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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cyprus Chief Accuses Greecej Television Listings Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., July 6, 1974 irchbishop’s against years to NICOSIA, Cyprus (Al*) Despite the President M ak aries has accused views, observers believe there the Greek government of sup-; is g strong possibility of a coup a movement for his by Hic 600 Greek army officers who form the command struc- porting overthrow. It was the first time he had made such a charge in public. At his monthly press briefing Makarios, who is also archbishop of Cyprus, accused the military junta ruling Greece of aiming at the “undesirable introduction of dictatorship into Cyprus.” Makarios for three bring about union of Cyprus with Greece. “bt is an indisputable fact that the national guard, which is cont! oiled by Greek officers, has become the mainstay and the .supplier of the criminal Ma ture of the IO,000-strong Greek Cypriot army or national guard, as the body is officially, called. Makarios- quarrel with the BOKA B organization, Greek government stems from karios said, the activities of these officers against the democratically-elected Cypriot government. He admitted “it is true that 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapid* 7—KWWl TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapid* 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Mend 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, La Cro*se IO—KROC TV, Rochester 12 KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3 WHO-TV, De* Mome* 40-KDUB, Dubuque Plea: Prevent "Live Burial" Food Stamp Lift Slow Of Scientists Reaching All Eligible tween the Greek and Cyprus governments have not been bar ile added that the junta also for some time now relations belied to turn the conscript Greek Cypriot national guard “from an organ of the state into an in-|monious. ternal occupation army.    He    added    that    “a    major    cause Makarios’ public charges brought into the open a long-simmering quarrel between Nicosia and Athens, which gave In a move to curb the activities of the1 officers, he sent a lengthy letter to Greek President .Phaedon Gizikis demanding recall of all but 50 of them. Makarios charged that “Athens bears a great responsibility I or what has been happen-.ng in Cyprus. Cadres of the Greek military regime control, maintain and direct the KOKA B organization, as indisputably confirmed by written evidence.” has been the attitude and conduct of certain officers staffing the national guard, particularly their involvement in EOKA B, rise to persistent reports of an their supporting it in various imminent junta-backed coup to ways and their inciting the or-, Laraest Pizza, topple the archbishop.    ganization to resort to terrorist I - ^ £    * Makarios dismissed these re- activities aimed at abolition of JU reef ACTOSS, ports.    I the Cyprus state. ’ ’ “No Possibility”    Extreme    Rightists Goes in 2 Hours Saturday Night 6:00 9 Lawrence Welk 2—Action News 1 New*, Weather, Sot*. It Lawrence Welt- 4 Lawrence Welk 6 Movie "Moment to Moment" (I- National Geographic 10—News, Weather, Sot*. 12-Folk Guitar 11—F yewltness New* 40—Roller Game* 6:30 2 -Hollywood Square* 7—Untamed World IO—Jimmy Dean 12—World of Animal* 13—Inside Iowa 7:00 9 -Jimmy Dean 2—All In Family 7 emergency 3 —Partridge Family 4—Ail In Family •—All In Family IO—Emergency 12-Dr. Who 13—Emergency 40 Partridge Family “In my view there is no possibility of a coup. But even if there were one it would have no prospects of succeeding,” he said. EOKA B is the extreme rightwing Greek Cypriot underground formed by the late Gen. George Grivas. It has been waging a terrorist campaign 7:30 9—ABC Suspense Movie— "Haunts of Very Pleb" 2- M’A’S’H American Legion Inmates Vow To Defend Law, Order CANON CITY, Colo. (AP) -Members of American Legion Post 35 pledge at their weekly meetings to uphold law order. The pledges are all made be- COLUiMBUS, Ohio (AP) -They carnie, they bought, they ate, and what was billed as the world’s largest pizza was no more. , “It’s all gone. It went in about two hoursi,” said Brad Louis, assistant mranager of a pizza parlor. About ^00 Fourth of July revelers attacked the monster sault. Asked about amnesty for!