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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Cedar Rapids, IowaCrusading editor started first sunday school 175 years ago new ministers take up duties in 2 . Methodist churches two rttii4r rapids Gazette sit., july to 1055 the history of the sunday i Iti Hool movement and the Story of the sunday i Schuol convention next Mouth i it rep fold in the following Story by Geraldine Sarto Iti and Wendell Kellyy of the National Council of Chunchee Public relations office England s prisons were overflowing. Conditions within their Walls and without were vicious and brutalizing. From the ranks of the working classes came an endless procession of men and women a ripening Lor the at this moment in late eighteenth Century England a crusading Gloucester editor began to seek causes behind the bulging prison statistics. Soon he was convinced that the shocking treatment of children and youth was responsible for Many social difficulties. Small children who should be receiving the Loving attention of parents and teachers were untaught and uncured for. Hard toil made up their 15 to in hour Days six Days a week. At night they resumed to slums that were training schools for crime. Reared in ignorance poverty and degradation they roamed the Countryside and the City streets or sunday a evil gangs Bent or revenge and destruction. Opens Hub Home. Deeply moved editor Robert Raikes opened his heart and his Home gathering the a Little Savages Quot from the streets of the Ca thedral town where they were a spending their sundays a sports and drinking with lewd and brutal to begin his sunday classes. He believed that reformation could be brought about through instruction Reading arum writing and mural habits. Out of Bis modest 3780 Effort by the Man. Who was soon derisively called a Bobby wild Goose and his ragged regiment of sooty Alley Quot grew today a International sunday school system that Enrols 311 million persons in the United states and Canada and Many More millions in other countries around the world. One Stop in the logical development was the Fust Jinai Junul suit Day school convention held it new York in 1832. Continuing the work to a teach Christ now the Twenty third International sunday school convention in Cleveland july 27-31 will Mark the 175th anniversary of the founding of the sunday school movement. Some 10,080 Volunteer u. S. And Canadian Church workers plus directors of Church school programs and leaders of weekday activities Are expected to attend. In his first sunday Schnol venture Rales ran into Many difficulties. Only one in 20 persons could read and write 111 the England of his Day. As his classes grew and the world found out that a the Little vermin could be made to learn a the alarm of the privileged classes was greatly increased. Even posters thundered from their pupils a the sunday school will destroy All religion and in 1797 the influential gentlemen a Magazine published an attack which pronounced the sunday school a subversive of Thot order Industry that peace and Tranquility which constitute the happiness of society ,.far from deserving encouragement and applause it merits our contempt and ought to be exploded As the vain chimerical institution of a visionary projector. Gains support. Raikes fought Back pushing his plans and publishing editorial s in his newspaper. Fortunately he gained the support of such men As Whitfield John Wesley and a prosperous London chant William Fox. Fox organized the sunday school society Raikes published a Book a Tredin Mardesy Quot Reading made easy to furnish instruction and in 1784 Wesley wrote. Who knows but that some of these sunday schools May be come nurseries for christians Quot thereafter Wesley initiated the Volunteer sunday school system by which teachers were not paid and the schools began to multiply Wesley s great contribution to the sunday school movement began in fact earlier than that of Raikes. In 1738. 