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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa JQ Tho Cedar Rapids (iazollo: Sat., lob. Ut. 1974 Financial and Market News Dow Makes 10.40 Gain NKW YORK (AP) The stock market came out of hibernation at least briefly Friday, rolling up its best gain of the month The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials closed up 10.40 at 820.32. ★ ★ * C.R. Markets July — Prices paid on the Cedar Rap* August ids hog market Thursday were Sep,embpr steady. CHICAGO OKAIN QUOTATIONS WHEAT March MAV July ....... September CORN— March May July September PATS March May July SOYBEAN March May ’'urnished by Lamson Brothers OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE PRI V CL A 29 -6 30 6.31’ J 6.21 6.31' a 6 IU J 5 99 •5.99'J 6 03’3 5.90'-I A 03’ a 5.8J'; 5 24 Ga* do 5.35 5 23 5.33 5 18 5 20 5.25 5.17 5 25 5.12 3.11 -3.13 3.13 3.10 Slim 3 09 3.16 -3.17 3.17’» 3 15 3.17'a 3.14 3 18 -3.19 3.20 3.17 3 19 3.15’ a 3 13 3.13 . 3.09 3.12'a 3 08 a I 69’ j-1.70 1.72’4 1.69’ j I 70’ 'a I 68'4 1.75 •1.76 1.77* a 1.75 1,75'4 1.73 1.79 -1.70’4 1.72'a 1.69' a 1.70'a 1.68'4 6.49’ 1-6.53 A 53 6.45'a 6 47 6.43 6 55 -6 AO A AO 6 52 6.56 6.50 6 60 -6.61 6.63 6 57 6 58 6.54' a 6 57 6.59’a 6 53 6.55 6.51 6.43 -6 44 6 48 6 4J 6.46 6 40 College, Church Link Is Topic of Speech Dr. Harold Duster, president Marion Churches Regents Cool To W. Iowa College Plea Bethel Baptist of Culver Stockton college, Can- a v r nut The ton, Mo., will speak at the 1 boipu. Sunday IU Pamela Huey DKS MOINES (UPI) An appeal by a Council Bluffs legislator urging the state board of - 1000 Eighth Rev. Calvin school 9:30. ...    Worship    10:30.    Sermon: “How    regents to provide state-support- Marion Christian church Sunday ru Win a Wiir.. Kveni,i« wot--1 in recognition of higher eduea-iship 7:30. I (ion.    First    Baptist    — 2095 Four- His topic for the 10.45 worship toenth avenue. The Rev. Lyle ,.mU < -i .IMI. i \V. Lee. Worship 9:30. Sunday service is ‘The Church Nobody,Sl,ju)0j iq;3o Talks About”. He will speak on; (irare Baptist 440 South Don Prices paid Wednesday for the bulk of country and plant delivered butchers weighing 200 to 230 lbs., depending on grade and condition were $39.00-540,00 Packing sows    300    lbs. down were $33.50-$34OO. Butchers 230-240 lbs. are 25c off; 240-250 lbs. arc 50c off; and 75c off for each    IO    lbs. weight! over 250. Packers are 25c off for each weight grade from 300-360 lbs., 50c off each weight grade! to 500 lbs., and 75c    off each weight grade above 500 lbs. CATTLE MARKET Choice and prime steers    HS SCV$47.50 Choice and prime heifers    $44 50-S46 50 I Good steers ... .......... .. S43.50-S45.50 Good hewers    $42.50-544 50! Standard and Utility steers    S39,50-$4l SO Standard and utility heifers    SJ8 S0-S39 M) Utility cows    ....... S28.00-S33.001 Commercial cows    ..... S28.00-S33.001 Cutter cows    .....S31 OO-S3 5 OO Bulls    . S39.50-S41.50 I (Yield grade 4 overfat steers and heif-! ers are discounted SS per cwt. and yield j grade 5 are discounted SIO per cwt.) (Wastv and Bobby overfat steers are S3 to SS less per IOO lbs. than regular commercial cows.) GRAIN No.    2    yellow    corn,    $2.74. No    I    yellow    soybeans, SA OO. 33 lb. oats. SI.45 Friday prices delivered. FEEDER CATTLE Friday's quotations from Lamson Bros. Close Prey. March    ................ 51.25    51 .SO April    50.00    50.75 Of town interest LATE QUOTATIONS (From Lamson Brothers) Am. Ins. Fund 4 22-4 61 Am. Rein. .. .. 26' v-271 4 Banks of Iowa 23 ‘4-24'4 Beatrice Foods 2) Cherrv-Bur...... no trades Conroe Consolidated Foods Executive Data Systems 2’4- 3 FMC ........... 193« PMIC 8’»- 8’» Guardsman 2 3-16- 7H Harnischfgr 30' a Hawkeye -BanCorp 9’« 9'x Interstate P. .... .. 