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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazelle: Tues., Jan. 29, 1971 Television loden Bv l^s Brown Radical Financial Plan for PBS NEW YORK (NYT) - The F o r d Foundation has disclosed that it will withdraw its support of public television broadcasting over the next few’ years. It has been one of the non-commercial system’s chief benefactors for more than two decades. The withdrawal has prompted the public television industry to adopt a radical new networking plan. under which the individual stations would pay for the production of national programs and. to a large extent, would determine which shows would be produced. David M. Davis, program officer in charge of public broadcasting for the Ford Foundation, said the organization—which has given more than $150 million to public broadcasting since 1951—had decided upon an “orderly withdrawal” over the next four or five years because it believes the time has come for the industry to stand on its own feet. * * * For several weeks, staff members of the foundation have been drawing up a schedule of terminal grants to public television stations and production centers, which, sources estimate, will amount to $40 million over a period of several years. At an annual meeting of the industry in Washington, public television station operators voted overwhelmingly to establish a “marketplace cooperative” which, in effect, would create a national program schedule by democratic process. The radical aspect of the plan is that most of the national funds for public television will be distributed to the local stations rather than to a central programming source. All excess funds from any increased congressional appropriations—such as the $15 million that had been added this vear—would be distrib uted proportionally among the 220 stations in the system. ♦ * * Those funds, along with the Ford Foundation’s terminal grants, would give the stations buying power for the kinds of national programs each desires. since they would provide the essential financial backing for national productions. John Jay Iselin, president of WNET, Channel 13 in New York, stated that the industry is entering a new era in which “our old welfare mentality is being replaced by a marketplace mentality, a new cycle of buying and selling among ourselves.” Iselin said the new cooperative plan afforded the station manager a number of options with regard to nighttime programs. He may pay a pro-rata sum to receive a national program at night over the public broadcasting system, he may keep the extra funds he receives to produce local programs, or he may invest with a few other stations to buy regionally certain programs that would not be of- 1 fered nationally. * * * Such station consortiums have actually been operating for years. On numerous occasions, several of the larger The Investor s Guide Bv Sam Shulsky Please list some treasury bonds which are selling at discount but are redeemable at par for the purpose of paying federal estate taxes. A—There has been an increase in reader interest in these issues (referred to as “flower” bonds) which do enjoy Sam rates rise, bonds — which are committed to pay a fixed rate go down in price. When money rates fall bonds will cl nuUlcy duced or purchased programs that the Public Broadcasting Service would not send out nationally for reason of their controversial or sophisticated content. The Bruce Jay Friedman play, “Steambath”, with its scenes of nudity and its street-flavored dialog, was one example, the British production of "Nana” another. Under the new arrangement, the Public Broadcasting System would become merely a distribution mechanism, rather than a network that de-t e r m i n e d which programs would be produced and offered for national air-play. tend to rise. ♦ * * Q—I hold stocks on which I have substantial taxable gains. I d like to conserve my assets for my children and    grand children. A—Assuming income from ceptable at par in payment of | these stocks is generous — do estate taxes are: 3'js of 1983, 3s nothing. If you need more in-of 1995, 37hs of November 1974, come* spread the selling over a 3Us of IMS 4s of couple 0f years’ so as t0 kccp taxable gain down in any one stopped issuing these obliga- 1980. 