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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., Jan. 2(5, 1974 Financial and Market News Stock Mart Is Nervous NEW YORK (AP) - The stock market drifted around Friday as brokers and investors looked for bargains and answers to the nation’s economic prospect. Investors were continuing to show their nervousness displayed in the last hour of trading Thursday, analyst Larry Wachtel of Bache & Co. said. . . July The Dow .Jones average of .’IO I August industrials closed off 3.(19 at IScpfembtr 859.39. CHICAGO GRAIN OGO ATK NS Furnished by Lamson Brothers WHEAT— March May July September , CORN-— March May July September . OATS— March May July SOYBEAN March May OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE PREV CL. 5.75 SIS 5.75 5.75 5.54 5.46' i 5.46' 2 5.46' I 5.46' 2 5.27 4.81’ 3 4.81' 2 4.81*2 4 ar z 4.62 4.78 4.78 4.78 4 78 4.58 2.94'4 2.94'4 2 92' 4 2.94'4 2 84' 4 2.97*4 2 97*4 2 97*4 2.97*4 2.87W 3 OO’ 4 3.00’ 4 3.00'4 3 OO’ 4 2.90'4 2.92’4 2.92’4 2.92'4 2.92’4 2 82 I 66’ a I 66’n 1,66’a I 66’a 1.61 1.67i» 1.67'* 1.67s* 1.67s* 1.61*4 I 64 I 64 I 64 I 64 I 58 6.47' a 6 47' 2 6 47' I 6.47’ a 6.27 6.53 6.53 6 53 6 53 6 32 6 56' i 6 56' 2 6 56' 2 6.56’ 2 6 36' ; 6.52 6 52 6.52 6.52 6.32 6 48 6 48 6.48 6 48 6.28 Cause of Fire At Marion Bowl Being Sought Marion Fire Chief James Reynolds said Friday afternoon he had no plans to call in the state fire marshal to investigate tilt* cause of the blaze which destroyed the Marion Bowl earlier Friday. Graveside Services For Lucille Douglas Lucille Douglas 81, a resident years, for 40 died of Marion Friday. Born May 2(5, 1892. at West Branch, she is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Clem Weis of Marion and Mrs. Merton Johnson of Cedar Rapids. Graveside services will be held Monday at ll in Oakland Substitute Plea For Rate Hike Filed by Utility Iowa-lllinois Gas and Electric Co filed a motion with the Iowa •J 1 commerce commission Friday to withdraw natural gas sehed ides filed Nov. 29, which would have increased rates on the average about six percent in the Cedar Rapids area. At the same lime, however. tin' utility filed new applications with rate schedules identical to those it is now seeking to withdraw. Dean R. Stichnoth, vicepresident and secretary, said tin* substitute filing was made (liizolto Wsmd Ails VyNNNrVVVA*AWiViM\VWv\W/AVW^\\VVV ANNOUNCEMENTS Card of Thanks ¥ ¥ ¥ C. R. Markets Prices paid on the Cedar Rapids hog market Saturday were steady. Prices paid Thursday for the bulk of country and plant delivered butchers weighing 200 to 230 lbs., depending on grade and condition were $39.75-$40.50 Packing sows 300 lbs. down were $33.75-$34.25. Butchers 230-240 lbs. are 25c off; 240-250 lbs. are 50c off; and 75c off for each IO lbs. weight over 250. Packers are 25c off for each weight grade from 300-360 lbs , 50c off each weight grade to 500 lbs., and 75c off each weight grade above 500 lbs. Of loii'ii interest LATE QUOTATIONS (From Lamson Brothers) Am. Ins. Fund Am Rein. Banks of Iowa Beatrice Foods Cherry-Bur. Conrar Consolidated Foods Dice, Inc Executive Data Systems FMC FMIC Guardsman Harnischfar Hawkeye BanCorp Interstate P Iowa Electric . Iowa-Ill Gas John Deere Kiddo comm. Keuffel S. Esser Lite Investors, Inc. lTU Corp. Mapco comm Maytag McCord Corp, Mid America Mid-Continent, ted Miracle Ozark Quaker Oafs Rath Rockwell United Fire & Casualty Victor Corp. VWR-Umted Winnebago 4.48-4.90 29'4-30 23’ 3-54' 7 23' a 9*4 14 4 2(H* Us- I 2 - 3 rn* IO' S-10** 2’ 4 -2 7-16 33*i 9*4-10'4 16*4 15's 16*4 45'4 15' 4 14    -14*4 10'4-U 10*4 39'* 26' 4 13*1 4.70-5.14 3' 8- 3’» 4' I- 4*8 3*8 30'4 5'a 26*8 16' 4-17 8*8 14 4 6*8 CD Clarifies Request for 'Screenings' DES MOINES (AP) Acting Civil Defense Director Don Binman fell victim to mistaken identity when he was believed to have been the perron who told lawmakers he wants to screen subversives or known Communists from his agency’s i volunteers. Hillman told the Associated cemetery, Manchester. The eas-Reynolds and Assistant Chief Ret will not be open and there Vernon Siletz are searching will be no visitation. Friends. .I bwaiMlnal data is'avaiiabio through the ruins of the large they wish, may donate to the novv for the ful| 197;5 calendar steel walled building looking for charity of their choice. Baxter vear a probable cause.    