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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Thf Odar Rapids Gazette: Wed , leh 20, JO ll ‘ Ste* Ii rfjfV*;-■ • MEATS /r? r/y-r t#m/ that COUNTZ UES AU All ABLE Thp lidar Kaph.■» Gazette: Wed , Feb. 20, 1071 Country-Fresh rmse* Folger’s Mountain-Grown Royal Crown Cola t-gX-V ~L*r 16-oz. bottles 8-pack carton Baby Yourself with |imcm Oscar Mayer plus deposit ■ ar Baby OIL I 0-oz. Bottle 88 c baby powder Baby Powder I 4-oz. Tin inturn P baby lotion Baby LOTION Pork Sausage Rath’s Sliced Cold Cuts Large Bologna Pickle Loaf Beef Bologna I lb roll 9 9 * Whole per pound Oscar Mayer Braunschweiger or Sandwich Spread 8 oz. chub 1$ Milt With Coupon Below 9-oz. bottle 88 7~oz. pNfl- c 59 Oscar Mayer Reg. or thick Sliced Bacon Wilson Certified Sirloin Steak Wilson Certified $129 $139 FINE IMPORTED ****** ® T-Bone Steak McToo All-Meat FRANKS THIS WEEKS FEATURE AND Iowa Sends Her Best Kraft Philadelphia CREAM CHEESE.. 13 I2>ounce package Only tea. with each S3.00 Grocery purchase 2 Luncheon Plates Carnation Powdered Milk 8-Quart Package 39 Dawn Fresh Mushroom Skip’s Ripple Style Steak Sauce Potato Chips Jumbo twin-pak box Carnation Coffee-Mate 16-oz. Jar 89 c Cornhusker Whole Apricots Easy-To-Use Endust Spray 6-oz. aerosol can with co upon below Crisp, fresh f California Carrots Me Too Pleasmor ,1- Ice Cream 2 lb. bag Al* Flavors COOKIES 'Ifwmmmwemm Del Monte Whole Kernel or Cr. Style Ten Varieties Golden Corn Del Monte Tomato CATSUP ’/a-gal. carton Garden-Fresh Bright-Red Cherry Broccoli Tomatoes I J regular 30c package: 303 tall cans 14 oz. bottles 'n- 1 - • *1 SS, ■ 'I v PLEASE HELP US CONSERVE PAPER by bringing your own Carry-out Bags or Shopping Bags whenever possible rn* 4 Worth 50‘ on purchase of on® family Si/® Cheer Detergent Good ut M® Too thru Tu®s. fob. 26 Limit: on* pkg. with coupon V Worth 27‘ on pur chas® of on® 10 lb . bug of Robin Hood Hour Good of M® Too thru Tu®» . f®b. 26 Limit: on* bag with coup on    V §* OK Grinds fofger's Coffee 2 M. S “J 59 Big G. Country Corn Flakes C-1707 Easy-to-use * / * BLN- \ O S' concn fjj (JC >ackag* Good at M® loo thru lues., F*b. 26 . Limit: On* ion with coupon V IS-i package Good at Me Too thru Tues Feb. 26 Limit: on* pkg. with coupon V Endust Spray 6-ounc* fu* Q(p aerosol can Good at Mo Too thru Tues., Feb. 26 Limit: one can with coupon V Delicious Ready-to-eat Foods from First Avenue ME TOO and Cedar Hills ME TOO from our Delicatessens Individual Meat Loaf Dinner SPECIAL PRICES IN THIS AD ARE IN EFFECT THRU TUESDAY NIGHT, FEB. 26th Store Hours in Cedar Rapids & Marion Week-Days    Sunday 8 A M. to IO P M. 9 A M. to 9 P M rn Cedar Rapid! • 903 lit Avenue Welt • Cedar MHU Shooting Cinter e 1625 J Street Southwest • 1420 Mi Vernon Road S.E. end In • Marten • Belle Plaine • Marengo • Center Point Rd. A 42ad St. NJ. • WHUamakwg • 2061 Blain Ferry Road NJ. • Vinton Right to limit reserved ;

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