414S of 1985. 3*2s 1980, 44s year, and reinvest for income, tions as of March I, 1971.) of 1992, 4s of 1993, 41 ms of 1994,| If you are in a position to make These bonds, in registered or 4'4SofMay 1974.    gifts of these appreciated se- coupon form, mav be redeemed    if vml    intnrMtpH    Hkcus* curries to your children and al fact value plus accrued in-j " '    "“    “-    grandchildren now. do so, and terest for ihe purpose of app,y.1'hem with your bond broker.    k, ,hcm worry abou(    (hc u,. ing the proceeds to the payment j    * *    1 timate tax. of federal estate taxes    if—My wife and I are retired    *    *    * Conditions under which these and intend to start cashing in fl0n,r. ^t^wii"'bS°*i« torp^.d«uan-bonds are acceptable for this some “E” bonds. What percent-!mauon°Snvannumes,D%a5eu?nciudera'vsu- oiuuiiliA    r_„,l. ■ I    I addressed, stamped envelope Address spit it it purpose are st t forth in agp tax do we have to pav on    sam    shuiskv,    care    of 1 treasury department a unique advantage for those stations in the East have pro- {concerned with payment of fed- ! eral estate taxes. There are roughly a dozen of | these treasury bonds still out-| ('standing. (The government!^-8 °f Truck Bill Reported to Senate Floor DES MOINES (AIM Overlength trucks would be legalized in border cities under a bill reported to the Iowa senate Monday by its cities and towns committee. The bill, one of Gov. Robert Ray’s 44 legislative proposals, would allow the trucks to operate as they had for the last 25 years under “open cities.” concept. The Iowa highway commission currently is under a court injunction to allow trucks up to 60 feet long and twin trailer trucks up to 65 feet to enter border cities to load and unload Iowa law now limits singletrailer trucks to 55 feet in length and twin trailer trucks to 60 feet. A bill to increase the length of all trucks by five feet on four lane highways was passed by the Iowa house last session and is now being stud ied by the Iowa senate state government committee. Ray, however, had indicated he opposes that measure. The Sioux City Stockyards has complained it would lose mil lions of dollars in livestock sales annually if longer trucks from Nebraska and South Dakota are barred from Sioux City. The bill originally would have allowed the trucks to operate under the neighboring state’s weight limitations as well, but that provision was struck under an amendment by Sen. Earl Willits (D-Des Moines). The measure now goes to the senate calendar and will be eli gible for debate next week. The Gazette. Television Listings circular t|!,e gajn? An(j to whom? Generally, these condi- A—The gain on *‘E” bonds is j Why take our word that want treated by the federal govern- ads work0 Try one yourself, ment as ordinary income, and Call 398 8234 you pay income tax on it just as ; No. 300 tions require that the bonds must have been owned by the decedent at the time of his GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For Hews, Sports, Bookkeeping. Contra! Intor motion and Offices Not listed Below (oil ................. Circulation Subscription Dept Mon thru Sot. Bom to 7 p rn Sundays Until 12 Noon Holidays ll o rn. to J p rn Want Ads Mon thru Fri. I a rn to S p rn Saturday until 12 Noon Display Advertising 8 a rn to 5 p m Monon Office 398 8211 398 83331 398 8734 398 8722 398 8430 7-KWWlTV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2 —WMT TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6 — WOC-TV, Davenport 8 —WKBT, la Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester