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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Nixon Reported Ready To Pay California Tax 11 icy’I I Do It Every Time ct) WASHING'!ON (Al*) Pros ident Nixon scorns disposed to pay California income taxes for recent years, and might be ex peeled to amend his federal re turns for tho same years, a White House source says. Such a move could give Nixon expects an early decision on Nixon’s stale tax status. A Nixon attorney has estimated iiif Pic Ident could owe up to $.‘100,000 extra in federal taxes should the deduction tor his papers be disallowed and he be found liable for a capital gains WES GOT MIS EYE ON A LITTLE SKATER IN THE ROLLER DERBY"AN* SHE'S OOT A PRIVATE EVE WITH A SWIVEL NECK FOLLOWING BOTH OF TH EAA*" y C ) OUR HOST’S KNOCK EVERY BOCf/AS SOON AS THEY LEAVE’ THEY 0U6HTA WALK AROUND THE BLOCK TO - ‘ ' > GIVE US EQUAL rn iv-» time ' • % NO WONDER t THE RIPPERS' PARTIES RUN SO LATE! NO0ODV WANTS TO BE THE NEXT HOT , NEWS ITEM. an opportunity to deal at one lf* on the San Clemente trans- LET S ALL STOP AT THE LUNCH//AGON? I GOT AN EARFUL ABOUT FRAU RIPPER AT THE BEAUTY time with all his tax problems — something tin' White House says lie plans to do. The White House source said that if Nixon files slate returns for any of the years since the 1969 purchase of his San Cle ad ion. Ah/.ug Suit Meanwhile, Hep. Bella Abzug (D-N.Y.) said sin; and others are suing Nixon to make him pay back to the treasury the cost of government-financed im- mcnte estate, he might be ex-jprovements at his homes in San Clemente and Key Biscayne, pected to file the amended fed erat returns for the period. Possible Changes same F|a. “We are bringing this action! because the evidence so far in- j ii • r .    ,    Idicates that the President au- Al! hough the informant made Ll   , ,    lhonzcd    spending    very Children Urge Second Chance For President The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., .fan. 26. 1974 LEGAL NOTICES NOIICe IO HIDDE MS NOT ICF iS HEREBY GiV.-N State of Avenue, >W, O.dar PaiMl*. 2:00 o'clock p.m., on the Oh clay of f-eb NEWPORT, Ky,    (AI*) Thirty sixth grade pupils hav< urged President Nixon to I bistrfet weather his troubles because •    «....    *    i    r    liar    y    n OUT teacher gives US a second supplier, equipment and /or »ervice ...    .    ROI    I AWAY BU" ACH! RS chance. So we think that tin Americans should give I second chance.” And their teacher, Steve Seh-wein, says the letter sent to the i required shall be reduc ed to a ratio of Th,st one Parking space tor each dwelling unit sealed bid:, will ce received by the Sec i for those dwelling units which are inrlud reiary of the Cedar Rapids Community od in a publicly assisted housing program the    r    punty of    Linn,! which    provides    for rental assistance or own, at his    office.    146 Second    nousing subsidy    utilizing public funds and Iowa,    until    which    are also    limited to low income elderly    cr low    income handicapped oc- roary 19/4, for fumlnhing the following 1 cupants " •    Section    2.    That    this    Ordinance    shall    he ......|    ______ __ ,_b„    In full force and effect from and after Its The award of confract may be made by I passage and publication as provided bv law '*cHon I, That ihe aforedescribed sub section shall be Included as part of the t the Board of Director! of the Cedar Rap VOIi 'I 1 ,rts Community School District, in the I responsible ' bidder"'"or bidders' offering ! ^Pcedea?eRaD^ds*lnd,madeMaUD*rt*ofCMlS I suitable supplies, equipment and or serv-1 2’.:e Rapids, and. made a part ice at the lowest price, taking into consideration the quality of materials cr service in the best interests ot (tie School District The right is reserved to reiecl White House bv his nuoils “bus »*ny "n'‘‘ ,''1    ?.