17's Iowa Electric ISG Iowa-Ill. Gas ..... John Deere 44* B Kidde comm. 14 '4 Keuffel A Esser . 13' 4-1 4 Life Investors. Inc. . IO’4 ll LTV Corp. 104* Maoco comm . 18 a Maytag ............ 24-‘» McCord Corp. 11 'a Mid-America 4 44 4 85 Mid-Continent, Ind . . 3’4 4 Miracle 3*4- 4’4 Ozark 34* Quaker Oats 24 ■'J Rath 5' i Rockwell 27 United Fire & Casualty 16' }-17’ a Victor Corp. no trades VWR-United 13 Winnebago 6' * Testing Slated Feb. 28 for C. R. j Police Officers Members of the Cedar Rapids police department will be tested | Feb. 28 on the physical require-JtionaI Banks, will (merits adopted recently for newj Monday, February recruits. I The scores from the testing will be used to develop stan-! dards for passing the new re-j quirements. All members of the depart-iment who are physically capable will take the tests at the Ellis YMCA between noon and I IO p.m. "The Challenge of the Future for Fifteenth street. The Rev. Dor the Small Church-Related Col-!}:    uVn    fn .       Worship    10:50    and    6:30. lege at 6:45 p m Hie piogram Squaw Creek Baptist Wilis open to the public.    j kins school. The Rev. Kermit Dr. noster, his wife and four (W. Jclmeland. Worship 9. Sun- children will attend a family school IO ...    ,    „    .. Robins I aith Bible — Corner night potluck suppet .it 6. Mis.i()j Main and Mentzer. The Rev cd higher education programs for students in western Iowa Friday received a cool reception. Republican Rep. Dennis Butler appearing before the board at its regular monthly meeting here, asked the regents to initiate a study and review the costs of using defunct Midwestern college in Denison as a separate institution under regents control , Dost cr is the niece of Miss Fdnaj Ed Bateman. Worship 9:30 and [in I be western sections. Roberts, 865 Ninth street. * *    * Marion Dairy Queen now open. -Adv. * *    * Farmers State be closed 18, in observance of Washington’s birthday. — Adv. ti Sunday school 10:45.    «     ,    ,    , St. Joseph’s Catholic 995 Bl,tler complained that the Fifth avenue. The Rev. Justin western counties have been A. Kane, the Rev. Martin W. neglected iii the state’s higher rial) and the Rev. John t asey education system because the Recall of 1.2 Million Cars, Trucks by GM DETROIT (AP) — General Motors has recalled 1.2 million passenger cars and light-duty will celebrate mass Saturday at ,,.    7 p in at the school, 1431)! and rust I\a-1Fourteenth street, and Sunday, at 7, 9:30 and ll a.m. and 5 p m. at the church and 8:30, IO and 11:30 at the school. Marion Christian — 1050 Mc-; I Cowan boulevard. Tile Rev. Peter M. Morgan. Sunday! I school 9:30. Worship 10:45. Sermon: Talks | Harold Hosier. Robins Church of the Brethren — 355 Second street. The Rev. Harold Justice. Sunday school IO Worship ll and CHI CHICAGO CASH GRAIN :AGO (AP)—Wheat No 2 soft red No 2 hard red 6 29' in. Corn No 2 yellow 3.)2n. Oats No 2 extra heavy white Soybeans No I yellow 4.47’ an. ).79)4n. ! to make the ;ral-5tate igs and 1 ntimenf IOWA FARM EGGS DES MOINES — The Fee Market News Service reported i edged ’2c lower on large size dropped 2-3c on medium. Dealer generally steady Cents per dozen, at farms, cases exchanged Quality and volume incentive Grade A, large or hefter 56-59c, mostly 58c; Grad# A, medium 47-51c, mostly 47-49c; Other farm eggs: Grade A. large or better 44-50C. mostly 44-46c, Grade A medium 33 44c, mostly 36-38c. Grade B, large 23-44C. mostly 25-32c; Quality, dirties and ck 19-32c, mostly 22-25c; Small and peewee 19 30c, mostly 22 25c. POULTRY Iowa live hens, light type: Pricing Irregular but mostly unchanged. Trading increased slightly. Demand fair, supplies adequate. Cents per pound, at farms Commercial flocks 7-8c, mostly 6c; Small farm flocks 3-6c. SHEEP Choice to prime shorn lambs are $38 OO-$40 OO Choice to prime wool lambs are $35 00-J38 