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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 'Superdad' Not at Usual Disney Level Theater Time for Saturday “Superdad" with Hob ( 'Kine, Hut tun <i Rush, Kurt Russell, Joe Flynn unit Kathleen Cody. A Walt Disney Production released by Haena Vista Distribution Co. Al the Plaza theater. Hollywood Rating: G—gen erat audiences. lodging is arranged at tin supposedly proper residence of men!” Mother Barlow (Judith l/owry),; k^a. a silver haired, tottering pool shark. Funny huh? (let it? Old lady pool shark. Tee hee. Ha ha. Well, maybe you laughed the first time you saw it, however long ago that might have been. Mother Barlow’s, it turns out, COMMUNITY THKATEK “Flay It Again, Sam” - 8 PARAMOUNT "The Last House on the Left” 2, 5:20, 8 40; “Don't Look in the Base 3:35, 7, J0:20. “Serpico” — 1:30, STAGL 4 3:40, 5:50, 8, IO.    2;30, 7, 9:40. WORLD ‘'Sling ’ I 15, F'.STOWS 4:05, 6:40, 9:10; shorts 1:30, foe Dolphin” 3:50, 6:25, 8:55.    7:30, 9:30. TI MKS    “The Three Stooges KASTOWN STACK I “American Graffiti” 2:35, 4 40, 7:45,9:50. STACK 2 “Sleeper” ~ 2:35, 4:20, 6:05 , 7:50, 9:40 STAGE 3 “Don’t Look Now” 2:30, 4:30, 7:45, 9:45. “Papillon” 'Don't Look Now', Well Made Thriller The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., Ceti. 16, 1974 I. By lieverley Duffy    j    Mother    Barlow’s, it turns out,I J!1 0rbi' J1,10, 2:5b;„ * ,H 2    ’J’J I ’' There was i time when the 's a <>(*“d establishment, where ,bc>M* ^(‘x After Death.    MARI j,\ features at ll, I, mere was a lime when the    ,(.sl(j(>nls    roam fhl. 5:30, 7:25, 9:20; shorts - 5:15,3,5,7,9.11. imitators of Disney were easy to    ,    W( 1    a resments    roam tnt. Sp0l    place at all hours, but where    COLLINS    r- The Cheer- fpi . .    .....    .    ,    I    Charlie    can’t speak with his RLAZA — “Son of Flubber” leaders” 7 45; “Fritz the he plots were a little too ob-1daughter because ifs “after — 3:50, 7:30; “Superdad” — 2, Cat” 9:30; “Grimms’ Fairy viously contrived, the pace a lit hours „    .5:4S, 9:25.    Tales    for    Adults”    lo 55. tie awkward and the scripts a    *    ti u a • bf ' talky when stacked un Pred,cfob^ he ends up in the Qfuin IV J .I1 swimming pool, and then the against products from the ,ice s(aton (where elsc?) master of family films, at least. mak j nfi exaspprated (how But now comes along a genu else?) explanations until bailed inc item that is tough to tell    out    by    Wendy and    boyfriend from the copies. It’s not that the (who else?), imitations have improved; “Su-j    w perdad” simply falls short of    Naturally what audiences have come to    When    the ruse is    inevitably! 41 Don’I Pooh lube Christie Sutherland An I Co. production, Paramount pictures. At the Die Day of $i(la(, j theater. Ul 1 <h * Ul Hollywood rating: R stin ted; no one unde nutted without parent guardian. Now', with ^fierily has a premonition .arid and Donald runs from the house where ho Anglo Italian has been working, too released by save Christine. The couple goes to House Approves Cut Prices, $50-K/f i I lion Plan nj    r On Solar Energy Producers of WASHINGTON (UFI) - The Propane Told late to house of representatives has approved a Venice, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 2 _ “McQ” ■    ,    ,    ii    program m wuluhu,ih ...m    --    —    -    — ■------- — R _ Rf,, 'f, r an archeologist, is . ,innrov trt heat and r*nnl government will order a price J7 .I directing the restoration of a (ncrky 1° "edt and c°°> cutbaCk. irent or cburcb- Caura is still shattered and businesses.    William    Walker,    general county Christine’s    death,    but im-    The    authorization measure,    se| 0f the    Federal Knergy    Of- proves when    she meets two    which    still needs a separate ap-    fj(.e sajd    Thursday that    the By Mike    Deupree    sisters, Wendy    (Clelia    Matania)    propriation bill to provide the    agency expects prompt reduc- if    you’re    partial to very well and feather    (Hilary    Mason),    funds,    was approved Wednesday    tion. made thrillers you can watch feather is blind, but claims the (,n a £•)> ! loll call volt* arui sent John Sawhill, deputy adminis-without    feeling    you’ve wasted    of second sight and    tells to the senate.    trator of    the office,    said it is an    evening,    “Don’t    Look Now”    Laura Christine is happy.    