Mortuary is in charge of ar- * .‘The substitute filing is now Blietz said the fire may have rangements.    ln flllj accord vvith the commis- started in the northwest corner    *    *    *    ;sion’s rules of practice and pro- 4:15 p.m. the day preceding eedure,” he said, “but does not publication is the deadline for change the total amount of in-'V ant Ads published Tuesday creascd revenue we are seek-through Saturday. Corrections in^ ” and cancellations can be made The commission had rejected from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., Monday the rate jncrease application few through Saturday. Dial 8234.—Adv. WE WISH to thank our friends, neighbors and the nurses and doctors at Mercy Hospital tor all the expressions of kindness and sym-r pathy, Horal tributes and food durinq the illness and loss of our husband and father. Mrs. Louis Braan and Mrs. Grover Bell 8 Mortuaries - Monument* NOVAK MONUMENT CO. 203 14th Ave, SE    Dial    364-4439 of the building where a lounge land kitchen area was located. Estimates of the loss ranged from $450,000 to $500,000. Firemen and police have been I A\y a I    1 1 on duty constantly at the scene Friday and Saturday. A embers have rekindled, demanding the firemen’s attention. Sightseers have thronged around the area Friday and earl y Saturday. Barricades keep out cars. All but one of Marion’s fire fighting units were called to the IO Cemetery lots CRAVE LOT private party. in Cedar Memorial, 377-3153 after 4 30. 12 Lost & Found LOST ii 398-    fiied Nov. 29. because it was based on data reflecting actual *    *    *    results for only the first •dx Person to    bus    dishes, Stick-    months and forecasted experi- ney’s Scoreboard, Marion.- 2 female English pointers, ast seen in vicinity of 44th St SE. 7 month black and white, 5 years liver and white. 362 5C66 LOST Brown and while dog with short legs. Vicinity of 300 block lith St. NW Reward 3 6-33 8 5. FOUND SMALL very friendly black dog. house broke, 365-1629 16 Hap pi Ads Adv. Press it was not he who ap■    T_ .,    _ peared before the Confidential sccne friday f°r the blaze. Assistance was received from the Cedar Rapids fire department, Labor Survey Of C. R. Area To Start Soon ence for the balance of 1978. Scott County Following an appeal by the CATTLE MARKET $44 50-S46.50 $43.50 $45.50 $43 50-S44.50 $39.50-$41.50 S39.50 $41 50 $38.50-$4P 50 $27.00 $32.00 $27.00-$32.00 $30.00-$34.0C $38.50 $40 50 Choice and prime steers , Choice and prime heifers Good steers......... Good heifers ... Sfandaro and utility steers Standard and utility heifers Utility cows ........... Commercial cows Cutter cows ............. Bulls    . (Yield grade 4 overfat steers and heifers are discounted $5 per cwt. and yield grade 5 are discounted $10 per cwt ' (Wastv and gobbv O' erfat steers are $3 to $5 less per IOO lbs. than regular commercial cows.) POULTRY KEOTA—Current price guotes for poultry en the Keota market include heavy breeding hens, 15c, leghorn and light hens, 10c. and old cocks, 6c GRAIN No. 2 yellow corn, $2.62 No I yellow soybeans, $6.07. 33 lb. oats, $1.40. Friday prices delivered. FEEDER CATTLE Friday's quotations from Lamson Bros. Close    Prey March    54.50    53.40 April    55.45    54.45    j SHEEP Choice to prime shorn lambs are $38,00 $40.00. Choice to prime wool lambs are i $35 OO $38 OO. EGGS A large. 50c; A medium, fie, A 'mall. 27c, B, 29c peewees, 12c; checks,    23c; weekly prices delivered CHICAGO CASH GRAIN CHICAGO (AP! Wheat No. 2 soft rec 6.25n; No. 2 hard red 5 95n. Corn No. 2 wallow 2.98'zn. Oats No. 2 extra heavy white 1.767i*n. Soybean No. I yellow 6.38' sn. company, the Scott county district court remanded the matter to the commission for hearings. “The company’s motion to mg for access to state files to    mu ucpumuum, The annual survey of wages withdraw the Nov. 29 filing aid security checks.    [Linn    county    sheriffs depart-and salaries in the Cedar would eliminate the need for the Rep. Arthur Small    (D-Iowa !ment and the    Linn County Rural    Rapids    metropolitan    area    will    commission to hold    the    hear- City) said he thought the speak- Electric Cooperative provided a    be conducted    during    the    next    ings,’’ Stichnoth said. cr was Hinman, but    admitted1 snor^e* truc^    for firemen to use    several    weeks    by the    U. S. de-    Substitute rates in    the    eom- there was some confusion. MAKF SOMEONE HAPPY . . . ORDER A HAPPY ADI DIAL 398-8234 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A JOE WHO'S IN THE KNOW AND REALLY ON THE GO A 49'ER WITH “GOLD". Complete FI or a I C oordi n a lion TOMAN f; oRisr & gift shop 615 center Point Rd. NE J64-BIJV ..OB PRINTING ALL K'NDS SERVICE PREAS AND LITHO £9, INC I 05 Third Street SE 365-7501 WI DOING CAKES Mrs. Kenneth Smith. 363-9115 J3    Where    to Go FUN AND GAMES Monday 8 P M Benefit C.R. Jaycees KOZY INN 1004 1st Avo. ti I    362-3911 NOW OPEN >, A M TO 3 AM. BUTTFRFLY CAFE NITE SPOT DANCING SIP 'N STIR 1119 I st Ave. S-E 40 Tad*. School —Instruction yvVVV^NVVVV^A^NiArfVVVWNWV^ AW/ANNVAV EMPLOYMENT W w lf Produce to shoot water down Actually, Hinman said, the    dle building, speaker was one of his staff    ★    ★    ★ H. J. Boccella, the______ civil defense communications Fcavncy rsmaits/636h lbs and warning officer. “Out of Context” __    Hinman    complained chicago produce    some    of    Boccella’s NEW YORK PRODUCE new york (ap) (USDA)-Whoiesaie members egg offerings light to adequate and increasing slightly. Demand light to fair Friday. Whites: Fancy large 74-76 Fancy medium 72-74 66-69.    * Butter offerings excessive. Demand slow. Creamery, 93 Score 67 cents; 92 Score 66. Marion Churches Bethel Baptist that avenue. The remarks Thorpe. Sunday into the payment of labor’s Bureau of pany’s other service areas in Labor Statistics.    Iowa (Iowa Quad-Cities, Ft. Elliott A. Browar, labor de- Dodge, Iowa Cit}’ and Ottumwa) partment’s assistant regional were also included in the motion director for labor statistics, said filed today. a representative sample of area The company’s motion also employers will be asked to fur- seeks permission to place - loco Eighth nish wage and salary informa- higher rates into effect under Rev. Calvin jjon for a sejec{ list of occupa- bond, subject to refund, on March 3. 16 Personals Chicago (UPI) Bu*!£r.:r-Pri£w    we re    quoted out of context, but delivery to Chicago weaker; 93 score    ^ 61'7, 92 score 61’7; 90 score 60 Eggs: Prices pa unchanged; prices large 76-79; large school 9:30. .. Worship 10:30. Sermon: “In- *lons- toxical ion and Spirituality”. Jobs studied are those usually State Suspends Marengo Firm's Grain License sensation to the council.    ^v. Lee. Worship 9:3o.    Sunday 1 nance, custodial and material Hinman is authorized to re- school 10:30.    movement occupations, cruit some 800 volunteers    Grace Baptist — 440 South    e1Irvpv    rPo,,ito    „cPh    he- irnnnH thn -rn*    -.rn him    Fifteenth street. The Rev.    Don    ^ur'cy    results,    used    by around tnt state, bomi art ham    R    Martin. Sunday school    9:45.    vate employers, labor and gov- , electric revenue radio operators who are trained Worship i0:50 and 6:30.    eminent agencies in wage and    rh*7^“'- to operate a communications    Squaw Creek Baptist —    Wil- Substitu*e Increases Stichnoth said, the substitute, rate increases in the company’s Iowa .service area will produce a total of about $2.9 million in additional annual gas revenue Pri* and $2.7 million in additional an- agencies in wage ana    This    increase is in addition to NKS-The Iowa com-    command Dost in Des Moines    kins school. The Rev.    Kermit    ^a,arY administration ply*nt    higher    rates presently being col- merce commission has suspend-    d t h.indi(, i<ma’s emergency    w* Jclmcland- Worship    9. Sun-    location analysis and collective    iected    under bond and subject cd the grain warehouse license    !    mergencyj day school 10.    bargaining will be available this t0 refund since Dec 31< 1971. iu im t1**1*1 wait nuuM. liking communications in event of dis Robins Faith Bible — Corner summer    ,    ,    ,    .    , of Davies Feed and Supply at ^    of Main and Mentz** The Revr summer’    I    The    under-bond rates would Marengo because of an alleged Hinman said he received pro- Ed Bateman_ Worship 9:30 and shortage of grain.    