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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa / elevision / aday By Jay Sh ur bu ti PBS Finance Formula Debafed NKW YOUK (Al*) Coni paring 50 cents with $.115 mil lion is akin to likening a flea to an elephant. But both sums are being disputed iii current proposals for long-range ti mincing of public broadcast big. And oddly enough, the four bit debate is of far more concern to public broadcasters, according to Hartford N. Gunn, jr., president, of the Public Broadcasting Service. Ile says ifs crucial because ifs at the heart of proposed formulas that iii coming years will determine how much Uncle Sam will spend to back up public broadcasting funds raised from state, local, foundation and business sources One formula is in a five-year public broadcast financing bill the White House Office of Telecommunications Policy is readying. It would require, OTP officials say, $2.50 from nonfederal sources for every one dollar the federal government kicks in for public broadcasting. * * * The other formula, which Gunn says is in a report by a task force of top public broadcasting officials, calls for a ratio of only two nonfederal dollars for every one from the federal government. Both sides agree public broadcasting should get its federal dollars under a five-year plan to reassure long-range planning and stability that didn’t exist in the old year-to-year system. An OTP spokesman says his. office’s draft bill would authorize the spending of $435 million over the five-year period. But the task force says $750 million is needed to do the job adequately, tlunn said. And while the $315 million difference is being debated and defended by each side, it’s not a major issue yet, he added. Television Listings 7_KWWl TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2 —WMT-TV, Cedar Rapid* 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4-WHBF TV, Rock Woad 6 —WOC TV, Davenport 8— WKBT, ta Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester I 2—KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3 —WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KOLIS. Dubuque Monday Night A OO I— 9— J 3- 4— A — I- 10- 17- 13- 40 News, Weather, Sots Wild Wild West Action News News, Weather, Sots News Weather, Sp**. A O'Clock Edition News, Spts . Weather News. Weather, Sots Where There's o Will News, Weather, Sots Lassie A: IS 12—Inside Out A: 30 7—Sanford and Son 2—To Tell Truth 3—Let $ Make a Deal 4—Dusty’* Troil A—Hollywood Sauores 1—Nashville Music IO - Bobby Goldsboro 12—Consultation 13 — Sontord and Son 40-Great Spofts Legend* 7:00 7—Magic ton 9—bookies 2—Gunsmofce 3—Rookies 4—G unsmoke A—Monkton 1—Gunsmoke IO—Monkton 12—Special of the Week 13—Magician 40— Rook les 8:00 7- NBL Movie- "lf It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium' 9 ABC Monday Movie — "Ten Commandments, Part ll" 2— Here's Lucy J—ABC Monday Movie — "Ten Commandments, Port ll" 4—Here * Lucy A NBC Movie— lf It s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium" I—Here * Lucy IO NBC Movie- "lf It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium" NBC Movie— "lf Ifs Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium" ABC Monday Movie -"Ten ( ommandments, Port ll" 13- 40- 1:30 2—Dick Von Dyke 4 Dick Von Dyke • Dick Von Dyke 9: OO 7 Medical center 4 Medical Center I Medical Center 12 Washington Straight Talk 9: 30 12 - theater Macabre 10:00 1 News, Weather, Sots 2 Action News 4 News, Weather, Sots A IO a Claik Edition A News, Spts . Weather IO News. Weather, Sots 12- Day at Night 13 News Weather, Spts 10:30 7 tonight 2 I RS Movie ' Adorn1* Rib" 4 Wild Wild West A Tonight * -■CBS Movie "Adam's Rib' t0 — T onlyhl 12* Oovtd Susskind 13 Tonight 10:4$ * E yewilness News J Newsbeat 40 Newsline 11:1$ * Wide War Id ut f Mer to Inmen I I Wide World of I Mer tinnment 40 Wide World at I liter talnmerd 11:30 4 Rawhide 12 OO 7 Inmorrow 