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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa T he ( edar Rapids Gazette: I ups., Jan. I, 1971    9/V Fat Farms Keep Rich In Shape Bv M/a ii4*rro\It I ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Maurice Stuns paused in his walk, gasped slightly for breath, and squinted into the early afternoon sun. “It’s a great experience to drop everything and take Inventory,” he said. Stans, a former secretary of commerce, had been spending the better part of the afternoon hiking up a deserted country' road in this southeastern portion of the state. The hiking is part of the Strict regimen of physical exercise enforced by the Golden Door, one of the country’s better known “fat farms.” For the past week Stans and his wife Kathleen had been in attendance at the Golden Door, though not with the intention of losing weight. Simply to stay in shape. “I don’t need to lose weight,” he said insistently several times. “I have already lost thn*r pounds without straining.” l ittle Tired Now, Stans was a little tired, the car which had been promised to come and fetch him was nowhere in sight, and the afternoon dust was beginning to settle. Across the road, a black Labrador retriever of unknown, potential looked like it was considering mounting an attack. Stans rubbed his chin reflectively. “And I still have to shave before I take my 2 p m. facial,” he sighed. Among connoisseurs of “fat farms,” there are only three in North America worth wasting breath on: Neiman-Marcus’ Greenhouse in Dallas; Elizabeth Arden’s Maine Chance in Scottsdale, Ariz,; and the Golden Door of Escondido, Calif. The Golden Door is the smallest of the three and tne only one admitting men. Devotees, which includes Stans, say it is also the best of the three. 20 Customers The fat farm is a glossy establishment nestling against 12 acres of softly-rounded hills north and east of San Diego. The spa admits only 20 customers at a time, and since 1959, when it opened its single brass door, it has been performing a thriving business excising lard and restoring shape to the figures of the prominent, the powerful and the beautiful. Owner-manager Deborah Sze-| kely Mazzanti, a bouncy, grayhaired lady, describes it this way. “We are the ones that get the governors’ wives and the senators’ wives and the cabinet secretaries’ wives, it doesn’t matter what the administration,” she says matter-of-factly. Basic beauty training consists of an intensive round of gymnastics, swims, hikes, volleyball games, facials, herbals (guests are wrapped in sheets cooked in eucalyptus leaves to release tension) and massages. The day starts at 6:20 a rn., when they are awakened by the yodeling of the Swiss-born director, Ellen Roy, to go on an early-morning hike. From then on, customers are pummeled, pounded, steamed, stinted, and worked over bv the spa’s OO employes. Most guests, who normally come for a week’s stay, ore also kept to a stiff N50-calorie-a-day diet. Uppity? Critics say tile Golden Door is the most uppity of the spas. Mrs. Mazzanti insists it merely enforces the most vigorous physical regimen. “Maine Chance is mainly old ladies," she says curtly. “And the Texas ladies don’t go to the Greenhouse. They come here, because they want to work.” Now, the Golden Door Is attempting something unusual. It has Inaugurated couples week Most of tile year is intended exclusively for women. Then. for eight weeks every year, it turns around and becomes the country's only allmale spa, a venture which has proved, to the surprise of most, to lie successful financially. Still, the 1970s are upon us. and most