^3’ wl),ich mea?“red 3» draft evaders, he says: “Hell !® lncbe^ <*cross It consisted of charges, sat in a bathtub full of J    '471    pounds of dough, 221.91    ’ 3 ABC Suspense Movie Hount-, of Very Rich * M • A * S * H 11 M • A * 5 * H 12 Variations 40 - ABC Suspense Movie "Haunts of Very Rich" 8:00 2 Mary Tyler Moore / HBC Movie ■ r(iou sand Clowns 4 Mary Tyler Moor# 6 MBC Movie "Thousand Clowns" g Mary Tyler Moore IO MBC Movie "Thousand Clowns" 12 Firing I me 13 — HBC Movie “Thousand Clowns" 8:30 2— Bob Newtiart 4—Bob Newtiart 8 -Bob Newhart 9:00 9 Owen Marshall 2—Barnaby Jones 3—Owen Marshall 4— Barnaby Jones 1—Barnaby Jones 12—Lord of Universe 40—Owen Marshall 10:00 9—Eyewitness News 2—Action News 3 ABC News 4—News, Wepther, Spts. 8—News, Sots., Weather 12—Who Is Man 40—Newsline 10:15 3 News, Weather, bot*. 10:30 9 Movie Arabesque" 2 Movie "The Shot" / News, Weather, Spts. 3 Movie— Three Into two Won t Go" 4 IJT O A IOO Clock Edition 8 Movie ' Sex and Single Cir I" 10 News, Weather, spts. 12 Sherlock Holmes 13 Eyewitness News 40 Movie 11:00 7 Movie "bhoot Loud, Louder” 6- Movie — "Fame Is Name of Gome" IO- Movie "Six I essons from Madame Lasagna" 12“ Boboqulvarl 13 Tonight 11:30 4 Outer Limits 12—Theater Macabre 12:05 IO - Saint 12:30 9 Wide World of Entertainment VIENNA (UPI) - Four dissident Soviet Jews have appealed to the world’s scientists to help prevent fellow scientists from being “buried alive” in the Soviet Union for demanding their human rights. WASHINGTON (AP) — Leo-; member family to $150 per pie receiving government food; month. A family is required to stamps have got a cost-of-living buy part of the monthly coupons raise but officials say the bene- at rates based on income and is fits will be slow getting to all given bonus stamps to boost its who would be eligible.    spending at grocery stores. Congress ordered the agricul-    |#g    Million Others I The appeal was in a letter 'mc department in new farm    .. .    .    . „m.annual    in addressed to United Press Inter- legislation last summer to make '    *    '    . nalional    fn    Vienna    semi-annual adjustment, in food ™ - automaUejor esc ■Will    you    remain calm while 3JamP bcnems.^h!fP,??1^ are at leas! 1.6 million’other, scientists are buried alive because they insist on their human rights?’’ asked the four, members of a prohibited seminar for Jewish scientists in the Soviet Union. The typewritten letter in Russian, with a German translation, gave no sender and was mailed in Vienna who would be eligible immediately if local authorities would accept the new form of federal Champagne Bath, Ginzburg Tells Revival of Magazine NEW YORK (UPI) — Publish-Garde would have a touch of cr Ralph Ginzburg, who spent “the bawdy high six months in jail on obscenity It carried the typed names of p(,. Scientists Alexander Lemer, Vitaly Rubin, B. Palatnik and I. Brailovskaya, who identified themselves a s orgainzation |committee members of a prohibited seminar planned in Moscow by Jewish scientists who lost their jobs after applying for visas to emigrate to Israel. pie keep up with rising living costs. Previously adjustments were made only once a year. The first boost came Jan. IJ ass,stance. equivalent to a 22 percent in-, Many counties still operate crease in monthly food stamp older commodity donation sys-allowances for a family of four, terns. While all but two have The increase, amounting to $26, switched or have agreed to put the stamp allocation at $142 switch to food stamps, there has been a lag in the actual issue of On July I the scale went up!stamps in those which have again 5.6 percent for a four- given consent. A spokesman for the depart- West Germans Promise Egypt no! No amnesty. They can stay, .    .    .    _AA. and i in Canada or come down to the Pounds ol ,t0T sauce: penitentiary with us.”    pounds    *'f cheese and    751 ‘Eros.’ That ment’s Food and Nutrition Service said that, of 1.6 million person still receiving the old government-donated commodities Financial Aid    ?n-h tabulated, about 592,000 were rn BONN (AP) — West Germany    Puerto Rico. The signers said the seminar    bas promised $200 million worth    Th    r„majnH«P worn    in arna* will be postponed until late    Au-    0r r.n;tai a;d tn vpvnt over the    remainder were    rn areas cot    of capi,al ald t0 \'gypl over .    where    county officials    have a1- “We hope fhat bv then the    sci-    "C,“ J?* I™" agr<fmT    ready    agreed to switch to food spirits of enti!te USli^lIhiSr har,cover    “    rf    ^    an    rrites    ^hic™    have ™ot yet Started in ’70 hind the walls at the Colorado!    ,    .    .    ..    ...    ..    . state penitentiary, where the The post was organized in!slzed slicos that^were^sold for 40 members of Post 35 are serving December, 1970, and was grant- was that hard-cover! completely unpolitical assem-,many champagne and announced he magazine which brought the ob- My* the letter said.    ,    Th    agreements    put    Egypt    jn    tbe    ^noke^man    saidn    °    3CC€P    ’ was reviving one cl the maga-    charges    against    him    and    second    place    behind    India    as tho th° ^    . t . .. . led to the discontinuance of mec,inS — collective pnenome |flrpect rerinients of West    Dramatic Gains TF •    ,    K    T    con*    I    ZineS    that    fl0PPed    Whl,e    he    WaS    Avant-Garde. The old Avant-'™ and the application of phys-\["ngfA    °f    Weslj    _    CQ    .    Dressurfi    from It yielded about 6.000 normal-1 in prison.    |    Garde was not an issue in that «cs to other sciences - proved (jUm‘in aicl-    Even    ^o,    under    pressure    Irom Gi pounds of {pepperoni. A joint communique issued on congress, the ■linzbure a man not elven to I suit but Ginzbure said it wasi»s strictly scientific character. "      “,c    ProBram    h*» cents eadh. That adds up *®Iunde^atoen^predicted "hM “an mlecfSofthe iTros Soviet authorities considered it    made    dramatic    gains    rn    recent u,wuu'-“51/1 *w,> w bv**—b ---    ’    —inn Snnnsors said thev honed Ti .........’    — —I  ..... —    —~----- nniitinai rmvnratinn    day    v‘sit    t0    Bonn    announced    a    years.    Officials said 13.2 million time for crimes ranging from ed its permanent legion charter    abPout the reappearance (rf the maga- prosecution.”    a ^ ^ six members of financial cooPeration agreement persons received stamps in murder to sale of narcotics. Its in October. 197... Lloyd WignaU, ^ uhe C|intonvine Rcsi_ f‘ne Avant-Garde will cause Ginzburg fought the case all . orcanization committee assures E^P1 of $62 mi,lion in May, double 1970 and quadruple one of two prison Legion posts The legions national mem- ’    r ,    ,    the    greatest    cultural    cataclysm way (0 jbe supreme court. ,    ,    .    '    aid    for 1974, with the remaining i%9. ♦U/i a(lAm ot bershin diroctor ssvs nest Assn.f 3 Columbus nci^h*!iho ^Hvpnt of tho Rpst-! u ♦ c n l i were Hrrcstcd, two more src    •**•    .    #    ..    inr    i the other is at! rship director, says. pest    since    the    advent    of    the Beat He spent from February to Oc-i undcf hQUSC arrestSIM million to follow in 1975 and As food s(amp enrollmcnt has The short baldish Dublishcr-° i jn1" Ji d n',Cn" The Jewish scientists had ori- 19    risen,    so have costs. Counting s!’orl’ baldlsh Publ,shernary at Allenwood, Pa.    hnia    th»,r    A    second    agreement    provides    ,he    J(1,    ,    t)()osl    in    benoflts. in the country Chester 111.    