44 years before Raikes gathered his a dragged regiment Quot together the founder of methodism was conducting sunday afternoon services for colonists and their children at Savannah a. These service h has been claimed were the precursor of today s sunday schools the next great Forward step was taken in Wales where adults As Well As children were enrolled in sunday schools and instruction was entered in a study of the Bible. S Raikes lived to see his sunday schools established in England Wales Scotland Ireland and american and the 12 boys of his ragged regiment Quot became an army of 4ftft,0 k in great Britain alone. Commanded to appear before his Queen he was commended for his work. When he died in 1811, he still remembered his beloved children his will provided that each child present at his funeral should re civic a Plum cake and a shilling first american school. The sunday school movement had As hard going in America As England. A school on the Raikes plan was organized by methodist Bishop Francis Asbury in 1706, and similar schools were soon started in the interest of the neglected and uncured for but George Daughaday methodist preacher was drenched with water a for the crime of conducting a sunday school for the Benefit of african children Quot near Charleston s. Cd a and the pastor of a Connecticut Church shouted at a Young woman who sought to gather a Small class in the Church gallery a a you imps of satan doing the Devil s work Quot she Vas ordered to desist because she was a desecrating god s Day in gods House a at first sunday schools gave general education As Well As religious. With the Rise of better Public instruction they chose to emphasize the latter and All classes of persons began to attend by 1817. One Hundred such schools flourished in America and local sunday school societies or unions had been formed in Boston new York and Philadelphia the american sunday school Union was born in 182-4. Population pushed Westward a the sunday school followed. By 1830 the goal was to organize such a school in every needy spot in the Mississippi Valley. Within a few Days s25.c00 was subscribed in Philadelphia and new York and two years inter the fund exceeded a princely sum in the jb30s. Ardent missionaries hurried to the new Field. The first was to Steward. He enlisted two other soon Stephen Paxson known As Quot stuttering Steve Quot became the greatest of them All in the vast but sparsely settled Mississippi Valley. Over ibis spiritual Field Paxson Rode his Good horse appropriately named a Robert Raikese a covering 100,000 Miles in 25 years. Legends grew up around his beloved mount one was that a Robert Raikes Quot would never pass a Cal Bdl on the Road without stopping. Paxson established 1,314 sunday schools in schools barn log Cabins Sod houses and primitive churches. They had 83,405 pupils and teachers he also aided 2j747 other sunday schools. Influential laymen As Well As clergy began to support the Sun Day school movement. By 1827 vice presidents of the american sunday school Union included the governors of new Hampshire Maine and Illinois a judge of the in. S circuit court and a Justice of the a s. Supreme court bus Rori a Washington Nephew of George Washington. National convention. In 1932 the first National sunday school convention convened in new York and 200 delegates superintendents and teachers rep. Resenting 14 states and 4 territories arrived by canal Barge Stagecoach horseback horse and buggy on foot and on the less-Lhun-200-Miies of Railroad then built in this country. They formulated plans for organization and instruction and recommended separating the wee ones into infant classes. Such aids As blackboards were frowned upon As a strange innovations Quot hut they came into use late in the lamp la Century. For Many decade emphasis in sunday school teaching was on memorizing Bible verse. The number memorized sounds almost incredible to Bur ears today. One new York sunday school reported that 18,51 5 verses had been recited during the last year an in year old Bay had Learned 400 verses in six weeks. Of course Many verses were misunderstood. When a Small girl was asked to write out the verse take be heed watch and Pray Quot she wrote a tee Heel Heel watch and Pray.1 a boy wrote the text a Many Are called Bui few Are Frozen Quot in the Early