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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 27, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa msk| FRESH APPLE POUND CAKE — This modern interpretation of an old-time favorite comes from Georgia. Apple Pound Cake Comes from Georgia Expenses of Birth Control Qualify as Tax Deductions Price of Red Tape Goes Up By Sylvia Porter NKW YORK If you practice some form of birth control, you were given an important tax break by a series of IRS rulings in 1973. Almost every common form of birth control now quail ties as a medical expense that (Thud of a wries) Sylvia Porter you can take as part of your as lhcre js n0 dup|jcate de(luc. itemized medical expense de-, ..    1    hon. duct ion. Under one ruling last year, ^ y°u deduct these expenses th*' cost of birth control pills as child or dependent care de-you buy for your own personal ductions, any amount you paid use through a prescription pro- ,,XCPSS „f your |imi(at]ons can by your physician WASHINGTON (AP) Kven the cost of red tape is up. The cost of this year’s presidential budget document is up ney for transplant was allowed 40 percent to $15.05. to deduct as medical expenses This basic, 1,000 page presi-travel costs to and from the hos- dential opinion of how much fatal where the operation was congress should appropriate for performed, plus all the hospital federal operations was $10.70 and laboratory costs which he last year, paid. A potential donor who was And the Government Printing rejected as not acceptable was Office says prices are generally also allowed to deduct her trav- up for agency and congressman? el and laboratory costs as medi- reports, forms, studies, and th* cal expenses. The ruling has publishing ol new laws and reg-mueh wider applications than alations, kidney transplants, of course.    I Tie price rises on many of J The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Fob. 27, 1974    ££ Mondale Makes Points V/ith Demo Politicos vided is a medical expense.    Under an-.!*' c,n,,ll,'u as I,ari 0,.y°ur    Business man James Guthrie    —    He    bas been running a con    were Maine’s Sen. Muskie, ll other, the cost of an operation    !?. exPenccs- hoJimU    g™(:r'    ‘lays he plans to auction a .22    cy_prjp<.* Cpntenrorl    tinuing po11 of Democratic lead’    percent; Indiana’s Sen. Bayh, 7 for a vasectomy undertaken vol- a y Js no. ™or.(    ,    m    . a caliber revolver that was given    ers and the last time sent out percent; Wisconsin’s Sen. Prox- untarily to prevent conception month’ and th>s total can be cut to Wyatt Karp by his frien(i I)0(.    For    Insults    to    Pope    230 ballots to national commit- mire, 2 percent; and Alabama and childbirth is a medical ex- ,as y.our mcornc r,ses to ct>rtain Holliday.    VENICE    (AP)    — A court sen- teemen, committeewomen, state Gov. Wallace received one vote, pense assuming the operation ^ If’ ^ough, you deduct Guthrie said Monday that the tenced a former French priest chairmen, and governors. One Senator McGovern (D-S.D), was legal under    state Jaw.    ^ ent're exPenses as    med*'pistol, which he acquired recent-to two years in a mental hospi    hundred and six responded.    the 1972 Democratic presidential Under still another    IRS ruling,    expense, any part    thats    |y? f)a(j been authenticated by    tai for insulting Pope Paul    VI.    The poll showed that Mondale    candidate, received only five the cost of an abortion under-!0ondeductible because of the 3 john Gilchriese of Tucson, a his- The charges said Michel Collin, has emerged as the leader percent, taken voluntarily is deductible percent med‘ca* deduction Poor torian who once owned and dis- 58, called himself “Pope Clem- among possible and potential The Hauan poll contrasts with as a medical expense, also as- (yOU can deduct only medical played the pistol in his recently |ent XV’’ and described Pope candidates for the Democratic national surveys of voters where suming the operation was legal expenses that exceed 3 percent;closed Wyatt Harp museum * .    .    ,    .    .    J    ,    TOMBSTONE,    Ariz. -I !* fcountcd as P^1 0 .your med*| Business man James Next: Child and dependent care. Plans To Sell Wyatt's Pistol (AP) -Guthrie By Steve Gerstel    [Kennedy    (D-Mass.) and Jackson WASHINGTON (UPI) - An (D-Wash.), tie for second at IO intriguing poll has surfaced percent and Sen. Humphrey is which should lend encourage- fourth with 14 percent. ment to the fedging president    Kennedy    Lead tial ambitions of Sen. Walter Mondale    ,pais    contrasts with the Oc- ‘ What it indicates is that Mon- tob^r Po11 which had Kennedy dale, the Minnesota Democrat,    ng a* ^ percent, followed is winning favor with the party    Humphrey at 23 percent, politicians    Jackson,    22 percent, and Mon- The poll was conducted by daJ° ^ percent. Martin Hauan, former director Hauan noted in releasing the of public affairs and research ^urren^ that it was taken for the Democratic national e ‘C*en> Jacksons wide Higher production costs is the committee, who now runs an ad m(‘di<i exposure as champion of reason for the increases, says agency in Oklahoma City.    consumers against pricing prac- the office, the sole, nonprofit    „ . _    .    tices.” federal publisher.    Ballots    Others    who    received support He has been running a con- were Maine’s 'the 24,000 U. S. pamphlets and publications range from a nickel to several dollars. the cost of a operation undertaken voluntarily is deductible if the operation By Cecily Brownstone AP Food Editor ONE of the most interesting “good works” cookbooks is “Historic Roswell’s Receipts” published by the Women of St. David’s Episcopal church, Roswell-Alpharetta, Ga. It is unique because it unites the landmark preservation of a region with the recipes in current usage there. Pl a ch chapter, and there are 14 that run from I 14 cups coni oil appetizers to vegetables, is pre- J 2 cups granulated sugar ceded by a drawing and description of one of the area’s oldest homes or buildings (dating from the 1830s) plus a recipe contributed by the present owner. The remainder of the recipes were gathered by the book’s compilers “from friends and neighbors.” Among the dessert recipes, we found a delightful fresh apple cake, a modern freewheeling interpretation of an old-time American favorite — pound cake. Here is our adaptation of the recipe. Fresh Apple Pound Cake 3 cups unsifted flour I tsp. baking soda I tsp. salt Cub Scouts 3 eggs 2 tsps. vanilla 2 cups finely chopped pared apple 1 cup chopped < medium fine) pecans 4 cup butterer margarine 4 cup firmly packed light brown sugar 2 tsps. milk Grease and flour a IO by 4-inch bundt pan. Thoroughly stir together the flour, baking soda and salt. Pack 33 — The following boys I in large bowl of electric mix-received awards at Cleveland er, at medium speed, beat to-school: Randy Ackman, Mark i gether the oil, granulated sugar, Behrens, David Riha, Mike eggs and vanilla until com-Lane, David Kennedy,    Mikejbincd. Gradually beat    in    flour Sanger, Richard Raygor, Shawn mixture until smooth. Fold in Davis, John Ernst, Sam Untiedt, I apples and pecans. Turn into Robin Raygor, Dougla's Kalina, j prepared pan. Matt West, Joel Norton, Joel1 Bake in a preheated 325-de-Grier, Jim Jurgensen, Mark De- gree oven until a cake tester in-Haan, Dean Jacobsen, Jon sorted in center comes out Scheer, Mike Butterfield, Steve clean — I hour and 20 minutes. Hollan, Jim Emerson,    John place cake in pan on    a    wire Hunt, Mark Harris, Todd Han- rack to cool for 20 minutes, g a r t n e r , Steve Vandercook, I About 5 minutes before the Kevin Finneman, David Dunek,Cake has finished cooling, in a Billy Ronnenburg and Scott I small saucepan, stirring con-lleaverlo.    