[    ",nv    pir’thereof, end , j0hn f Arthurs, City Clerk wniu. 11 UU-st ny IU* pupils rib to waive informalities, and lo enter into ; p^lis-ed in the Cedar Rapids Gat no such prediction, submission of amended federal returns to claim deductions for state income tax payments also could be a vehicle for changing other controversial sections of the U.S. returns. Under an amended filing, for example, Nixon could voluntarily drop $576 OOO in deductions for the gift of his vice-presidential papers to the government. Or he could add to his income a capital gain his auditor says he realized when he sold part of the San Clemente property to an investment company headed by friend Robert Abplanalp. The Internal Revenue Service and the senate-house committee on internal revenue taxation are investigating the capital gains question and the deduction for a gift of papers. “Honest Difference” arge sums of money, perhaps more than $3 million, for improvements at his two private homes that were illegal and unconstitutional and substantially added to the value of his private worth,” she said. a tip of ih« ’ partly hat to HARRY 30HN50n 319 VV. AAADI6CN BALTIMORE. /AD. Dvjmai Oner/ ^ sagr ne** • OKI soCIjTo \ (I.. .... .tyiufx.ii, int , 1974 Wmu Vw I* »»»r 7 . , ti I taught me a lesson.” Included with the letter were cuff links and a tie clasp hearing the American Hag. The students asked Nixon to wear them next week when he delivers his; State of the Union message to congress. Schwein said the cuff links; and tie clasp were bought with '“whatever money they could!in re such confract or contract deemed in tho best interest', of dar Rapids Community School District, in the County of ’I mn, State of Iowa. By virtue of statutory authority, rrefer enc* will be given to products and pro vision-, grown and coal produced within the State of lower DAR RAPIDS COMMUNITY SCHOO! DISTRICT In ffie County of Linn, States of Iowa Bv Otto F Wieder^boro Secretary Publish: January 26, 1974; February 2, 1974 Code as provided bv law Introdured this 9th day of January, 1974 Passed this 23rd day of January, 1974. Donald J Cannev. Mayor arette on l ii i 1 ruouincu in mc shall be january 26, 1974. ’he Ce-1 Says Ike Warned JFK of Possible Laos Involvement Surplus of Crude May Hit Canada OTTAWA, Canada (APi-In-stead of facing a heating oil shortage this winter, Canada may be stuck with a surplus of 26 million imperial gallons. A government spokes man said Tuesday the oil was purchased at a premium price from Caribbean and Mediterranean sources last November as insurance against shortages in eastern Canada. He said it has not been needed so far. The government has not said what it paid for the oil, but at the time of purchase, wholesale prices in Montreal ranged between 47 and 60 cents a gallon. Since then the price of Caribbean oil has dropped. The imperial gallon is equal to 160 fluid ounces while a U.S. Soy Nixon Will Fig hi Down to the Wire WASHINGTON (AF) — Pres-]allow the government to be ident Nixon will fight impeach-!overturned by a mass assault on ORIGINAL NOTICE EQUI I Y CAUst: NU DM327 1073 In the District Court of Iowa in and for Linn County the marriage ot Janice M. Screven scrape together. Some of them|uponjjj*.p*?mon°qfE' Sfnvcn won’t he going this weekend.” to the movies JANICE.. M. SCRIVEN, Petitioner, Arid Concerning: LON t. SCR I VEN,M WALTHAM, Mass. (AF) -President Eisenhower warned President-elect Kennedy of th<* possibility of the United States becoming involved in a war in Laos, according to a newly opened set of presidential pa- Detroit Mayor Rejects Visit of Princess1 Spouse th,. way we DETROIT (AR) - Detroit "M™ Mayor Coleman Young refused In their hand-written letter to TO X^Liven. iww «*» P«*    P"*?"