tests    from    volunteers    after    it A hearing to determine ti Sunday school 10:45 St. Joseph’s Catholic ij u was reported that security: Fifth avenue. The Rev. whether th*1 license should bewere sought through the A. Kane, the Rev. Martin W. held by the cound| HHlLd at by IO a m. revoked will be (3,000; commission here Feb. 26. Wallace Dick, director of the warehouse divi- Iowa Hogs DES MOINES (UPI)-Slow, demand fair. Butchers 25 to 50 cents lower. Sows steady. Estimated receipts Frida y 50.000. Actuals Thursday 76.-000; week ago Friday year ago Friday 51,000. U.S. 1-3 200-230 lb butchers 39.50-40.50: 230-250 lbs 38.75-40.75; 250-270 lbs 37.75-39.75; commission s 270-300 lbs 36.00-38.75. U.S. 1-3 sj0n has alleged that the com- "‘"‘"‘.j* "te-Ta TR \ri< ^.rimn m 270 - 330 lb sows 32.75-34,50; „„„„ hac „    ,hnrt:,„p    computerized    TRACIS    crime    in- system,    refused    the    Gowan request by ICO regarding    the!    F><'ter    M- \ o n j    school    9:30 system. Small said - 995 Justin increase the price for residential customers in the Cedar A NEW SERVICE TO CEDAR RAPIDS PROPERTY owners, rental managers, and investors We qather, compile, and report the history Of tenants Wouldn't YOU like to know of the ones that damage property, or don't pay or abuse c.htr tenan's"1 CALL 363 1352 FOR DETAILS TENANT REPORTING SERVICE, INC. SULTAN'S PALACE WE ARE OPEN 12 TO 12 MON THRU SAT. AVAILABLE: “Darla, Marty, Brenda, Kay, Lois." 393-1974 TO Whom it may concern. Whoever it is Adult or Child, that is putting steel traps on my property, will be prosecuted to the fullest, either by the law or myself Mrs. Ila Hayes, 3100 Woodland Dr. SW. OLD TREASURED PHOTOS RESTORED and reproduced. Bring yours in for a free estimate.Dun can Studio. Town and Country ZCBJ HALL — Ideal tor private parties and receptions. Be Your Own Bartender 363-2404 or 363-0134 -HAPPY HOUR MASSAGE- 4? Hel? Wonted—Agencies MURPHY EMPLOYMENT 417 IST AVE. SE 364-6195 RAPID PLACEMENT SUITE 203. IOWA THEATRE BLDG 363 9:87 SNELLING & SNELLING SUITE 1805    PHONE 366-0747 ie tower, 200 ut st. s e. 44 Help Wanted GROWING Chain is expanding in N E. Iowa Hiring store Manager, Meat Manager, Produce Manager and Bakery Manager. Send resume to Gazette Box Y-924. All answers will be held in strict confidence. PARTTIME help to work in retail store. Must enjoy meeting people and furnish good references. $2 25 per hour up to 32 hours on evenings aid weekends. Apply In person to 4652 1st Avenue NE. PART-TIME JANITOR'MORNINGS. dilly. Good working conditions. Early morning work 3-4 hours Experience preferred, must have transportation Apply in person. 110'. J Ave. NE EXPERIENCED BEAUTICIAN Needed Fashion Flair Beauty Salon _ 362-2316 PRESSER wanted Must be experienced. 5 day week. $2 hour to start Appw in person 3102 MI. Vernon Rd S E KSNGSGARD CLEANERS RN Pfab and the Rev. John Casey .    ,    ,    will celebrate mass Saturday    at'store    in    Iowa City was    robbed    of    commercial    and    industrial ne    council    cleated    By    inc    7 p m. at the school, 1430    a50Ld    $120    Thursday    afternoon.    »nmor«    wmilH    avera®**    ahm legislature last year to safe- Fourteenth street, and Sunday, An,,nrHintr *i,n guard confidentiality of criminal!at 7* 9:39 a”d H a r^- and 5 , • -    j ,    -    *.    p.m. at the church and 8:30,    IO history    data_ in    the    state    s    new    and n;30 at the school. Iowa City Pharmacy nftnA.ic r«cL Tlinfj Rapids area on the average by Reports Cash Theft ^ , cents por day The nalu. IOWA CITY — Osco Drug ral gas increase applicable to; customers would average about 41 -manager, percent, five black men entered the--— hotel/motel P M , to 12 P M , OUTCALLS 362-8701 330-400 lbs 324)0-34.00; 400-450 P?"* has a measured shortage £££■ store and while three of them Marion christian— 1050 Mc-engaged him in conversation. lbs 31.75 - 33.00; 31.00-32.75. 450 - 550 lh* bOUlMorrginThSu^day|the lw0 0,hers sl'PPed behind Worship 10:45. the’ counter and emptied the Robins Church of the cash register. of 20,694 bushels of corn and 1.176 bushels of oats. Everett Davies, who held the license, died Dec. 20 and the    Cites    New    Law Merchants National Bank of Hinman said “the whole prob-Cedar Rapids has been appoint- lem is that they (council) felt weighing 200-230 lbs $40.00- cd executor of his estate.    