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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The people s forum Amtrak services downgraded To llu- Kilitw Iii loin Wickers remit co I ii iii ii nil Amtrak he Ka vc it an ovcr-all ('-pins I would Ii ave to kiv<‘ Amtrak a I) plus Amtrak'* attributes include clean bathrooms. a well supplied lounge car (I’m Hi), diniiiK table flowers, comforta hie scats and a smooth ride. My train ride started oil on the wrong track (pun intended) In Laramie, Wen . after we asked for our reserved tickets to Mi Pleasant, the woman gave us a blank look and denied any such train stop We corrected her by pointing to the posted map behind her. Six1 grudgingly apologized and startl'd hunting for our tickets She was able to find one blank ticket and put both of us on it Then she waited on some others, without telling us where to put our baggage We went to the end of the line She irritated everyone else iii the lim1 with equal ease. Later, on the train, we wrote our ■breakfast order: English muffins, hot oatmeal, crisp bacon and milk We received bard-tack, frosted glue in refrigerated bowls, rubber and cartoned milk We ended up trusting only tin1 milk The waiters were tired and dour-looking. We wc»re afraid not to leave tips In tin' afternoon we received a telegram informing us that there wasn’t a baggage stop iii Mt. Pleasant. We’d have to lug their 150-pound mistake through the aisles of 2(1 cars. The hags were lead, and I knew my arni sockets were going to pop. While we wen* suffering heatstroke, everyone gave us understanding smiles. We grew from frustrated to furious. Finally, a gentleman offered to help us. Moth laughing and crying, we let him oblige. The rest of the trip was uneventful, barring the fact that we didn’t have any more food and didn’t sleep that night. Stephanie Chapman 233H Linden drive SF Ray s record To the Editor: The (luzette carried an editorial Jan 29 on (inventor Hay’s call for an OEM. The editorial stated that (inventor Ray is not guilty of incredibility. For some reason or other. The Gazette has a short memory. In his 19B8 campaign Governor Hay promised the people of Iowa the moon— at no increase in taxes, When have we had a greater increase in taxes than during the Hay administration? I .ii st year the governor asked the legislature to hold the line on the hiring of state employes and then turned around and guttisl the efforts of tins legislature to hold the line on state employment. The governor has refused to remove his appointees who have proven to be either ineffective or incapable of doing their job. The only things that have held the Hay administration high iii public esteem are a favorable press and an inept Democratic state central committee. A. Drun k State representative. 85th district West Point Bargaining bill To the Editor I would like to point out to citizens of Cedar Rapids and to members of the state legislature the problems that exist within the Cedar Rapids fire and police departments on wages and fringe benefits for 1974 These problems emphasize that we. the public employes, urgently need a collective bargaining bill If we had had the opportunity to sit down over a bargaining table iii 1973, possibly some of these problems could have turn solved, and we could now tie back to the business at hand of fighting fires and crime instead of city hall. Carrol Hay es, president I,(Kal ll. Fire Fighters 1282 Thirtieth street NE Nonshelter To the Editor What is an animal shelter or humane shelter—a place where animals are given humane treatment and are sheltered from the outside0 For the Cedar Rapids animal shelter, that just isn’t true The Cedar Rapids animal shelter shelters no animals from anything and. iii fact, exposes almost all of the animals brought there to a wide variety of con tagious and fatal discuses For a city the size of Cedar Rapids, this is an absolute disgrace We realize that animal shelters are rather pitiful places to begin with, but some things can certainly Im* done to im prove the filthy, stinking, nauseating conditions that exist tis're now Most of the cats there are dying of feline distemper (probably likewise dogs of canine Opinion Page 2 Views Ideas Insights Judgments Comments distemper), ( ages are filthy t he food is far from sufficient What can be done? First, we think Ilia! every council member or any other person who can bring about prompt, decisive action should visit the shelter Then there will be no doubt that what we’re saying is true. What to do next is up to the council, but there can be no doubt that the public must keep pressure on to bring things up to reasonable standards and keep them there. After all, it’s the council that has allowed things to deteriorate to their present state. If Cedar Rapids does not make these changes, it had better change the name of this place to something other than “animal shelter.” It is not a shelter. It means death for most animals iii a very disgraceful and inhumane way. Before taking on the responsibility of that sweet litter of kittens, think twice—animals are living creatures, too, and they should have the respect they deserve. Jeff and Paula Risk 27H Sixth avenue Marion Another I iou' "I've stopped seeing unidentified flying objects. Now I see things like this. Differentiate To the Editor I am just an old farmer who has driven cars since 1914 arid trucks since 192H. and there is a world of difference in their flexibility. Trucks cannot perform like cars it seems almost humanly impossible to drive mile after mile iii congested traffic and polluted air. caused by from one to several trucks keeping the cars from moving at a regular speed. Trucks slow down on hills, but cars can’t pass because it is too dangerous During a 30-mile trip recently. I drove more miles at s|>eeds between 30 and 43 miles (MT hour than I did at 55 m p h It is my contention that there should be at least a 10-mile difference iii speed limits for trucks and cars George E. I’etsci Route 1. Iowa City TV lineup To the Editor. When a recent issue of Sunday “TV Time Table’’ listed the stations by number, in strictly numerical order. I was real pleased To a logical mind, this seemed the proper way to list them Now I notice iii the Jan 27 issue it is back to 7. 