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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa GOF Falls $1 Million Short in '73 Fund    Raising• Demos    Gain Ground By ll. L. Schwartz III WASHINGTON (Ap) Tho Republican national committee fell about $1 million short of its fund raising goal in 1973. Blit keyed souk1 of their regular fund raising to Watergate last year. The Republican theme was that the regular party organize , rf ,    il'on    never    had    anything    to    do Kry offlclal Sil.Vs it has sur- with the June 17. 1972, break-in vived the fallout from Water I or the so called dirty tricks al gate in a healthier financial position than expected. I lie political climate created by Watergate apparently led to a decline In big contributions to the Democratic national commit tee, too. Nevertheless, current financial reports indicate tributed to President Nixon’s reelection committee. Civil Actions The Democrats asked for help in pressing various civil actions against the President’s cam paign apparatus as a result of their regular party organization the Watergate breakin, may be in better shape than it Roth Eric Jaffe* deputy trea ha.s been for years. From quarterly reports filed with the General Accounting Office, here are the figures for both national committees: $65,000 Balance The Republicans raised $5.6 million and spent about the same amount in 1973, ending the year with a cash blance of $65,571. The Democrats had total income last year of $5 million with $5.3 million in expenses. They had $1.2 million in the bank at year’s end. The Democrats, in a note attached to their report, told the GAO they had paid $500,000 on their long-term debt in the final; quarter of 1973, but still owed some $3 million. That debt was more than $9 million after the 1968 presidential campaign. Both national committees surer for the Democrats, and Robert P. Odell, treasurer of the Republican national finance committee, said it would be dif ficult to gauge how effective ei-tner appeal was. Despite this, both Jaffe and Odell said there were fewer large givers in 1973 than expected, even allowing that it was a year with no major elections. Both also said they believed many people had been turned off regarding politics in general by Watergate. Traditionally, Republicans have had a two-to-one edge over Democrats in fund-raising on the national level. Temporarily Erased While the latest quarterly reports indicate the Democrats may have 'temporarily erased that advantage, Jaffe said it would be impossible to draw Chinese Missile Gains Slower Than Expected such a conclusion without look mg at all financial reports for candidates and commttees na tionwide. The Democrats also have that debt to pay off. In addition, the Democrats’ cash balance doesn’t all belong to the1 com mittee. Of $4.1 million raised by the national committee in the hist quarter of 1973, some $3.7 million came from a September telethon. Jaffe said half of that must be paid back to Democrat ic state committee's, which shared the cost of the telethon. About the Republicans, Odell said, “(Considering what people were saying would happen to us, we’ve done pretty well. “The average man in the street who is a Republican has stood by his party.’’ WASHINGTON (AP) — Com- told the senate armed services munist Chinese development of committee Tuesday that what ,    ,    ,    ,    i    Ba Ani I or! Of Ba rlAlikAi*nl a im an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the U.S. is moving at a slower pace than U.S. officials had estimated. he called “the deliberate, un hurried pace” of Communist China’s missile programs reflects a comparatively small number of technically qualified These officials now forecast! specialists working on that ef-that a big Chinese ICBM that | fort» along with eraltively limit-could hurl a three-megaton war- ‘*1 resources. head 6,000 miles may be combat-ready in 1976 or 1977. A megaton is the equivalent of a million tons of TNT. Over the years, defense officials have repeatedly revised their predictions, and their most recent estimate had centered on next year as the time when Communist China would achieve its first operational ICBM. Three More Years Other Gains However, Moorer indicated that other phases of China’s missile development have reached the point where Russia may soon come under the threat of Chinese nuclear missiles. The JCS chairman said a limited range ICBM could be deployed later this year. Experts said this mifsile has a range of about 3,000 miles. “Although capable of reaching deep into the Soviet Union.’’ After the first ICBM is opera tional, it will take about three Moorer said, “this missile will additional years of testing and not be able to reach the conti-launch base construction before ncntal U.S., except for the west-China could deploy between IO em part of Alaska." and 25 nuclear armed missiles that could strike anywhere in    SI,or,er the continental U.S.    Two    other shorter-range mis- There is no indication that the silos already have been de-slower-than-cxpected rate of ployed by the Chinese, Moorer development stems from any confirmed. Serious technological problems. ; One of these weaponN is a 600-Adm. Thomas Moorer, chair- , mile, medium-range missile and man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, another is a 1.500-mile, inter- mediate-range missile. Both of these missiles could strike central Russia and Si- U.S.