of the customers are solid and rosp<slable. In the opinion of Mrs. Mazzanti, it was time to venture into the world of co educational beauty training. Eleven married couples, Including the Stans’ and “all millionaires” according to one guest inaugurated the session. Psychiatric Clinics Then the Menmnger Foundation, one of the country’s leading psychiatric clinics, was in vited to offer their regular program of seminars in human psychology. For (hi* past JO years, Mennlnger has boon giving seminars in such subjects as child development, retirement and alcoholism to high level business executives. SMU LE KOF FS 2'/l serai of tvaryihinq for Bit bom* Third Avenue at Fir st Sfr r*#»t SF In Downtown Odor Rapids On Sale In Smulekoff s Store Open Wednesday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Thursday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Warehouse Carpet Sale! NOW! Biggest Savings on What’s Left from RECORD MAKING CARPETING SEASON! HURRY! OLLS! 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Reg. $6.95 Antique gold, shag twist nylon pile. 45 square yards  Sq. Yd. Reg. $5.95 Candy stripe, dense loop nylon pile. 200 square yards     Sq. Yd. Reg. $1 1.95 Nugget gold, carved shag nylon pile. 51 square yards ..... Sq. Yd. Reg. $1 1.95 Beige gold, carved shag nylon pile. 30 square yards     Sq. Yd. Reg. $1 1.95 Gold/moss, carved shag nylon pile. 37 square yards    Sq. Yd. Reg. $1 1.95 Bronze flame, carved shag nylon pile. 34 square yards .. Sq. Yd. Reg. $1 1.95 Ivory toast, carved shag nylon pile. 21 square yards  Sq. Yd. Reg. $9.95 Marigold, shag twist nylon pile. 60 sqyore yards  Sq. Yd. Reg. $9.95 Blur green, shag    twist nylon pile. 102 square yards ..    .    Sq. Yd. Reg. $9.95 Antique gold, shag twist nylon pile. I 35 square yards Sq. Yd. Reg. $8.95 light moss, carved pattern, Dacron pile. 23 square yards Sq. Yd. Reg. $8.95 Aztec gold, carved pattern Dacron pile, 39 square yards ... Sq. Yd. Reg. $13.95 Martini, random shear wool pile. 36 square yards ..........Sq.    Yd. Reg. $10.95 Tan, plush twist nylon pile. 76 square yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg $10.95 Aquo green, plush twist nylon pile. 78 square yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg $1 I 95 Plum, shag plush nylon pile. 22 Square yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg $9 95 light green, heat set nylon twist. 124 square yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg $9.95 Bronze gold, heat set nylon twist. 167 square yards Sq. Yd. $488 $388 $388 $488 S388 $388 $388 $788 *688 S788 $788 $688 $388 s388 $388 *388 $388 $588 $688 $688 $688 *688 »688 Reg. $12.95 lichen moss, carved nylon pile. 24 square yards  Sq Yd. Reg. $9 95 Tropic blue, sculptured pattern Kodel pile.    58 sq. yds    Sq    Yd. Reg $10.95 Harvest gold, shog plush nylon pile.    38 square yards    Sq    Yd. Reg. $ I I .95 Brown white, shag plush nylon pile.    23 square yards    Sq    Yd Reg. $8 95 Green, plush shag with foam bock. 77 square yards  Sq. Yd. Reg. $8.95 Teal, plush shag with foam bock. 21 square yards  Sq. Yd. Reg $6.95 Orange, textured tweed with foam bock. 167 square yards  Sq. Yd. Reg. $16.50 Plum, commercial woven tweed. 28 square yards    Sq. Yd. Reg. $9.95 Blue green, sheared pattern nylon pile.    36 square yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg. $10.95 Brass gold, sheared pattern Dacron pile. I 34 square yards Sq. Yd. Reg $10 95 light Moss, sheared, pattern Dacron pile. 95 square yards ... Sq. Yd. Reg. $10 95 Rust, sheared pattern Dacron pile. 123 square yards .. Sq. Yd. Req $8.95 Red, House 'N’ Garden with rubber bock 42 square yards . Sq Yd. Reg $9 95 Blue, carved pattern Kodel pile, 128 square yards Sq Yd. Reg $9 95 Gold, carved pattern Kodel pile. 128 square yards Sq Yd. Reg $9 95 Avocado, carved pattern Kodel pile. 85 square yards    Sq Yd. Reg. $10 95 Willow, shag plush nylon pile.    73    square    yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg. $10 95 Gold green shag plush nylon pile.    47    square    yards . Sq.    