9 and 2 at the top This throws me. lf it is true these three stations are competing for top listing and are to In* rotated as such, that impresses me as almost immature aud child like on this point Inasmuch as usual listings in the business world are either alphabetical or numerical, I believe that my request is reasonable and relevant Please list the TV channel numbers iii strictly numerical order Hilda Wultcrick 1224 Thirteenth street NW Gas rates To Hie Editoi Mrs John Buchanan has raised an interesting question (Forum, Jan 30) Just how many meter deposits are being illegally held by the Iowa Illinois Gas and Electric Co ? Her revelation doesn't really surprise me. I’ve lost a lot of faith iii Iowa Illinois since its announcement of intent to foist another natural gas rate increase upon us effective next March 4 Tile present rate increase, instituted a couple of years ago, is currently being collected under bond That increase is still being reviewed iii appeals court Theoretically, it could be declared illegal and the increase that has been collected from us would have to tie refunded I dill amazed at the gall of Iowa Illinois in attempting to burden us w it ii another increase under these circumstances Of course, there is always tile possibility that officials there know they can pull tile proper judicial strings to ensure court approval of both increases Earlier tins month, I received a questionnaire from Iowa Illinois My opinion of tile company’s capricious withholding of deposits, its illegal late charges, and its questionable rate structure can lie summed up by my answer to point number five of tile questionnaire: (J “By comparison with other local business concerns, how would you describe the over all reputation of low a-Illinois?” A. “You can’t lie compared to other local businesses. I wish you could! You sec, they have to provide top service, quality goods, and reasonable prices iii order to compete with each other for the community’s business. As a monopoly, you don’t have to concern yourself with such trivia.” Incidentally, anyone can file an objection to Hie proposed rate increase by \ writing to the Iowa state commerce I commission, Valley bank building, Des Moines, Iowa 50319. Dean S. Varner 232 Thirty-first street NW I Tax inequities To the Editor The tax setup rn this country of ours is nothing short of incredible. I pay more income tax on my small Income than many do with IO times as much. To in' specific: President Nixon paid $792.Kl in 1971. $873.02 in 1972 on income of over $280,000 |>er year. I paid more than that each year on less than $10,(MMI Maybe I should donate my “personal” inqxTs to the government, too, and write off $570,000 worth of deductions. Wow ! I wouldn’t have to pay any more tax tin' rest of my life. On the other hand. one gentleman I I read of was socked $15,000 for paying a i total of only $5,282.(Mi in taxes against a I tax liability of $27,042. What would the true liability be for income of $280,000 — even if you were President? Crooks should pay taxes also — not just us “pisir folk trying to get along.” Raymond F Wells I 1050 Sixth street NAN Help selves To the Editor The American j>eo|de are stupid We ! dole out billions of dollars to other countries in time of flood, typhoon, I earthquake, famine and other disasters ; Yet not one of these countries ever has bellied this country iii any disaster of ours I think we should cut off all foreign aid and use this money for our own problems ‘ instead of wasting it on countries that don’t appreciate what we have done for them We should use those large sums for the poor, disabled aud people on social security and give them a better medical program, furnish medicines and all the health care they need Instead of keeping : I hem on a bare existence level, give them a decent income each month to live on . . The way the cost of living has jiiiii|khI since Nixon took office, it is ridiculous to keep people on such low incomes A single pertain on social security gets only $84.50 A man and wife receive only $120 KO. and this does not count taking out $5.30 apiece for Medicare. Wilbert E. Stern Lit 4 I), Tower Terrace Marion Timely To the Editor I wonder how many people who watched and listened to Nixon on television the night of Jan 30 noticed the two commercials that were on right after he was through polluting the air and trying to mislead the |H*ople The first was for Kcnu/it air freshener and the one that followed was for I luff erin. Estol ('. Foster 1217 Crestview drive SF MAldtSAJW ■ VAUNSMI KRESGE DOORBUSTIR The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Feb. 8. 1971    9 f HAAG! It WITH A VMM* C9$Olt CARO Od AMIfff CNA* 0I, v    Brache % CANDY GIFTS FOR *) » A VALENTINE rn I    **47 w$/mm Ladies’ Jill Polyester 'it#! n_-i. WM Gift* of candy . . . from o caring heart ... to a Valentine I bo* of selected milk and dork choc alate* *ith a variety of filling*, all in beautifully done Valentine wrapping* Reg 534 l ib ’Sag at Conversation > Heart Candle*. 4 Day* Only...... Reg. 4.96 POLYESTER SLACKS Reg. 8.96—4 Days 6?« w Oft Solid* and forte la* In carefree double knit* 29 42 m**om M Sleeveless ^ Turtleneck 0 Top With Back , Zipper > Mony Color % VALENTINE CUT-OUTS Ro* at 24. Reg 39* to* of 36 90. Reg S4< All-nylon pantie* with \ oil over red heart print Rj on white. Elo*fic braid S leg and waistband.Save. N TERRY TOWELS Reg 48<    $■ < Day* 4    ! Cotton terry kitchen tow el* 1S*26 goy print* Valentine fun pock* with humorout and whimsical greeting* galore, for all a youngster s friend* and schoolmate* Special saving* STRETCH SOCKS ••9 >** r. mo $■ 4 Dayt    M Pi * Men* Orlon* aery lie nylon, fit tire* 10 13 LADIES’ BIKINIS SEAMLESS NYLON BRAS TEFLON ll*-CO AT || BAKEWARE IRREGULAR ii BLANKETS & Reg. 3 97 g *2.50 * Whit* Pott.l, 63c    * Solid & Print* Power net bock, podded loco cup No^ttckcoke pre, muffin pons $ Ow front C-T**retn*" Merit Set OnW SPiCI At Thor* rn Baked Meat Loaf, Potatoes, Vegetable, Roll/Butter Your world is changing every day And to keep up with it, you have to be smarter today than you were yesterday. That s why you need The Cedar Rapids Gazette! Get The Gazette home delivered by calling 398-8333 or talking to the Gazette carrier in your neighborhood. CEDAR RAPIDS MORE of interest to Eastern Iowans ;

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