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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Itllt (f friar Rnpula (AdkHcEarth-Movers Moving tin1 world was a three-man job Wednesday morning at    Twenty-seventh avenue drive SU. and Harold Eckman, route two. the Cedar Rapids airport The airport's globe is being shipped to    hefted the globe off its base. A sign dangling from above had to bo Dyna Graphic Displays, Inc., in Brooklyn, N Y., so its map can bo    removed so the sphereoid's long shaft could be lifted from the updated. Workmen Lea Knowles. Mt Vernon, Harlan Schmidt, ail    floor. - ..v.. UPI Telephoto Former White House Aide Sentenced Kgil “Bud" Krogh. former head of tin* White House plumbers unit. said after being sentenced Thursday to a minimum of six months in jail that he received no instructions from President Nixon to break into the office of Daniel Kllsbergs psychiatrist. Here, after the sentencing, Krogh, center, is accompanied by John Andrews, right, a former presidential speech writer who (put in disillusionment over Watergate, and his attorney, Stephen Shulman. Comet Ko bout eh Wos Recalled Because of Faulty , Faint A little mathematics    ~ (diameter equals circum-    By    Buchwald BUCHWALD W ASHINGTON’ — For the first time in my life I ani terribly embarrassed. At Christmas, a few weeks ago, I gave all my readers a present. It was the comet Kohoutek. I told you all that if you looked up in the sky from Christmas until Jan. 111. you would see it. It was your comet, and it was given to you as a token of appreciation for how nice all of you had been to me in 1973 You can imagine my consternation when I discovered the other day that Kohoutek had not been delivered, and I had received many letters of complaint asking where it was I immediately called the I’niversal Star Co. to find out what went wrong. After a dozen calls I finally managed to get the sales manager in charge of comets on the phone. After I explained the problem, he said rather tersely, * Kohoutk. Kohoutek? Oh yes, here it is. Your comet was recalled. It had a faulty tail and a bad paint job. We’re trying to make repairs on it now”    jT “But," I protested, “I was promised a    ' dazzling display of celestial brilliance which    J would fill the sky with a million moons. I don’t want a used comet that’s been recalled for a faulty tail ” The sales manager replied, “If you look at your 90-day warranty you will see that the company is responsible for everything that goes wrong EXCEPT if the comet fails to shine or light up the sky." “But what good is a comet if you can’t sis* it?” I asked tfuaiity 4 ant rot “The I ni versal Star Co. has the l>est quality control of anyone in this business. Occasionally a mistake is made and we try to rectify it But we cannot Im* responsible if something goes wrong with a star that is r>0 million miles long, particularly during the energy crisis “ But you advertised Kohoutek as tile greatest thing since Hailey s Comet You said that when it emerged from tiehind the sun it would Im* the most magnificent display of fireworks in the 2hth ( entury You damns! it would Is* the most breathtaking galaxy of light iii 2.(NKI years.” Yes. said the sales manager, “our advertising agency did go a little overboard on its copy But there was no fraud intended The comet is out there — it s just that you can’t see it.” Well, I think all of us should get our money back." We can’t do that, the salt's manager replied “If we refunded money to everyone who expects to see Kohoutek this January, the I iii versal Star Co would go out of business * I became angry lf you don’t refund my money I shall write a t nlumri saving the I niversal Star ( o is a fraud anti that they sell cheap, unsafe comets." Kxehun^e Kohoutek We re Surry you feel I fiat way But if we exchanged Kohoutek tor you, we d have to do it for everybody. Every urn verse lias a lemon or two All we tan do is fix the tall anti hope for the la st." I hung up in disgust. So, dear reader, that s the story of your ( brist mas present I wish I could give you something else in its place but Kohoutek Iis«*d up .ill my money It was one lousy rip-oft and I assure you it s going to fa- a long tune before I buy ii comet for anybody again I lie only thing I can do now to make up for the gift yoi never received is to promise in 1974 that I will never say in my column. I lungs have to get worse tadorc they get latter I know it s not much of a gift compared to Kohoutek. but I’m sure as time goes on you'll appreciate it more and more Copyright l¥/4, to* Angel** Tim#* rn ference divided by pi) said the globe would fit through this door, but workmen wondered for a while as the fit was literally within about an inch. mmmmm iv MT k    I I Man's Place is in lite Home," Ile Says “I think more men should try being househusbands." says Sheldon Schneider. .’12, Carmel, Calif. At left Sandy Schneider bends down to kiss husband got ai bye as she leaves for work Their son, Jason. 4. is beside his father, who relaxes in a warm waterbed while his wife turns breadwinner Believing the 40-hour work wiik is ridiculous, he reversed roles with his wife — she brings home the bacon and he cooks it Mrs Schneider now supines the family witfi a $4(Ml a month part time teaching job since Schneider quit Ins SI J.aoo ay ear job as a psychiatric social worker “I have always hated housework," savs Sandy UPI T«l«(jhoto* ;

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