we wanted access to the crimi-!F.    wir    n    « i    - $40.50. No. 2 sows weighing 300 jj,e commission ordered that nal files. What we primarily elder. Bible school lo/ worshp) d‘riec,‘Bns- the appointed executor shall ap- wanted to know from the coun- ll and 6:30. Classes Slated By Red Cross STOP IN and try some of our 5 different type washers and dryers.    spin city    Laundry,    2C20 North Towne Lane N E. RIDERS wanted to and from Des Moines on Weekends. Prefer College    students    References    ex changes. 365-0113. RESTLESS nights? Try an Evans Masso    Therapy    Treatment,    362- FREGNANT and Distressed? Birthright Mon Frl., 7-10 P rn. 362-0469 GO JU KARATE 362-9737, 362-6564 Starting    new classes. All welcome 7 QUESTIONS Bible answered Waterloo Hogs WATERLOO — Butchers and sows were 25c lower. Packing plant delivery, No. 2 butchers lbs $33.75-$34.25. Three different The five men were observed multi-media first sessions of aid courses on cr about we 377-9733. Rafhie Brethren — 355 Second street day s”hoolfi‘|TWnJrshipCilSand    «"    The street outside will be offered by Grunt Wood 7.'    the    store    where they divided Area chapter of the American Church of Christ — 1087 the money and fled in different Red Cross Wednesday, Thursday and Feb. 9. Another person in the store! All classes meet at the Red ?0 Iwusic-Doncinq-Tutorinq JAZZ and POPULAR — Plano or Groan 2nd se,nester, Phil Matt- instructor C R. D one 36£ 8589. Piano & ll P M 7 A M , Apply in person 1940 1st Ave NE. FARM worker wanted, year round employment, general farming, modern house furnished. Boland Bros,, Fairfax, la. 846 2353 or 446-6944 Atkins.    _________ SOMEONE TO WAIT TABLES APPLY IN PERSON CEDAR CAFE 3230 16th Ave. S.W. __ RETAIL - PART TIME SONDROL'S 15C7 IST AVE SE RN or LPN for day duty GERIATRIC Nursing. Call Director of Nursing Service, 365-9171. RECEPTIONIST NEEDED—For local office Phone or selling experience helpful but not necessary. Send resume to Box V 896, Gazette GIRL, 6 years old, wants girl to conic in o- live in and help Mom and dad, 354 1240 After 5 354 2002 PERSON to wait tables and tend bar. Call 849 44.36 between ll a rn. and 2 p.m. or 8 pm.-ll p.m. PART TIME Floor Maintenance. In terviews 3 30 to 5 30 Mon. thru Fri. 755 9th Ave Mar ion. dressed meats    point    such    duties,    care    and sur- cil was whether Senate File 115 ... Aacension Lutheran — 2210 reportedly observed the incident Cross office, 32; Granby build- •    :-----i-a    .-a     >-«    —-    -    -    Drmd avenue. I he Rev. Denny and reported it to the manager. cauli5 me0atNteSadeAter ‘low* and 'rteer    veillance of grain    as    is needed    would mBeefttradessiow; steer beet i so h.gher;    to maintain    the    quality    of    the    background heifer beef I 00-1 SO higher; choice steer    .    . _ beef 6CC-900 lb, 72 00, choice heifer beef    SIOriQ grain.    tCCTS. In suspending the license, the Pork cut trade slow; loins steady to .50 lower; picnics steady to .50 higher; skinned hams steady to TOO lower; be) lies steady; loins 14 lb. and down 78.50, 14 17 lb. 76.00; Picnics 6-8 lb. 52 50-53 OC. 8 lb and up SI 50-52 00; hams 14-17 1b 68.50, 17-20 lb 63 50 64 50; bellies 14 16 lb. 58.00, 16-18 )b. 55.00. FROZEN PORK BELLIES Friday's quotations from Lamson Bros. Close Prev February    60    50    59    06 March    60    90    59    45 M„v    61.22    59    72 July    el    BC    60 30 SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK SIOUX CITY (AP) (USDA) Hogs 3,500, butchers moderately active, steady to 50 iower, mostly 25 lower; US. 1-3 > 90 240 IL 40 50 41 25; saws steady, US 13 350-60C lb 33 OO 34 OO. Cattle 500 preclude our doing a j Brake. Worship 8 and IO. check” on volun- Sermon: "It’s Dark Out There”. Lutheran Church of the Kes- “We need this determination urrection — 2770 commission said Davies Feed for all civil defense agencies in and Supply is forbidden to act as the state,” Hinman said. a bonded warehouseman for any “We were certainly not ques-further storage of bulk grain Honing the integrity of any com-during the suspension.    