00. POSTVILLE BEEF POSTVILLE — The Postville beef market Frida* Quoted prices for prime steers $44.50-545.50; choice steers $44.50- [ rCCIUiromontS good steers $42 00-S43.00; standard ;    * $40 OO $41 OO; choice heifers $43 OO-! rUltOFV $4 4 00; good heifers $41.00-S42 OO; utility > cows $28 OO $34 OO; canners and commer- i    -- cial cows $28 OO $33.00; bulls $40.00 $42 OO The new tests are based on “job related requirements” and Pass(n8tl cats supposedly include tasks that of- *ruc^s *n seart’b °l 1*200 vehi-ficers are called upon to per- clos with possible defects in form in the line of duty.    their brake systems. Uh* Police Pension board qm officials said Friday that adopted the tests in an attempt vehicles are equipped with a three current state institutions—the University of Iowa, Iowa State university and the University of Northern Iowa— are located in the eastern and central parts of the state. In addition. Butler asked the ’he Chinch    Nobody    board to investigate “the costs About    Speaker,    Dr.    0f -studies relative to the es tablishment of branches at other sites in western Iowa” or a possible reciprocity agreement with Nebraska for higher education. Although members of the board expressed sympathy for $45 Produce Campaign Director Is Named by Milligan DES MOINES — State Sen Church of Christ — 1087 Eighteenth street. William Cain, Bible school IO. Worship ll and 6:30. Ascension Lutheran — 2210 Butler’s proposals, the general Grand avenue. The Rev. Denny I consensus of the regents was that it was not their function to inititate such study. John Baldridge of Chariton Butler that the board’s that might have defective vacu- zwanziger! """worship ^8° and mone-v was budgeted for specif-I urn power brake housings. j 10:30. Sunday school 9:15. ic programs and said such a The auto maker said eight ac- st. Paul’s Lutheran (Missouri    study would    not be    in “our prov- cidents have been reported in- J sy"od) — 9*5 Twenty-seventh    ince ” volving brake failures caused ^worship jTand Toio. Sun’    Mrs-    H    Rand    Peterson of by defective housings. It said day school 9:15.    Harlan,    president    of the board, none resulted in injuries.    United    Methodist    —    said it was the legislature’s About 85 percent of the re- J?/' vUfihTth lvenHe;.Tlp ReY’prerogative to allocate funds for J. Brake. Worship 8 and IO. Sermon: “Christ Loves Outsiders”. _____  _    Lutheran    Church    of    the    Rcs- physical    fitness|    single    diaphragm    brake    booster urrection — 2770 Eighteenth told ess    discrimi-th-n    miahf    anGvMivn    avenue. The Rev. Otto A. Zwanziger. Worship 8 and Largest Banks 1277 Eighth avenue. The „ ,    ...    .    ., .    , Glen W. Lamb and the Rev. J.,..    . , called vehicles are in the hands m steffenson. Worship 8:30 (be study. of owners. GM said.    rut ll. Sermon: “Inner De- Vehicles involved include 1973 *e«sc/. __    .    lT .. . „ Prairie Chapel United Methodist — Route 3. The Rev. Sunday school 8:45. cr. sow's uneven iv steady. U.S. 1-3 200-230 lb butchers I their prime rates soon, analysts 39.50-41.00; 230-250 lbs 38.75-(forecast Friday after the an- Hnc“ * Bank of Amar- 270-330 lb sows 33.25-34.75: ilca and **irst National City. 330-400 lbs 32.75-34.25; 400-450 NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) (USDA)-Wholesate Demancf'taTr FndV"Wholes,!? teeing!Ge0r8e Milligan (R-DeS Moines) wte$Qumaet1o?? Vfoii^f sawhites ewF^cv'has namecl Stephen W. Roberts. large47jbs minI*** a Des Moines attorney, as his 41 Ids. averaoe 59 2-0*. Fancy smalls 36)    .    * ,bVJBr*%a£,    luny adMuai, *>    “niP«*n manager for    his Unit-     .....   „ •mule P«m.nd mr. Rric,    ^.nW.    ed States senate race    Milligan    and ]97, intormcdjate and    fu„. rllTlIlS    sizc Chevrolets: 1973 intermedi- Clive Cook Inned States senate.    