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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Tho Cedar Rapids C.azetlr Sat., .July fi. 1974 PEANUTS r I CAN I IMAGINE l $ I uiWAT HAPPENS? r ITO CHARLIE BROUN.. he Didn't fftAiiW ujamt to GO TJ CAMP, PID HE ? UclL, THEN I THINK ITS CM TE OBVIOUS (JN££E HE (CENT...  IC w OBVIOUS ?! (T .MAT BE OBVIOUS TO TOU, ?UT IT'S DlSO9Vl0U5 TO ME * / — & UNjaViOUH7 E\03VlOUT ? .ANTICLY MS? (NOXIOUS? Sl/SOgYlOUS ?i\(3NO0V(OUT7 BEETLE BAILEY Bv MORT WALKER MARK TRAIL Bv ED DODO SO I TRIED TO REASOR EJ 7 WITH Wk. HOLLISTER BUT a/ HE WOULDN'T LISTEN, J v\    ("UCC’C’V / WELL, I HAVE SOWE GOOD NEWS, WARK? MOOSE r A ANO ThEN SHE u TOLD VE TC OST our ANO ST AV our LArc - p J*    ap!    &1    v    £ Hee ti we TO COOL. opp!... »PE NO THE night MESE THAT'S vees kino op NOU MOOSE I BUT ..SJT. \l-L 3jV>&*€L. T" Bv BOB WEBER mow, cheatee These e no use ^ Ai2vSU/Nv3 UOL.LV IS PIKING A PLACE J pop sou to -Bleep . 'tm'' XU NANCY Bv ERNIE BUSHMILLER HEY . GANG*- FREE BLUEBERRY PIE AT THE BAKERY AMANDA PANDA OM SUCH THINGS as oranges ANO Melons VOO WILL FINO.-- f, ■ Bv MARCIA COURSE AN OUTER skin that's CALLEO , oikid / t STEVE CANYON Bv MILTON CANIFF MARY WORTH Bv SAUNDERS ANO ERNST ( NO-FOR A PEW YEARS, DARLING r THINK I'LL BE MORE INTERESTED IN layettes; than IN LAYOUTS/ MEANWHILE, in a luxurious town house NOT FAR AWAY- I / I'YE wet ____—>/    SWEET*    FACED A WOMAN WITH A SWEET V WOMEN WHOP FACE LIKE THAT HAS GOTTA BE OKAY MR. GORDON/ CUT YOUR throat for A QUARTER, Read Dennis the Menace Daily in The Gazette- Classified Section Ways to Go Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS Hide a — Western way to go Weirder Cylindrical ny na —— Meriter Tapuyan Indian «ii incline; ti Kit ll l ax group (abt Sleigh ride in the — Relative (ab * Rational lien us ut ducks Cheek indentation Obtained Educational group (ab ) Spanish cheer Teleoat fish Ways to go by sea Sweet secretion Transgressions Witticism Entire person Lieutenants • ab > l.ubricator Masculine nickname Ride a jinrikisha in the-- Perceive Mortars companion I.< Hiked fixedly Remains behind Mi Kefuuver DOWN OFFICE HOURS Montana capital (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN 2 Prayer H Disencumber 4 A pin'ar 5 Mistake ti Pilfering 7 Kip H Timetable abbrev tai ion » Kindly 10 Without end (poet I 11 Hen products IJ (laelic IM Conducted 21 (Md ti me ways to go 23 Bowling term (pl.) 23 KihiI bottom 33 27 Repast 20 White ants 33 Capacity measures (var * 34 Be persistent Peruvian coin 37 Engage agJin .18 Puts 30 Spill as a liquid 41 Rigid 43 Vanished 43 Vilely 4t> I lecom poses 40 Greek let lei 31 Make lace I 2 3 4 5 “ 7 6 9 IO L ll “ 13 T~ ~ _ ■ 17 _ FT" TF" W to E 25 * 9 26 I 2^ r 28 29 3o“ wmmmm 31 "C 33^ £ 35 fie' *’ 36“ I 3/ 33 39 ■ - Sr 4 * AZP 41 42 43 44~ K 45 46 .V 4W V- 49 50 Bl 52“ __ 53 _ 55 6 O Kl** Fuiuni Sxilicdi. Im., 1974. WorM rigku ruarrnj “Do you realize what it does to my ego when you say I’m only worth the small salary I’m paid?” GRIN AND BEAR IT By Lichty I I •< *•<•»». an. -* I'M HERE TO EXD YOUR EVERY , W1GH1 J DICK TRACY i AND SO. AS IT DOES EARLY IN LIPE TO most, CROOKS, DEATH COMES i TO “BIG BRASS* t'\r*    1    rn.-' Bv CHESTER OOULO VES. INEVITABLY a CRIMINALS AMWD CRACKS El RST, THIEN WITH REASON PERVERTED HE ►WION a HIS OWN ■| wm ITS AS THOUGH WE ANTICIPATES WITH JOV LYING ON A MARBLE SLAB, TAG ON TOE. AND AS LONG AS THE COURTS DELUDE HIM WITH 'EASY JUSTICE! MIS LIFE SPAN WILL BE SNORT AND CERTAIN." My fortune cookie predict* we ore about to learn that the price of a Chinese dinner has gone up!" 7-f tau-. .. ON STAGE Bv LEONARD STARR > Octopus' ' TENTACLE1 HOW DO NTT J Eat Bv CHICK YOUNG f Blindfolded ) PuRN BURN IT/ I HA^e piling-OUT ACCIDENT REPORTS BUZ SAWN! R FROM TROUBLE SHOOTERS. (WHAT?! r WAIT^% TILLI I GET MY HEARING / ^ AIP, aj BUZ SAWYER Bv ROY CRANE rL SAID I'M BUZ SAWYER, FROM TROUBLE WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP HEAVENS, YOU'VE COME. WAIT'LL I Bv WALT DISNEY BLONDIE MEA” PP CES APE SO HIGH VHAT'S THE CHEAPEST TWINS YOU VE - rtrvr r>__ YOU WATCH \ THE RADIC 5AY5 TOUR MOUTH!!J THE DOCK IS TA .-^swarming with Tv I ( RE PCX? TE RS, BILLY X VAW V SAM '  - ^ I'M WARNING you, ■ BARNET! A WFLl, THAT'S SOMETHING, ANYWAY... if. .AT LEAST YOU ll/ DIDNT OO 1 THROUGH ALL J | THAT FOR / , \ NOTHING \ I V DEAR L- 'X.. HOWD IT GO, PAL7/ FOR A MERE EXORBITANT RAISE IN SALARY I CAN ARRANGE TO GET YOU AND BITSY v STRANDED AGAIN — TOMORROW NIGHT/ Xx \ ;

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