ramp DOWNTOWN HELD OVER! 2nd WEEK 3 BIG HITS DIIVi-IN TWIXT-TOWN RWT 111 4 (HD MAHON HOAD Whei ujere you in ’62? BW MT % lyJoPEN 8:1 J SNOW 9:1 \\ was tne „me o» oui and c going si#*® and play"1 * coe* It T th© t'me your We the nm© o* Ameri can Gtatnn STARRING RONNY HOWARD I HIPPY DAYS"—T Y I SHOW ll >30 Any man who hates dogs, women w .nut I hiMienj can t be all bad1 JACK LEfflfflON BARBARA HARMS wassst* ©SHOW T:15 A M “RIO LOBO” impact Experts in Landen expect a 12-month extension to permit rethinking Basically the act sci up ,i quotha system and price corridor, designed to stabilize prices, foster domestic production, and assure foreigners a portion of the I S market But with world prices way above the U.S. target High prices and the prof its price, the act stopped working behind them rankle those months ago. to pay businessmen who havt the higher hills. Prices have no rhyme or reason being nj) there,” says John Colt, president of Lott Corp., a soft-drink firm. I here s no shortage of sugar, only a shortage of money to pay for it I think the government (night to look into it.” ( ott says increased sugar prices cost him an additional $11 million last year, compared with sales of $75 million "Soft drinks were never a luxury, but now they’ve become a semi-luxury,” he adds. "The average family which firings in $150 to $200 a week just isn’t buying pop ” Profit Squeeze Barbara Moskowitz, editor (if the National Candy Wholesaler, says wholesalers, unable to pass along the higher prices fast enough, an1 caught in a profit squeeze, "A number of wholesalers are going out of business and some are merging,” she says. Analysts and businessmen appear ambivalent about the demise of the U.S. Sugar Act, whose 40-year history was ended recently by congress Some say its death helped boost prices, others have seen no “If there’s no substitute, domestic prices will now have to hug the world market, which is more volatile,” says Cleaver “The end of the act has created an element of more uncertainly.” Alphabet Source The Berbers of Africa are believed to have derived their alphabet from the one used by the Phoenicians at Carthage, the National Geographic Society says Every Sat. 5:30-9 p.m. BEEFEATERS BUFFET $2.96 par parson Children under IO, $2.04 Roast Round of Beef, Beef Stroganoff, Salad!, Relishes, Dessert! Grant Wood Kitchen /ITS A ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL chm ims. am V ADJACENT GUEST PARKING / You always have a good time at 'SpiyncfsQ. • V PALO. IOWA CORNER INN RH. 377-8*77    PH.    J//-■•// Eastown 2 TE as town I RH. 377-8877 KMART EAST CENTER The mail-order marriage. ■he was lese than he had hoped for ...and more than he would have dared imagine. IN COLOR ' ■""—'“Hi KMART EAST CENTER HURRYI MUST END SOON THIS YOUNG GIRI HAS BUN POSSESSED BY TH! DEVIL. . . 'ALM I* TK NATTY $ The EXORCIST THIS MAN f IS • THE EXORCIST '    ^ ONLY HE , CAN    > SAVE HER . . SHOWS A 7 IS 4 9 30 ■ IOWA 3*4-3413 CLINT EASTWOOD “THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT”^, BEN GOLDIE haWN . JOHNSON “SUGARLAND EXPRESS’™ PLAZA 393*S439 WALT DISNEY’S “OLD YELLER" & “INCREDIBLE JOURNEY -G- Thf* Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., July 6, 1971 show OPEN r 8:15 I TWIN WEST DRIVE-IN THEATRE 6300 6TH ST. SW )SH< * SHOW OO DUSK-rO-OAWN SHOW! FULL LENGTH FEATURES OPEN 8:00 3 Action Epics THE HAPPIEST FILM SURPRISE OF THE YEAR No. I-FIRST RUN &    *    'J** PARAMOUNT 363*3369 Exploding Action “THREE THE HARD WAY’’ *R STEVE    DUSTIN MCQUEEN HOFFMAN “PAPILLON .po sit® PLENTY OF FREE parking ROBERT REDFORD PAUL NEWMAN “THE STING” -PG- IN 1955 IWK WI* A ffW THINGS A OSIS SCHOCH DION I TEACH “OUR TIME” -PG- JACK NICHOLSON FAYE DUNAWAY TI “CHINATOWN COLOR -R she will chase the BLUES AWAY lucille ball “MAME” -PG- m tm rn ME KIM SUTH a SUM rn ii A No. 2—TERROR IN ARKANSAS ★ rhcLcgcnd of Boggy Greek1* MRUE STORY „ fl, U    W    i    ,    .    J    it , ,(%: I <Jpt rut »TOB» ie TM* * * a jet wrNHN « A* t w* 6 •, * i ‘Wti.* PA©Out * 'Oh « mimeo .*»*fHN*ii>u*At    ***<    FAM Ky.y.y.y.y * BONUS LATE SHOW * ACTION COLOM A BURT REYNOLDS “THE FUZZ” . . . POLICE ACTION PO COLOR ;

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