*    «*    ,hc named: You are hereby notified that there is I now on file in the Office of the Clerk of fhe District Court of Linn County, It..... the Petition of the Petitioner named in the entire area of Southeast John F. Kenney library. “Laos is the present key to the President, the pupils said! that if he wears the gifts “it, would be kind of a sign to us IJS pt?”,i™    ...    .    „    ...    .    ., . „ that you believe in Americans KSM - — ,--e- -r-ar"a| -5'd-1 As,a’ Llsenhower s<',l(1 10 K(‘n in which Petition .^■ween the Petitioner and the    _ ,    ____. in    R/uim    19    hnlinvn Respondent be tudicially dissolved. That    tlPOV,    according    to    a mcmoran III    nuurn    IZ    oeutveuhe Sdld Petition alleges that there has i been a breakdown in the marriage relationship and that there retrains no rea-flo sonable likelihood that the siatus can be restored You are further notified that unless you “We think that you can your job well no matter what durn from Defense .Secretary Clark Clifford on a Ken nod y-Eisenhower conference Jan. 19, Keeps Bar Open Senator Russell Long (D-La.) vice-chairman of the joint con-gressional committee, said Wednesday: “It looks as though we’ll be asking the President to pay more taxes.” Long said this w'ould be the result of an “honest difference of opinion.” In disclosing his tax affairs gallon is equal to 144. last month, Nixon said that on-- the advice of private attorneys DCT f'nn/i/cinn he paid no California income L/°/ ^^nTUblOn taxes although he claims San Clemente as his residence. In Sacramento,    Calif.,    the    ex-1 MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - ccutive    officer    of    the    state’s    in-Daylight Saving Time confused come tax board said Tuesday he him and that’s why he kept his bar open an hour past the legal closing time on Jan. 6, Willie Perry told the City Alcohol Commission. “I told the ladies to set the clocks backward instead of forward that night,” said Perry, manager of the Manhattan Club. He testified Wednesday at a hearing on* whether his license should be lifted. Police said their visit was on I the morning year-round Daylight Saving Time took effect, but the commission suspended the club's license tor a week. Theater Time For Saturday 30 YEARS AGO — German! troops reportedly abandoned! Cassino, anchor bastion on their “Ash Wednesday” Italian southern front. PARAMOUNT — “Magnum Force” - 2:20, 4:50, 7:20, 9:50; shorts-2, 4:30, 7,9:30. IOWA - “The Long Goodbye” - I:.‘KL 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30. WORLD — “Instinct for Survival” — 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30. TIMES — “Last Tango iii! Paris” — 2:05, 4:20, 6:45, 9: IO. PLAZA - “Walking Tall” -I 2:30,4:55,7:30,9:45. STAGE I — “American Graf-1 fiti”-2:35, 4:40, 7:45,9:50. STAGE 2 — 2:40,4:35, 7:50, 9:45. STAGE 3 — “The Way We Were”- 2:30, 4:45, 7:30, 9:45. STAGE 4    ‘    Pavilion”    — 2:30, 7, 9:40. EAS'D IWN I “JVI* A US Mi 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30. EASTOWN 2 — “The Seven-Ups” - 2, 3:55, 5:50, 7:40, 9:35. MARION - Features at ll, I, 3, 5, 7, 9, ll. •LACE LOUNGE presents the STAND-DELL’S merit “right down to the wire,” according to a group of congressmen who met with him on Wednesday. Rep. G. V. “Sonny” Montgomery (D-Miss.) quoted the President as saying; ‘‘It’s unthinkable that I will resign: I’ll fight it right down to the wire.” “I got the impression that he is on the offensive and that he wants to get his message across,” said Rep. Peter Frel-inghuysen (R-N.J.) who was a member of a group of congressmen who met with Nixon Tuesday. Montgomery, commenting on the Wednesday meeting with 18 congressmen from Southern and south-central states, said he “got the impression he (Nixon) is going to bore iii more and more on doing his job.” “When we left he was still President all the way,” said Montgomery, “he did not ask or plead for support.” Frelinghuysen quoted Nixon as saying that “under no circumstances could I consider resignation though it might not be a bad life to live” on a pension. “In this country we could not Pabst Blue Ribbon 12 pack 2.29 FREE POPCORN The Emergency Room 4650 1st Ave. NE ” hp rn mf pH an intcrvicw with the Kafl <>*the others say We all thank you ■ c^?r rIpwI unn &,iniowVCon or 1961, the day before Kennedy’s he quoted Nixon 0    .    ,    .    .    yu    bitore    tne    5fh    day    of March A D„ 1974. jnailPliratiftn Snowdon, apparently because he for brineinti our orisoners back y°ur wi|1 be entered; and an of u^iud im. .    I    .    71    h    ..V    Y    .    .    »h«    relief    prayed    for    In th* said petition Clifford wrote “President Ei- Ihouehf Princess MnroarptVs from the war We a sn thank will be granted.    uiiinru    wroit, t reMuiin a the President, as saying He said Nixon told the congressmen that he has dcter- tbought Princess Margaret’s from the war. We also thank husband was only a For further particulars SM copy of Peti- sonhower stated (hat he consid- mined that “now is a time to gopher for a British newspa- _ . c. Nelson!ered Laos cf such importance 504 American Building! . Cedar Rapids, Iowa 524011 that fight and to fight like hell.” Of (he Wednesday meeting, Rep. Bob Casey (D-Texas) said Nixon appeared relaxed although “of course he looks tired like everybody says.” Rep. Ray Roberts (D-Texas) photo-1 you for stopping the war. So we    on'fllefor    your    benefic know you can work this one' out.” * I re-S"lnotice is hereby given pursuant lo    others    to    act with us,    then he netter;ident has    been a    dominant topic Sutton %6 7 ot the 1973 code of iowa, of    ., ,,,.1,1    umim» •.    n.ct 1    1 the final passage of Ordinance No 5-74,    WOUIU    Bl!    Willing <LS a    last dCS- Afforney for Petitioner per. The earl, perhaps known as Anthony Armstrong-! in his social studies class. Jones, is in Detroit taking pho- if it reached the stage where we could not persuade “Out of the 30 in class, four tographs to illustrate a story for didn’t agree with the President, ; but they signed the letter any-the way,” said the Brownstown, the I/indon Sunday-Times. William Beckham, said Nixon “said flatly' he won’d 3 ‘0|’,?'dc- said Young Ind native. 1 had no time to see the photo-' r *-'w’ *" grapher, Wednesday. “There were so many other things on his schedule: a lot of resign, but they could kick him out if they wanted to.” Montgomery said the con- by the City Count J of the City of CeeDsr Rapid-,, Iowa, on January 23, 1974, as follows; ORDINANCE NO. 5 74 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 32 OE THE MUNICIPAL CODE OE THE CITY OF CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, BY ADDING A NEW SUBSECTION PERMIT TING FEWER OFF-STREET PARKING SPACES IN MULTIPLE DWELLING districts subsidized by public th/. Communists to hav< r . . . .    ™    .    FUNDS AND ALSO LIMITED TO LOW 1 H VXJIIUHUIUSW Mi fun I I tried to remain objective. I income elderly or low income nard in a now Laotian govern HANDICAPPED OCCUPANTS.    1    .    ‘    "    HMVtin BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY'ment COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CEDAR    _ RAPIDS, IOWA. as follows; TVr c t Section I. That th" following subsection ernest he and herewith added to Section perate hope, to intervene unilaterally.’ ” Eisenhower also told Kennedy, according to Clifford, “that it would be fatal to permit any voted Democratic in 1972. 20 YEARS AGO .    ,.      