Days sunday school classes were opened by the Lead raising a tune Quot a such a tune they had. No notes knew nothing of music. The fifth National Convent Lon in 1872 Laid the foundation for the later International sunday school association. Here uniform curricula were adopted for the first time. Later when educational insights made necessary a new approach a graded curriculum appeared in 1908. Sunday schools began expanding in the West by Means of the Chapel provided by the railroads at first by Side tracking a rear passenger coach of the rat urday night express and picking it up again monday morning. This ultimately developed into a that was Complete with living quarters and a Chapel equipped with Organ. Such cars were carried free by the railroads and they stopped for meeting in. Small towns Enro Ute. From their use Many new sunday schools sprang up. Rapid growth. By the time of the great eleventh International convention in Toronto in 1905� the 154,593 sunday school in the 11 sunday school districts or North America had enrolled 12,3 67127 pupils and 1,552,473 teachers and officers. A prominent laymen associated with the movement included the president of the International association Justice j. J. Maclaren cd the Ontario court of appeals Ilbe vice president John Wana maker of Philadelphia and the chairman of the Pennsylvania stale committee h. A Heinz of Pittsburgh. That same year the International sunday school association was organized with a Cong res Sunal charter granted in 1907. In the meantime various denominations had began their sunday school work. Eventually there were unions and associations. Through a series of mergers the International sunday school association became the International Council of religious Edu cation. Now this Agency has be come a part of the National coun cil of churches division of Chris Tian education. Similar developments have occurred in Canada resulting in the formation of the department of Christian education of the can amp i amp a Council of churches the two bodies Are the sponsoring groups of the International Sun Day school convention to be held in july from editor Raikes a Little wretches of Sooley Alley Quot has been born a worldwide movement that brings knowledge and satisfaction to millions of Chil Dren and grown ups. Number of other churches. Films will be shown each night and music will be provided by both soloists and Church choirs. A native of Southern Indiana evangelist Howard is a Grade Sale of Kings College Newcastle and was for six years pastor of a Baptist Church in new York oily his father and five Brothers also Are ministers. St. Paul a methodist a Hugh 3rd ave. Of 14th St. Be sunday �?9 30 and 11 00 Sermon by or. Jackson Burns a gaining Freedom from anxiety Bernard g. Olson new pastors have taken up their duties in two Cedar rapids methodist churches. They Are the Rev. Bernard g. Olson new pastor of Kenwood methodist Church and or. A. F. Schuldt new pastor of St. James methodist Church. A the Rev or. Olson comes to the Cedar rapids Church from West Branch where he had lived for seven years while pastor of the West Branch and Springdale churches. A native of Spring Valley minn., he was graduated from Hamline University in St. Paul 1936 and from Garrett biblical Institute in Evanston in 1940. He was ordained a methodist Deacon in 1939 and an elder in 1940. While a student he served pastorate in both Minnesota and Illinois. He came to Iowa after his ordination and served the Elma Deerfield Clarksville fed crated and Kudd charges before going to West Branch. He preached his first Sermon in the Cedar rapids Church last sunday. The olsons have two children Jeanne and Geraldine. They will live in the parsonage at 3 0 thirty third Street be or. Schuldt come to St. James from Cha leg City where he has been pastor fur four years a native of Sherrill he was �?o0, Beautiful for spacious it s great to be an american and enjoy Freedom of worship a Freedom of of Preis let s use them wisely on this 179tb anniversary of our great nation s birthday during july the sunday Church service broadcasts on station. Kurg will originate in first lutheran