can 8^ve ^e men some direc- There are 41 inmate hon and establish contact with members of the post, in addition1 the outside world.” Warden Alex Wilson and a! At a recent meeting in an by^ i^« parlors Putting the pizza together was handled with military precision man'ageTto sa^t'his as he'saTTn to ------------- ------------ few guards. All are veterans, ugiug cellhouse, 14 men wearing some of World war II, and a legion caps and green prison number of the Vietnam war. uniforms walked up to a barred door. A guard checked their Conservatives    names off a roster and admitted Most of the members call them to the cellhouse. themselves conservatives and Warren rapped the gavel and the bathtub in his midtown of- $9 a Month    .seminar in Moscow July 1*5. *4!2,.l™,i!on. t0r,a? Egyptian tea- ^4.75 spending may be around After putting his pants back The ,eller said lhe orR™iza!ion k!ml'    “llioo.    up    more    than    $1 ^ommittpp inrluHpd Id sripn- ect, 19 60 zauon ,    ^    wuuiiuii, u t inure nut scien- bl l,on Sataura depression pro,- binion from ,ast fiscal year. in which sea water led into The first batch went into thei[jces wbjie employes poured 92      r_..... .... .....   . oven at liaiO p.m. By I p.m. it bottles of California champagne on, Ginzburg said the new mag- committee included was being assembled on a band-ion his hcad    :    azjne would bc a bi.wcck!y ^ lists with a total of stand-like platform at Clinton-!    -------------would he sold bv s.ihserintinn scheduled to be read.    J    generate’enc'rev    not accepted food stamps “Soviet security organs tried* agreement also pledges excluding Puerto Rico - are to force the organizers to cancel    g    P    h     »t. papers Ville park. Alcohol heaters kept the creation warm. would be sold by subscription only for $9 a month. the depression would be used to The two counties which have Clutches Duck Wearing only his handle-bar ustache, a derby hat and say the post provides a valuable two inmates carried the Ameri-I^ the world’s largest on the;horn-rimmed glasses, Ginzburg dews. jean flag and the Colorado state!bas« of the Gunless Book of clutched a plastic duck and pro-    Ginz-l1-t.«ar.aJd committed flag up the conter aisle as the World Records.    claimed    that    the    new    Avant-    hnrit    ^    „tho    ri,„mi,rmn,.n    nf    lcttcr    said- ,,d'7c'u“ Sitting in his 26th floor office ihe’ meetim,*vnin'n'farMv’"huIhk West Germany to guarantee ex-    county.    Ala.,    where a derby hat and    ,t1e    meeting    vo'untdiuy    nut inis    f    mjiijnn    ;r    f.nnin    commodity    donation    program , I    which    was    decorated    in    a    man-cllfTOO<tinn fiaMv rpfports of $10 million in equip ___^_____ J »______ The pizza makers proclaimed mustache, a i on the horn-rimmed glasses, Ginzburg    su§8^tl0n    was    flatly refused.    J!    has    been    operated, and Beaver social outlet for their views. lean flag and the Colorado stately?, of the Gunless Book of clutched a plastic duck and pro- J , Flash Gordon. Ginz-^lA^8 had no cffect’" ,hc st ruction and industrialization    0kla- which has not suggestion was flatly refused. “The crime I wasn’t committed against the; other post members saluted. flag,” says Henry “Curly” At- After a brief message from; wood, 57, who is serving eight to the post’s inmate-chaplain, the! 12 years for aggravated rob- prisoners pledged to defend the bcry.    