Yd. Reg. $10 95 Bronze gold, shag plush nylon pile    62    square    yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg $10 95 Aqua olive, shog plush nylon pile    36    square    yards    Sq    Yd. Req $9 95 Avocado, shag plush nylon pile    22    square    yardi    Sq    Yd. Reg $9 95 True gold, shag plush nylon pile    26    square    yards    Sq    Yd, Reg $9 95 Palm green, shag plush nylon pile    57    square    yards    Sq.    Yd. $688 $488 $588 $788 $488 $488 $388 $788 $588 $588 $688 $688 $488 $688 $688 $688 $£88 $588 $688 $588 $48B $488 $488 Reg. $ I 5.95 Green, plush pattern Antron pile. 31 square yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg. $15.95 Gold, plush pattern Antron pile. 42 square yards    Sq    Yd Req $15.95 Ivory, plush pattern Antron pile 33 square yards    Sq.    Yd. Req. $1 I 95 lime, plush Acrylic pile    24 square yards    Sq Yd. Req. $ I 1.95 Galaxy blue, plush wool pile. 24 square yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg. $7.95 Yellow, dense plush    nylon pile. 142 square yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg. $7.95 Emerald, dense plush nylon p.le    I 40 square yards    Sq. Yd. Reg.    $7.95 Caramel beige,    dense    plush nylon pile. 163 square yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg. $1 1.95 Gold, patterned nylon with foam. 45 square yards    Sq.    Yd. Req.    $1 1.95 Red black,    patterned    nylon with    foam. 173 sq. yds.    Sq. Yd. Reg. $ I I 95 Black gold, shag plush nylon pile. 32 square yards    Sq.    Yd. Reg. $1 1.95 Orange gold, shag plush nylon pile. 35 square yards  Sq.    Yd. $688 $688 $£88 $388 $488 *388 $388 *388 $588 $588 $£88 $£88 Reg. $296,00 Ivory/gold I 2x I 3'7” plush Antron pile ................... Peg. $340.00 Gold 12x12 8 ’ textured wool pile Req. $176.95 Gold 12x10 8 plush wool pile R*g $88 OO Olive I 2x8 2” carved nylon pile Reg. $94.50 Gold 12x9 2” carved nylon pile Reg. $139.95 Mint 12x10 5 ’ plush nylon pile Reg. $ 198.50 light moss I 2x I 3 6” carved Dacron pile ............ Reg. $108.50 Bronze I 2x1 3 2 ’ tweed with foam Reg. $123.50 Gold 12x1 l’5” carved nylon pile ................... Reg. $154 50 Gold 12x14 8" carved nylon pile .................. Reg. $109.50 Purple I 2x9'9 ' plush Dacron pile ........ Carpet Odds and Ends! Req $4 I 95 Moss I 2x4’ textured .nylon pile Req $34.95 Gold I 2*3'7 ’ — shag nylon pile Keg. $34.95 Gold I 2x3’7 ‘ shag nylon pile Reg. $3 I 50 Moss I 2x3 textured nylon pile ........ . Reg. $34 95 Gold I 2x3 6” shag nylon pile Reg $63.00 Blue 12x5'5” shog nylon pile with foam Reg $43 50 Ivory 12x3 3 shag nylon pile Reg $25 OO Blue 9 9 'x2 8 shag nylon pile Reg $43.50 Gold I 2x3 carved Kodel pile ..    ..... *1 595 $1 595 $1595 Ml95 $1395 $3495 $ 1995 $995 $199S Reg. $ I 38 50 Avocado I 2x I 4 5” shag nylon pile Reg $67.95 Avocado 12x7 5” carved nylon pile Reg. $256 OO Red 12* I 2I” plush Antron pile Reg $ 104 50 Blue 12*96 shag nylon pile Reg. $ I 20 45 Red blue I 2x8' 4 ” shag nylon pile $1499s $14995 $8995 $4995 $4993 $7995 $9995 $6995 $7995 ’79” ‘69” $7995 ‘29” ‘119” >59” ‘69” CLOSE OUT Reg $29 95 to $149.95 Area Rugs SAVE Vz to Vt SMULEKOFF’S TERMS TO FIT YOUR BUDGET ;

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