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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 27, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4A    The C edar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Feb. 27. 1974 % .-V* ^iwp' ipiw jze-tte Photo bv Duane Crock Justice Says Crime Code Adds Burden Bn Handy Minkoff DES MOINES |t PI I - The chief justice of the Iowa supreme court said Tuesday passage of the massive revisions in the state’s criminal code will result in an increased burden on the high court. Chief Justice C. Edwin Moore said legislative approval of the 141-page proposal likely would lead to increased appeals to the high court of criminal cases | and add to the court’s backlog. No Studs Time In agree with Turner’s contention that IOO years of case law would he “thrown out the window” by passing the criminal code revisions. He said anytime the statutes of the state are changed, some case law no longer applies. “But. to say that all the case law' for the last IOO years would billion in three years be thrown out is not an accurate stay even with this Schlesinger: Defense Cost modification of C-141 cargo planes to make them longer, and subsidies for airlines that Of HOO Billion in 3 Years -JI ~>£r£U£ cargo planes in an emergency. WASHINGTON (AP) Secretary cf Defense James Schle-.singer says the U.S. defence budget will have to climb to $100 just to year’s statement,” Moore said. “Some record $85 8 billion. of the previous case law would Schlesinger told the house de not apply, depending on the tense appropriations stibcom-change in the statute.” mitteo Tuesday the budget will billion to stimulate the economy and reduce unemployment. Subcommittee Chai r rn a n George Mahon iD Texas > said he had been told on high author ity that the budge! was increased $5 billion to stimulate the economy and at the same Schlesinger said the purpose of both programs is only to improve fin* military’s airlift capability. New Mortgage Rules To Help Young Couples Guilty Conscience, But Watch Is Gone IOWA (TTY Ruth Addison will not get her watch back, although the Johnson county time “beef up tho military es-have to increase    $5 billion to $8 tablishment and our readiness.” billion a year to stay At ill be-1    41    .. cause of rising prices.    I ‘ rcra a    ,    ...    .    .    . He contended U.S. defense! Schlegingfr contented none of,s^en‘l s department    cd programs can be shrunk no fur-    lh® money could bo nit without    the case. thor if this country is to con-    cutting necessary defense. But Mrs. Addison reported    the tinue to bolster the western nu-    he conceded President Nixon or    watch missing about 8    p.m. WASHINGTON    (AP)    —-    Thedear and non-nuclear deter-    ids budget office might have cut    T uesday shortly after a 12-year- Federal Home Loan Bank'fence to Soviet forces.    •    lit $1 billion or $1.5 billion if they old Iowa City boy knocked on However,    Moore said    he    re-    r0,,( d    has    adopted    regulations    v    had not determined that there    }ler    door and asked to use the ceived    a    copy    of the    bill    only    designed    to    make    it    easier    for,    Balance    might be some growth in unem-    telephone. other vnimp    couples    to    purchase    Schlesinger said the U.S. goal    payment this year.    Deputies talked to the    boy in the current round S Mahon also contended ‘There who admitted taking the watch Thomas Brown, Black and Tan . . . And Blue Looking all alone and with nobody to love him is this beagle-Schipporke mixed puppy. The seven-week-old male is brown, black and tan, and can be adopted for $15 from “the Humane Society, Mt. Vernon road SE. The adoption fee includes a temporary distemper shot and deworming. Shelter hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. ast week and like many omn young officials has not had adequate homes, time to study the proposal.    Chairman Asked if it was unusual that the chief justice of the state’s highest judicial authority would get a copy of the bill so late, Moore replied, “Yes, it seems a bit unusual doesn’t it?” current round of U.S.4 Mahon also contended Bemar Soviet arms    talks    is a: is reason to suspect” that    Soh Ie-1    “he’boy" with a guilty ”con- [ science, said he throw the watch in the Iowa river, i The youth was turned over to juvenile authorities. up,” he said. “We hope theygestion “absolutely without said Tuesday the board has ap-inuctear biface — and hopeful-1 singer’s military airlift propos proved a flexible mortgage pay* ^ reduction — to deter either I als are what Mahon called a men! plan permitting lower pay-!side from risking a nuclear: “bail out" for the aircraft and ments in the initial years of a strike on the other.    