-Soviet Detente Hit By Ch inese TOKYO (AP) - China Wednesday described Ameri-can-Russian detente as “a sheer hoax which has exploded like soap bubbles.” The comment was an apparent response to President Nixon’s plans for a new .summit meeting in Moscow this year. Peking’s description of the state of Moscow-Washington relations appeared in a Hsinhua news agency article attacking the foreign policy of Soviet party chief Leonid Brezhnev. It accused Brezhnev of diplomatic “follies and scandals” based on aggression and expansion. Since Nixon’s journey to Peking in 1972, the Chinese have sought to discourage moves toward Soviet-U. S. cooperation which might give the Russians a free hand in Europe, the Pacific and along the uneasy Sino-Soviet borders. Though the Hsinhua commentary monitored in Tokyo castigated Brezhnev, it carefully refrained from abusing Nixon. 11 pictured Soviet-American rapprochement as part of a competition for world domination which the Russians are losing. It said Brezhnev’s visit to Washniglon last year turned out to be a pompous show” and “only aggravated the tension between them :3k# Wwmmj; %>a.M t \ rn The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., I eh. ti. 1974 Mariner 10 Delivers 1,000 Pictures of Planet Venus Part Poodle Pet Gazette Photo bv John Mclvor Lovable and adoptable is this six-weelt-old male poodle cross. The puppy can be adopted tor $15 from the Humane Society, Mt. Vernon road SE, which includes a temporary distemper shot. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, Duo to the increase of stray animals, the Humane Society will hold stray animals for only three days. The previous seven-day holding period had to be abandoned because of crowding, health problems and the cost of keeping the animals, Humane Society officials said. Doctor Found Innocent of Daylight Saving Sponsor Plan; Repeal Measure Killing Man Dying of Cancer SrP°"Tk Plans MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) — Dr. I During the 12-day trial, Dist., Vincent A. Montemarano has Atty. William Calm repeatedly said Dr. Montemarano was been acquitted of a charge that he killed a terminally ill cancer patient with an injection of potassium chloride. A Nasau county court jury deliberated one hour Tuesday be- guilty of a “murder of conve- SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (UPI) — Rep. William Ketchum < R-Calif.), who co-authored the Sec” ‘cornrow so tho phys" !)il',,h.al brou«hl in wln,cr r)a>'-cian would not have to return to 1,Rht Savlns T,mc as an cneW the medical center later to pronounce Bauer dead. ;iween mem.    |    ^ore    finding    Dr. Montemarano    as    “an apparent mercy • JLT- ”J" “v"‘“v “ “‘“ ““7 Hsinhua said the Russians miKKtent of charges of murder kim when hc announrcd th' hoped through the Kuropean attempted murder.    indictment    of Dr. Montemarano strategic arms limitation talks; Loud applause and cheers However. Calm did not use d-'eSnr -but na. - SALT r- to split hurope but swept the crowded courtroom as ,hcr hrafc jn his summation to hardships” and only aroused greater -'^jtteverd.et w-reported by jury nut jury at the close of tho trial, increased J Cahn last June described the saving measure, now says he will sponsor a bill to get rid of it. “The time to admit a mistake mgs and uneasiness West and East. in both forewoman Adele Harris. One of chum said Tuesday. Winter Daylight time has saved little en-has caused many even led to an use bv parents Dr MnrtrmaranoV rinfpnsp law wtlich marked the first    who drive their children to „ -j    ,    I    M?rtema™° dc:ense Cahn had personally prosecuted school in darker morning hours It said the nuclear arms race yens James    O Br.en, jumped to    a ^ case    since h(,    rath h , t ’h £ between the Soviet Union and his feet and embraced    the 34-    (jjS(rjc.t attorney in    196’ the U. S. “is becoming more in-year-old physician.*    Defense    Attorneys    O’Brien !uRSS ?.Uy t0    “*ve ncvcr been so haPPy in and J Russell dune insisted the SALT talks--which the U. my life,”    said Dr.    Mon-    that Bauer    died    of    natural S. and Russia have agreed totemarano,    smiling as    tears    causes. They    did    not call    Dr resume feb. 19 — “are in a!fj||(Kj his eves. “I was ready for Montemarano as a witness deadlock.” PASADENA, Calif. (AI*) -Scientists have more than 1,000 new close-up photos of the planet Venus in hand, and more are expected from Mariner IO as the spacecraft speeds on toward Mercury. Scientists at the Jet Propul sion Laboratory here plan to advance some tentative conclusions about the Venusian data for newsmen shortly but they! say final judgments might be I months away. Mariner will continue beaming back photos of the cloud-shrouded planet through Feb 22. Scientists said the first hatch of photos sent bark Tuesday showed evidence of layering in Venus’ clouds, something they had suspected hut had been unable to prove. They will be able to get a better idea after running the pictures through a computer enhancement process. Because of light reflected off