I 2—KIIN-TV, Iowa City 13 —WHO-TV, Des Moines 40 —KDUB, Dubuque Tuesday Night 6: OO 7—News, Weather, Sots 9-Wild Wild West 2—Action News 4—News, weather. Sots 4—4 O'Clock Edition 8—News, Sots., Weather 10_News, Weather, Sots 12—Human Relations 1 J—News. Weather, Spts 40—Country Music A:30 7—Community Quit 2—To Tell Truth 3—Bobby Goldsboro 4—Hee-How A—Emergency 1—Bobby Goldsboro 10—Ollie s Girts 12—Audubon Wildlife 13—Let s Make a Deot 40—Celebrity Bowl 7:00 7—Adorn 12 9—Hapov Days 2—Moude 3—Moppy Days 1—Moude IO—Adorn 12 12—Energy Crunch 13—Adorn 12 40—Hoppv Days 7:30 7—Mystery Movie 9—ABC Tuesday Movie— Girl Who Come Gift Wrapped' 2—Hawaii FiveO 3—ABC Tuesdov Movie— Girl Who Cme Gift Wrapped 4 -Howaii Five O 6 Mystery Movie 8—Hawaii Five 0 10—Mystery Movie 11— Mystery Movie 40—ABC Tuesday Movie-Girt Who Come Gift Wropped 1:00 12—E vening ot Fops 8.30 2—Shot* 4—Shalt •—Shaft 9 OO 7-Police St Or y 9—w orcus Welby 3 -Marcus Welby 4—Police Story 10—Police Stor y 12—Montare 13—Police stor y 40—Marcus Weiov 7:30 12 —Antiques 10 OO 7—News. Weather, Sots 9—Eyewitness News 2 —Action News 3—newsbeot 4 News. Weather, Spts 4— IO O'Oock Edition 1—News. Sots , Weother IO—News, Weather, Sots 12 - Day of Night 13 News. Weother, ipfs 40—Newsline 10:30 7—Tonight 9—Wide World of t ntertatnment 2—CBS Movie — Devil s Eight 3—Wide World of Entertainment 4 Wild Wild West 4—Tonight •-CBS Movie • Devil s Eight IO—Tonight 12—Bowery Boys 13—Tonight 40—Wide Wsorld of Entertainment 11:30 4— Rawhide 12 —Washington Connection 12 OO /—Tomorrow J—Last Word 4—Tomorrow IO—Tomorrow I J—Tomorrow Wednesday Morning 6:30 2—Sunrise Semester 4—Garner Ted Armstrong I—Sunrise Semester 7:00 7—Today 9—Garner Ted Armstrong 2—CBS News 4—CBS News 4—Today 1—CBS News IO—Today 13—Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 3—Walters Fomlly 8:00 9—New Zoo Revue 2—Coot Kangaroo 3—Sesame Street 4—Copt Kangaroo 8—Copt Kangaroo 8:30 9—Morning Show 12—In School 9:00 7—Dmah s Pioce 9 Mike Douglas 2—Joker's Wild 3—Osmonds 4—Joker s Wild 4—Oioah't Place 8—Jolter s Wild IO—Dinah's Place 12—Sesame Street 13—Dinah's Ploc e 9:30 7—Jeopardy 2—810,000 Pyramid 3—Dr. Brothers 4—810,000 Pyramid 4-Jeopardy 1—810,000 Pyromid IO—Jeopardy 13—Jeopardy 10:00 7—Wtiord of Odds 9 —All My Children 2—Gomblt 3—Galloping Gourmet 4—Gambit 4—Wizard ot Odds 8 Gambit 10 Wizard of Odds 12—In School 13—Wizord of Odds 40- Not for Women Only: IO: 30 7—Hollywood Squares V -Brady Bunch 2—Love of Lite 3 Brady Bunch 4- Love of Life 4 Hollywood Squares j I—Love of I de IO- Hollywood Squares 13—Hollywood Squores I 40 — Brady Bunch 12:30 7 -Three on a Motet* 9—Let s Make a Deal 2—As the World Turns 3—As the World Turns 4—As the World Turns 4—Three on a Motet* I—As the World Turns 10—Three on a Match 12—Electric Company 13—Movie 40 Let s Moke a Deal 1:00 7—Dovs of Lives 9—Newlywed Gome ? -Guiding Light 3—Newlywed Game 4 Guiding Light 4 -Days of Lives I—Guiding Light IO—Doys of Lives 12—In School 40— Newlywed Game Networks To Air Demos' Reply to Nixon 1.30 Doctors Girl In My Life Edge of Night ■C ‘rl In My Lite Eoje of Night Doctors Edge of Night Doctors 40—Girl th My Life 2:00 7—Another World General Hospital Price Is Right General Hospital Price Is Right Another World Price is Right Another World Another World General Hospital ll 00 Joe k pot Password Young and Restless Password Young and Pestiess Jackpot Young and Restless Jackpot Jackpot •Password 9- 2- 3- 4-4 I* 16-13-40 2:30 7—How To Survive a Marriage 9-One Life to Live 2- Match Game 3—One Life to Live 4 — Match Game 6 How To Survive a Mor r loge 8— Match Gome 10—How To Survive a Marriage 11— How To Survive a Marriage 40 One Lite to Live 3:00 7 Somer set 9—Love. American Sty!* /-Secret Storm 3—love. American Styk 4 Mike Douglas 4—Somer set 1—Secret Storm IO—Somerset 12—Excellence 13—Somerset 40— Love. American Styli 3:30 7- What S My Line’ 9—Gllligon s Island 2—Dr Mo* 3-All My Children 4-~Cortoons 8 Bewitched 10—Not for Women Only 12 ( hones* Wov 13 Floppy 40 Movie death and thereupon constitute yOU W0uld on salary — the actu-a part of his estate.    