o-    -....................... J ------     lar    ^ g r e s s m c n ^ meetinK local TV people, writers, others Hemingway and his fourth wife, J? cedar0p]pfdvuiowaDal Code 0< ,he Cl,v    ^VpAgjfei<tc Wed esday generally have sup-w^° want t° see him ”    Mary, returned to civilization'thei4amoun*nof T«-tt'Mtdp*rkTna Vee-. " K ^ Trophy Lounge present! Every I i i. X Sal. ’ K VI NI 519 ll Slrovl S.W. ZF J FUN GAMES Mondays at 7:30 OPEN 9-2 Don Geater, Boh Jischer FIREPLACE LOUNGE HIAWATHA Every Sat. 5:30-9 p.m. BEEFEATERS BUFFET $2.75 per person Children under IO, $1.75 Roost Round of Beef, Beef Stroganoff, ,Salads, Relishes, Desserts^ Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL CEDAR rum. IOWA I PARKING/* “Wildwood” ★ Sat. Jan. 26 * Coming: ‘ROCK and ROLLI BOOGIE BAND1 Seance Mob* SWISHER ported Nixon in the past and indicated continued support for I him at the meeting. Casey said Nixon did not specifically appeal to the men for support in case impeachment reaches the house floor. “He didn't say it that way. He said that he knew we had stuck by him on some tight issues in the past...” Casey said. SUNDAY' FAMILY BUFFET 11:15 lo 2 and 5 to 8 p.m. $2.50 per person (Mdrtn under IO, SITS Fried Country Chicken, Swat Steok, Boked Horn, Chow Mein, Vegetoblei, choice of Salad} and De sib rf. Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL Adjacent Guest Parking CINEMA MASH STARRING DON SUTHERLAND ELLIOTT GOULD I 30 3 30 5;30 - 7:30 - 9:30 (PG) Beekman said, “You're kid- after surviving two plane ding” when told who the photo- crashes in the African elephant grapher was. RJ’s LOUNGE 1075 - 6th AVE. MARION ★ TONITE * 15c BEER 8-9 P.M. country of Uganda. HAVE FUN WITH OUR GAMES! ★ POOL ★ AIR HOCKEY ★ T.V. TABLE TENNIS Ifs a very popular place to go! That’s PALO, IOWA rn THE FIRST XXX RATED MUSICAL! WORLD S GREATEST ALL-STAR CAST . L You'll Really Like Our Delightful PIZZA - UT- they‘ll fry anything OfKC? CLQavnt- d , oui Carnal ■•me*- Nr.ro^irti The SALTY DOG Presents Thursday, Friday, Saturday “Truth” High Time 4-8 PM Daily 254 shells $1.00 Pitcher Vs off Mined Drinks A01ACINT GUIST 8 Ball Pool Tournaments Sat. $1 .OO Entry Fee Hwy. 30 Welti Writ Po" LAMP OPEN SUNDAY NOON TO 10 P.M. flOSEVSIt' MOTOR BOTEL Convenient parking in our romp DOWNTOWN TUE SEVEN-UPS From the producer of Bullitt and The French Connection 2:00-3:50 5.45-7:35-9:30 PG RATED xxxx f*I* '■    rn    " m    4    Skillfully prepared in one of - rn - **. e, « Iowa’s most experienced Pizza Kitchens. 4^.;    Prompt    service. TRY OUR ITALIAN BEEF OR HAM SANDWICHES NASO’S PIZZA HOUSE R OPEN 154 5 First Avenue SI — 363-9697 Daily, ll a.m.-12 p.m. Fri. & Sat. Till 2 a.rn. — Sun. 4 lo 12 p.m. d «fhtr I AC Mf lO* M4C*A/7Nf ” 'The Ntwctmat* ll • whole new ball «on • lheye « e so mony ( ktt thai jjD yow may Hay# lo %*• »f ® MK'» ©nd limo lo bti»«wo . Ukmie4wm»tlNAIH0 WI WI nUsMBHRMI rn .rn a £ Coupons Mutt Be Presented With Incoming Orders The Cowlrevotttol (Short lubjtct The Girl and the Donkey IAH SNOW Fri.-Set.11 p m. - SHOWS DAILY -U:00 12:20-1:40 3:00 4:20 5:40-7:00-1:70 9:40 AT REGULAR PRICES — SINGLES $3.00, COUPLES $5.00 MAHOE ABOLT 752 . 10th St. THEATRE PHON! 377-14.3 VALOABLE coupon Skirts E<p,res Feb 1 Sweaters Trousers No Limit Slacks Trim & Pleats Extro wwwffw Itytyj VALUABLE COUPON 2 Piece Suits 2 Piece Dresses 0’Coats Furs, Suedes, Leathers, Pleats, Formals Extra. No Limit Expires Feb. I • Expert Alterations and Mending 4 LOCATIONS PICTURE OF THE YEAR “AMERICAN GRAFFITI” ik .po. ELIZABETH TAYLOR IN ‘'ASH WEDNESDAY BARBRA STREISAND “THE WAY WE WERE” STEVE Mc QUEEN-DUSTIN HOFFMAN “PAPILLON”, -PG •216 3rd St. SE HOURS: Open 7 a.m. 6 p m. Daily » 3835 Centtr Point Rd. NE HOURS: open 7 a.m. 8 p.m. Sat. 7 a m. 6 p m. 2804 Isl N E. HOURS: (Mon. thru Fri. 7 a in, to 8 p.rn Sat. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Marion 708 7th Avt. HOURS: Mon. thru Fri. 7 a rn. to 8 p rn. Sat 8 a.m. to 6 p m. I Hour Service Daily Including Sat., ’til 3 p.m. ;

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