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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I UA ( vd    Ka pi lls    Gazette: Tues.. Jan. I. 1974 Volunteer Alert Do you have <1 tow flours you could devote to a necessary project for which your only reward will be the good feeling that comes from helping others? lf so. we have just the place for you. Sports: Swimming mid diving, lifeguards, tumbling, dancing, judo, fencing, gymnastics, trampoline, basketball iseore-keepers, referees, timekeepers', boxing, tennis, wrestling, golf, locker room attendants. Counseling: Expectant mothers (phone from your home), juveniles who have had some problems with the law, peer groups (girls). Office Work: Typing, receptionists, answering phones, filing, clerical work. Arts, Crafts: With elderly in nursing homes, handicapped children, technical theater, woodworking, working with children. knitting, leather emits, photography. Elderly: Adopt-a-grandparexit. help patients shave, visit, read, handicrafts, music, friendly visitors, telecare, games, recreation, entertainment. Handicapped: Companions, handicrafts, taping books for the blind, Scout and Camp Fire leaders. Children: Teachers assistants, baby-sitting, big brother/big sister, help with simple crafts for handicapped children, crafts for boys in school, tutors (reading and math), pre school assistants, sports. For further information about these and all opportunities, call the Voluntary7 Action Center 13ti5-6942>. or stop in at 305 Second avenue SE weekdays between 3:30 and 4:30. Stag Film Shocks Cable TV Viewers t WXS* , r HL™ pa & sbc £ ■ Hawks chorus. Cedar chapter of the Society PITTSBURGH <AP> - Cable television viewers in the nearby Steel Valley area were startled by the impromptu airing of several stag films, police said. However, the movies were cut short early Wednesday when local police, alerted by angry viewers, arrested the projectionist, Glenn Kucera, 21, of North Versailles township. Police said Kucera reportedly announced on the air that he was drunk and would show the film, starring two of his friends, until dawn unless someone called the police. Kucera was arraigned on obscenity charges. Martin Barch. manager of Valley Cable TV Co., said he fired the projectionist and spent the remainder of the day apol-1 ogizing to viewers w ho called to protest. “We have had a few| calls from people who wanted more of the same, however," Barch said. Family Takes In Bird for Holidays ANNA, III. (AP) - The Car-roll Loomis family may not have a partridge in a pear tree this Christmas — but they had a starling in their Christmas tree. Two Loomis children spotted the injured starling outside their home a few days before Christmas. They took the bird inside and gave it a home in the Christmas tree. The bird hops down for food and then retires to its perch among the ornaments and tinsel. After the holidays, the family plans to put the tree outside and use it as a bird feeder. Harmony Hawks Slav iii if ) oar s Elect Officers f i    •    /    .• Iwo Is (is Hlinmlahnx ,    CD Is So/odin" Tdf>f)erd'(tro Bv Erma Hornbeck There is nothing more depressing than to wake lip New Year's dav without a headache and with nothing to egret from the night before. No gold wedgies scattered on the stairway, no party hats on the hack of the commode, no taste in your mouth liko a wet chenille tongue- Only the memory of an evening spent in front of the television set with Father Time dozing over a warm Gatorade and von watching Ben Graven get choked up over a little silver ball Ever since we arrived home last New Year’s morning to (Mil! find our baby sitter bombed out of her mind, my husband said, “This proves it. It must be more fun to stay at home. Why should we spend an outrageous amount of money to frantically tear from one party to another, drink too much, eat too much, and feel rotten the next day?” Sd’--ifhitricfj BZrvnsn'i Before I could answer him, lie said, "It is settled. Next year we stay ut home. No annoying clinking glasses, shrill voices and deafen-1 ing music. We are going to enjoy a stimulating evening by ourselves.” I have had more stimulating evenings selecting Tupper-vvare. From 7 to 8:30, I nicked bubble gum out of the dog’s whiskers. At 9, my husband said, "I wonder what Knell Gibbons got for Christmas?” “Mavbe a compost,” I answered. At 10:30, I saw' any husband sleeping in the chair and shouted at him, "Say it! I’m not getting better, I’m getting older!” At 10:45 I went to the refrigerator for a drink. The kids had drunk all the mix and the neighbors had cleaned us out of all the ice cubes. I poured two glasses of warm Gatorade, returned to the living room and kicked my husband in the foot, Ay in if t9orHrs He awakened, “Did you know that at midnight all horses age one year?” “Now I’ve got one for you,” I said. “Did you know that if tomorrow were ‘Show and Tell’ I wouldn’t show7 up ” At 11:45 my husband's snooze alarm went off. He clicked his fingers while Carmen Iximbardo sang, “Boo Hoo,” flipped the porch light