Constitution, maintain law and! “We’re incarcerated but order and “perpetuate 100-pcr-we’re still dedicated to the cent Americanism.” cause of freedom,” says Ten-| Asked why the convicted L0ND0N ^AP) _ coroner ny son Carter, 33, serving eight: felons supported law and order    “ to IO years for sale of narcotics, so strongly, Wignall said, “I John Burton &ias decided he James Warren, 30, is the post suppose it’s little like being a cannot determine what caused commander and is serving 18 to reformed drinker. You get very I the death of a retired in- 25 years for burglary and as-adamant against drinking.    tclligence    expert    whose remains agency during World war IL were found in a locker room vanished Oct. 5, 1971, triggering Suspect Intelligence Expert Was Suicide burg said “the reemergence of Avant-Garde represents a had any type of government family food program. war-ravaged Egypt. IO YEARS AGO -Ll. Gen. A ,hird agreement will en-IM -I ^>6aUt?rJ. .!°_Ve...?_nd I George Grivas, the old Gu nk    er    to7th    "l    may    si    agree truth. It will be sensuous, outra- cyproit underground leader, de- f^.P' b-v Prov,din« ,mutual P.r°- to[ood stan.us geous and joyous and will focus c|ared that if the great powers tec!10" adainsl nationalization'“ 'ood stamps. on art, polities, poetry, ecology deny Cyprus the rlRht o( seU.de. and other mea.sures which pre-and Science.    tprminatinn nnri uninn with piously deterred foreign invest Henniker-Heaton. But he stressed there was no evidence of murder. Henniker-Heaton, who worked for Britain’s counter-intelligence “Girls too, Ralph?” “Ah. to a certain extent.” termination and union with Greece they would fight and win. ment. LONDON (AP) On the political side, the communique said both sides welcomed Middle East troop disengagement accords as “first positive steps” toward peace. The Bonn government joined Egypt in stating that “the legitimate rights of the Palestinians” must British ing closely with the Americans be ’•espected in a peace settlement. Briton: Strengthen Pact To Stop Nuclear Spread rii fhsmiit’rf Citv Hall. in tttc City ct ducted a hearinq    on the    prooosed    plans, Cedar Rat)ids' Iowa there will be con- specifications and    form    of    contract    which ducted a hear'inq on the ofooosed plans, the Council has heretofore filed w.tn the specif.cations and fwm of contract, which City Clerk of the    City    of    Cedar Rapids, the Council has heretofore filed with the Iowa, and on the    cost    of    and the    neces Cifv Clerk of the Citv% Cedar RaoidsJsity for the construction of storm sewers ^owa, and on the" cost cf and th, neces- at the following loca ions: c,tu (nr thp construction of box culvert J48 »-ri, Pf. dcross Lsnutiii rodu one and sanitary sewer extension at the fol- Sewaqe Treatment road to South river and sanitary sewer extension ai ™    R    and 200 Ln. Ft. Easterly In existing 10On°66m‘Avenue SW    from the    existina    ^tch,    ^    ^    Imorove. Citv'TaVi’road trackl^the estimated1 cos^ol At said hearing' any interested person ImornvMnrH beina S44 925 00    may    file written ejections to the pro io sa^d hearina any    interested person    Posed    plans,    specifications    or    contract, ifu iff it tin    t ions tot he or o-1 <orm or cost of such improvement and * r/ s ne m ti rations or contract may be heard orally in opposition thereto. S'S1 o?'acnoV. rSWSjf mSt a MW l«    Jjilv, Dated this 3rdj day of    clerk    on July 6th    and    13th,    1974. Published In The Cedar Rapids    Gazette    —..... ——-............. more than two years after he an international hunt. disaDoeared    On    June    23    his    son,    Yvo, 20,lr, .    .    .    .    _    ,    . But evidence' introduced atifound his father’s skeleton, cladiForel8n Mlnlster James Cai-in exchanging nuclear secrets. ,__ the inquest pointed to suicide. in the tweed suit he was wear- laotian has called for a strength- Callaghan said the govern-j YEARS AGO—A desiK'rate Burton, coroner for the West ing when he disappeared, on a ening of the world treaty to stop ment has abandoned a project struggie to save 64 coal miners london borough of Hammer- bed in a room he had used as a the spread of nuclear weapons, favored by former Conservative trapped by fire in a Bellaire, smith declared an open verdict private study. The family said| “Tbere are rumors many Prime Minister Edward Heath Ohio, mine was abandoned. „ combined British-French moving into this field, ’ he said, nuclear force to be held “in He did not list them.    