munication    affiliated    with    civil In addition to the alleged defense.” shortage, the commission’s Senate File 115 relates to dis-warehouse division claimed the closure of criminal historv and 10:30. Sun- licensee: —Failed to maintain complete and sufficient records to show all deposits, purchases, sales, storage obligation and load out WEBSTER CITY LIVESTOCK WEBSTER CITY (AP) Cattle SO, n enough to set market trend, cows stron 30 CG-32.00; bulls 37 00-40 00. hog* ^-butchers so lower, bulk 40 or, dajjy position record for oats 4075, top 4075; sows steady, bulk 32 25-1 J “ 33 75, top 35 00; boars 200-25C !b 3150-32.00; 2‘"0-3SO lb 27.00 28.00; 350-700 lb 31 00-31,50. Monday estimate: Cattle JOO, hogs 1,000 POSTVILLE BEEF POSTVILLE The Postville beef market Friday goofed prices tor prime 'leers $44 50-$45 SO; choice steers $44.50 $45.50, good steers $42 50-$43.50; standard steers $40.OO-$41 OO; choice heifers $43 QO-$44 50’ good heifers $41 OO-$42.OO; utility cows $10 00-136 00; canners and commercial cows $29.00 $34.50, bulls S39 0CS41SC OMAHA LIVESTOCK OMAHA I AP) (USDA) — Hogs: 5,000, barrows and gills 1-3 200-240 lb steady, 240 250 lb steady to 25 lOAer; cth?r barrows and gilts 50-1    OO lower; 1    2 200-240 lb 41    50 4175; 26 head af    233 lb    42 00; 1-3 190    260 lh 40.00-41 7$; 2-3 uneven weigh'*, 200 250 lb 39.50 40 50 , 2 4 250-325 lb 35 75-39 OO Sows steady    to    weak;    360 600 lb 32    00- 34 25. C attle and calves: 1,000, too few slaugh tee steers and heifers for an adequate price test; bulk of the fresh supply con sistmg of cows, moderately active, most Iv steady; feeder supply consigned to Friday auction; utility end commercial ' cows 29 50-3 i    50;    a few    utility 32 00 —Failed to maintain an adc quate dailv position record for defense agencies could continue corn and failed to maintain any to receive record check services for prospective radio amateur Failed to maintain a copy of civil emergencies service appointees and other personnel from law enforcement agencies ” jr. Worship 8 and day school 9:15. First I'nited Metnodist — 1277 Eighth avenue. The Rev. intelligence data. and provides S^sMS.'3WolShip^a-SO penalties for disclosures.    and ll Sermon: “Problems and Boccella said the bill “neces- -Solutions'' sauted thai the Iowa civil dc    li'nU'',l tense division receive an in- clive Cook 'sunday school 8:4V terpretation as to whether civil Worship 9:45. ing, from 8:30 a m. to 5 p.m. ---There    is    no    charge    for    in- 20 YEARS AGO — Secretary    struction.    A    standard first aid Eighteenth    I of State Dulles rejected Russia’s    and personal    safety    textbook is avenue.    The    Rev.    Otto    A.    demand for a Big Five world    required. niVqn    ig(    I i    w°rshfP    , ®    and    d e a c c conference including Call the    Red Cross    office 1366- 10:30. Sunday school 9:15.    A    4 St. Paul’s Lutheran (Missouri 1 annulli'’ ( tuna    J.)o8'    to    enroll. Synod) — 915 Twenty-seventh street. The Rev. John D. Huber, SERVICE GUIDE Call an Advertiser Now! 3-> Man in Serious Condition Following C. R. Auto Crash One man is in serious eondi- hit at 6:35 p.m. when she at-llon and another in fair eondi- tempted to cross the street in The Rev. tion at St. Luke’s hospital with t^irn,ddl(‘ of the block, injuries suffered at 9:47 p.m. First Presbyterian 802 The driver of the car, Roy S. Hutchison. 20, of 157 Thirteenth _    ,    :    Friday    in    the    3700    block    of    Oak-    avenue    sw    wag    not    ohnruoH Twelfth street. The Rev. Jay A.      cnargOG when their car and struck two scale tickets in numerical sequence. — F"ailed to issue warehouse receipts for grain retained in storage for a time period exceeding six months from date of deposit - Failed to have sufficient in surance to cover all ♦ * * Two 19-year-old men were injured early Saturday when the1 car in which they were riding Suspects in Robbery At Dubuque Nabbed PHOENIX 4 AP) — Three fugi-stored t*ves, including an Arizona state grain    prison escapee, were captured The warehouse division also rlday night in a northsid* mo-charged that the warehouse was home park maintaining three different sets Police arrested Michael lay-of records and only one set of *or* d(,hn Kramer, 33, and records was being made available to the commission for inspection. Miller. Sunday school 9:15.j.ro<i<l NE W'orship 10:30. Sermon: “When ® I    ^ God No Longer Winks".    