Reps. Barbara    Jordan    prepared    to take any    steps nec- John, too, has the gift —    a1- (D-Texas) and Philip Crane (R-    essary to bring about a reduc- though he doesn’t know it,    and 111.) cast the dissenting votes.    tion, a position echoed by is concerned with Laura’s belief Home owners getting the Walker. in Heather.    demonstration units automat-1 Sawhill added that a special Recurring Vision    1 would have ownership of    Interna) Revenue Service force them after five years without    would investigate possibility of Nevertheless, John    oc- ;cost if they conformed    with re-, illegal activities of propane specie    casionally has visions, including quirements to report    on per-    ulators. WASHINGTON (AF) - Pro-fivc-year, $50 million riucers of propane have been or-10 experiment with d«*red to lower their price or the 'Don t Look in Basement', Promise of Gore Fulfilled expect from ductions. The “Don’t Pooh in the Base- j mindless; the direction is slip- ment” with William “Hill"    shod and there is no discernible McGhee and Anne McAdams, theme. >t    WonHu    mhnk I A Walter P. Krusz produc-    it can be described succinctly taking un    with    un    artist    activist!tion released bV Hallmark Re-    1as a stag film without sex. UKmg up    with    an    artist    activist    corp. At the rara    But the film was not made S' "ZZX (Kurt ’   With    to    mJ.Ti picture stars Kurt Russell Russell) has all the studious,L''""Z’!!’nLl’taudience (which is provides a rare opportunity to indulge. Director Nicolas Roeg has made a film that builds slowly to a beautifully ironic (and yes, shocking) conclusion. Oddly enough, “Don’t Walt Disney Fro- exposed, swot Struggling Script Now continues to build alter a recurring one that appears to formance of the units during the Sawhill and Walker said civil its over the more you think be his dead daughter, running five-year demonstration period, or criminal proceedings will be about it, the more you realize just out of reach    The    measure    would    authorize    filed    against    price manipulators how good it was — and you can lo go into more detail would NASA, working with other fed- if the facts warrant. enjoy yourself for quite a give away some secrets and eral agencies, to develop solar Walker and Cost of Living of a fresh young beauty, Hath- tired series of puffed-up compli- begins as psychiatrist Dr Ste- Guard af Nazi Camp * oc*v'    cations, Wendy and Bart are phons is experimenting with a Gets Death Sentence not with the married, naturally.    new treatment for murderous    warsaw iapi    a    Polish ti . u 1 And Charlie is there, reeking psychotics. He lives with them WA,iSAW (AP> " A Pol,sh Hitchcock and Joe Flynn from the Disney gaggle of regular? plus Bob Crane of Hogan’s Heroes” renown, attractive Barbara Rush and leen Cody.    cations, Wendy and The problem Is not with the married, naturally, actors, but with the script which struggles to milk comedy from I of liverwurst, naturally, situations long since wrung dry of potential for humor. Crane plays successful but stuffy lawyer Charlie Mc-Cready, who is determined to wrench his precious only daugh tor away from her lifelong friends, whom he considers „    r 17 requires accompanying considerable) only violence, a David    parent or    adult guardian. wholesome appeal Eisenhower. Naturally, Charlie secs the By Doe Halliday error of his ways. And after a “Don’t Dxik in the Basement” bloodshed and fake promise is fulfilled. gore. The may have confused you while the film was running. Slow Realization First Indictment For Violation of Gas Price Rules LOS ANGELES (AR) - A Bas- as members of a family in a house with no locked doors. As a result, the audience is treated to two homicides (including Dr. Stephens) before they even sec the credits. At this point, in walks pretty a Nazi concentration camp to death tor personally hanging IO prisoners and beating five others to death, according to press reports Thursday. The reports said the defendant. a Pole named Henryk Ma little Charlotte Beal, a psychia- tuszkowiak, was stationed at a trie nurse, whom Dr. Stephens camp in Litomerice, Czechoslo some seweis ami erai agencies, while    after    you leave    the    the-wouldn’t do justice to the film. heating plants within three    Council representatives testified ater    by    piecing together    the    anyway, as it plays much better years and combination heating    before a house subcommittee in- and coincidences that than it    reads.    