ate Buicks. Pontiacs and Olds-! Worship 9:45. “Roberts has accepted this mobiles: 1973 and 1974 compact _    rrwbyterlan - M2 Cut Prime Rate ™ ™ ,!X;''models of Nova Camaro- von- PVI’ YORK i af1 t The nu Millican. He is volunteer-fUra pirebirc| Omega and Apol- Worship 10:30. Sermon: “Blood ,    M    ,    ,    na'    '»s    al    his    time.    keeping    with    and 1973 and |9t4 chevrolet anon the Earthy two largest banks nave our policy of building an organi- anf| jjght-dutv t ucks    Reformed    Presbyterian reduced their    prime    lending|Mti«i (rf volunteers all    the way!    required modification of    the to top staff positions. Large paid    brak(, bw)Stcr wou,d ,take    on| staffs cost money and spending],0 mjnutos and wou|d be 1S formed ‘‘I appreciate what you are trying to say. I, too, am from western Iowa, but the kind of study you are talking about should be funded by the legislature.” Mrs. Peterson said. Iowa Hors    I DES MOINES (UPI) — Thejtion’s interior Iowa-southern Minnesota hogs: Trade slow and demand fairly good. Butchers | rates from 914 to 9 percent stead'-, instances aO cents high- »»    1    _    ...    ,    ,    oiauo    tvoi    muucj    atm    suunumt nnf»vr>nivr «tAariv 1 More banks will be reducing ,    .    ,    .    ,. unevenly steaay.    .    .    huge    amounts    to    win    elections    ll cir nrimA ratec gnuxn nnalvctel ° but outra “I think your forum is wrong. you have to go to the legislature,” she added. Butler told the board that he ;aid. without charge, lbs 32.25-33.5f 25-33.00. Estimated r< OOO. Thursday 65,000; year £ 450-550 lbs 31.-eipts Fridav 40,. ;6.0 X). Campaign Chief Named by Jensen rs anc ; plan Waterloo Hoes WATERLOO — Butch sows were steady. Packir delivery, No. 2 butchers wi ing 200-230 lbs. $39.50-3^ No. 2 ROWS weighing 300 $34.00-334.50. OMAHA LIVESTOCK OMAHA (AP) (USDA) — Hog? barrows and gills opt-neo active a share metier, higher, some unsold; 1*3 200-250 lb bar rows and gilts 41.00-42 50 ; 2 3 250-270 lb 40 00 41 50; 2-4 270-350 lb 3/ 00-40 00; Sowts sle4dv to 25 higher; 375-600 lb 34.50-35 75 Cattle; 800 cattle and calves; no* enough slaughter steers tor an adequate price test. scattered sales heifers tglly steady, cows mostly SO lower; tew loads choice 925 I 006 lh hatters 46 00-46 7'j not only a waste, geous.” he added.    ___ Roberts, 34. served as cam- _ . , u.    , paign manager for State Rep. • Hits Riley S Philip B. Hill in 1970, served as treasurer of the Polk county Republican central committee from 1967 to 1973, and is currently a member of the Polk countv Republican executive committee. per- GM 965 South Fifteenth street. Sunday school IO. Worship ll. Church of God (Seventh believes “the regents have been Day ) — 600 Ninth avenue. W. entrusted with a very special ,J: Kuryiuk pjtor. Song scr- an(j unique function—to bring to vice 9:4). Sabbath school IO,    ,    r    , worship ll. Saturday. Friday,    people of the state of Iowa Bible study 8.    educational and intellectual ex- United Seventh Day adience and to pass this on to Brethren — 2400 Second ave Tcma Merchants To Stay Open Fridays TAMA — Tama merchants bv 4,000; md»n Martin Jensen, Democratic candidate for U.S. representative in the Second district. Friday announced the appointment of Patrick Thompson as his campaign director. Thompson. 28. has been district director for First District on mi^^i^’uwvgmT'ste'Ibv‘uws Congressman Edward Mez- voted to    keep    their    businesses vinsky since January, 1973, open on    Friday    nights,    effective when Mezvinsky took office March I, instead of Saturday Thompson reigned from the I nights. Mezvinsky staff effective Febru- The change is being made ary 15 to direct the Jensen cam- after paign effort in the eleven coun- sion. ties of the Second district. A native of Davenport Attendance Record Charging his opponent has a poor attendance record in elective office. Michael Feld, Re-oublican candidate for Second district congressman, pledged nue. W. Allen Bond, pastor. Worship JO, church school ll Saturday. Ina Fridley Dies at 79; Former Teacher „ .,    ,    ,.    . ,. OELWEIN—Ina Fridley, 79. a Friday he would represent his fornu.r !eacher .„    A,. constituents with greater fre- burnett and Watorloo, died Kri. _ .    •    ,    •    day    in    Topeka,    Kan. n Z n    arnv in Survivors include a daughter, Cedar Rapids bv bus, an oppor- yi. future generations.” Butler said the impetus to siart such a program as reciprocity between Nebraska and Iowa should come from the board. Telephone Data Ref ease Curbed ♦unitv to sample mass tranrpor-    ..    knn whelming majority have tation in [owa> K(.,d sajd^    ,ldl)ras-    a    s0" Ralph Kuehl of Cedar ami cOffWWft utility 33.50 ial cows 31 OC* a few SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK SIOUX CITY (AP) (USDA) 6 SOC boq5 bufcberi moderately active trade very uneven; 50 to 75 ower; instances <00 lower; US 1-3 190-240 lb 40.50-41 00; sows 50 lo I OO lower, U S 350 600 lb. 33 75 34.SC Cattle, 80i FROZEN PORK BELLIES Friday's quotations frorn Lamson I Close February March    57 90 May    58 70 July    59 ,'0 WEBSTER CITY LIVESTOCK WEBSTER CITY (AP    25 < not enoun11 to establish market cows steady at 30 50 33.00; bolls t at 38 50-41 50. I 800 hogs; butchers 75 to I OO bulk 40 25 40 75. roo 40 75, sows 25 lower, bulk 33 25-35 00, too 35.50; 3 lb. boars 3’ 50 32.00    250 350 lb 28 OO. 35(3 700 lh 29 SU 30 50 Monday's estimates 300 cattie; hogs. DRESSED MEATS DES MOINES (AP) (USDA; — A carlot meat trade report for lo* river market areas Beet trade slow, demand fair; steer beet steady to I OO higher; heifer beef I OO lower Choice steer beef 600 900 lb 71 OI grade 4 60(3900 lh 67 OO 68 OO, ta 70 OO; choice heifer beef 500-700 It grade 4 71 Ob72 OO, yield grade loads 73 00 Fresh cork cut trade fairly loins no* well established, mostly picnics 8 lb up .50-2 OO lower, i hams 1 00-2 00 higher, seedless steady to t OO higher Loins 14-17 lb 78 50; picnics 8 G 50-52 OO; skinned hams 14 17 lb 17 20 lb 63 25-64 00; seedless bellic It. 57 50, 14 16 lb 54 50, 16-18 It 52 LIVESTOCK FUTURES Fold claimed Sen. Tom Riley (R-Cedar Rapids) seldom attended Friday sessions of the legislature. He said the records indicate Riley missed every Fri-several months discus- day session but one during a I he retail committee of period from Jan. 8 through the Tama Chamber of Com- Anri! 80. 1973. He also noted and merce sent ballots to the* mer- Riley missed most Monday morning sessions. WASHINGTON (AF) - American Telephone & Telegraph Co.; Phillip Logan of has announced that after March Topeka; a sister and three I it will not turn over to authori-brothers.    ties    the long-distance telephone; Services: Monday at 1:30 p.m. records of its customers unless in Brant funeral home. Oelwein, under a subpoena or adminis-where friends may call from IO trative summons. a m. to 12.30 p m. Monday. In the past, it has released the Burial: Woodlawn cemetery records merely on written re tie ri quest of government agencies. life-long Iowan, Thompson has (chants* asking them to vote for worked for the social .security the night they preferred to stay administration and served as a open. The big majority was in member on the Davenport favor of Friday night, human relations commission, a* The business men are plan-treasurer of the Quint-Cities ning a large promotion to initi-drug abuse council and as a ate the first member of the board of direc- ing March tors of the Quad Cities civil lib- Tama have erties union.    