stantly, bring the butter, brown Pack 123 — The following sugar and milk to a boil; boil 2 boys received awards at Squaw minutes, creek school: Ray Svec. John With a small spatula loosen T es ch e r , Dervan Anderson, 'cake edges and around tube. Juan Ruiz, Alfie Hall. John Os-, Turn out on rack. At once spoon born. Charlie    Zeman. Daniel    the    hot sugar mixture over the Moen, Dennis Alger, Steve De- J still warm cake allowing it to (iroot. Gary    Vavricek,    Jeff    run    down the sides. Cool com- Newman. Tim Stolba,    Tom pletely. Brown, Shane Glenn. Dennis1 For a day or two cake may Alger, Billy    Johnson,    John    be    stored rn a tightly covered Tharp and Doug Carnes.    tin    box; for longer storage Pack 86 — The following boys cover and refrigerate,.but bring received awards at Coolidge to room temperature before school: Gene Turner, Mark Kin- serving, dermnn, Dean Rasmusen, Scott Beach. Brett Shaw, Tom Pinkston, Mike Long, Mike Coving-1 ton, Alan Pullman, Joey I Meyers, Brent Donne, Kevin! Nanke, Terry Simmons, Mike Murray, David Rowzer, Dave Martin. Shawn Wilson, Brian Gage, Todd Lakey, Kurtis Van-J derwiel, Greg    Kuhlman,    Tim Cortez, Ross Metz, Grog Glavin, Doug Schenatzki, Scott Hawkins, Jeff Jurgens, Todd Wes-J sels, Terry Damisch. Erie Pl pp. Mike Kraft. Mike Shields, Jeff James, Kevin Dochterman and Matt Rindcrman. Pack 82 — The following boys received awards at Monroe school: David Dyer, Randy Nelson, Jim Grell. Alan Carlsen, Mike Dunn, Scott Kreamer.; Alan Later, Jeff Nickel, Mit-j choil Petersen, Norman Rockwell, Scott Swanson, Jay Iverson and David Torhunc. Pack 8 — Tho following boys received awards at Kenwood J Park Presbyterian church: Brian Martin, Jeff Wimer, Brian Knapp, Brad Irish, Jim Greene, Tom Truston, Victor| Perez, Donnie Burd and Mike Boa bo. Pack 85 - The follow ing boys received awards at Truman! school: Steven Brown, Mike J Gauger, Dong Gould, Jim’ Hunt I cr, Al Kepler. James Lair/, Phil lewder, Craig McCaw, Mike! Unrub, Mike Gould, Robert Banes, Robbie Slocum, Erick lleksermau and Chuck Belter ton. XV’’ and described Pope candidates for the legal'txptnses inai exceea percent closed Wyatt Harp museum Paul as a heretic and usurper of!presidential nomination.    names like Kennedy, Jackson, under the applicable state    law.    °f your adJusted gr0J:s income)[here.    the papacy. Collin lives    in    According to    Hauan, Mondale    Humphrey, and Muskie have far I Finally, the IRS ruled in    1973    cannot be tak(‘n as cbdd or Gilchriese said    the    gun    was    France, and would be subject    to    I surged from 17    percent .support    greater recognition that Mon- !that the cost of a sterilization* p€ndent care expense’    given to EarP Holliday in the sentence only if he enters in the last poll, held in October, dale, who has not had national • - ■    ...    I    Because of these different Denver in 1884. The seven-shot Italy.    to 24 percent, jumping from exposure. rules, try your deduction both revolver was made by American      I    fourth    to    first place.    But    Mondale,    who    is    the only was legal under applicable state wavs bnd die metbod ldat Standard Co. of Newark, N. J. 30 YEARS AGO — Local draft Hauan said several of those Democrat to at least set up an jaw    ‘    g»ves you the larger total deduc----boards    were    instructed to begin who participated in the poll in- exploratory mission to deter- Health Necessity    *'on’    1    Hunk    small, use a Classified reclassification of all draft de- dicated a desire for a “new mine if he should run, apparcnt- Under still another favorable Ad for big results.    Place    your    ferred men from 18 to 37 years    face.”    ly is making points with the All these birth control    ex-    1973 luling, the donor of a kid- ad today!    