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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa OPEN DAILY 10-10; OPEN SUNDAY WED., THURS., FRI., SAT. Nm... 3 Ways ta (boite ft of K oiort nm ... a/rrs    rf/t/wy^ SOLAR COLOR CONSOLE TV 77 Your Choice Reg S648 100% Solid state Super-Solar-color(R) TV with 5-m-l touchbar toning, 2 speaker sound, black matrix picture tube Mastercrafted cabinets NEWEST COLOR COMPACT 266” 18-lmh* Reg S299 Instant sound and a picture in seconds, 90% solid state 18 * model gives big picture, yet is light enough to carry. Has 70-position UHT tuner. Hurry in for big Mediterranean s?v,n^; measure of screen #(marr RICH COLOR-TV CONSOLES Reg $499 Single button presets color, tint, contrast, brightness and fine tuning. Black metric picture tube. Mediterranean or Early American Shop and save at K mart. STEREO HEADPHONE 4 Days Only 047 59 7    War 6 straight cord Actable, pad ded ear pieces SOLID STATE PORTABLE TV Reg 94 88 84 77 9 97 Headphone I a 97 Heodphene 14 97 77 97 5 17 10 57 84 7 16 87 Enjoy TV entertainment in any room in the house! Clear, bright pictures Detachable, tinted sun screen Solid state Slide level controls Charge if' RCA lr Reg $319 4 Days 286 Matching rollabout stand included 21,500 volt design average) chassis Accu Color picture tube Antennas included for both VHP and (JHP Reg M59 KA I* TV Bright, clear, cusp pictures Excellent re ception in fringe and weok signal areas ASH! RCA B/W PORTABLE TV 77 Bught, cleor, crisp pictures Chassis is de signed to minimize distortion and inter ference COMPACT PORTABLE TV 77 TV WITH STAND Our Reg 74 88 64 Reg 139 88 128 77 9" picture measured diagonally Personal TV with "instant play chassis VHP (JHP tuner, earphone Walnut gram finish 426 77 19 picture meas diagonally, black and white viewing VHP, UHP, swivel antennas. Walnut groin black polystyrene Rich, full tone I 1*9 Steam c Charge it STEAM IRON 97 4 Days d<y 25 vert* Key 9 97 7. POCKET RADIO 97 4 Days 5 37 3 Solid stat#- earphone 4 batteries included 6-BAND RADIO 87 4 Days Has AM FM 2 police t weothe' i short wave band Pull circuit, built adaptor Reg 28 82 27 AM CLOCK RADIO 67 Reg 1947 13 id I AC Solid state radio lets to music or alar 4 Days u woke HUMIDIFIER 77 4 Days Water wheel moisturizing action. Auto matte shut off Refill indicator light and water level gauge Reg 49 97 448. 31223 ;

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