I    trust” for Europe. “A joint Ang- he disaDDeared His son testified *n his first interview since the ^French nuclear force is politi-th-.f h LmH in o mn tv? nill hot Eabor government took office ideally quite unrealistic,” he said. rf    Kf3    LP,1h01' March. Callaghan ..id that gov! Callaghan .said the Nixon ad- wnrirF OP HEARING ON PROPOSED NOTICE OF HEARING ON PROPOSED KLANS bPEOF IC A . iO°a AND FOK/*4    PLANS. SPECIFICATIONS AND FORM OF CONTRACT FOR THE CONSTRUC    OF CONTRACT FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF REINFORCED CONCRETE    TION OF STORM SEWERS BOX CULVERT AND SANITARY    Notice is hereby given that at nine SEWER EXTENSION    ^o'clock    a.m.    on    July    24,    1974    af    the    Court-.    _          .. .WaSi. STS;    Ute    case    or    Sir    Peregrine    the    room    was    locked    when    Hen-    more    counlries    are    thinking    of    (or Cedar Rapids Emergency Numbers Ambulance......... 366-7654 F.B.1..........402/348-1210 Fire ......   398-5343 Highway Patrol .... 364-5171 After Hours  363-5629 Police............. 398-5353 Sheriff.............398-3521 Medical Society ____365-2527 (lf you hav* no physician) Foundafion ll .......362-2174 (Crisis help, I p.rn.-midnight) (Clip and Corry in your billfold) Circle Quilt ' niker-Heaton disappeared and nobody had opened it since. Henniker-Heaton was 68 when ORDINANCE NO. 74 20 BEING AN ORDINANCE TO VACATE A PORTION OF THE NORTH-SOUTH AL LEY LYING IN BLOCK 53, ORIGINAL TOWN, NOW CITY OF MARION,] LINN COUNTY, IOWA. BE IT OR DA I NED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF IHE CITY OF MARION, LINN COUNTY, IOWA: Section I. That a portion of the North- on July 6th and 13th, 1974. ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS FOR REINFORCED CONCRETE BOX CUL VERT AND SANITARY SEWER EX TENSION    IN THE CITY OF CEDAR RAPIDS. IOWA. By direction of the City Council of the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, notice is    u    ,,V11    ....... hereby given that sealed bids will be c0uth dMey |0Cdted in B|0Ck i3, Original received at the office of the City Clerk in,ovyn    gty    of War,on, |0wdi de. the City Hall, Cedar Rapid*.    scribed as follow*: nine o'clock    a m. on July 24, 1974, and at|    Beginning    at    the    Northwest corner    of that time publicly opened and read in mejLot 2 B,ock    53    and    proceeding South    120, Council Chambers af the City Hall for | feef diong tho boundary line of said alley reinforced concrete box culvert and iand said lot 2; hence West to feet to the (ary sewer extenilon on 6A»h Avenue 5W southeast corner ol Lot 3, Block 53; hence from the existing pavement to the Cedar North l2o    feet along    the    boundary    Im*    of Rapids and Iowa Cliv railroad track*.    ai|ev    jn ^ud t    ot 3    to the    Northeast    i Specifications are on file In the office of    corner of said Lot 3; hence    East    IO    feet the City Clerk and City Engineer, and    t0 th(, p0,nf 0f beginning,    be and    the may be examined at the office of the City Ujrne is forever vacated. Engineer, City Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.! b<.ct,0n 2. That ell Ordinances or parts! Payment for said work will be by CitV:0f ordinances in conflict with the provl-Warrant within thirty days after comole I sions of this Ordinance are hereby lion and acceotance bv the city council repealed    ,    I Each bld    must be accompanied bv a    section 3.    