Church in Cedar rapids. Pastor is the Rev. T. A. Youngquist. Broadcast times Are 11 , to noon a the Rev. Or and mrs. E. O. Baalson will be honoured on their Silver anniversary sunday at old East paint Creek Church a joint service with the old West paint Creek and Wal Orvllle co Grega Lions will be conducted at 10 30. It will be followed by a Polluck dinner Frol Paul a Minear of an Dover Newton theological school at Newlon Center mass., has been a appointed to direct preparations for the North american study conf Crener on a the nature of Unity we seek Quot the conference will be conducted in 1957 under auspices of the world Council of churches. A or. Eugene Carson Blake pres ident of the National Council of churches will visit Europe this summer to talk with army chaplains. He will be accompanied by two other officials of the presbyterian Church Usa a about 90 members of the world Council of churches policy making Central committee will meet aug. 2-9 in Davos Switzerland it will be the first meeting since the Assembly last summer Evanston. Or. Franklin Clark Fry of the United states will preside. The committee on children a work of the National Council of churches estimates that six million american youngsters will attend vacation Church school sessions or Church Camps this year. Last year there wore 96.50d vacation schools and 3,5qu Camps. T. Quot Freedom of the press Quot sunday will be observed nov. 6 by unitarian and Unive hot churches which Are members of the Council of Liberal churches. The sunday will commemorate the martyrdom of Elijah p. Lovejoy who died defending his presses in november 1037, in Alton 111. The Rev. Paul r. Brown who has been assigned to pastorate of the methodist churches in cog gon and Silver Creek has been pastor of the Church in in Luna. The Rev. A. R. Sanks has been transferred to sergeant Bluff. Christian Book and Bible Supply a lists 0reitin9 carps a gifts a 5/i surplus phone 3-i6�7 always convenient parking i Borttl w. Bear Ray Rompot is Toots i �06 fourth Avenue sete Institute. It it eds a to the a amp Eue Mcgregor the Rev Tom Fukuyama pastor of the congregational Church Here has gone to Nashville to attend the twelfth annual race relations Institute at Fisk University. Started wednesday it will continue through july 9. He is attending the Institute under a scholarship provided by Tec Board of Home missions of the congregational Christian Church. Arthur f. Schuldt graduated from mornings de College in Sioux City in 1922 and from Garrett biblical Institute 1925. He was ordained a methodist Deacon in 1924 and an elder in 1926, he served pastorate at Faul Lina Merrill Galva Silver Creek Mapleton and Emmetsburg before being appointed superintendent of the Sheldon District in 1945. After six years As superintendent he was appointed to the Charles City Church. He has been awarded an honorary doctor of divinity degree by College. The s c h u 1 d t s have three daughters Carol Bonnie and Dawn eur churches launch United fund crusade Bdl full to amp the go Kate Dayton Ohio a $5,150,000 United crusade fur College seminaries and Church Extension Quot has been launched by the evangelical United Brethren Church. Colleges which will share in the proceeds include North Central at Naperville 111., and West mar at Lem amp is la. About 20 percent of the fund will be used for new churches. About 30 churches of Tho denomination with 6,000 members Are located in Eastern Iowa assistant bredal Tethi Oizelle. Postville a the Rev. Or. And mrs. Mario d. Peterson moved to Post vice this week. The Rev. Or Peterson was called As the first assistant pastor to Seive St. Paul s lutheran Church Here. Shafte amp to. The Book of Obadiah is the shortest of All the prophetical writings of 1he old testament of the Bible and consists of but 21 verses. Church near Delta notes anniversary by thai Tothy us Fttie. Delta a visitor from 2ft towns attended lha sixtieth anniversary Celebration of Union Chapel Church Southwest of Here. Attendance was about 1q0. Following the Basket dinner sunday noon there was a program featuring a choir including a number of former members of the Church. Featured