day night a: Jensen said Thompson will co- ping night ordinate campaign activities mained open from the Jensen for Congress : offices at 825 Fifth avenue SE in Cedar Rapids. Jensen also has an office in Dubuque at 429 Rhomberg avenue. Friday night open- j I. Businesses in always had Satur-thr* weekly shop-when stores re- 20 YEARS AGD A communist-led mob attacked the I S. Information Offices library in the heart of Calcutta. GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For Nim, Sport), look«##pmq. Claviol Information and Off Kit Not littod Below (oil    39117)1 Circulation Subwnption Dipt    391 1333 Mon thru Sot I a rn to 7 p m Sundays Until 12 Noon Holnkiyt ll am to I pm. Wont Ad)    ..... 391 1734 Mon thru Fri. 8 a rn to S pm Saturday until 17 noon Deploy Advertising    391 1772 I a rn to 5 p rn Marion OHki    398 8430 Believe Ii or Not I CHICAGO (API Futures trad int on. the Mercantile Eve henge Friday: Chr.e Prey Live Beef Cattle 1/ February 45 IC 45 ¥' Auril 47 9? 48 lf June August 61 4? ii oo I y. October 52 60 December I ive Hogs ¥ F ebruary 42 35 V ?0 I April 4115 4^ 25 June . 45 fri 45 86 July 4/20 4/ 2$ August 4/ 40 HO OI I Der IM*, od 45 80 December t)46 40 46.25 j JOLIET LIVESTOCK JOLIET. Ill (UPI)    COMI* fleers 50 I 50 higher; hellers *0 h tvon cholee and prime steers 4 7 50; choice 46 00-48 50, good and ai OP-46 251    I toad choice end heifer* 46 75; choice 4.5 50 46 50, and choice 42.00-45 50; no conner cutter tows Hogs 500. steady; No I 2 TOO 230 41 50 42 00. No 13 200 240 lb 40 50-4 No 2 3 240 260 lb 39 30 40.50. No 2 4 260 JOO lb 38 50-39 50 Monday estimated receipts: 4.500 cal Ile 1400 hog* CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (UPI) Butter Price* paid rh livery to ChlcoQO ‘.leady 93 ti Die 63' ti 9? score 63'j, 90 ‘.core 61 , I ug‘, Price', paid delivery to Chicago unproved Price* lo revilers extra large 70/3; large 69 711 mediums 61 63 ^UAMNC rom of roue Y France A CHURCH SPIRE BUILT IN THE 15th CENTURY THAT I SAHS /6/MCH£S OTT CT HT ER. BBSBHSLu^ in Tonadtdbo, th/? Tonqa Islands, LINED WITH SCORES OF BEER BOTTLES TO INDICATE THAT THE DECEASED was a jouy meow ll 7*wh«*0    im,,    *1/4    '***14    •*w»yr«4    J LORD DOUGLAS ONE Of 7 MEN WHO CLIMBED THE MATTERHORN) (14,760’). PLUMED 3600 FEET OH THE DESCENT, AND HO TRACE OF HIS BOD/ HAS BEEH FOUND //V T09 XfATTS ( Jolq ii, 1865) drapery will ultunatoly tall apart if riot cleanod proparly. RI'One Coit Drapery eleanor: I Gazette Classified Want Atis "The Marketplace for Eastern Iowa Families 8 Mortuorit - Monument* NOVAK MONUMENT CO 20 ’ Nill AVIV St    Dial    364    44JV IO terne fury Lot* 4 CI ML T LRY lots in Cedar Me min.al $550    J/.    JIM obligation. for a lr un ublimale, no PHON! 364-8059 12 Loaf & Found LOST:    While    Poodle, untrimmed, pink collar, dog Is urder Dr s care (laid spot on rump Cedar Hill*. 365 0262. LOST pair I toned brown lull rimmed sun glasses, Vicinity K-Mart East, Mon, Feb ll Reward 842-2506. LOST from the S E side. German Shepherd, black and silver rabies tag No. 850 Reward 364-1748 LOST, black male cockapoo wih 2 while front feet Vicinity 12th St and 3rd Ave S.E. Reward. 363 8468 EASY lo dial oa»v lo remember 398 823*    ...    the now Want Ad number 22 Bridal Servicer Complete ) tor al Coordination TOMAN f I ORIS! A GII T SHOP 615 .inter Point Rd NI .164 8139 • OII PRINTING. AIL KINDS SI RVK I PRI SS ANO LITHO CG, INC HOS Third Street SE, .165-7501 Beauty Shop* 16 Happy_Ad» MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY . . . ORDER A HAPPY ADI DIAL 398-8234 24_______________ FOR SAH M 'DE RN I operalor Beauty Shop equipment irlu* many extras, 854 /086 Springville_ 28    Where    to    Go FUN AND GAMES Monday SPM Benetlt CR. Jaycee* KOZY INN KXM 1st Ave. N.i. _    362    3V8I NOW OPEN 6 AM. TO 3 AM. BUTTERFLY CAFE ^iMwwwawvwwwwvwmwMww • • IMPIOYMINT lf HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUMBO! What's The Deal? JUST one year aqo today, oush'n qas down Daytona way, IN a tux, you ole ace- while Billy Jo, raced the race FUN, some sun, 'n lots o beer, Oh well » . . maybe next year HAVE a oood day old buddy, Keep siDPinq away at your Cutty, HERF'S a thought that sorta dirty Ain't this the year you turn thirty? YER buddies CHAD. RACER BILL, GARY, MURPH, DJ—'n the whole gang. in HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Kerri L. Pwrtonals Sultan's Palace HOURS 12 pm.