Power Company Sets Contingency Blackout Plans PROVIDENCE, IU. (AP) — There are some funny numbers ion January electric bills for 240,000 customers of the Narragansett Electric Co. They won’t mean more money, but they could mean dark homes. The bills include code numbers as part of a contingency plan for possible blackouts if the fuel shortage worsens. “This is the last possible move to make,” a spokesman said. “We’re not saying we’re going to knock you off next week. We’re just being prepared.” If it becomes necessary to interrupt service because of a lack of fuel. customers will be alerted by the printing of their code numbers in the newspaper. and told when a power cut will occur on their feeder lines the utility spokesman said. The contingency plan was recommended by the New England Bower Bool which issues fuel forecasts each week. If blackouts are needed, the plan is for “rolling blackouts,” cutting power to particular areas for a period of time, then returning that area’s power and interrupting electricity to another area, and so on, the spokesman said. the planet, the clouds appear in the pictures taken by Mariner as a bright white against the blackness of outer space. But Dr. Bruce C. Murray, head of the Mariner phoot mom toring team, said his team of scientists got just what they expected. The Mariner scientists hope the approximately 5.0(H) photos they get of Venus, coupled with other experimental data accumulated as the spacecraft went by, will add to their knowledge of the planet and its atmosphere. Such information may one day prove valuable in learning more about the atmosphere on earth, they say. The Venus encounter was only a secondary mission in the $98-million Mariner IO project. The 1,108-pound spacecraft is headed for Mercury and is scheduled to arrive there March 29 Because there is no atmosphere on Mercury as there is on earth and Venus, Mariner's cameras will have a clear view of the surface The spacecraft is expected to send back some 2.500 photon of Mercury before finally going into orbit around the sun. France To Attend Oil Conference PARIS (UPI) — France said Wednesday it will participate in the U.S.-sponsored Western Nations Oil Conference in Washington Feb. ll, but will oppose any attempt to weld industrialized powers into a single bloc. A government spokesman 6aid, “If France is ready to participate in an exchange of views on various aspects of the energy problem, it will not give its support to the creation of any organization of the industrialized oil-consuming n a i i o n s separate from other consuming countries, especially the developing nations as well as producing nations.”    mm Bolitical fource*said Foreign Minister Michel Jobert will attend the conference in Washington. LAFF - A - DAY Save Classroom From Sinking IO YEARS AGO — Havana radio said Cuba’s water service to the Guantanamo bay U.S. naval base was cut off and will remain cut off until Cuban fishermen held by the U. S. are released. “I wonder if Cleopatra’s diary was this dull when SHE was lour teen'.” a hr (Crhar    (fotzrtlr Established In 1883 by Th* Gazette Co. ond published daily and Sunday at 500 Third Ave SE, cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406 Second Class Postage paid at • Cedar Rapids, Iowa Subscription rat** by carrier 85 cents a week. By mall: Night edition and Sunday 6 issues S2 VO a month, $24 a year. Afternoon editions ond Sunday 7 Issues $2.50 a month, $25 a year. Other states ond U.S. territories $40 a year. No mall subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press Is entitled exclj- I slvely to the use for republication of all the locol news printed In this newspa per as well os all AP news dispatches. Reminded of Mother, Robber Gives Refund ST. PAUL, Minn. (UBI) -beria, but it would take the When Helen Johnston, 77, an-3.000-mile ICBM to reach Euro- swered a knock on her back pean Russia.    floor she was confronted by a China hats been conducting nu- young robber armed with a clear weapons tests for more screwdriver. She gave him $12. then nine years and is believed “You remind me of my well advanced in fashioning mother,” the youth said, and bombs and warheads.    gave her $3 back. He left, say- - mg he was sorry but needed the DRIVE SAFELY    money to buy drugs. CLEVELAND (AB) - Waterborne firemen and other crews rushed pumps to a classroom to save it from sinking into Lake anything.” The balding, bespectacled defendant was accused of giving an injection of potassium chloride Dee. 7, 1972, to Eugene Bauer, a 59-year-old railroad engineer, while Bauer was dying of throat cancer and complications ut Nassau county medical center. At that time, Dr. Montemarano was chief resident *r°m bead Priesl-s and astroite ^ .................... surgeon of the hospital in East gers, as well as on Hindu scrip- ‘room when"the pumpers Meadow'.    lures    and    royal    traditions.    ;    vvent    into action Crowning Advice KATMANDU, Nepal (AB) King Birendra Bir Bikram will Erie. be crowned king of Nepal on They succeeded in saving the Fob. 20, 1975, more than three former coast guard vessel Mon-years after he ascended the day. throne, the royal palace an- The Woodbine a 108-foot buoy nouneed. 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