2—Lost Word A -tomorrow IO —Tomorrow 13—Tomorrow 12:30 4 —Country Music Tuesday Morning A: 30 2—Sunrise Semester 4—Garner Ted Armstrong 8 -Sunrise Semester 7:00 7—Today f—Garner Ted Armstrong 2—CBS News 4-CBS News A—Today • -CBS News IO—Today 13—Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 3—America Sings 8:00 9 New Zoo Revue 2-Coot Kangaroo • Sesame Street 4 C apt Kangaroo I Copt Kangaroo 30 9- 12 Morning Show -In School 9:00 1- Oinoh s Ploce 9 Mike Douglas 2—Joker * Wild 3 - K Id Power 4 laker i Wild a Dinah s Place 8 Joker s Wild IO Dinah s Ploce Sesame Street 13 Dinah's Place 9:30 1 Jeopardy 2 810,000 Pyramid 3 Or Brothers 4    810.000 Pyramid A Jeopardy I St0,000 Pyramid 10—Jeopardv 13 Jeopardy IO OO 1 Wizard of Odds 9 All My Children 2 Gambit 3 Galloping Gourmet 4 Gambit A Wizard of Odds 1 (.ambit IO Wizard of Odds 12 In School 13 Wizard of Odds 40 Not for Women Only IO: 30 / -Hollywood Sauores 9 Brady Bunch 2 I ove at Life 3 Brady Bunch 4 I ove at Life a Hollywood Sauar es 8 I ove of Life to Hollywood Sauores 1.1 Hollywood Sauar es 40 Brady Bunch 11:00 I Jackpot 9 Password I Young and Restless J - Password 4 Young and Restless a Jackpot 8 Young rind Restless 10 Jai kpot 11 Jackpot 40 Password 11:30 12:1$ 3—Town and Countr y IO -Virginia 13—Cartoons 12:30 7—Three on a Match 9—Let's Moke a Deal 2 As the World Turns 3- As the World Turns 4 As the World Turns A—Three on a Match 8— As the World Turns IO—Three on o Match 12— Electric Compony 13—Movie 40—Let s Make a Deal IOO 7—Days ot Lives 9 Newlywed Game 2—Guiding Light 3 -Newlywed Game 4—Guiding Light A—Days of Lives 1—Guiding Light IO—Days of Lives 12—In School 40—Newlywed Game 1:30 7- Doctors 9—Girl In My Lite 2- Edge of Night 3 Girl In My Lite 4 —Edge ot Night A- Doctors I —Edoe of Night IO—Doctors 40 -Girl In My Life Few Qualify’ for Cent Gas Hike,- Talk Shutdown I think everyone in pretty much agreed that we don’t have to resolve that in ad Vance,” he said. “The issue of what is the appropriate ceiling I iii a five year hill) can be resolved by congress when hearings are held.” * * * The real problem, he said, is that OTP wants agreement on its proposed federal spending ratio before it send*; the administration’s five- year measure to Congress. OTP officials say that’s correct and defend the ratio as one they feel will promote a maximum effort to increase local and private .support for public broadcasting throughout the United States. But Gunn said the broadcasters want the higher fed eral-to-local spending ratio because it’s extremely difficult to project how much nonfederal financial support can be counted on in the next five years. lf the OTI* ratio is the basis for federal matching lunds. he said, broadcasters may find that even though sufficient federal funds are authorized “theres no way to raise enough money to come anywhere near” a given year’s federal spending ceiling. “And we could be worse off than we are today.” * * * Both sides say they hope to resolve the impasse and show a united front when the hill goes to congress, possibly by mid-March. But an indication of how things stand may corno late this month. The board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which administers federal funds for public broadcasting, will meet then to discuss both the OTP and task force proposals. And they may vote then to recommend how public broadcasting's five-year plan should look and cost, a spokesman said. By Boger Green Almost nobody is going to qualify’’ in Linn county for the one cent. per gallon gasoline margin increase granted certain service stations over the weekend, Al Dalziel, president of the Linn County Service Station Dealers Assn , reported Monday. Ile predicted a strike of .service stations nationwide could be reality in two to four weeks if the Federal Energy Office (KEO) doesnlt come up with a better; solution to the service .station of>erators’ plight The KEO .Saturday anil 0 ii