airline industry, home mortgage and higher pay-1 "We are prepared to balance; Schlesinger called that sug-ments later. I conference of the National Sav-I However, he would not com- ings and I/)an League, which ment on whether he agreed with has endorsed it as a way of Iowa Attorney General Richard boosting mortgage business. Turner that the present code He explained that the flexible was    adequate and    that    addi-plan is    intended to    allow a tionaj time was needed to study young couple to buy a home revisions in the code.    I    sooner because they could make Ride' units will expand the po- lion,    its    cost    could be    amor-    legislature    has    the    smaller    payments when their DETROIT (UPI) - The na- !entia* °[ P°°led transportation tized    over a    few years at a    right t0    make anv changes in    lining    power is low.    The pay- I beyond that possible with mass i cost    per    passenger well    below    jaw    tj,cv SCe fit,    and    I do    ! rnents would a'dd up to    the same !tMncnnria»in„ ^a /.on r^ic »» that of the individual's personal know that the proposed revi- |amount as on a regular mort-j car.    1 At Champion, the Michigan based manufacturer is ™    .    .    [will balance down.”    I    foundation. Nothing in this budg* 20 YEARS AGO— Fulton It a c , mav j °”°red by Schlesinger also agreed the et is designed to help the air- Lewis, jr., radio commentator, Moore agreed that the legisla- ( era Iv chartered savings j Nixon administration may have craft industry,” he said.    was    indicted    by    a    county    grand ture, under the doctrine of sepa-loan associations, which the | increased this year’s $85 8 bil-j Mahon referred to the Pen-jury on charges of libeling ration of powers, has (ho right ) ,!d regulates.    jjon (jeferise budget up to $1.5 tagon request for Lockheed county officials. to make any changes in the Bomar disclosed the plan at a I -------   ___ state’s criminal statutes. Motor Home Firm Tries Adapting Its Product to Energy Shortage By Edward Lechtzin DETROIT (UPI) -    ______ tion’s recreation vehicle manu-i. - -    if— --------  - facturers are having a rough transPJjrtation and car pools, time with their luxury motor sa-vs ‘ hJes,rr J*ven°w, chair-homes because of gas shortages | J?,3?    president of Sheller- Woohvorlh Satisfaction Guaranteed • Replacement or Money Refill ded or homes as shells by the owners as offices mobile doctor’s offices. But Shelier-Globe Corp.* of Toledo, Ohio, has found a way lather than adding a sink,|and selling at under $5,000, wilLs v .'I. .a • ner e monthly. Under the flexible Is, a stove and closets, put take some sting out of its losses an^ ef the other justices, so we pian< ^is    written sc 18 individual aircraft-type in the large motor home mar-    0    wai* a sce w    that the borrower pays $20f ts and reading lights, pan- bet.    '    thc    legislature    does.”    monthly for the first five years gage. As an example, Bomar said.! the normal payment on an 8 , .... percent, 80-year mortgage on a haven t had time to £30,000 home would be $220 Under the flexible so $200 sions have been under study for the last four years,” Moore said. “But, I and higher gasoline costs. I «£[**•    .    based manufacturer is hoping Two giants of the industry— „ company has taken its a smaller camper-utility ve- . Winnebago    and    Champion    —; Superior motor home model    hide, called the “Handi-Van”    . . J. .    ,    ...    ,    ....... have cut    back    production    Gen-lf "J- rather lhan addmg a *"*•    and selling at under $5,000, will    study.lt. yet    and neither have month|y era! Motors is delivering some heds 3 s,ove and rlns‘,'s nl" ‘-1'-------    ' of its $15,000 - and - up motor ln , J lo be outfitted.sea,s and readlnS ll8hts, pan- kct.    ,    „    _____ eled walls, carpeted floor, work    "We're optimistic from deafer    ? rald    if 'he revisions re- and $230    monthiy    for    the    re. tables, coffee counter and other    reports and the rewnto it Jot    T™ flnal leR,sJa,m; aPProval rn a i n d e r    of    the    mortgage amenities to accommodate 16    ,fP ‘. .    . receP(1°n i: got    thls session,    which lawmakers period persons.    I from dealers), says Joe Mer- sav js unlikely> it wou|d bo up ,0 P™ . _______ iris, president of the Dryden Lu    . . j .    