aj raje 0f jax depends therefore Some of the more distant ma- on y0ur income, number of de-funties sell as low as <5 Percent .pendents, deductions, etc. of their par amount, indicating ,f the amount involved is substantial savings in actual es-1 large you should spread the tate tax payments.    redemption of the bonds over a Among the treasury bonds ac- few years, so as to keep down the amount of taxable income in any one year. E bond interest is subject only j Jo federal income taxes. It is ex-! A J J    ,’mPt    from state an(* *oca* in‘ Address come taxes. NEW YORK (AP) — The CBS, ,    ,    *    * , .    Q—I vc noticed a .vpoint drop NBC and ABC television net- a tax.ex(,mpt bond thj, year ; works say they will provide one How do you explain it? hour of air time Friday night A—All bonds, even high-grade for the Democratic party re- credits, are affected by the sponse to President Nixon's money market. When interest {scheduled Wednesday night State of the Union speech to congress. The networks announced Monday that during the program Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-Mont.),; the senate majority leader, would read a prepared statement and then be questioned bv newsmen invited by the Democratic national committee. Friday’s program, to be broadcast live beginning at 9 pm CDT. will include sum-! manes and analyses by newsmen for each network, according to network officials. Nixon’s State of the Union {message is to be televised live by CBS, NBC and ABC at 8 p.m. CDT Wednesday COLLEGE BASKETBALL Bob Brooks Reports ROCKFORD at (OE Brought to you by KCRG Sports Booster Club Members Warm-Up, Half-Time, and Wrap-Up Brought to you by Steiner lincoln Mercury 7:20 PM Tuesday RADI01600 THE QUIZ ll 30 Battle Split Second -Tom oc row Split Second Tomorrow Baffle •Tomorrow Bottle Battle Split Sec ond 4 OO 7-9-3-4 4 • -10-12-13- 4:30 Bonanza Star Trek Not for Women Only Big Valley Jeanme Star reel. Munster $ Misterogers Merv Griffin 12 30 (--Country Musk Wednesday Afternoon 12 OO I New* V Eyewitness News 2- News, Weather 3- News 4- Dick Van Dyke 4—Noon Edition 8 Noontime IO News 12—In School 13 - News 40 All My Children 12: IS Bewitched Let s Make a Deal Mer y Griffin Bonanza Sesom* Street SOO 7—Dragnet V ABC News 2 Consequences 3- Newsfeotures 4—Gilligan s (stand 8 Consequences 40 AB'' News 5:30 7- 9 Town and Country Virgin lo Cartoons NHC News I rewitness News CBS News ABC News CBS News NSC News CBS News NBO News E lertrlc Company NHC News Newsline IHE* PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY fvery day except Sunday we re happy to provide you with this extra little service. It doesn’t make us money, just friends. PflAft mount XElf pharmacies J CONVENIENT L0CAII0NS world scope (IO points for each question answered correctly) 1 I-der tnt* terms of th* Israeli Egyptian Voc,p d'seng«jtfer ent arnement. Israel v, w *hr)raw is forces to a line 14 to 20 muss east of 7 a the Suez Canal ‘J 'ne Golan Height, c Cairo 2 I e se nod cession of (fie 9Jrr) Congress on verted with (CHOOSE ONE. RepuOli cans. Democrats* controlling both the House and Sena'e 3 The Supreme Court ruled it was wir.o> *titutional for school boards to set ar bi trary times when women teachers must give up their jobs d .nog pregnancy True or Falsa 4 Tr e go vet . r „    *,J ft Bt o/ero living costs rose 8 8 per - ant during 1973 the steepest /early inrrease Since . . 