and    cooling plants within five vestigating    fuel prices.    The Anthony    Richmond’s photo- years for demonstration pur- committee    is headed by    Rep. graphy is top-flight, as is the poses.    Randall (D-Mo.). score by Bino Donnagio.    The    funds would be used to i Randall noted that propane For those of you who discrimi- develop the units and install    prices have increased more nate in such things, the “R” rat- them in 1,000 private homes and    sharply than the cost of other ing is based primarily on sex, 1,000 commercial buildings. The    fuels, up to 359 percent in some department of housing and    parts of the country. --- urban development would desig-j Officials have noted that innate    w’hich pi h ate residences creases in    propane prices    have and    business places should get hit low and    middle income budg ie demonstration units, subject ets hardest, especially families to location in varying climatic in the Midwest and South who That fact    discourages tile most obvious    comparison, that “Don’t Ixiok Now” is similar to not violence    '’ at    his best. It has     _L court has sentenced a guard at none of the    terror associated with Hitchcock’s work, just a slow realization of uneasiness as you begin to understand what’s happening. The acting is excellent throughout, from Donald Slither- Can’t Find Safe Drivers, Give Up RENO, (UFI) -department’s drive land and Julie Christie in the city’s best drivers The police to find the has been a areas of the nation. French Farmers Invade Counci city 1 leads to a fine group of Italian fj0p unfH companions because of oline station operator has been had ^    hi,    vakia. during'Wwld vv7r    nhv    ,n    ,iw    mon,hs "fficers could heir fun-loving attitude toward indicted by a federal grand jury demise. The person in charge- was discovered in the city of John and Lajra ' Baxter ' a only fmd tvvo drivcrs who (luah' 1(1    for allegedly violating price kindly, matronly Dr. Masters— Poznan, in western Poland.    young English couple    *    ~    one outs'de tbe One of the Gang    controls on gasoline. . honor? the contract.    ---- p    ’ . At one point, urged on by his Assistant U.S. Atty. Robert    Strange    Things    Basques    Sentenced    remom    ion super-understanding wife (Miss Bonner says ifs the first such But thcn some Drpttv s*ranpp BURGOS, Spain (AP) - Two The film opens with an ago-Rush) and a television psv- criminal nrosecution in the na-    Cen;    pretty Sirangie    membcrs of the Basque libera- mzing scene in which the    ®K    .J    ...    I    IL    n    m l. diJ'T Pr0SlCU,,0n    !!"“».    •*»"    10    happen.    One    pa-„un    organizalion    were    sen-    Baxters' daufihter. Christine, is *■“*” Poll“ CaP‘ K«" 1>ulver ,974''5 **lhe Common Market' STRASBOURG, France (AP) About 1.500 French farmers forced their way into the Coun- rely on it for cooking and heating._______ She (Lrhar Bajnba (fcazrttr E»tobilih«l In 1883 by The Gazette Co. and published doily ond Sunday at 500 Third Ave. SE, Cedar Rapid*, Iowa Postage paid at 52404 Second Clos* Cedar Rapid*, Iowa. Subscription rate* by carrier 85 cent* o ween. By mail: Night edition and Sunday^ issues 82 25 a month,^824 a chologist, Charlie make? a di- Bon ....    ,    .    ,    ljent    *s foupd sprawled on the tented to prison Thursday for drowned A federal grand jury here re- floor with her toeKue cut out. ..insu|ling l’miljtarv .,uihoyrMy.. homc. turned the indictment against,Miss Beal’s telephone line    ■ in a pond near their said Wednesday. sastrous attempt to become a part of his daughter’s gang. Of course, he only succeeds in ^    ""fa    “T"?    “    during    a    courtmartial.    ,    With    no    warning,    John    sud- - ”■    sAr,ne       rpm?** ms (M „ m jsrs.*ssj:    H By the end of the movie the muting false gasoline price body count totals ten. All die limits.    _ “From now on, instead of cil of Europe headquarters Fri- ffi;* *r&na°m<mth.''Snv«ar!TRfc«r looking for a safe driver ev<>rv day to protest what they said NTmann?ub^cVipttornri,0arccepted in arm having Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed In this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. Some cf the group exchanged punches with police and several panes of glass were broken. A sit-in lasted about 15 minutes,! then the demonstratt rs left. is such grump ifs hard to imagine why|^„p; wHhTwV’^ntt daughter Wendy (Miss Cody) lives a jk ti c • i hit he p£,£Q|»d(j jq Internal Revenue spectacular deaths with Dlentv trunks of her friends or any sub- c .    