Restrictions    on    the    flexible to cash in on the energy crisisI motor home bu.It on a Mich. firm. “lf they go as c^d «»• supreme court to determine ,    ,    that each and still provide a gasoline-    "£a *    as we hope, .hey wol0‘"a[ Pr°V1S1°nS *"    payment    must    cover    at    leas.    thc ’    ’    ^    backbone of our motor home *    interest    due    and    the    loan must and still provide a conserving vehicle. The company, which recently I .bhu„s    **12"    plants-” inned an arnement with .he the ,arge vans offered by the signed an agreement with the!, , “'J la"s oi.ereo ny me Ford Motor Cn. to produce a'a“‘"»sk«« lha' f™ ,scat mne motor home for Ford dealers. ?r persons “ far less com' has introdtjcrd a “Conserv-a- 0I* Ride line of vehicles to ease the transition from the passenger car. Seats 16 Lined in Drug Case IOU National Campaign    iowa City residents were found The government has already guilty of possession of nine x’gun a national campaign to P°unds of marijuana in a John-oax Americans out of their son county district court deci- Right of Legislature be on a fully amortizing basis “It’s the prerogative of the ^ cnfi o!^ f*1c ‘Vear> What kind of sale are you . . . basement, attic, legislature to determine if the a rtTv cr    .    changes    are    needed,    and    it’s    the    . ' a A CITY - Two rurally dutv make sur„ (hp having “With the growing government emphasis on reduced use if'1' of personal cars to and from    e the job, we believe ‘Con rrv-a- changes are constitutional,” he said * Regarding the court’s back-cars and into pooled transpor- sicn Tuesday. Carey and Diana    log; Moore said ,ht‘    ■ulf,!icfS tation    in hop^s of saving gaso-    Anderson, route four, were fined about caught    up in line    *">00 each or 50 davs in jail hv    (rimiria' appeals but Sammy Davis, jr., Hospitalized for Mild Chest Pains MIAMI (AP) — Entertainer Sammy Davis, jr, Has listed in ‘ncr&v r onscrvation policy, satisfactory condition Wednes- Americans must be persuaded *500 each or 50 days in jail by The average occupancy of Judge Ansel    Chapman.    The Anears used for commuting is Persons were apprehended in    a now l.fi persons. Raising it to raic* on their    home Dec.    17. 3.2 persons through pooling could save 20“biiiion gallons of gasoline a year, estimates Transportation Secretary Claude Brinegar “As a matter of national Feed the Birds are still behind in civil matters. He said if the revisions in the criminal code were parsed, the criminal appeals “would likely increase as would our backlog.” .Moore said he did not total- Classified Ad! 398-8234 Xhc (£r&ar Slupi&fi (Startle E»tobll*hert In l*?l by TU* Gantt* Co. and published daily and Sunday at SPO Third Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, io*a 52406 Second doss Postage paid at Cedar Rapids, lo*a. Subscription rotes t-, r.irrlar IS cents a week. Bv mail Night edition and Sunday 6 istuei 42.25 a month, S24 o year; Afternoon editions and Sunday 7 issue* J2.50 a month, 125 a yeor. Other stoles and U S territories *40 a year No mail subscriptions accepted in areas having Octette corner service. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use lur republication of oil the local news printed in thit newspaper as well os ai! AP news dispatches. rn with mild day in a Miami hospital what was diagnosed as “a digestive system duor lur ” Doctors at ML Sinai hospital said Davis was undergoing further tests and “would probably remain in thc h spital for Himo time.” Earlier, a < pokesman had said to give up single passenger commuter travel wherever pos-sible,” Brinegar said recently in kickiing off the campaign. Sheller^Robe also offers fit’ van-type vehicle with high headroom capable of seating IO and a regular bus seating 40. But ifs counting on the con- iViHt . Satisfaction Guaranteed • Replacement or Money Refunded lulu'.r IONIUMS FOB in TWO ■ i 7 DAYS and * NIGHTS In hisf.r-london. fwrs. I poon plan accom- | modatians at fha 1 hoiidav INN SWISS J COTTAGf plui 1300 J cosh. J?!**? *ndi met<* JO I dm,a '•    I bionk a* —. ____I 'Fi« GPlTlSH 5         Aff    ll '*    aOd sr I AW "    ,<o; „b0°,s *' rovrn,,,,,, j that the entertainer would be verted motor home to cushion released after a day or two ome fallout in the market. Davi? 48 was taken to the Deveoow said research indi-hospital Monda5- after < x- markets for the urn* even periencing chest pains before without the timulus of the gas-appearing as a gue: f on the Phil oline shortage. Donahue show, scheduled to be taped at a local television station After an examination, doctors 5-iid Davis, who is also performing this week at a local night dub. had not suffered a heart attack. A spokesman for Mt Sinai Other Markets Some typic ai areas in addition to home-to-job transportation, would be large living rom plexes, campuses, resorts, ho-tels, ai: ports, govt jnment agencies and institutions. A single group, says Sheiler-hosp tai raid Davis wa^ resting Globe1, could purchase a unit in a private room and was in and with participants sharing good spirits,    ,    expenses* including deprecia- DRESS-UP YOUR WINDOWS AT A SAVINGS! A. “WISLEY” FIBIRGLAS PINCH <tgm$ .|» PLEAT CAFES...Floral print. Matching colortd rings. 3" bottom IEb pair hem*. Yellow, melon, blue, pink.    $2.99 Matching valence, AO" x ll1"., $1.79    «* ” x 36“ • JU*. r.M. 0**m Corning, C. 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