utility poles. Reformed Presbyterian —I \ passenger. Robert E. Wat 965 South fifteenth    street,    i; . u>    mar    c    rat    — —    ------    ° Sunday school lo Worship ll.    *IS’    South    fifteenth    skjddod    251    feet    in the    IOO    block < hiirch    of God    (Seventh    street,    Marion,    Wits    in serious    q| Goirns road NE    hit anoth(*r £'"'h    W    con2i,io!' w"h;'    sh'"    frattu_r".    car in the rear,    and a    traffic kur.luk pa tor.    Sona    sci - Tho    driver of    the    car. Bi v    j.r,r,.    ... rnfl    ...    r0,.    .    ., vice 9 45.    Sabbath    school    IO,    f »« .    en*    ti    U«ni' inen tdme    10    resl    ,n iru worship ll, Saturday. Friday, Martin, of a-2 Eighteentn middle of the street. Bible study 8.    ft reft SE,    was    in fair    condition    Mark    Dusterhoft,    1812    Second I' n i t e d Seventh    Day    with neck    and back injuries. He Brethren nue Worshi \ second passenger, Dan Klouda, 26. of 159 Wilson avenue! HW, was treated at St, Luke’s j hospital for bruise* and released. Call for FREE estimate on central vacuum system. SEARS 393-8400 Ext. 220 PEAT th* rising cwt bv contrac’-ing no* for your new garage or home repairs. Call A df 365 7 321 after 5 p.rn D and K Mobile Heme Repair All Ty»»s Repaired 193 6745 QUALITY CARPENTER WORK TO fiiish off that basement cr attic _room Shepard Const Co . 343-9693 PAINTING PAPERING Winier Rates—Free Estimates  O. J. HINKER/ Wf-&n SA*. D> NG -nd SNOW RFVOVAl WATER AND SEPTIC TANK RE-PAIR Concrete breakinq basement drainage. Stark, 36? 5877 avenue SE, and his passenger. Saturday w" A11 v n"'Bond'}'' p a j: tor" I*®* char‘!ed wi,h re('kloss driv’ Kobcrt J. Mclsh, 215 Broadmore ain IO, church school ll ,n^    road NW, were treated at Rites Monday for Freeman Faas, 77 NORTH ENGLISH man G. Faas, 77, Free- retired Martin’s Cur Police said Martin’s car was JOLIET LIVESTOCK JOLIET, III (UPI) — Caffe DOO. steers I 00 1.50 lower; heifers insufficient to es tablish trend; high choice and prime • ti er*, 46 OO 46 *0;    choice    45    OO 48 CO,    I load choice heifers 45 50;    no    canner    or cutter cows Hogs 1,600; steady; No. 1-2 200-230 lh 42 25-42 75, No 1 3    200 250    lb    4125 42.25 No 23 250-270 lb    40 25-41.25,    270-300    lb 37 00-40 75. Monday estimated receipts: 4,000 cattle. 1,200 hogs LIVESTOCK FUTURES William Farm, 36. Taylor fled the prison last July when he pulled a gun on a guard at Good Samar itan hospital where he was being treated for a hand injury The other two are former inmates. lh* trio wen- sought in con    .    .    If More than nection with a SIS OOO robbery of ™un,Y for 30 an<l strve<l ll*ht breakln« “ "" the wife of a tavern owner Dubuque, Iowa, in November. CHICAGO (AP) • Future* trading Frt- day: Close Prev I ive Beet Cattle February 49.65 48 65 April 53.07 52.07 June .......... ST VG 52.80 August 52.37 IIH Get nbe r 11,35 50.40 1 December SI 30 SC 30 I Iva Hopi— February 45 60 44 20 April 45.33 43.65 I June 48 IO 46,70 [ july ..... 48-35 47 OO Au guff 47.00 45.501 October 45 40 43 90 I December 45 50 44 OO1 7.000 Stranded By Snowstorms TOKYO (AP) 7.000 railroad passengers were stranded by heavy snowstorms that hit northern Japan Satur-    - day and many faced spending    Fire    Near    Waukon the night aboard the trains. - WAUKON — Fire which was Weathermen reported up to IO discovered about 4:30 a rn. feet of snow in northern Honshu today by a neighbor destroyed a and Hokkaido. Japan’s nothern- 2.000 bale haystack on the Fran-most main island.    cis Stortz farm, 4 miles north Mercy hospital for bruises and released. Police said Dusterhoft s car hit the rear of a car driven by L'slv E. Mebane, 36, rural Springville. Dusterhoft was charged with reckless driving SNOW SEPTIC e txez Stark, DICK'S TREE SERVICE GUARANTEED WORK INSURED ESTIMATES -FIREWOOD 365 8937 PAINTING interior - exterior Free estimate! MERVIN LARSON & S-n 364 132? KITCHEN remodel IXL-HAAS Cabinets, 343-7788 WALLPAPERING PAINTING REFERENCES Bill Jarvis 364 6688 BREEDEN TREE SERVICE Estimates given, insured ^77 7128 Gutters, Roofs and Repair Cement, t D "Don" Craft. 