speaker was the Rev. Ernst Dewitt pastor of Tioga Community Church South of Rose 1i�ol winners of various prizes included mrs. Fannie Slavon Montezuma 93, oldest woman present James Abrams 85, oldest Man Eldon Sarver 3, of Rose Hill youngest or. And mrs. Rob Taylor Rose Hill married 60 years ago mrs. And mrs. Leon Streigle most recently married. Visitors registered from East Moline Newlon Marshalltown Montezuma Barnes City Cedar rapids Flores deep River Des Moines Rose Hill Fremont Oskaloosa Hedrick Belknap Dallas Center Sigourney what cheer. Grin eur Delta and Albia Union Chapel was built in 1095 under leadership of Jesse Burrows and Mathew Wharton. Re fore the Church was built services were conducted in a school on the same site. Pastors of a number of denominations have served the Church. Lost was the Rev. James Dennison of University Park. Five sunday school classes still Are conducted each sunday prayer Fellowship youth rally tonight monthly youth rally of the Linn county ministerial prayer a Fellowship will be conducted to night at 7 3ft . In a tent Al Edgewood Road and e Avenue be. The speaker will be the Rev. Lla Ruid Howard of Hindman ky., who will begin a three week series of evangelistic meetings in the tent starting sunday evening. Light refreshments will he served following tonight s service. The tent meeting series will conclude july 4. It is bring sponsored by Edgewood b a p t i s t Church with the cooperation of it the Bible can you quote if by Lavinai Ros Fowler. Copy Leht i95s.i 1.yea, All of you be subject one to another and be clothed with humility for. 1 Peter 5 5. 2. After he was one Hundred eight seven rus son Lamech was born. His name associated with great age is. Genesis 527. 3.1.will forgive their iniquity and 1 will remember. Jeremiah 31 34. 4remember not the sins of my youth nor my transgressions. Quot according to inv mercy remember. Psalms 25 7j. 5 a Cuffe was one of the first to translate most of the Bible into English the old testament from hebrew and the new testament from greek. One of 1he Best chapters is the acts 25., 6. What therefore god hath joined together let no Man. Is Matthew 19 6.7. Who is the author of a the revelation Quot revelations 1 1.six Correct excellent. Three Correct Good. Assembly of god a first a a 1101 Oakland Road be. The Rev. L. N. Huffman sunday school 10. Worship 11. Sermon a where do you fit in the kingdom of god Quot evening service 7 45, a is salvation emotional la central�?2is a Avenue new the Rev Donald j. Bogue sunday school 9 45. Worship u. Evening service 7 30, Baptist. First�?1200 second Avenue of. The Rev James m. Webb. Church school 9 30. Worship 9 30. Sermon _ a a common no Dittl nne. Dairy Dale a 340b it. Vernon rond be. The Rev. Arthur Westernoff. Unified service 10. Evening service 7 30. Calvary a 3203 third venue so. The Rev. Don l. Andersen. Sunday school 9 40, worship 11. Ser Mcm a this is my body1. Evening Ericc 7 3ft. A America s first line of . Zion a 824 eighth Street be. The Rev. Percy Burt. Sunday school 9 45. Worship 11. Bercan a Myca the Rev. Glen v. High. Bible school 18 worship 11. Evening service 7 30. Cedar Baptist Temple a 836 first Avenue be the Rev. Garrett Hose Boom. Bible school 9 45. Worship 11. Evening service 7 45. Edgewood a e Avenue at Edge Wood Road new. The Rev. Arlan Stohre. Unified service 9 45. Evening service 7 30. Brethren. Grace�?2905 d Avenue be. The Rev. Richard e. Grant Bible school 10. Worship 11. Sermon godliness is needed in the world. Evening service 7 45. Law and Grace. Catholic. Immaculate Conception a 859 third Avenue be. The it. Rev. Msgr. William h. Schulte. The revs Cyril Fengler and Thomas f. Currier assistants. Mass 5 45, 7, 8, 9 30� 11 and noon. St Ludmila s a 211 Twenty first Avenue 5w. The it. Rev. Msgr. Frank r. Hruby. The Rev. Clarence Frana assistant mass 5 45, 8, 1ft and 11 30. St patrick�?Ts�?500 first Avenue new. Masses 5 30, 6 3ft, 7 3 1, 8 30, 10 and 11 . St Matthew s a 139 Twenty fourth Street be. Masses 6� 8 10 and 11. St Wenceslaus a 1224 fifth Street be. The Rev a. W. Chihak. The Rev. Louis j. Trzil assistant. Masses 6, a 10 and 11 30. All