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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (the (f eelier I'ti pi Ha (PitjfHe AP WirephotosThat Blind May Ski Slum, hills, skis, instructors and kids Put them together and you have an onlinary    ski    program Except in Macomb county, Mich., it s not so ordinary The kids are blind. Mary jo Kaiser, ll. is one of III blind children learning to ski in a pilot program sponsored by the Metropolitan Detroit Ski Council and the school district She says "skiing is fun.” but her mother, who watched her child play with sighted youngsters since birth, thinks there s more to it “Learning how to ski gives them a chance to be people. Now she has some experiences to tell other children instead of just listening all of the time,” she says. So they bundle up, learn how to adjust the ski shoes by touch, and — a little awkward at first — experience the sensation of gliding over the snow. And, naturally, the sensation of a few spills. With attendant guides to read the terrain for them, the ski council believes the blind can master the winter sport. And they will, if the attitude 14-year-old Todd Gilbert expressed at his first lesson    is    at all    typical: “They are just giving us simple things to do now. I can’t wait to get at tin* top of the hill." An instructor uses physical contact and verbal description to teach Maryjo Kaiser skiing fundamentals. Tearful Reunion A Pact to Participate In A Car Pool Should Sot Be Taken Lightly By Art Buehwald —UPI Telephoto Hanging On Brian Stevens holds onto his hang gilder us it spirals into the ground after its wing gave way on flight from a height of 400 feet near Palo Verden, Calif. Stevens rode the glider all the way down, but suffered a broken leg and contusions. —AP Wn»plH)*0 Talking About Oil Secretary of State Henry Kissing! r. left, talks with VS est tier man Finance Minister Helmut Schmidt Sunday night during their meeting at the slate department iii Washington This was one of the preparatory meetings Kissinger held Indore tin* o|>cning of Monday s two-day conference on energy WASHINGTON — The problem with car pooling is when you have four (ample sharing a vehicle tensions arise that can cause great emotional damage to all those concerned. To deal with tlu* situation, many cities are setting up car pool clinics w here car poolers can get counseling and help I attended one in Fairfax. Va., the other evening. The cur-pool counselor, a Mr. Sims, was seated in a comfortable chair smoking a pipe. Four men in business suits sat nervously in a semicircle around him. They refused to look at each other. Mr. Sims said, “The important thing in this session, gentlemen, is to let it all hang out What seems to In* the problem?” One of the men s|>oke up “Arthur’s tin* problem." “Could you be more specific?" Sims asked. “As soon as he gets in the car he starts singing ‘Oh. What a Beautiful Morning’, Even when it’s raining. I can’t stand a cheerful person at that hour ” Arthur spoke up. “Well, I like to sing in buchwald the morning. It sets me up for the day Handel gets in the calami just reads his newspa|*»r ami doesn’t even say hello to anybody. What kind of a car pool can you have if someone doesn’t even know you’re there?” (iii, yeah, Harold replied “rile reason I put my nose in my new spaller is I can’t stand the way Sidney drives Ile zooms in and nut of traffic, cursing every driver on tin1 road My lh. year-old son could do a In-tter job of getting us to work ” Smelly I iya rn Sidney went red “At buist I don t smoke those smelly cigars in the morning And while we’re saying what's on our minds. Ive never set*n you use the car ashtray once.” Harold responded. “I don’t use your ashtrays because they’re always full of cigaret butts B’s not fun to see a filthy ashtray at breakfast time ” Mr Sims turned to tile fourth man who hadn’t said anything "Alistair, you’re very quiet Is there any thing you’d like to get off your chest**’’ Aes there is." Alistair said “everyone in the car pool forgot my birthday ” Arthur moaned. “Oh. for Clod's sake ” Well. it may not In- important to von. but my birthday means a lot to me I didn't exjiect a cake or anything like that But what would it have cost you all to say. ’Ilappv Birthday Alistair"’” “It slipped our minds,” Harold replied “ll it will do anything for you. Happy Birthday ’’ It s too late, Alistair sulked I remembered your birthday. Harold ’’ lither Thinqtt "So we forgot," Sidney saki “We had other things to think alioth ” Alistair woubin t budge “( ar (tooler* are supposed to rvmeiitlter each other’s birthday s " Mr Sims said, I tiercelve tremendous tension iii this p»Mt| Now the question is what do we do about It?** I want out,’ Arthur said “ll I can’t sing *<>h What a Beautiful Morning’ I would Mist as s.n.u take the bus “ I'm for going our separate wavs.” Harold said Now wait a minute, Mr Sims said. “ear (tooling is a very serious institution When you take a vow to share an automobile ith another person you promise to love, honor aud cherish him in sn kness and in health All id von have to make mitre of an effort to understand cai h other and live with each other two hours a day i ar (tooling isfi t like marriage, something that you can treat lightly Kcnicmltcr, what the energy c risis has (citied together let no man cast asunder Mid keep this In mind ll von break up your car |h»o| aud nun another one von ‘ll probably wind ii|i with the same kind of insipid von left behind " C(WVM«M    I    os    Arty,-!**, f min Former (ii, Stanley Taxel, right, is reunited at Poughkeepsie, NY, with KU-year-old Draguttn Cvijanovic. who sheltered Taxel and ll other CS soldier* who had !>een shot down over Yugoslavia 2b years ago Cvijanovic, his wife and six children repeatedly risked their lives to keep the Americans out of German hands Rare Visitor —UPI Telephoto l ins lurid eagle, found in Omaha with an injured wing, is one of the mon* unusual arrivals at the Nebraska Humane Society's Omaha animal shelter Jerry Bred, a society officer, lisps gloves to hold tile rare* guest AP Wirephoto i t ;

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