3*46061 Terry Melsha Upholstering F NI FABRIC SAMPLES. 363-7746 P K MAHURIN CONST. Addition' Kitcbrns, Siding 1/7 *431 TO remove mon » ca I T H S Truer and 'pecial s-dewalk plow, Reasonable rates 365 5882 CERAMIC Tile and Carpet installed 377 6435 after 4pm SPE C I AL I/I NG in PATCHING and PLASTE PING, Ed Simon 362 7774 34 boo .I gtif in j h Tax Se v.cc Federal and State, $6 Single Person, $5 32nd Ye*r We Never Close FRANK GORUP 1004 17th Street N E. 364 5573 INCOME TAX and Bookkeep, na. East, accurate, reasonable service. Call for appointment any time. 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WE HAUL most anything, anytime, tree removal, cheap rates 362 1680 SMALL carpenter lobs, prompt ser-vlco. 377 3/69 atter 4 30 p m, 36 Wort Wanted—Women farmer and salesman for Funk northbound on Oakland road NE Hybrid Seed Co., died Friday. when it hit a patch of ice, caus-Hr w.is a director of the Fed- ing ii to skid aer s the center Trio Gets $6C0 in ural Land Bank from I o w a lino, jump the curb, and hit a PAPERING pamnng, M I ext* Hate ■ tor, m-3*3 43*2 Incident at Norway NORWAY — Three men made off with ahunt $600 in an in- 14 years as a member of the The car then crossed to the ASG. He was a veteran of World other side of the road, jumped .    I war I and was commander of the curb and hit a second utility bident at Hay s Food store here _v      it*       i____ a _    *    _    I    QhfHlt    M    vll    t\    tYl    H    t    lfl'lt/    Hllth/lM. Pioneer Barracks, WWI ans, in Sigourney \ pedestrian who was hit bv a Veter- poi*’ before coming to a stop * * * Lost items are found when you use a “lost found" want ad Dial 398-0234 west of here. Firemen prevent- grandchild. Survivors include his wife Fern; a daughter, Dorothy Cox of Apple Valley, Calif,; three grandchildren and one great- about 6 20 ties said Three men p.m. Friday, author!-entered the store fast cd the wind-whipped flames and from spreading to nearby build- lings- Services: Monday at 1:30 p.m. in the Christian church. The Ixjdy is at Rowell funeral borne. car Friday while crossing Third am* iwo ^ePt the manager! avenue SF in the 400 block was blay, the third looted the cash in good condition at Mercy bos- register. Hie men lied iii an pital with a head injury.    aut0    county Not Charged    J {jper-dlon was similar to QUAI ITY pdpnrirq miff painting /Marion Decorating Service, 3/7 8421 SNOW PLOWING 366 3304 BOOTH TREE SF PVICt 366 ie00. 163 C539 YuUR new home, ptenneg, financed and built O. Alberty. 365-6091 LIGHT HAULING AND CLEANUP Any kind, Any Time 365 74/7 CUSTOM SNOW PLOWING I Gtphart, 364 8341 CARPENTER WORK RAY MUSIL, 393 6531 MODELING, all •service m (1352 PROEE SSIONAI TYPIF4G SHORTHAND NOTAR Y J'.; 6584 DOLL HOUSE NU WSI RY Eifablifhed stat, Licensed 2 LOCATIONS fall 36*-1302 3516 Center I’oint Road NI 2601 First Avenue SW SIH ST DAY CARE CENTER A warm reassuring Place To Be Childhood Deyi-iopment Stall 6 6 Won Tri 713 Uh SI SF 3*2 2611 WJCI Baby Sit my home, N f , 393*?9O0 ** Noo‘ or*a Loy* children. EE Pl RIFNtED hnusn cleaner has .erne (toenlnqs, reference', supplied Dial 377-520* BABYSITTING child for day SE 3*5-1841 night shill and one my home 16th St REPAIRS R E kinds, reliable operation Police aa id Virginia Simon, one reported in Iowa 54. of 500 Fifth avenue SE, was I Thursday, authorities said license I    s#r»ieo INCOME TAX SFRVICf Af curate and Reasonable 783 5 Johnson Ave N W 3*3 086*    »    lo    9    Daily VI CKO A SON TAX A B /GKK I I P ING SE RVICI Pf k up and Delivery 343 2)8/, 166 6108, 166 0074 City IRONINGS. 363-0014 w'l I PP Pfbv Jlttlno In my honte. 801 /th St. 5 W Dial J64 3064 6I*3A3M^*04° d° hou*#cl**n(,H1 3*5- AL Ti RAT IONS MSS*;* IO! . / ll Ave NW Weekends B    ^    P ley ma I#    (or J vear old im Situ 1 ,sw8fisi,ss.ar3*bv ,,u,w’ BABYSITTING, NF 393 9164 tmRal«eKlD. th"" <*/•' Pl a y mate*, J st ta, "mVWw    M "KS®" MArn I b«by|it9irm in my b W v»*jt home, •«t)*ri«fKtd ja/, jjq/ ;

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