on and off twice and shouted, “Happy New Year.” As he headed for bed he said, “This was fun. We must do this again sometime.” “Right,” I yawned. “The next time the Dope has a Sunday off.” Copyright 1973 Field Enterprises, Inc. BOMBECK Robert J. Colon, Tower Terrace, Marion, has been elected 1974 president of the Harmony Rapids for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America. He succeeds Donald 1). Elvers.! Colon and other officers as-! sinned their posts Tuesday. Other officers are: Jim Graichen, administrative! vice-president: Bob Nance, program vice-president; Carl! Boyer, secretary, and Chuck Stookesberrv, treasurer. Board members appointed for: 1974 are: Vie Bunge. Jerry Cas-i tee!, Dave Dicken, Ken Frantz, j Jon McVay and Ed Vavra. Thieu Predicts Reds' Annexation SAIGON (AP) — President .Thieu has said the objective of Communist North Vietnam is i still to annex the South. Thieu said, “The Communists don't want to have peace . . . They don’t want to renounce their ambition of aggression and annexation of South Vietnam.” Addressing a graduation ceremony at the coastal city of Vung Tau. Thieu declared: “It is Hanoi which invades South Vietnam and still keeps 300.000 troops here and still don’t expect disaster to strike help in the event of a loss, says brings their manpower and war hut you have insurance for Georgia Skinker, extension fam-materiel into South Vietnam. losses from same — just in ily economics and management  —    casc fjut (jy y0U have an inven- specialist, University of Nebras- Want to sell something big0 tory of what is in your house? ka-Lincoln. Keep the inventory Something small? Want Ads will You should have an inventory in a fireproof place, perhaps a sell them all. Dial 398-8234. of all property, written down1 safety deposit box. Inventory of Property Helps at Time of Loss NEW VORK (CPI) — You and complete with photos to Woolworth Satisfaction Guaranteed • Replacement or Money Refunded COLORFUL HAIR BRUSHES ... Superb selection. Sturdy nylon bristles, colorful handles in various, easy-to-hold shapes. 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Mi* packs or buy one of a kind Dependable I veready*' batteries with ''9” lives 2 batteries per pack. 2 PACKS 610 Reg GOC pat h UMI CHARGE IT! DOWNTOWN WOOLWORTH * HONORS SHOPPERS CHARGf-BANKA.Y.ERICARD-MASTER CHARGE CREDIT CARDS wmmSBBk RakkAMERICAPC Downtown— I 17-1 19 2nd St. Si 9:30 a.rn.-3 p.m.—Sat. 9 a.rn.-5 p.m. Mon., Thurs. ond Fri. 9:30 a.rn.-9 p.m. Town and Country Open 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.r Sat. 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p. South Koreans Defy Premier’s Petition Warning SEOUL (CIM) South Korean civic and religious leaders Irmo 'defied a stern warning by Pre inter Rim Jong-pil and say they would continue to gather signatures for a petition seeking the revision of tilt1 nation’s constitu J Hon. Thirty South Korean intellectuals, including scholars, religious leaders, politicians, pro lessors and lawyers, initiated a campaign Dec. 24 to collect I million signatures on a petition demanding the restoration of democracy. In a speech to the nation only two days later, Rim warned the government would jiot tolerate any move? to defy the ruling system set up by President Park Chimg-hee last year. A spokesman for the civic and religious group, Chang Jun-ha, say Kim's address was a chal lenge to the people s right to po y Safety Rule jtition.    *    J    .    . “The petition campaign falls | within tin* boundary of the con solution," his statement says 1 I "It is both the right and duty of; tin' people.” Requires Labels On Baby Cribs 107-Year-Old Gives WASHINGTON <UPI) The government now requires conspicuous labeling of baby cribs .    ,manufactured under new fed- Credit to Hard Work rnl| n,gMifl,ion». MISSOULA,    Mont.    (AP)    — The federal government's “Hard work and    not    worrying.”    iConsumer Product Safety Coni- That’s Steve Davis’ formula mission (Cl'SC) said Thursday for a long life, lh* celebrated his that after Jan. 31, 1974, all full-107th birthday Thursday.    size Davis, horn in a village tm baby cribs introduced into interstate commerce must com- Russia, came to this' country at D*-v.    requirements ...    ,    ,......... i„ug_____ designed to protect infants from strangulation, suffocation, falls and other hazards. i/ and has worked as a laborer, farmer, cattleman and bricklay- Cribs manufactured before the A rest-home resident since effedive (|af(> ()f the safety 1971, Davis gels around underjreguIatjons mav still be on the his own power, says he eats just market, the commission said, about anything, but acknow I- j| consumers should be able edges that his hearing isn t to identify those cribs which what it used to be.    mce{ (|ir n<»w standards by the ------------- labels '‘Affirmative labeling Want ads will help you    find    vviil assist consumers to make lost items, use them for    quick    knowledgeable c hoices," the results! 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