n c c d service stations whose gasoline allocation Is not equal to 85 percent of 1972 gallonage would he granted an additional one cent per gallon increase in price lo cover the reduction, effective March I. Dalziel said he took a survey of about 35 .station operators on New Regulations Aimed To Aid Independent Truckers hand Sunday at a meeting with Sen. Tom Riley to discuss a dealers* protection bill in the state legislature. Two Qualify “Of everyone in the room, only two will qualify for the increase and they were both independents,” he reported. Additionally, stale association President Jack Everett was at the meeting and reported few stations in Iowa will qualify for the increase. Even for stations that do qualify, the penny per gallon is far I rom being adequate to cover the loss Incurred from reduced gallonage, Dulziel said. WASHINGTON (Al Interstate Commerce sion Kriday announced new regulations designed to relieve independent truckers from the inflationary effects of fuel costs, but admitted its regulations would affect only 50 percent of the industry. ICC Chairman George Staf- - The under contract to them on the or a 20,000 gallon station, a Commis- basis of:    25    percent    loss of gallonage would mean losing 5.000 gallons or $400 in .station “margin”, he said. Still Short The ti percent freight rate surcharge which the IGC announced last week to cover rising costs to independent truckers. The    surcharge was of- ^le exBa penny    per gallon Itrod to help    end a truck stop-    would (,n|Y bnnK ln $l5fl of    lhat- pagt,    leaving the operator still    $250 a-it u * cs    short,    Dalziel    said. Or the difference between fuel    nttl,,.    i    z    ru    m . i /• „ ford    called    on    congress    to    look    pnces paid by the truckers on    J o t i * I    I into the    ICC’s    authority to    deter-Mav 15 197-5    ancj current fuel    *    K(,,a|l('rs Assfi    Wl,h mine whether it should be ex-S    ’    FK0 Chief Will,am Sim0"    ,w0 panded to cover independent    -........... weeks ago. C. R. Pair Face AWOL Charges; In Linn Jail Two Cedar Rapids men are being held in Linn county jail for military authorities on charges of being absent without leave from the service. Leslie Dale Newton, 18, of 1326 A avenue NFJ, turned him-■self in to Cedar Rapids police early Monday. Ile is accused of boing absent without leave from the navy. Ronald W. Trader, 18. of the Prairie Creek Trailer court, is accused of being absent without leave from the marine corps. Ho also faces two counts of failure to report an accident, accidental damage to a vehicle and dinking an unattended vehicle. Police said he allegedly struck a car belonging to Mary Morris, 13(H) Korty-second street SE, and one belonging to Harold Nee!, 427 FJighteenth street NW, Thursday while they were parked near Seventh avenue and Second street SF; rho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., Feb. 18, lf)74    9 South Vietnam Takes Over Isle SAIGON (AP) South Viet-narnese forces have occupied a fifth island in the disputed Spratly archipelago in the South China sea without opposition, informed .sources said Monday. The sources said the South Vietnamese navy put about 30 men ashore Sunday. Similar-small garrisons were landed in recent weeks on four other of the ll barren islands, which are believed to have oil deposits beneath the seabed around them The Spratlys are also claimed by the two Chinese governments and by the Philippines. Nation alist China and the Philippines have forces on separate islands in the group. Youth, 16, Charged With Attempted Theft A 16-year-old male was charged with larceny Sunday night. Police said the youth was attempting to take a stereo speaker from a car parked at Leonardo's F^ast, 4317 Center Point road NE He was processed and released to his parents. truckers not now recrated bv Sta,ford said the truckin8 They presented two proposals I the commission    '    .f,rmS W°Uld haVe l° ad°pt the at that time 10 helP ,he service procedure that would result in station operators: i    ,    /°™l™ssi0n    announced it    the most money to the indepen-t    Allow    a percentage    increase ; had    adopted a regulation which    dent operators. He said the new    jn price    above increases the oil ! provides that trucking compa-regulatio„ was necessary be-compand pass on to '.he SU-Hies compensate independent I cause some trucking firms had tions. owncr-opcrators who w 0 r k not applied for the surcharge. Additional gallonage to be The leasing rule announced sold at existing margins so total Coe AFROTC    Kriday is mandatory, Stafford profit can remain the same. ■    .    said.    “More    gallons    or    more    mar- Proba+ionary    He said it would affect all gin,” Dalziel described the    pro- ri I    r J J    trucking operators except those    Pos‘ds OtaTUS    tnaea    vvh0 haul agricultural products    “W(> rea,,y consider    this (the The Air Korce ROTC program or Perishable products and arc Pl™y increase) no answer, ruis.*. Fijian 1    f (CC J    would    say chances of a will continue at Coe college for|exe,Tlp, ,rom rules‘ Poll: President Gains 2 Points In Public Rating shutdown are still a reality.” The national association officials requested action by the KEO before March I, he reported. March I Shutdown? ‘at least two years, LL Col. James Lee said Monday, j U*e is professor of aerospace I studies at Coe. The continuation of the program was assured with a letter to Coe President U’o L. Nuss-|baum from Robert M. White, notifying him that Coe has been taken off graduate production probation. F^ach program must graduate a minimum of 17 enrollees each proving of the President’s con-| year, a requirement Coe had duci 0f bjs 0ffjce decreased five been unable to meet for the last points to 59 percent, the lowest three years, A similar problem disapproval figure in more than (affected Drake university, (W0 months. prompting an announcement The remaining 13 percent of I last week that Drake will close    tho , 59, adults surveyed    in the its program.    F’eb. 1-4 poll    offered no opinion    'nR about the    need for    an addi- I Lee said a big factor in Coe s when asked: “Do you approve 'I tonal two to three cents per j removal from probation was the or disapprove of the way Rich- gah°n state tax to cover loss in large junior class of 25 cadets,    ard Nixon is    handling his    job as    sfate revenues trom    reduced scheduled for commissioning    Presidenf”’    gasoline sales,    Dalziel said, next year.    A    breakdown    of the survey the same manner the state It will be a continuing effort, results showed that Nixon's can I continue its programs belace said, for a school the size of greatest support remained with cause of reduced gasoline sup-Coe to maintain required enroll !the same groups that previously P,ies’ thc service stations ean-mcnt figures.    have favored him. He received not continue to operate, he said. “We must continue to in- majority backing only from    Supports    Reality crease our advanced enrollment!those classifying themselves as ^    ga)|on    ,ncreasp March I would probably be PRINCETON, N. J. (AP) — the earliest possible date for a Public approval of President shutdown, with mid-March Nixon's performance in office being more likely, he predicted, rose two points to 28 percent in “Nobody wants to shut early February, according to down,” he said. “If at all possi-the latest Gallup poll.    bje    we’re    trying    to    avoid    it. The percentage of those disap-    .    ,    .    ..    , 1    “Were not asking for any thing more than we had in 1973—just    what has been taken away (under the current allocation and pricing program I,” Iowa Gov. Robert Ray is talk- 2:00 J Another 9- General 2—Price Is 3—General 4—Price is A —Another 8 -Price Is IO Another 13—Another 40—General World Hospital Right Hospital Right World Right World World Hospital in order to maintain our viability status,” he said. New York Times Increases Prices NKW YORK (AP) - The New York Times will increase its newsstand price next week — subject to favorable rulings by the Cost of Living Council Republicans — 59 percent. Only docs lend credence to the reality because of rising production leads, th* paper said Sunday Oxford Youth Injured Th.* nriz*p nf th** 11 mw; ru'Yf : 16 percent of the Democrats and ...    . .    .    „    r,    . • . „0 '    .    .    .    .    .    .    of the fuel shortage. Dalziel 28 percent of independents sur- . .    , •    ~    claimer yeycd approved of his perform-: ||(, „jd incrcasfd gallonagc an.(,e'    su tx j *    u j    rather than increased margin By regions the President    had    ^    haye jndlcated to many the strongest support rn the |p jn |hp fup| buslnpss ,hal South, with .to percent approval ,hp sbor|    havp    bopn    od. there. The approval percentage (.ompany.crpalod was JO percent in the Middle: ,.Thp incrpaw |ends more (ue| West, 24 percent in the l-.ast    and    )# tbp    contention the shorlage 22 percent in the Far West.    may ^ rpa,.. hp sajd ♦ * * The price of the Tinieis next I Sunday will rise from 50 to 60 cents a copy in the city and The 2:30 7—How To Survive a Mort mar 9 One Lite To Live 2- Match Game 3 One Life To Live 4- Match Gome A How To Survive a Marriage 8 Match Game 10 How To Survive a Marriage 13 How To Survive a Marriage 40 One Lite To Live Hattie Spilt Set ond T omor»ow Split Set ond Tonto) r ow Battle f Omar t ow Baffle Baffle Spilt Set ond Tuesday Afternoon 12:00 7 9 ) 3 4 4 8 IO I? 13 40 News t y*wllnes* News News. Weather News DU I. Van Ovh» Neon I diUon Noontime News Weather In St hoot News ah Mv Children sot* 3:00 7- Somerset 9 Butte Off Awards 2 Tattletales 3- Bake Off Awards 4—Tattletales A Somerset 8 Tattletales IO Somerset 12—Environment 13- Somerset 40 Movie 3:30 7 What * My I in** ’ 9 Gllligon s Island 2 Dr Ma* I All My Children 4 Mike Douglas A Cartoons 8 Bewitched IO Not for Women Only 17 Bridge IJ — E loppy 4:00 7- Bonanza 9 -Stat Trek 3 Not tor Women Only A I cannie 8 Star Trek til Bonanza 17 Mlsternoeis tj Merv Griffin 4:30 7 Bewitched t Let s Make Deal 4 Hogan s Heroes A Mery Griffin 12 Sesame Street $00 7 Dragnet 9 AHI News I (otrseauemfs I Newstead) es 4 (.Hogan'* Island 8 Consentience* IO Munster* 40 ABI News 5:30 7 NHI News v I yewdness News I t BS New* t ahi News 4    ( B*. News A Nill News I I BS New* IO NBi New* I /. t let Irk Compony l l NB( New* 40 Newsline service station dealers In Hunting Accident !™.ru'd out tcchn,^al P°ints wi,h Riley on a proposed dealers pro- „    .    OXFORD - James Port wood, taction bill at the Sunday meet- suburban areas, and from 75 to|14 ^ of Mr and Mps ,van jng Da|zie| said 90 cents outside a 50-mile I Portwood, was treated at a local The bill would protect dealers f (>b 25’ tfl.e l)ruv °* ,!u> doctor’s office Saturday for a from having leases terminated daily Times outride the 50-mile L|fle wound (0 bLS rjgb( jeg and b Q1| companjes s0|e|y for (he radius will rise to 20 cents, with [ released.    purpose of company takeover. Portwood was hunting when!    _    . .1 on 1    :ct    ^ a . ii. i    Good    (hance the .22 cal. rifle accidentally, fired, hitting him in the leg.! “Everyone feels the proposal Portwood then walked to hts ta- has an extremely good chance ther’s store in town and taken to of passing,” he said “Time is the doctor’s office.    the biggest problem.’’ ---I The proposal will be in final 30 YEARS AGO — In the draft form this week and proba-f worst U.S. military disaster of bly he referred to the judiciary Others elected to office were its kind, 1,000 American soldiers committee which Riley chairs, Roger Schlotfelt, vice-president, I were lost w hen their troop ship he reported and Jack Garland, secretary- sank after enemy attack in Eu-    ----- treasurer.    