7 a 194/ b 1953 c 1966 (Lhr UriUir    f^azrttr TMI WEEKLY QUIZ IS PART OF THIS NEWSPAPER'S SCHOOL PROGRAM ■ rn 5 Pr es rose fas third month rn True or Fa se’ r than it'or ow Ic row dor ng f>re newsname (IO points it you can identify th,* parson in tho now. I railed th# disengage ment par t s.gned by Israel and rn/ country a "turning point in history “ Now I am trying to ge* Syria to negotiate, too. I an President of /Vho arn t» newspicture (IO points if you answer this question correct.,, 'hit Russian novelist, shown with his sons jaid ftie (soviet press was reacting mitt* ‘bestial tear to exposures of talimst pnson crimes in his boo* The Gulag Archipelago." spotlight (2 points tor each question answered correctly) I Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford named together to the Baseball Hall of Fame, were teammates for the a Pittsburgh Pirates b Cincinnati Red* New Turk Yank**'-’ in a row, I g/P* mafchwords (4 points tor sech correct match) I cr.” stituent a peace officer b diplomat constable conc lave C per Off K .un whom en elected ial represents 2 A"*-r w - n ga n or j Rd pa vernal! games UCI A was handed a /I /*) deteat by . . ,7 . . a hpit rn Dame b Marquette ' Iowa J i * s'e-r-piy-r im e is an event in both track and horse racing True or F aise* 4 In (tie Pro Howl game, all the points for tilt winning Alleman Football Conference rame on field goals by (CMOOSF ONE' Giro Yeprerman, Jim B»kken) 5 The Virginia Slims tournament that opened lite professional tennis season fur women was won by (CHOOSE ONF Chris F vert, Billie lean King). roundtable d po/ai# meeting e attorney Family discussion (no ar oral How do you think Hie energy situation will affect architect lur# in the future7 YOUR SCOR! ti lo IOO points - TOP SCOR!' ll to to paints iscaftont 71 lo IO points - Good ll to 70 po.nls - Fsir I ?H /4 • VIC. Inc Madison Wisconsin ANSWERS ON REVERSE PAGE U.S. Has First Trading Spills In ThrL Years WASHINGTON (AI*) The United States finished 1973 with ii surplus in its foreign trade of $1.7 billion, the first trade surplus in three years, the ^ov-ernment reported Monday The surplus was buoyed by a record monthly trade surplus of $942 million in December Exports shot to record high levels (luring tin* month while imports declined substantially, except for oil. The commerce department said U.S. exports for all of 1973 totaled $70.H billion, a JI percent increase over '972, while imports totaled HW bil-|jon, up only 24 percent over 1972. The department report added that the total trade surplus for the year was $1,677,200,000, com pared with a trade deficit o $6 4 billion iii 1972 and a defied of $2 billion in 1971 The main factor contributing to the big turnaround in the country’s t r a d e. government economists said, was two de va I ii I ions of the U h. dollar, which made U.S. goods cheaper overseas and foreign fi<x»ds more expensive in this country The devaluations occurred iii December 1971 and February 1973. Tonight, one great show after another! 5:00 Evening News with Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner Spirited commentary and penetrating analysis ... on unbeatable combination for news! 5:30 Eyewitness News This one s about you! Anchored by seasoned newscaster larry Hightchew, it focuses in on all the events affecting Eastern Iowans! 6:00 Wild Wild West Agent West's bizarre behavior convinces his cohorts that he too, has become the victim of the Raven's diabolical scheme! 7:00 Happy Days Richie Cunningham's first bachelor party has on exciting climax ... the dancer who pops out of the coke drives him home! PREMIERE 7:30 “Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped” Tuesday Movie of Week Koren Volenfine stors os perfect gift for mon who bos everything1 9:00 Marcus Welby, M.D. A young mon whose job depends on voice is plunged into hopelessness when he foces loss of larynx Robert Young stors. 10:00 Eyewitness News Anchorman lorry Hightchew, Sports Director Bob Brooks and Meterologist Wayne Winston, you couldn't ask for a better combination1 10:30 “Prowler in the Heart" Wide World Mystery A mystery writer, married to younger man, is forced lo use creative cunning to keep him from murder charge. TD Jo TV9 ;

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