Thi* Ordinance shall be    irs i bid tx,nd or cert it led check for ten    percent, f^i force and effect from    and    after    its of the bid, oavable to the order    of the    final passage, approval and    publication    ast Cifv Treasurer of the Cliv of    Cedar    provided bv law. Rapids, Iowa, which sum shall be    torii it    Passed by the Council    and    approved rd in c ase the bidder tails to enter into this 3rd day of July. 1974. the contract within ten davs atter the    William    J. Grundy, lr,, Mayor contract has been awarded to him. f ach, ATTEST: bidder must comply with the reauite-j Mildred N.    Stickney,    City    Clerk ments of the Affirmative Action Program    ........——---------------- ------------------------ °fThe ^uci    briddw,dwil|ll’he‘requ.rect    ADVERTISEMENT FOR    BIDS    FOR to furnish a Surety Band satislactorv to, STORM SEWERS IN THE CITY OF the City in a Surety C ompany authorized to do business in the State of Iowa, covering the full amount of the contract. Bv virtue ct statutory authority and provisions, a preference will be given to products orown and produced within the State of Iowa. No bid may be withdrawn after the lime for opening bids is passed The City reserves the ricihf to re lect any or all bids or waive any informality In any bld. and to accent any considered advantage to the C ity Dated this 3rd day of July 1974. CEOAK RAPIDS, IOWA.. Bv direction of the City Council of the City ot cedar Rapids, Iowa, notice is i hereby given that sealed bids will be received at (tie office of th# City Clerk In the City Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, until nin# o'clock am. on July 74, 1974 and at, that time publicly opened and read In the Council Chambers at the City Hall tor construction of storm sewers as follows. 144 Ln. I t across Landfill road and Sew aqe Treatment road to South river bank In It. Easterly In existing ditch I    hk    ^fh** Iernmcnt rules out one-sided ac-1 ministration has assured Britain note to his mother asking that    remQVe    the    y    g    Polaris    its offers of ful nuclear she did not make a fuss    over    fu-1. ,1M    ___ i.n    * l .    V r . norMI arranT7pmpnts    bdse from    Bnt<lin-    11    vvou,d    technology to Lgypt and Israel The son also testified    that    his happcn    on,y    as part    °f a    mulU*    wiH not    spced introducti°n    of iiie son also lesuiiea    mat    n j|afpraj    rii«5armarTn>nt neeotia-i    nuclear    weapons into <hn lateral disarmament tion,” he said. 1958 Accord the Mid-East. “The Americans told us they believe they have sufficient control over what they’re facing.” he said. Due for Revision The non-proliferation treaty Specifications are on flit In the office of innn f mmur^    City    Clerk    and    City    Lnqinter, and RV,d' G8i,#t,l^rM?K%r Payment tor said work will be bv City warrant within thirty days after comple (ion and ai < eptance by the Cliv Council NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARIN© .  --—J-------- — kjniV,.    I,,,, bv oiven    that on the 24th    tach    bid must    he    artompamed bv    . day of    tulv.1974. af 9    on a m »n m--    bid    bond,    or certified    che.k    for    len per c ounril    ( hamber- of the    C 'tv Hall In the City of    Cedar Rapids    Iowa, the City , («nt of the bid, payable to the order ot the City Treasurer of the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which sum shall be forfeit Ider t'he^vac a*ton* and disposition ot the fd    e.n(,,!r,    ‘fiS following des, rilled pronerty and to ( v-f'v ttie same by Quit t lalm deed /ntser investments, t Id the contract within ten days aller the to I contract has been awarded to him Each in consideration    bidder must    comply with the require ments of the    Affirmative Action Program required i ’ * k'1'' Hi’nr IV, m Ut" oTie r ter” cif I ii e Sot it h w e * I    lo furnish a    Surety Bund satisfactory lo OusruT (N    'a    <    W    of Sert.on IM,    the City in a    Surety Company authorized 'VU(»rif T I Iv i    „    .    .    <4..    i    net    *    in    Uhs*    LI a I n es# I msia t cwt t% t .0f JT,M'fiftv0!^5a.(r5»° ,h0US',nd ! oTthe CHV ol cidar Sapid*, 'Im. Beginning at a point on the North line TNI »wce*»fdJ^*WNrwillibt ^"enterVt' s^SeHI^9 ’a^he^e’s'o '"^v 'virtue ot statutory authority and North Range 7, Linn to do business in the State of Iowa, cover the lull amount of the contract degrees 14' W. 998 4« tee* to a point who h provision is I if) feet North of the Snuth lino ct said NI t'< f.W thence N to degrees 15 [ .WA ),i feet the ore N V deoreej.77 t 400 o fed to die North line Of said NI N CW 14 ■ tlierio due West, IOO n tee! f® f*11' a prelerence will be given to nduc is grown and produced within the State of Iowa No islet may he withdrawn alter the time' tor opening bids Is passed the city reserves the right to ielect any or all bids or waive any Informality *    4 * Artliininr*    <1»IV    Mf rti* utVT    evrai**;    any    ti n ut »r ta m i y Anv penKin '^.rested may a ar a. In (mv#bld,^and/o.fccep» any considered Dated thi eld hearing and he heard    I    advantage    to.fhe    City John I Arthurs i tty f Irrk Published in I he cedar Rapids Ga/effe fin July ftlh A 13th, 1974 ,lrd day of July. 1974 John I Arthurs, Cliv (terk Published rn The Cedar Rapid* Gazette on July 6lh and 13th. 1974. (rtf (’enter of attraction in a bedroom — enjoyable to make! Make this two-patch quilt and matching thrice pillow of your brightest scraps. Large size patches make .ll” round block. Pattern SOI: patch [latter us, directions. Seventy cents eaclr pattern — add 25 cents each pattern for first-class mail ami special handling. Send to I,aura Wheeler, The (’editor Rapids Gazette, 42 Needlecraft Dept., Box 181, Old Chelsea Station. New York, N. Y. HMM I. Print pattern number, name, address, zip. I father shot himself in 1967, ap-1 “* parently in a fit of depression. The coroner said an autopsy ' found two bullets from thaft at-; He said Britain is consulting tempt still in the remains. with the Americans to renew Another witness, Dr. Sydney    the    1958    nuclear cooperation Abelson, said he    treated Hen-    agreement    before one of its sec- niker-Heaton for depression and tions expires at the end of this I negotiated by the S Russia that he was hospitalized seven year. He said this signals Bri- and Bntam is due for revision times for drug    overdoses be-tain    s resolve to remain in the    „ext    March.    Callaghan    was j tween 1965 and 1971.    nuclear    club and to go on work-|asked if he thought the signers should help countries which do wa    J    |    not adhere    to the pact,    known Believe it    or Not I    ** npt. “Yes, we    have got an    obliga-l tion to share the benefits of nuclear    technology    with others,” he replied. “But the new explosions give an added: urgency to this problem.” He added that, if nuclear nations withhold help from nonnuclear countries, “you might just encourage them to go on” by themselves. Callaghan hailed the U.S.-Soviet pact to lower the threshold on underground nuclear! test shots to 150 kilotons beginning in March. 1976. But he added that Britain favors a total ban on all underground testing subject to safeguards against cheating. r" OH THE ISLAND OF TIMOR, INDONESIA1 ARE MADE FROM A S/R61E PALM LEAF , M. I^CLOCK ON THE CHURCH Of1 WE-STACRr, ENGLAND INSTEAD OP NUMERALS HAS ON ITS PACE THE ' WORDS — WATCH AND PRAY iSubmitted bq Jules Henry Mart; Albuquerque,N.M. CAMUSE IN CO SCON AR ON THE ISLAND OF MAJORCA, BUIIT I NS/DE A STOCKY MOUNTAIN v hr (ffihtr l\n|ii(U (Atr.rHo t slobhshecl In 1883 bv The Gazette to ana published dally and Sunday at 500 Third ave SE, Cedar Rapid* Iowa 52406 Second class postage paid at Cedar Rapids. Iowa. 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