saints a Dale Wood Avenue at Twenty ninth be the Rev. L. A Mcdonough masses 6 7 30, 9 30 and la 30. Covington. Covington a the Rev. Hugh Orchard sunday school 1ft. Worship 8 . Community Alliance 3302 Oakland Road new the Rev. A e. Stombaugh. Worship 9 30. Sunday school 10 30. Evening service 7 45 covenant. First a 701 Twenty fifth Street be. The Rev Norman Swenson sunday school 9 30. Worship 10-3ft. Evening service 7 30. Chur ii of god. Elvis park�?726 l Avenue new. The Rev. Samuel c. Ritchhart. Church school 9 15, worship 10 45. Freiri a Street Chapel North american 3336 Prairie Street be Harold d. Justice minister sunday Ich Nui 10. Worship 11� Church of the open Bible. First a 1311 l Street so. The Rev. Ralph m. Chandler. Sunday school 9 45. Worship 11. Church of Christ. Central a 1500 first Avenue new. George Darling minister Bible study 9 30. Communion and re Moti 10 30. Evening service 7 30. Church of the Brethren 1057 fourth Avenue see the Rev. W. R Burriss. Sunday school 9 45. Worship 11, Chur ii of god in Christ. 738 h Street swy tha Rev. To. C. Colbert. Worship 3 and a . Utile Mission Temple emanuel�?1014 tenth Avenue be. Pastor elder Bassett. Sunday school 10. Worship 12, e fling service 6. Christian science first a 1242 second Avenue be. Sunday school 11� worship 11. Rubies to a a god. Congregational. A re it a 301 seventeen Street be. The Rev. J. Richard Wagner. Juniors and adults 9 45, beginners and primary 10 55. Worship 10 55. Sermon a the Man next to of Quot. Bethany a 1300 sixth Street new. The Rev Milton e. White. Sunday school 9 3ft. Worship 10 30. Evening service 7 30. Christian Cedar a 526 third Avenue so. The Rev Frazer a. Thomason. Church school 9 45. Worship 8 3ft and 10 5ft. Sermon you can t turn Back the Dawn first a 840 third Avenue be. The Rev. Jack a. Oliver. Church school 9 45. 10 45. Sermon the Rev. Roy Fields or. Christ a sanctified holy Church. 1239 fifteenth Street see elder h. G. Darden. Sunday school 10, worship 11, evening service 8. Church or the Nazarene. 132b k Street so a the Rev. C. A Gadbow. Sunday school 9 45, worship 10 45. Evening service 7 30, evangelical United Brethren. Union Ely Road so. The Rev. William Suckow. Worship 9 45. Sunday school 10 30, Salem �?227 first Avenue so. The Rev. Leonard e. Caver the Rev. T. R. Balm assistant sunday school 9 45. Worship 8 38 and 10 45. Sermon a your hidden sin a. St. Andrew s a 324 seventh Street be. The re a. Hubert l. Sunderman sunday school 9. Worship 18, son test 7 30. Sharon�?1814 ninth Street so. The Rev Walter Mccrea sunday school 10 45, worship 11 50. Sermon a Why communion Quot episcopal. Grace a 525 a Avenue be. The Rev a. T. B. Haines. Matins 7 15 communion 7 30. Family mass and Sermon 20. St. John # a 355 nineteenth Street be. The Rev a a. Loic ski. Communion 7 30. Morning Pray or anal Sermon 1 1. Communion first sunday each month. Evangelical and reformed. First a 351 eighth Avenue so. The Rev. Otto f. Artopoeus. Church school 3 30 worship 9 30. Sermon. A seeking in the right spirit. Czech a 1510 second Street so or. Milo Filipi Bible school 938. Worship 10 38. Sermon a the everlasting fire czech. Foursquare gospel 60ft first Avenue so a the Rev. Herman mulls. Sunday school 9 45. Worship 11. Evening service 7 30. Islam. Moslem Temple a 1335 ninth Street new. Sunday school 8 45. Worship Friday at noon. Interdenominational 225 fifth Avenue so a the Rev. A. J. Stokes. Sunday school id. Worship 11. Evening service 7 30. Jehovah s witnesses. Kingdom Hajj a 1221 Center Point Road be. Public address ,7 . Watchtower study 3 i5. Jewish. Temple Judah and Beth Jacob a 1947 Washington Avenue be. Walter h. Plaut rabbi. Sabbath service Friday amp Tel . Religious school 9 45 . Sunday latter Day saints Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints mormon a thirty second it Dairy Dale court be Priesthood 8 3ft, sunday school 18 30. Sacrament service 6. Reorganized Church of Pfaus Christ of latter Day saints a a Avenue at nineteenth Street be. D. A cons odday minister sunday school 9 50. Worship 11 lutheran. St. Mark s a Augustyna 21 to first Avenue be. The Rev. Richard Wengstrom. Sunday school 