ropean waters    PEED TBF; BIRDS BOB BROOKS REPORTS HAWKEYE (the city and suburban price regaining at 15 cents. Wilson President of Dairy Credit Union Ed Wilson has been elected president of the Sanitary Dairy FJmployes credit union Citizen Follows Suspect, Stops A Stolen Auto Cedar Rapids police credit a concerned citizen for the apprehension of a 15-year-old boy accused of larceny of a motor vehicle Sunday night. The youth is accused of taking a car from Schamberger Motor Co., 717 Third avenue SFL Sunday night, and with malicious injury to an auto for allegedly damaging other cars in the lot. Police said a citizen mw the j car taken and followed the boy in his car. When the boy drove past the Cedar Rapids police I station, the man stopped, ran in and told police He then continued following the boy until he .stopped him at Second avenue and Sixth street |SW, where he held the youth1 until police arrived To Study Vulnerability Of U.S. to Embargoes WASHINGTON (AP) -Caught off guard by the Arab oil embargo, the government soon will launch a high-level study to determine how vulnerable the nation i.s to cutoffs of other vital materials. The study will focus on possible alternative supply sources, the need to stockpile materials, and diplomatic steps that might the taken to prevent an embargo of other items. Groundwork already has been laid for the study, which would take .several month*, said Herbert Stein, chairman of President Nixon’s Council of F^co-. nomic Advisers. Decries Flood of Gas Swallowers PITTSBURGH (AP) - The Pittsburgh Poison Center says it has been flooded with victims of the energy crisis — people who' inadvertently swallow gasoline While siphoning it. “We were getting at least 26 cases a day for a while.” Marge Stagman said Sunday while on duty as a nurse at the center. “It’s let up in the last week, but we’ve still had six or seven today.” No deaths have been reported but several persons, have been hospitalized. Mists Stagman says the rash of cases doesn t necessarily mean the people involved were stealing gasoline “We had some who were siphoning it from their lawnmowers,” she said. “and we had others who owned two cars and were transferring the gasoline from one to the other.” BASKETBALL DISHWASHER REPLACEMENT CENTER Built-In Failure Cacked PoUcrubbgr Dishwasher MODEL GSD MI IOWA at PURDUE 7:05 PM MONDAY Brought to you by KCRG Sports Booster Club Members THE DICK SCHULTZ SHOW Preceding th* game- Sroughl to you by Bohemian Savings & loan following the game- Brought to you by Iowa lloctric light I Power Co _ Warm-Up# Half-Time and Wrap-Up Shows Brought to you by Steitzer-Lincoln Mercury General Electric can show you Ihis. Because we have tho dishwashers that will do this. 349 _ _ INCLUDES MS INSTALLATION X ‘ ’N, CrzTv1 lltens Open m-J Saturday Ud RADIO 1600 Open Mon. ll I hors Id 9 106 2nd Ave. SW Phone 363-0283 Tonight, one great show after another! 5:00 Evening News With Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner Tune to this one for a report that s challenging, whimsical, perceptive, objective and refreshing! 5:30 Eyewitness News This half-hour news report is special ... its focus is Eastern Iowa's news, sports and weather ... its focus then, is you! 6:00 Wild Wild West Ed Begley guest stors as |udge whose life is threatened by bomb-throwing clockmaker. Robert Conrad stars! 7:00 Rookies A drunken ex-cop is the victim of 0 perfect set up for murder charge by underworld. Dan# Clark stars. 8:00 Ton Commandment Part ll Monday Night Movie Conclusion of De Mille s engrossing spectacular storrmg Charlton Heston! 10:45 Eyewitness News larry Hightchew, Bob Brooks and Wayne Winston ... an unbeatable news team with a record of reliability! 11:15 "Only A Scream Away' Wide World Mystery Hoyley Milles makes American television debut as bride haunted by mysterious occidents. Id 1V9 f ;

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