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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa g The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Jan. 29. 1974 Society for Women Features The Agony of Winning Pat+i Stenhouse, 18-year-old Canadian student from Surrey, B.C., hugs her teddy bear and is overcome by emotion during ceremonies presenting her with a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games at Christchurch, New Zealand, Monday night. Patti won the finals of the women's 100-meter butterfly swimming competition. Dior House Launches Fashion Bombshell New York Time* News Service PARIS — The House of Dior launched a new fashion bombshell Monday. Not as startling perhaps as the one called the New Look back in 1947—that would be too much lo expect. But given the uneasy state of fashion it is certainly welcome, i The New Look put Paris back on the fashion map after World: j1*1111/' war II, and it left its mark on clothes women wore for a decade thereafter. This one may return to the couture some of the prestige it has lost to ready to wear. It’s the New Look with modern comfort. Would Be Proud What Marc Bohan has contributed to fashion for next spring, and conceivably for the next year or two, is a new shape. Christian Dior, who died IO years after his bombshell, would be proud of him. Bohan has been guiding the toolers as well as for women w'ho buy their clothes ready made, said Harry Larimer of Lord and Taylor. The truth is, Bohan, having established his theme, carried it throughout the collection. There was a loose, smock-like raincoat, two-piece dresses with sleeves like scarves falling in points from the shoulders. B’s not that he designed never-seen-before clothes. He’s picked up ideas that are In the air. that other designers have played around with. But, he has put them together with such authority and such pleasing results that he may very well change the shape of fashion. At least, he has given the couture a reason for its existence. Actually, it’s been not a bad destinies of Dior since the early day for the couture. Jean-U)uise 1960s. First off, skirts have been lengthened, to about midcalf. Second, skirts have been widened. That makes the longer ones look more palatable. Third, all the high, tight arm- Scherrer launched what is prob-; ably his best collection to date. I He’s back there in the 1930s—or is it the pre-New lxx>k of ’40s?— but, his revivals have a good deal of charm and look like fun. marcelled hair, padded shoulders and all. The makeup Pat Defends Her Husband At Reception WASHINGTON (UPI) - Approached by reporters who asked about the President’s! health, Pat Nixon thrust up an arm with her fist clenched and (Photo on Picture Page) said: “He is in great health and I love him dearly and I have great faith.” The normally collected First Lady came down from Camp David, Md., to greet wives of the National Religious Broadcasters Monday in the White House. Rosemary Erger Becomes Bride VINTON — St. Mary's Catholic church provided the setting Saturday for the marriage of Miss Rosemary Erger. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Erger, and Bub Reifenstahl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Reifenstahl. All are of: Vinton. The Rev. John M. Peters officiated at the 2 o’clock ceremony. Following, a reception for 150 guests was given in the; church social rooms. A wedding i dance was given in lndepen-| dence. The bride's gown, styled with! an empire bodice of Chantilly lace, wedding ring collar and bishop sleeves, featured a full skirt of organza over taffeta with a chapel-length train and a sclf ruffle A crown of lace cov-- BndaT Showers Hon°r ered with pearl - AP Wirephoto WASTE OFFSETS REDUCTION Off-quality fruits and vegetables often can be purchased at reduced prices but may not represent a savings. Waste in preparation of the poorer quality produce may offset the price reduction. holes and plastered-to-the- .    .    , I MHU tops have disappeared. "‘"s •« rfd- rod hp.sttck. rouge That means women will be and penciled eyebrows. Feather Boas His shirtdresses are pleated too, in the softest apricot, blue or peach tones. He has whimsical evening dresses, replete with feather boas. embroidered in white and silver beads, that show Paris still has the able to move around, and even go without bras if they want, without looking ridiculous. The very’ first outfit established the mood. It was a gray flannel flared skirt with a short-sleeved jacket in a lighter gray and with one of those new workrooms to turnout the stuff shirts underneath. Couture—Ready Made It was followed by a gray and white striped pantsuit and it immediately put the people who are on the Rome-Paris fashion trek at ease. It was clear that the clothes would be suitable for Rose Kennedy, the Duchess of Windsor and other couture eus- Philippe Venet’s show is modest by Paris couture standards, and so are his clothes. White coats over pale crepe dresses may look unassuming, but they are pretty luxurious, when you come to think about it. That's the way things go here, quiet luxury so the gold ankle-strap shoes were a shocker. Well, you have to break loose sometimes. WIN Mrs. Reifenstahl aught veil and Asked by reporters to com    ____ ment on reports Nixon has not Kathleen Hennessey shoulder-length been sleeping well lately, her    M[ss K ,w    Hennessey of carried red and white roses eyes flashed and she said: “He    *    Miss    Kay Mart attended the doesn’t sleep long, but he sleeps ^ma"a- Neb., reb 23 bride- bnde as majd 0f bonor. Brides-well. Sometimes his sleep is in- elect of Gary McCarty, also of mald was the bride’s sister, terrupted by telephone calls.” Omaha, has been honored at Miss Sandra Erger. The ut-Did he get up in the middle of bridal showers. Parents of the tendants' gowns, trimmed in the night to play the piano? engaged couple are Mr. and lace with a blue ribbon, were He plays “before he goes to Mrs. John P. Hennessey, 207 royal blue with square neck-bed,” Mrs. Nixon responded. Crandall drive NFL and Mr. and lines, long puff sleeves and ruf-Mrs. Nixon said most of the Mrs. Richard McCarty of Jes- fles at the hem Each earned a women who had come through sup.    single white mum the receiving line told her they    A linen bridal shower lun- Serving as best man was John “had faith in the President.” cheon for 36 guests was given Whitson and groomsman was “I told them to pray for the Saturday noon by Mrs. Robert Marion Beatty. Seating guests press,” she said as she left. Hennessey, route two, Marion were Rex Reifenstahl, the bride-Do the press need prayers? Assisting were the Mmes. Wil- groom s brother, and Rex Ste-she was asked.    ham Hennessey, Richard Bal- phons “We all do.” she answered here and Walter Hennessey. A Also attending the bridal eou-' Who doesn’t?    stemware shower was given pie were Melanie Duello as Is the press the cause of the Saturday afternoon by Miss flower girl and Heath Markland, President’s problems?    Christine Hennessey, 2650 Tenth ringbearer W’hat problems'” the First street, Marion. Co-hostesses to    *    *    * Lady replied with a determined the 25 guests were Miss Lisa Thf n(.ulvweds wi|| be at srmle as she headed for the ele- Balliere. Mrs. Kerry Koehler h()me in Vint0n where the bnde valor.    and Miss Mary Hennessey. The is a senior at Vinton senior high Later, Mrs Nixon stood in a    bridegroom’s mother, Mrs Mc-    Mr    Reifenstahl    is    em- receiving line at a reception    Carty, gave a miscellaneous p, ed by    John    I)e(,re    Tractor honoring newly arrived dip-    bridal shower Sunday afternoon lomats in Washington. She re-    with 25 guests attending. The mamed for about an hour and    Mmes. Robert and Richard told reporters: “I’m not here to    McGaughlm assisted answer press questions. I’m    _ SEARS CATALOG SHOPPING SPREE! to the lucky customer whose name is drawn Sat. Feb. 2 by calling Sears Home Shopping number 393-8181 VIS $50 REGISTER Wed. Jan. HO . . .}{ a.m. to () p.m. Nothing lo lliiv, Fni|>loy<>es Vol I Jigihle W inner NX ill Ile Notified Sal. Feb. 2 UPI Telephoto Dior turns the clo^k b.ick to the 1930s in his spring-summer 1974 high-fashion collection, shown in Paris Monday. This cherry-printed crepe de Chine dress has a full midi-skirt and puff sleeves. It’s worn with open-toed mule shoes and long beads. works in Waterloo. here to support thi« wonderful organization.” REI) APPLE CUPS Berry Patch Nourished ERA Ratification Rejected by Georgia ATLANTA, Ga I API - The By Sidewalk Cleaner (jc*orj»ia house of representa- u j » I f'    i    *    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — tives has rejected ratification Red Apple Cups make guest wh(,n The|ma Mj||cr dc. salads festive. Scoop out a Washington Delicious, Rome or W’inesap apple, filling it with a a good crop of strawberries in chopped nuts. Top with mayonnaise and a sprig of mint. ices her uf tbe proposed Equal Rights sidewalks she not only gels rid Amendmen, t0 the Constitution. of the ice but occasionally reaps The vote Monday night was ndment, I that; rights under the: not be denied or tasty fruit salad of chopped , h    ..    .....    ..    ,    104-70    against the amendn orxJL ..    i    the    spring.    Mrs. Miller said she .. . h ..    . apple, white grapes, marsh- ,    I    t    ,    ,    .which    would    provide vrToii,    .*    t    has    used    fertilizer, instead of.. ...    ,    v . mallows and chopped nuts. Top    .    ,    equality    of    rights under SITPLH PATALON SPECIALS ti .lift. JI.Llrrtronlr tiilenlator Operates on batteries or electricity    I till.JHI Tlicrmo-Weiive HI it ii Ii cts Durable all cotton with 6 in nylon binding tifl.7JI Inferior Lilts** Soini-Olo** Paint 2 ii ^Callan I r* I"" love salt or melting pellets, to keep , v^Ua^n k, ii i * u .    *aw sha|l her walks clear for about seven    by ^ Umted S(ates *l‘ars    ;r any state on account of One year, the melting snows e <. and rain water washed the fer- Thirty-two states have ratified tihzer off the a,ilks and into rr^ and d wlj| become the 27th nearby strawberry beds Boy, Amendment to the Constitution did we have good, big straw ber- d sjx inore states approve it. ries that year.” the Indianapolis housewife said. The only problem is trying to get a bag of fertilizer in the winter, she said . . . quickening heartbeats ti hen he brushes your ann. : I lain U I *•» OO AU iff* bv Irs A **•>•« Ire*' SHOWER HONORS MISS BARBARA TRCKA Miss Barbara Treka. daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas Trcka, 3300 Sue lane NW, was honored with a miscellaneous bridal shower given Sunday afternoon Thirty guests attended. Mrs. James Trcka. 4225 Danwood avenue SE, was hostess. Miss Trcka and her fiance, John Staub, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Staub, 3733 First avenue S will be married Feb. 16 ^\CT Uftg I To Pit Any Decor CEDAR RAPIDS PAINT 509 3rd Av*. SC Phon* 363-9634 . Guaranteed colorfast. 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