-12 am Morday through Saturday Saunas, Showers, Whirlpools, complete In massages. Take advantage of cur new price changa 393-1974 ALSO GFNTLEMFN'S LEISURE HOUR out call 393-8456 3 p.m. to ll p.m. OLD TREASURED PHOTOS RESTORED and reproduced. Brina yours in for a free esfimi,e Dun can Studio. Town and Country HAVE you tryed our large 30 lb washers for your rugs or heavy Perns? Spin City Laundry, 2020 N-rth Towne I *>> N E Across Carpetland. STOP IN and try some ot our 5 different type washers -*nd dryers Spin City Laundry, 2023 North Towne Lane NE ANXIOUS, Worried3 Invest a min lite with God's Word. Benedict, 3’6 7462 PREGNANT and Distressed? Birthright, Mon. Frl., 7-10 p m. 352-0469 ? ? QUESTIONS on or about the Bible answered 377-9333 Ra’hie HIAWATHA Rest Home has vacancy for lady 393-1768 RESTLESS nights Try an Evans Masso Therapy Treatment, 362 676? GO JU KARATE. 362-9737. 22 Bridal Services LONGBRANCH Weddmg Receptions 377-6386 WEDDING CAKES .Mrs. Kenneth Snv'h. 3;391!J VvWVVVWWVWVWVVVW* 42 Help Wonted—Agencies MURPHY EMPLOYMENT 417 Isl Ave. S E., 364-6195 RAPID PLACEMENT Sui re 203, Iowa Theatre Bldg. 3o3-9687 SNELLING & SNELLING SUITE 1805    PHONE    366-0/47 IE TOWER, 200 lit St. SE 44    Help    Wonted__ KEY PUNCH OPERATORS AT LEAST I year experience, days, nights and weekends. Call 365-5211 for appointment. STA-FED Computer Tax Inc. 609 Center Point Ref. N.E. DRAFTSMAN EXPERIENCE necessary, Architect ural drawing desirable, areal opportunity for hard worker with salary to match. Box Z-1000, Gazette. PERSON for general garage work and tire truck, steady employment, pension plan, hospitalization, vacation. Reply to Gazette Box H 983. WANTED- Person to work in warehouse. night shift, equal opportunity employer, Apply at Swift and Co. 40/ Court St. Williamsburg. iowa. SERVICE Station Attendant wanted oart-fime. Apply in person. VICKERS GAS STATION Center Point Rd N E WOMAN companion to elderly lady, wages, board and room in exchange for light housekeeping duties. 365-4757 EXPERIENCED Auto Vinyl top installer and upholsterer. Good wages and benefits. Apply in person. 955 lith SI NE, or call 364 8778 SKILLED MACHINISTS OR MACHINE OPERATORS TRIPLE E MANUFACTURING 3200 5TH AVE., MARION PROGRAMMER SMALL and medium size computer. Write Box 1129 Cedar Rapids, la. CCSMOTOLOGIST, full or part time, with following preferred Good commission and benefits. Call 3,55-7376 or 356 4 724. CLEANER for industrial offices, 2 hours per nighf maximum. Midwest Metal Products. 366 6264. NURSE AIDE 3 to II and 7 to 3 shift. Contact Director of Nursing Service 363-3130 SOMEONE with car to deliver pizza, fast food 3335 Center Point Rd N E., 365-7544. WANTED live-in babysitter, take care of 2 boys for working mother. 851-5611 ext. 243 LADY to hvip woman in wheelchair. 12:30 3 3? pm. Mon. Frl. near Harrison school N.W 362 7195 WANT Babysitter my home S E Call after 6 p.m. 365-2283 DENTAL ASSISTANT, PART TIME 364-0C64, 8-5 SERVICE GUIDE Call an Advertiser Now! (sine.'