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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 19, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (tht tftduf ftnpirU Iii 1|| 5 IwiilPFl P&&P&3I ,, | '>6?% v-r , v*< «il - i * iliR «^W2 MWRK • - > ™ •••••• •wvT*.V.” "■'... v..«V...s<v*i. •**«■ —Gazette Photo by Duane Crock Picket Energy These boys with "Save Energy" signs were stationed at tile corner of Center Point road and Forty-second street NE Monday afternoon. From left, David Filip, 12. son of Linda Filip, 1S54 Forty-second street NE; Jeff Henderson, 12, son of Mr.and Mrs Don Henderson. 4.124 Sherman street NE, and Steve Riepe, 12, lying down to save energy as lie campaigns, son of Mr. and Mrs. VV. J. Kiepe, 4115 Walker street NE. One of tile boys told the photographer his house is cold and lit* thought that if motorists used less gas his folks would have more heating fuel. AP Wirephoto Heads Up Kiss for Nixon UPI Telephoto President Richard Nixon gets a kiss from a female admirer as the President leaves the shaking platform in Huntsville, Ala., Monday, where Nixon was billed with Alabama ton George Wallace Nixon addressed an obviously friendly audience on Honor America day Raises $2 Million —UPI Telephoto Ground crewmen release a gondola topped with tin* American flag and pulled skyward by ten helium filled balloons with Balloonist Thomas (latch of Fairfax county, Va., as its occupant, from tin* Harrisburg, Pa., airport (latch is attempting a trans-Atlantic flight. The balloonist was in the jet stream at lh.IMM feet Tuesday morning, despite tin* fact that one of the balloons popped early in the flight fomeN on St rimy "Comes on strong.” We were having one of our exciting exchanges the oilier night when his father came in. * Will you listen to him?” I shouted "lf this troy doesu t start communicating, we’re going to have to give him in jim tions to keep his throat from drying up." "He’s no Buckley," shrugged his father "Are you kidding? I tried lying in the middle of the flooi when he came home from school one afternoon just to see if the sight of me lying there unconscious would generate conversation Know what he said? Ile leaned over my still body and asked, ‘Did Sports Illustrated come?’- The Son Who Talks Like TV Commercials Is a Real Problem By Erma Bom heck I am really concerned about my son. He’s never been "talker" but he’s beginning to sound like the people on telex I sion commercials who talk iii bulletins. You know, the one where a husband says to his wife "Cold gone?" She nods and replies, "Fever’s down. Cougl disappeared. Feel great!" I ■•ast w«H*k, my son set a record. Ile spoke a total of I words . three of them to me. (After I nearly severed iii finger with a serrated bread knife he mumbled, "Right ot Mom.”) When he comes home from school, I feel like Ironside interrogating a suspect. What kind of a day did you have at school?” “Bummer." "There are some doughnuts in the bread box if you want them." “Dig it." "Your brother took a bite out of one but . . ,” "Gross." Who was that boy I saw you walking with? “Hard man." “You like him?” "No." "You don’t like him? Why not?" BOMBECK -mr- yr q    -mm-    AP Wirepbo “ ictory Hug Richard I*. Vander Veen and his wife, Marion, embrace outside Grand Rapids’ Eastern hall after Monday nights victory celebration. The 5j*yeui old lawyer won Vicepresident Gerald Fords old congressional seat in Michigan, the first Democrat to win the Fifth district office since 1910 Hnotr \olhiiifj "We don’t know anything about this boy," I continued "We don’t know who his friends are. We don’t know what he likes or doesn t like. Or what In* tlunks. Or if he thinks We don’t know what is going through his mind or what Ins plans are for the future. We’d get more conversation out of a doll with a recording in her buck My son tapped me on the shoulder and said. "Mom "Don’t interrupt your mother when she is talking,” I said In that instant, the silence told the story. "I am going to say one more thing and then I am going to shut up," I said "Why is it that Hie draft created by my mouth opening aud shutting hasn t caused my teeth to catch cold?" (Cutty' tuOl IV/4. Meld I nl«i pi it«t, Im I Flanked by representative's of the American Indian Movement, Publisher Randolph A. Hearst held a meeting in a San Francisco hotel Monday to work out final details of the free food giveaway he hopes the terrorist kid natters of his daughter will accept as a down payment on her release. Ile announced he has raised $2 million. Announces Worth Former astronaut John Glenn said Monday his net worth was nearly $768,000. Glenn disclosed a financial statement about his personal economics as part of his campaign for the Democratic nomination to the U.S. senate from Ohio. Glenn said he paid nearly $288,(MO in federal income taxes since IW7. I IU. % —AP Wirephoto ;

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