9 45. Worship 8 3ft and 11. Sermon a whal Jesus says about judging others communion. Trinity Missouri 1363 first Avenue so. The Rev. E. H. Wid Mann. Sunday school 9 30. Worship 8 15 and 10 45. Sermon a Road to happiness communion Ion a Missouri Highway 150 in Hiawatha Village. The Rev. Ralph a Underwager. Sunday school 10. Worship h. Bethany a Missouri 2044 first Avenue be the Rev. E. A Wuggazer. Sunday school 9 30. Worship 8 15 and 10 45. First a Ulca 1000 third Avenue be. The Rev. T. A Youngquist. Sunday school 9 45. Worship fl.38 uni 11. Sermon a can the Blind Lead the Hin Dvo on Savior so american first venue at thirty seventh be. The Rev j. Of Wipperman. Sunday school 9 30. Warship 8 15 and 10 45. Sermon a your great physician offers us new life Quot communion. St. Stephen s a Elc Meadowbrook at thirty first be the Rev. No Wogon. Worship 9 30. Good Shepherd a Wisconsin 221 tenth Street new. The Rev. W. F. Spryn Geler. Sunday school 9 30. Worship 10 3c. Sermon the blessed life Quot Ion. Methodist Trinity a third Avenue at fifth Street so or. H. M. Grant. Sunday school 9. Worship 9 45. Sermon a human nature can be changed Kenwood a 302 thirty third Nii Vei be. The Rev. Bernard g. Olson sunday school 9 45. Wor i ship 8 30. Sermon Quot the forgotten duty. Bethel ame a 512 sixth Street be. The . Theodore hudson.1 Church school 9 45, worship 11, evening service 7 30. School 9 30 and 11. Worship 0 30 and 11. Sermon gaining Freedom from anxiety. St. James a 1420 Filia Boulevard new. The Rev. Arthur Schul Ril. Sunday school 8 45. Worship 8 38 and a free a Bod g Avenue new thu Rev. C. A Oscarson. Sunday school 9 45. Worship 10 45. Evening service 7 30. John Huss a 180 fourteenth Avenue so. The Rev Ruth husband. Church school id worship 11. Sermon a Faith of our fathers. Orthodox. St Johns a hellenic 501 a Avenue be. Or. Elias George. Sunday school 9 30. Liturgy 10 30. Is. Geu Flo a syrian 1202 tenth Street be the it. Rev. Be Cage Ghannam. Sunday school 9 45. Orl Hros 1g. Liturgy ii. St John the Baptist syrian 600 seventh Street be. The Rev. Daniel h. B. Montgomery. Or throw 10 30. Liturgy 11. Pentecostal evangelical. 62ft i Avenue new a the Rev. O. L. Kirk. Sunday school 9 45. Worship ii. Evening service 7 45. Presbyterian. Westminster a 1285 third Avenue be. The Rev. Arnold h. A Volf. Church school 9 45, worship 8 45 and 10 55, Sermon a mfr new for what a Olivet a 237 tenth Street new. The Rev. D. Keith Irwin. Sunday school 8 45. Worship 10. Sermon a this nation under and \ Central Park a 1780 b Avenue be. The Rev. Reuben j. Tjaden. Sunday school 9 30. Worship 8 15 and 11, Sermon Quot let Freedom ring Sinclair memorial�?829 twelfth Avenue be. The Liev. Ralph b. Colton. Bible school 9 45. Worship 11. Kenwood Park a 327 thirty fifth Street be. The Rev. Keith Taber. Church school and worship 9 30. Hug memorial a 631 ninth Avenue be. The Rev. Z. F. Pauk. Worship 9 30. Sunday school 1u 30, first s00 fifth Street be. Or. Theodore g. Lilley Church school 9. Worship 9. Sermon a god and the vital i Felt Daniels park�?800 Center Point Road be. The Rev. William e. Pfeifer. Sunday school 9 30. Worship la. Sermon the gospel that sets life of feta a. Salvation army 1123 third Street be. A capt. Net mrs w. Robert Wilkins. Sunday school 1ft. Holiness meeting 11. Evening service 8. Sunshine Mission. 121 second Street new the Rev. Walter a. Pierce. Services every night at 7 30. Seventh Day adventist. 3424 first Avenue new Paul Gregoro of pastor. Sabbath school common saturday 9 3& Tun. Worship 11. Unitarian Peeples a 600 third Avenue be the Rev. Waldemor Argow. Services resume sept. 11. United presbyterian Grande Avenue a 1601 Grande Avenue be. The Rev William d. No. Bible school 9 45. Worship 11. Christ Church a 2080 first Avenue new. The Rev. Franklin to Jones. Church school 9, worship 10, Sermon Quot the Scorel to happiness Quot. Unity Center. 10t5 second Avenue Sfa a amp Blesi. Paul s 1340 third avenues Waukon Leader. Sunday school Sedr. Jackson Burns. Or. H. 9 8ft. Worship 11. Subject Hugnes Dili associate Church a a expressed convictions Quot

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