of age.    In the latest    rankings, Sens,    party polls, penses can now qualify as de-    __ ductible medical expenses even ‘    ~ though they are not necessary for an individual’s health    and are intended only for birth    con trol. In 1973, the treasury proposed a favorable rule for the benefit of all of you who must make! capital improvements to your houses or apartments for modi-1 cal reasons—such as installing an elevator for a heart patient.; (The “yes” had not been made final as of this writing but it’s a virtual certainty, says the Research Institute of America.) The rules clearly allow a medical expense deduction for the cost of this sort of improvement but only to the extent that the cost exceeds whatever value may be added to the property by the installation. For instance, if a special swimming pool recommended by a physician for a paralyzed patient costs $5,000 to build, that pool may add $3,000 to the value of the house and thus limit any; medical expense deduction for the pool to only $2,000. Now the treasury proposes also to make* clear that the subsequent costs of operating and maintaining a medically necessary capital improvement are deductible as medical expenses, too. And this' would hold even if the improve-; ment added so much to the value of the house that there is no deduction at all for the improvement itself. There would be no deduction for the pool if that $5,000 pool added $5,000 to the value of the property; but the cost of operating and maintaining the pool would nevertheless be a deductible medical expense under this proposed rule. No Duplicate lf you spent money last year for services that would qualify. as either medical expenses or as child or dependent care ex-1 penses, the IRS said in 1973 that you may deduct these expenses either way you wish — so long Daniels 901 Oakland Rd. NI Closod Sunday Hours 8:30-6 Except Fri. 8:30-9—Spociols Good Fob. 28, Mar. I & 2 Coupon Vet Dishwashing Liquid g    32 oz. Siza 29c IX    With THU Coupon 3 Good only at Daniel* 0    Expire* Mor. 6th Contract No. 1429-31 16 Coupon Storz Triumph Bear 6 Pack Throwaways 83c 24 bottle casa $1.29 hi-brau or Buckhorn Baer 24 bottle casa $2.69 plus Deposit Buckhorn Beer 12-12 oz. cans $1.79 Drewry's Beer 12 I? oz. NR Bottles 1.98 Skinless Wieners, lh......79c Polish Sausage, lb.....SI.09 Corn King SI. Bacon, lb. $1.05 Cod. Sliced Bacon, lb. .. SI 09 Pork Chops, lh.........$1.39 Pork Stoak, th..........89c Pork Beast, lb..........89c Boneless Loin, lh $1.59 Pork Sausage, lb.........89c Rib Ends, lh............75c Spare Ribs, lh..........79c Nam Butts, lb...........98c Pork Liver, lb...........59c Chicken Lifers, lh.......98c Chicken Logs, lh........69c Chicken Breasts, lh...... 9c Chicken Nocks and Backs 23c Chicken Gizzards, lh..... 69c Trying Chicken, lh.......49c Coupon Baggies Trash Bags o 10count box 394 £ O' With Thi* Coupon O Good only at Daniels 3 \J Expires Mar. 6th O Contract No. 1409-3116 U Coupon Head Lettuce, ea. .. .....J 9c Fancy Celery, bn. ... . 29c Calif. Carrots, 2 bags .... 35c Round Steak, lh. $1.49 Swiss Steak lb. SI 49 Roll Rump, lb. $1.49 Club Steak, lb..... SI 49 Sirloin Steak lb. SI 49 T Bone........... $1.69 Boiling Boof, lh..... ____79c Short Ribs, lh...... .... 79c Bool Stow, lh...... ... $1.29 Boof Shank, lh..... ... 79c Beal Liter, lh...... .... 79c Ground Boof, lb. . .. 89c Ground Chuck, lb. ., .. $1.19 Ground Round, lr. .. ...51-29 Beef Roast, lb. . 79 89c Arm Roast, lb. $1.09 Arm Steak, lb...... .. $109 Chuck Steak, ib. 89c Beef Hearts, lh. ... ... 69c Slab Bacon, lh...... ....79c Sliced Bologna, lh. .. ____69c Bacon Squares, lb 79c Smoked Picnics, Ib. . ... 79c Chopped Ham, lh. . $1 49 You know that it's good if it's Armour ;

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