T    l u    piemy joct    J    Service.    of    fake    blood. The friends seem to be a .Steffler is accused of altering harmless lot, mainly concerned    records *° make the base RJ S LOUNGE 1075 - 6th AVI., MARION ★ TONITE ★ 15c BEER 8-9 P.M. MA Vi FUN WITH OUR GAMfSf ★ POOL ★ AIR HOCKEY ★ T.Y. TABLE TENNIS Patently Absurd with screeching oR to the beach Period price 6 cents higher    than    11    is patently    absurd    to    talk rn a ^^dy hoarse owned by an « actually was. Tho baso    da.e|ab«u.    .such    things    as    acting. employ Unlike Cready takes an extremely tol erant view of all this, and will; maximum penalty of IO years in .-ii _____ _______ __nric/yn ant) a $90 HOO tim* iTTii set by the Economic Stabiliza- PIot- direction and theme in XX1SIL Ad wa, M.7S .8B    'n    tho    Basement". , takes an extremely ml- lf convicted. Steffler tacos a 1l,e actin« ls awlul; lhe Plot ls tell you so every time she gets1 prison and a $20,000 fine home from .shopping or can take a break from setting out pc- Ctiinese Scientist Dies tunias.    TOKYO    (AP)    -    Chu    Ko-chen, Old Lady Gag    84> a fading Chinese scientist Charlie eventually outright deception, for a phony “scholarship” to a fashionable college near San Francisco, to separate Wendy arid friends. who was educated at the Unistoops to versj(y 0f illinois and Harvard, arranging dl(,d j,^ 7 jn Peking, the official Chinese news agency Hsinhua reported Thursday. SAT. Tonite! SNAZZ don't min ’em... tho group you’ve boon asking fort DANCE MOR. SWISHER Trophy Lounge,/. presonls I v«>ry lr ^ Tri. AL Sal. "K Mr 519 H Siree! S.W. FIREPLACE LOUNGE present! (the “Country-Aires”! FUN GAMES Mondays at 7:30 OPEN 9-2 Don Gcafer, Boh Titcher FIREPLACE LOUNGE HIAWATHA Pabst Blue Ribbon 6 pk. 1.29 FREE POPCORN Times The Emergency Room 4650 1st Ave. NE SUNDAY FAMILY BUFFET H:45lo2 and 5 lo 8 p.m. $2.75 per person (hildrsn undtr IO Si 95 Fried Country Chicken, Swiss Steok, Baked Ham, Chow Mein, Vegetables, choice of Salads ond Dessert. Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL Adjacent Guest Parking c’mon! we’re goin’ out to tyy JERRY Zfpiyncw " v    PALO,    IOWA SAT. AND SUN. AT 1:30-2:50 P.M. CHILDRENS MATINEES ALL SEATS—75‘ “The 3 STOOGES IN ORBIT” ALL LAUGH SHOW Every Sat. 5:30-9 p.rn BEEFEATERS BUFFET $2.95 per person Children under IO, $1.93 Roast Round of Beef, Beef Stroganoff, Salods, Relishes, Desserts Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL ROAR RAPIDS. IOWA . ADIACENT guest PARKING t * THIS WEEKEND * THE BANK presents “SUGARCANE HARRIS and the PURE FOOD & DRUG ACT” THIS GROUP RECEIVED ENGLAND S PLATINUM I P. & GOLD L.P. AWARDS & WAS VOTED “BEST ROCK VIOLINIST’’By PLAYBOY THE LAST 3 YEARS. C*-' A J IV?'. *    w    •    ■    I-    •>    -    V-'    • FIRSTTIME ANYWHERE TIMES HAVE CHANGED BACYI This Is One Film The) Will Us) Your “YOUTHFUL LUST” CAN A SMY LITTLE GIRL HWD SUCCESS IN TNE BIG CITY AS A PORNO-QUEEN . . . PIUS ^ “AFTER THE BALL” Skillfully prepared in in of Iowa ! mo»t experienced Pizza Kitchens Prompt Service plus big, meaty ITALIAN BEEF or HAM SANDWICHES NASO’S PIZZA HOUSE I 543 FUR IT AVI t I. 363-9697 Open Doily I I n in hp1" Fri. and Sot ‘III I e m Sunday 4 *« IT P GAS LAMP BAR OPEN SUNDAY NOON TO IO P.M. ROOSEVELT MOTOR BOTEL C onvement pinking in our ramp DOWNTOWN In The Cedar Hills Shopping Center “folks lell us our pizza is worth driving a lilt Ie farther for" ... I ry ii — you’ll like ii! Serving Sundays Irmo .1 ’til IO pm — 175 Jacobn Drive NU I*fleer vuwmi Baa [NOW thru TUES. I IV ( AK Mf AU KS ■ \ THE COMEN SHOW OF THE YEM* IAT he e X rated and emmeied1 ROHUS LATI SHOW SAT. "GRIMMS FAIRY TALES EQR ADULTS’’ OPEN 7:00—SHOW 7:30 McQ-he s a busted cop, his gun is unlicensed, and his story SAT SUN 2 36 4 45 is incredible! 7 00 9 )0 it UNWITTINGLY, r ■ HE TRAINED A DOLPHIN ^ TO KILL HE RESIDENT OF THE WTED ST K»SI PH f. LEVINE present* GEORGE C. SCOn.i. a MIKE NOKXS film TUE DAYiVie DOLPHIN SAT.-SUN 1:30-3: JO-S;30-7:10-9:30 HELD OVER! 2nd BIG WEEK! TWO OF THE YEAR'S MOST EXCITING FEATURES! LOCATED ACROSS FROM LINDAU SHOPPING CENTER' ;

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