. Services Zobac Construction Comoanv, Inc. Wa Do Commercial or Residential Remodelinq—Addition Repair “IT'S HOME IMPROVEMENT TIME" A/ember National Home Improvement Council “We A re Bonded" 363-9681 GENERAL BUILDING REPAIR SERVICE and maintenance. Minor and major lobs. New work-remodeling. etc. lf you want good workmanship, call Holt* Construction 366-5860. DICK'S TREE SERVICE guaranteed work insured LSI IM AT ES- FIREWOOD 355-8937 HAULING Services, MINISTRY of DELIVERANCE Church FOR PRICING and arrangements. call 366 U09,    12 3 30 c m., 6 7 evening*. Mon. thru Sat. CUTCO and Wearever sales and service. Price increase about March Isl, order now and save! 363 0152 SANDING and SNOW REMOVAL WATER AND SEPTIC TANK RF- PAiR Concrete breaking, basement drainage. Stark, 362-5827. PAINTING-PAPERING Winter Raser Free Estimates D J HINKER. 377-6277 Moonshadow Const. Co. 34 Sop ,’»ec »igri A Tax Serv.ce Federal and State, $6 Single Person, $5 32nd Year, We Never C cse FRANK GORUP ID J 17 h Street N e.    364-557; INCOME TAX SERVICE Accurate and Reasonable , ,    Z®35 Johnson Ave. N VY 363-0869    9    to    ?    daih VLCKO 8. SON TAX 8. BOOKKEEP IN^» j.-RViCt. Pickup and Delivery 63-2387, 366 6108. 3*6-00/4 BOOKKEEPING AND INCOME TAK Typing, Copying, 364 7/32 Pf RSQNAL TAX SERVICE by Appuintmeni 393-8545 34 Work Wonted—Men Nrw Home? Remodeling? Roofing? Give us a call. 362-6/66 after I PAINTING REASONABLE JERRY VOSDINGH, 364-7017 RUG SHAMPOOING By Vet 365 2996 or 365 5093 PAINTING, inter or. exterior. Free estimates. MERVIN LARSON 8. Son 364 1322. KITCHEN REMODEL IXl HAAS Cabinets, 363-7/88 WALLPAPERING PAINTING REFERENCES Hilt Jaryi* 3646488 BREEDEN TREE SERVICE Estimates given, insured 377 7 28 Gutters, Roofs and Repair Cement, L D "Don" Croft. 364 6061 Terry Melsha Upholstering FINL FABRIC SAMPLES, 163 7246 R. K. MAHURIN CONST. Addition,, Kitchen. Siding 377 64)1 Cf RAMIC file and Carpet instated 17/ 6435 atter 4 p rn SPECIALIZING ii PATCHING and Pl A',frRING. I d Sinurn. 62/7/4 CARPE UTER WORK RAY MUSIL, 393 6531 C.ARPI N TLR No lobs too small 144 52/1 PAPI RI ttrlor HAULING Services, MINISTRY DkLIVERANCE Church I.    arrangemen tall 366-1409.    12-3 30 Dm., i evenings, Mon thru Sat GENERAL Hauling, free remova trimming Reasonable, insurt DAW Tree Servo ROOF REPAIRS Chimneys, Gutters WOULD like to manage house GazeVte rent Wep,9 Box f SMALL carpenter icbs, prompt \ vteo, 3/7 3769 ofter 4:30 p m LIGHT MAULING AND SNOW R MOVAL. DIAL 364-0018 PANTING, VINYL and PAPER HANGING — 362-7074 WE HAUL most anything, anytm tree removal, cheap rates. 362 Ii EXPERIENCED painter, free timates. 362-7526. cle aning paint inc odd JOBS, REASON ABI E 365 599) ii-Wfx    W>m» DOLL house nursery Lor’°i '»«blished State Licenw JORATIONS Call j66 I iOz 9-enter Point Road NE • 40i First Avenue SW • TH ST DAY CARE CC NTER . * warm reissuing pUte r a u L tWi Development 66 Mon. Frl. /IS 8th St SE EXPERIENCED babysitting nom* *■-- ---- Terr 6306 Monte, aby age, any* hours, arrace Trailer Court are pain‘(nu, exterior, In M I Male, 361-4342 SNOWPLOWING 366 3304 BOOM! TREI, SF RVICE 164 WOO. 363 O' IV YOUR ne at home, p armed, financed md brit O A be*tv i65 40,i Heirry's Dry WhU, 365 0011 LIGHT MAUI ING AND CLEANUP Any Klid. Any Time J66 24’7 34 Book beep) nq & Tai 'lorvico SEC RL TAR I AL SE RVK I Busine**, Legal 363*6564 WILL Babysit I child in rni days except Thur* prel years. S W side 364 4655 BABYSITTING wanted heir I Si nool day*, (Hive I ptayirg St Marion, 377-3981 CHILD cart in my SE hi child, near MTH ST, DR. J WANTED Babysitting home J/7-64/I WILL DO IRONINGS IN MY SE 365 1155 B X BY lifting, my home’. School, N ti. Love children 3 BABY sifting, my home, school district S W 362 615/ MOU SI OR OF FP f Cl I A 2 I ADU S I IC I N U D child i are 14th « I Of 2 children jay I un Occasional Bihv« 16? 2380 1 ( .*'1 TI ING, my homi 1iX;5 Menu,rial Dr S I 14 CHIin (ARL, my home, r Matthew's. 366 58Z« SEWING Al Tf RA I IONS ' IO)J' i B Ave NW Wee*ar CMU D i are, my home, Starr area 17/ 8504, Mar ion. I WANT to (to batty MUI •tome, S W side a i 3aa<, \ ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Cedar Rapids Gazette